The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Dr. Mohamed rebuffed reports carried in media reports which stated that ties between the two countries were strained after border incident saying the two countries enjoys cordial relations.

Hon Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar speaking to the media said the recent incident at the Lughaya crossing border was uncalled for which affected two Djibouti cabinet ministers and that it was a result of misunderstanding and should never have happened at all.

The two Ministers were barred from entering the country and forced to return back to their country by the immigration officials who were reportedly acting on the orders of Somaliland interior minister Hon Mohamed Nuur Araale (Duur).

Djiboutian authorities are reported to have been outraged by the decision. Reports indicates that Somaliland authority were not aware of the impending visits of the agricultural and planning Ministers.

Our concern stems from the deficiency in communications, said the minister of foreign affairs. Although the impasse had been solved he blamed the fault on the Djiboutian side for failing to inform Somaliland authorities of their tour.

The minister said the unregulated movement of citizens from both countries is a common aspect at the border with many citizens of the two countries holding dual nationality.

Somaliland minister of interior Mohamed Nuur Araale is currently in Djibouti. The purpose of his visit is unknown, however, many suspect he went there to mend ties after the incident at the border.

President Silanyo has in the span of two years in office managed to establish very conducive and cordial diplomatic relations which have created commercial opportunities for both countries.

by Goth mohamed Goth