Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2012

Six Elements for Success of Somali Conference in UK

By Dr Abdulshakur Jowhar (

OPINION | Monday, January 23, 2012

1. Complete abandonment of the failed formula of 4.5. No tribal representation of any kind. If Somalis should have learned one thing from the last 20 years it should be this: You cannot build a nation with tribes. You can only create havoc, rivalry, mutual annihilation.

2. There is a distinct possibility that this conference will be about the ultimate absorption of Somalia by its neighbours. Only a united Somali position can abort the desire on the part of some to make this the conference of final Somali partition.

3. Neighbouring states of Ethiopia and Kenya must accept during this conference to transfer any militia they have created to the full control of the Somalia National Army. Ethiopia and Kenya must forcefully disarm these militias if they refuse complete and unconditional and unquestionable absorption into the Somali army. This will help us believe that Ethiopia and Kenya are not preparing militias that will allow them to slowly absorb different parts of Somalia with full funding for their project of “Somali Afro-Colonization” utilizing funds from the international the projects of war on terror and war piracy (these two issues, one must see, are central to the London conference, the issue of Somalis is an afterthought).

This one step of forcing Ethiopia and Kenya to give up their control of tribal militias will strengthen the Somalia army potentially ensure the appearance of Somali state in South Somalia.

Every child knows by now that the creation of tribal armies that are under the control of Ethiopia or Kenya is not for the purpose of uniting Somalis. It is for the purpose of permanently dividing the Somali people. Tribal minds will not be able to see this fact at all, for the only enemy a tribe knows is the tribe next door.

4. There should be only 2 Somali sides participating in this conference; Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland will be represented by its elected leadership. Somalia will decide who should represent it with the help of its TFG and its allies using any mechanism of selection ( other than 4.5 or tribal representation, or determination by others eg Ethiopia and Kenya)

5. The only issues discussed in this landmark conference should be: peace, and good governance and collaboration between Somalia and Somaliland. The issue of one country or two countries cannot be central to this conference for it will destroy it completely.

6. Residency requirement. The leading Somali participants in the London conference should have lived in Somalia or Somaliland for at least 8 months in the past one year. The traveling sales men of Diaspora Somalis who are not personally affected by Somali chaos in anyway have caused much more harm than good to Somali society. They together with the bureaucracy of various organization are driven primarily by greed, corruption, search for personal power and aggrandizement. They must stay live with the people or stay out of their affairs.

Dr Abdulshakur Jowhar

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  1. Kayse says:

    Dr Jowhar while I welcome some of your suggestions and the right for Somalis to live and coexist peacefully, I do not see the point of #4. If you southerners wish to have a dialogue with us Somalilanders you know where Hargeisa is we do not need a foreign venue for such. When will you guys ever use your brains?

    We will attend the conference for our own interest but not to sit with Somalia. If their desire is the interest of all Somali people, they would take the one hour flight to Hargeisa.

    No point going half way around the world for such. We are going to the conference for our British friends and to mingle with new international led countries. Don't get your hopes up and remember 4.5 is your system because in your world even such thing as people worth only a HALF aka 0.5 exist. In our world (Somaliland) everyone is complete and we would never offer our minority groups such thing as 0.5 because Allah made them a complete person. It is even against Islam if you guys know Islam.

    We rather not them be represented than refer to them as 0.5…very discriminative, no better than the Nazis. Even Jews wont referred to as half a person.

    God bless Somaliland and its democratic system where no such thing as half a man exists.

    • Dhugtame says:

      I'm confused Keyse, are you talking to Dr. Abdishakor A Jowhar or to the Waloweeyn here? If you are addressing Dr. Jowhar than you are nothing but a loose cannon and you need to be kept in check. Please act responsibly once stop being more catholic than the pope.

    • HMObsiye says:


      You always seems to be jumping the gun. By the way, do you know who Dr. Jowhar is? He is one of foremost intellectal Somalilander who have been advocating for the self determination of Somaliland/ Somali people.
      Please, do not confuse him with those anti-Somaliland thugs.

    • Hargeisawi-In-London says:


      >"…….When will you guys ever use your brains? "

      Man! Are you out of your mind? This man is the son of that revered sheikh, Sheikh Ali Jowhar (aun), of Borame (Somaliland). Haven't you heard of a school called Sheikh Ali Jawhar, the birth place of Somaliland ?

