Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2012

Somali pirates free Italian chemical tanker

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ROME (AFP) – Somali pirates have released an Italian chemical tanker with 18 crew captured off the coast of Oman in December, the foreign ministry in Rome said on Monday.
The Enrico Ievoli, owned by Naples-based shipping company Marnavi, was carrying caustic soda from the United Arab Emirates to the Mediterranean and has seven Indians, six Italians and five Ukrainians on board.
“The foreign ministry confirms the release of the crew of the Italian ship ‘Enrico Ievoli’ off the Somali coast,” the ministry said in a statement.
Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi was quoted as expressing his “great satisfaction” and said it was part of “a wider diplomatic effort carried out also with Somali authorities in recent months.”
Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti in February asked his Somali counterpart Abdiweli Mohamed Ali to do “everything in his power” to ensure the release.
“This incident is further confirmation of the gravity of the security threat posed by the phenomenon of piracy,” Terzi said on Monday.
Ship owner Domenico Ievoli was quoted by ANSA news agency as saying: “The ship has already left Somalia and there are Italian military on board.”
An Italian warship met the Ievoli after it came out of Somali waters and sent a party of armed marines aboard to protect it on the remainder of its journey.
The Ievoli, a 138-metre (453-foot) vessel, was carrying 15,750 tons of caustic soda when it was hijacked in the Indian Ocean.
The Italian navy, which is taking part in anti-piracy operations in the region, had already thwarted an attack on the same ship in 2006 near Yemen.
Three other hijacked Italian vessels were freed from Somali pirates in November and December, two of them reportedly following ransom payments, among dozens of ships that have been captured in recent years.
There are no Italian vessels now in Somali captivity but pirates still hold hundreds of hostages and dozens of ships.
The Savina Caylyn, an oil tanker with five Italians and 17 Indians on board, was freed on December 21 after more than 10 months in captivity.
In November, the cargo ship Rosalia D’Amato with a crew of 21 was released after seven months in the hands of Somali pirates.
Also in November, British and US commandos freed another Italian vessel, the Montecristo, with seven Italians, 10 Ukrainians and six Indians on board.
Kalashnikov-wielding pirates prowl far out across the Indian Ocean from their bases in war-torn northern Somalia, seizing foreign ships which they hold for several months demanding multi-million dollar ransoms

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  1. osman5 says:

    My take on this is that, who gives rat's ass what goes between Italians and Somalis. They're 2 of the same..

    Osman qaal

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    This is how the Italians and Wanlaweyns are of the same. The so-called-primister could not take action when his own Piratelanders hijacked our ship and vandalized to the maximum, even though they took ransom. This is the difference between the two people. Our government must take action to those of them who own business in our country and give them 23 hours to leave Somaliland. If that does not happen our people must take things in their own hands.

    We cannot tolerate, what this Piratelanders are doing in the 21st century. International community are blind of not seeing how this business of piracy has flourished in that part of Somalia, and they still help them, while crying loud in the media.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    The real resolve to all the crisis of the Horn of Africa in particular and the ever growing security
    issues of the neighbourly East African bloc, Countries, revolve between the two main Capitals,
    Hargeisa and Mogadiscio. I.E. Somaliland proper and Somalia proper. Puntland and all those
    other semi-autonomous mini-states who are renegades of Somalia proper are only there to
    aggravate into more crisis with no real causes for redemption. I think that time has come for
    the key Govts/UN to seriously contemplate on changing courses of action to bring about
    redemption of two sovereignty Somaliland Somalia under the auspices of their respective post Independences of the 1960. All other arrangements are destined to fail.The LCS was a good start
    and hopefully the next level in June 2012 by the ICS will be very mindful to the two state solutions
    with the help of big key Govts.

    • cumar says:

      it looks your writing fiction book.The problem here’s no one listing This how your imagination works false alarm & paranoia,key goverments/UN They see s/land or north somalia state within somalia,even in june There will be no talk becuase There is nothing on The table can be discussed,also s/land which stands for tribe land first They need to talk to khatumo & awdal.

  4. Kayse says:

    Walaweyn and the mafia have things in common. Specially southern mafia (Italy). I think the Italians trained them. Something went wrong with our walaweyn neighbors hehehehe.

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