Press release

Somaliland journalist association has condemned the arrest of ROYAL TV and Wahen newspaper correspondent in Sanag region, Abdillahi Hussein Darwish, based in Erigavo last Tuesday by the police, after the governor of the Sanaag region ordered his arrest.

Mr. darwish is been held on the orders the Governor of sanaag region for giving false information, this after the journalist covered a complaint from the local people about Misappropriated food aid.

The secretary general of SOLJA Mr. Mohamed Rashid muhumed farah speaking to somalilandpress said we (SOLJA) have condemned the arrest and demanded immediate release of the journalist, Darwish has been in custody for the last week incommunicado which violates his rights.

Mr. Mohamed Rashid said we are calling him in court or the governor of sanaag region and the government of Somaliland to either produce Mr. Darwish in court or to release him unconditionally immediately.

Secretary General of solja
Mohamed-rashid muhumed farah

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Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa