Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2012

Somaliland/Djibouti relations sound-FM

The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Dr. Mohamed rebuffed reports carried in media reports which stated that ties between the two countries were strained after border incident saying the two countries enjoys cordial relations.

Hon Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar speaking to the media said the recent incident at the Lughaya crossing border was uncalled for which affected two Djibouti cabinet ministers and that it was a result of misunderstanding and should never have happened at all.

The two Ministers were barred from entering the country and forced to return back to their country by the immigration officials who were reportedly acting on the orders of Somaliland interior minister Hon Mohamed Nuur Araale (Duur).

Djiboutian authorities are reported to have been outraged by the decision. Reports indicates that Somaliland authority were not aware of the impending visits of the agricultural and planning Ministers.

Our concern stems from the deficiency in communications, said the minister of foreign affairs. Although the impasse had been solved he blamed the fault on the Djiboutian side for failing to inform Somaliland authorities of their tour.

The minister said the unregulated movement of citizens from both countries is a common aspect at the border with many citizens of the two countries holding dual nationality.

Somaliland minister of interior Mohamed Nuur Araale is currently in Djibouti. The purpose of his visit is unknown, however, many suspect he went there to mend ties after the incident at the border.

President Silanyo has in the span of two years in office managed to establish very conducive and cordial diplomatic relations which have created commercial opportunities for both countries.

by Goth mohamed Goth

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    Under what bilateral arrangements travel takes effect? Visas or through privileged free
    movements on both sides?. Despite renewed diplomatic improvements between Somaliland
    and Djibouti, It would seem that there's much to be done to work together as good neighbours
    whose interests are politically interconnected in many ways.

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I support the steps taken by my government to deny those who thought Zeila is their town, and forgotten that Somaliland is to be respected. Djibouti and its government teases Somaliland everyday, by helping TFG and the enemy of our country, and they think coming to Zeilah is easy ride to Obokh or Alisabeh.

    If there is an enemy Djibouti is the enemy of Somaliland and that is for sure, but I don't mind if we deal with them, since we are neighbours.

    • Djiboutian says:

      totally agree! I’m pure djiboutian and I can say I know much more than you about Geele. This guy is everything but a Somaliland friend, don’t fool yourselves guys. In Djibouti, everyone knows he smuggles weapons to Somalia and Yemen. Futhermore, he recently tried to give weapons to one Somaliland clan to create violence. What do you expect from someone who killed many djiboutian opposition leaders? seriously! For those who are still skeptic, here are other reasons he will never support Somaliland recognition: Berbera port is a threat to Djibouti port (60% of djiboutian GDP) + democracy right next to him is a more dangerous threat to his crown. I think Dr Omar should just keep on playing the diplomacy game but never ever believe Geele. FYI: I’m not in any kind of opposition member, just a reader of Somalilandpress.

  3. inayuusuf says:

    I agree with Mr. Omer, that Djibouti is enemy for real. Geelle not only helps TFG but covertly campaigns against Somaliland. He works hard with Arabs to deny Somaliland its due recognition. He even helped financially those nabad-diids guerilling Somaliland Army.
    Geele is really playing a very danger game and Somaliland Government knows that but deals with him wisely. It was reported by a French intelligence magazine that Geele told, shortly before LCS, that his country will not allow Somaliland Officials to use Somaliland passport and they must use Somali passport if they choose to enter Djibouti. I believe the current issue is an answer to that idiocy. Kudos to Somaliland Custom Officials.
    In my view, Geelle is in denial, but has to be forced to realize that Somaliland is the future haven for Eisa ethnicity when their power crumbles.
    Luckily Djibouti is not a regional player in any sense.

    • mohamed says:

      What a jack asses Djibouti is a country what are you region part of somali republic, your not even representing whole somali north accept small enclave tribe.

      Djibouti all sorts of different tribes live There she is member of UN.

      • Abdi12345 says:


        You are just full of it, you better watch your language or else. You are such a very forgetful wild beast, will you ever learn from history, you tin can-headed ignorant.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Man, you took hammer and nail and squarelly nailed it through so explicitly. kudos to your
      all inclusive sufficiently well addressed, so to speak. High profile expressions.

  4. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    What Djibouti is getting is far more dangerous than what we think. How come the Commander of Djibouti Army Force can come to another country without informing our government. This guy Mr. Zakarie's brother was capture in that area during our local civil war, and other guy is the brother of the current President of Djibouti.

    Mr. Ismail Omar Geele and his tribe "MAMAASAN" are still believe that what Siyaad Barre promised during his last card, that the so-called Salal will be given to Djibouti.

  5. Abraham says:

    There should be no apologies from the Somaliland government. The Djibouti government officials should have known better and notified our interior ministry of their intended visit. Somaliland is not a no body's land and has laws in place which should be respected by everyone especially foreign dignitaries.

  6. Abdiwahab says:

    Somaliland can wipe Djibouti off the map if it isn't for the French and American troops stationed there. This shows that Djibouti is actually not a country because to be a country one must be sovereign and Djibouti is run like an international military camp like Bagram with a local population ten times poorer than Somaliland's.

    • Abraham says:

      Somaliland and Djibouti have sister nations who share blood ties not enemy states. So please think carefully before you post offensive and unjustified comments like this.

  7. Abdiwahab says:

    Although Djibouti is recognized while we're not, at least we are sovereign in action.
    My advice to my Issa brothers is to stop the hatred and CUQDAD towards us Isaaq folks or ELSE

  8. karash says:

    Djibouti is recognised country unlike some people who live in fairytale and also have possitive relations with khaatumo state of somalia thier interest lies united somalia

  9. Mohamed says:

    Who is karash? a male or female? I don't know, first time i come accross this strange name, but what i know for sure is that she/he comes from khaatumo or Jahanam land. Whe Somalilanders don't live in fairy tale like you put it and all those who hate Somaliland will soon be wiped off the face of the earth.

  10. Hassan says:

    what ever we call, Djibouti is a free country and what you are calling Somaliland is part of greater Somali so that we recognize Somali. those from Hargiesa and insulting Djibouti should know that we have given them ID and passport, so please keep quit and be on the toe!

  11. amal says:

    Somalilanders have discovered the true colours of djibouti and they know that in the future Hargeisa will rather have more ties or relation with Mogadishu than with Djibouti who has little to offer. We don't hate Djibouti but we are well aware of their munafiqnimo and their history of involving the destruction of Somaliland. But that's alright, tomorrow they will want to be Somaliland's best friend, trust me.

  12. Ali1 says:

    Djibouti is dependent on Somaliland and Somaliland is dependent on Djibouti. We all have relatives in both nations and should all be focusing in increasing economic trade (re-building road networks) between two brotherly nations!!!

  13. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Our relatives out there are sitting duck, and they do not have any influence with Djibouti politics. There is a family [who suppose to be a Somalilander] who is ruling Djibouti, but development phobia of hating its brothers and neighbour and that is MAMAASAN or QORAXJOOG as they call it. Reason of doing this is very much in anyones guess?

    As Amal said, there will be a day, that they will regret what they are doing to Somaliland people, and that day is not far. They will discover the true colors of Wanlaweyn, the moment they come up with some kind of peace with themselves, and then get a free ride of what they are born to do, i.e. to rob anything they lay in their hands, and undermine the stability of Djibouti were they can. That is for sure, if I know those Wanlaweyns.

    • amal says:

      s like when your relatives leave you when you are going through difficulties but when they see you are in good position and strong, all of a sudden run back to you. Somaliland will hold its ground and move forward whether anyone hates it or not and I'm sure we will shine for the Somali community at large.
      InshAllah there will be a day when Djibouti, Somaliland and Somalia will live side by side and enjoy good relations and economic boost.

  14. amal says:

    @ Ali1

    "We all have relatives in both nations and should all be focusing in increasing economic trade (re-building road networks) between two brotherly nations!!!"
    That's true, I think you are the only one making sense here brother. But I hate it when they selfishly undermine Somaliland. At the end of the day both are Somali states who are kins and are closely related.

  15. Mohamed says:

    I really wish our weak and apologetic leaders in Somali-land will measure up to expectations of their heroic compatriots who are defending their Mother land with whatever it takes so that our country progresses and our people prosper.
    We Somali-landers should not forget to always push those on top running the country like an old sick turtle to feel for their compatriots who haven't still recovered from the injuries inflicted on them by the criminal ziad barre and his bandits to work little more harder to reassure their own people and show the whole world that Somali land is real and not plastic thing so to speak, we haven't seen anything so far catching the eye that we can be proud of, some thing tangible, don't they see the world around them? don't they see the small village next to us punt land that has been awarded the best administration in Africa? They are even going to produce oil and gas soon. We elected these ghat chewing lazies on the assumption that they might be better and more patriotic than their predecessors who were doing nothing but tarnishing the hard earned image of Somali-land and it's people.
    Come on wake up if you would or face being thrown into history garbage or Qaaxo if you have got any memory left with you todate guys, know what i mean? Qaaxo ha? Nothing is free and Somalilanders when to say enough is enough.
    Wish you all Somali-landers very bright future and progressive grateful leadership.
    Viva Somaliland.
    Good night

    • inayuusuf says:

      You sound Faqash. Period.

      • Mohamed says:

        No inayuusuf, Faqash? How? no i don't sound faqash and i am not going to, but maybe i see what you don't see. I am a nationalist who loves his Mother land, by the way i don't want nothing for myself, i have spent my whole life abroad in the wilderness. All that i want is the good and prosperity of my home land and my people and they really deserve a good deal. You can't blind your both eyes for the sake of few and the country far out-way any individual or group, so if we don't speak our mind and express our feelings what else was we going to do? You've got to give the devil his due!
        The faqash

  16. warangalbeed says:

    I am so pleased to see that leaders of both states finally understand that they have a lot to share then minor opinion differences that hitherto they used to popagate.
    African Union and IGAD both urged that countries take one step forward for economic integration in naibouring countries and this is what both countries are doing nothing more nothing less.
    I hope that people try to see the bigger picture

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