      Somaliland is indebted to the Jahwars.

    • AhmedY says:


      You really are a nut case. I am finding it very difficult to figure out on which side of the fence you are. Reveal your identity and have a clear view of whay you stand for. Be a man / woman of conviction!

    • Ogoslabe Omar says:


      Mind your business in Ethiopia "Ninkii tiisa wax tara ayaa tul kale na ku dara", The dream of Somaliland is dead and Somaliland future will be three Somali NW regions as it was 22 years ago. SSC, Awdale State and Makhir State wil be regional governments and have more respect in the future Somali government and they earned because they were loyal to the national unity.

  2. Y D Ali says:

    I salute your good intentions Dr. Jowhar, I agree with all the points except point #1. It is quite difficult to get rid of the clan militias without addressing and solving the inter-clan grievances. If you hand over the military to the present TFG structure, no doubt this will create a dictatorship that will be much worst of that of Siyaad Barre. This is already taking place, most Hawiye are alienated and this group is ruling group is composed of Daaroods and their puddles the Abgaal. I am certain that this combination if left in power without fair power sharing, will bring unprecedented disaster to Somalia.

    I'm not saying that Africans shouldn't mind their businesses and leave Somalia for the Somalis, because Kenya, Ethiopia and other African mercenaries are part of the problem and not the solution.

  3. PuntlandGeezer says:

    @Hassan Ali
    your ONE funny dude, keep dreamin man!!!

  4. AhmedY says:

    Dr. Abdishakur, spot on as usual. But will the West take any notice of your advice? I guess no. Sad.

  5. LSL says:


  6. Ogoslabe Omar says:


    Cry your dream of sovereingnty is dead and your old man will go to London to beg his masters to help Isaqland to get recognition from international community and that is your inferior mentality too. you are illegitimate and the natural born servent of the British Empire.

  7. Gobaad says:

    Among other things the conference concerns war on terror and war piracy. Thus, Somaliland should attend with our heads held high up and be part of it because if we don't speak for ourselves, some body else will speak on our behalf and that will be shame on us. But at the same time, if there is some other hidden agendas that will undermine Somaliland's determination to stand alone as a sovereign nation, we can certainly walk out in protest. Because nobody can shove Somalia and its problems into our throats. And if at all, the issue of Somaliland's sovereignty comes up by any chance, Somaliland has to articulate its position, using in details the 5Ws and make it crystal clear that Somaliland's sovereignty is sacred and not negotiable period.

    Somalia has no jurisdiction over Somaliland whatsoever over Somaliland. So, in order to stop the hostility between the sisterly countries and to live sides by sides with respect Somalia has to stop their baseless claim on Somaliland and to give their blessings.

  8. Caawiye says:

    The good doctor of the mad (btw, no one knows the last time he practiced his medicine) is again dispensing some political advice!!!

    Is the good doctor of the mad aware of what is right now happening to his own people of the samaroon? That they are a pawn to the isaaq?

    You are just dreaming. Wake up doc!!!!!

  9. Mohamed Abbas says:

    I believe Somalinimo no matter how seperation may cause to keep us apart. And those who still wish to be granted mainly to become new country in the continent of Africa, while Somalia was part of Africa for many centries and there will be only one chair in the United Nations Assembly and that is Somalia. Those who were the enemy of Somalia long time ago wishes to become friends, the fact is that any nation who wants to become sucessfull, first they have to forget the cruelty of nonsense like they are not humanbeing who just came on the earth. It is very sad to hear from somone who say he does not want to sit down with Somalis. Let me tell you this, if you beleive successfull and the reality of the new generation sit and talk and put aside the differences then you can accomplish your demands.

    • Abdi234 says:

      @ Mohammed Abbas,

      What you talking? Gibberish, is it not? Sorry no one here speaks Waloweyn English, go to Hiiraanonline or Garooweonlie, they might be able sort this out. Oh, one more thing, only intelligent people are allowed to post in SLpress.

      • Mohamed Abbas says:

        Mr Abdi, you seem to be hatered and I don't think you are intellegent but you dumb, I am sure you need to reassess your self agin and again. Usually, the intellectual person gives advise and behave nice and treat others with respect.

  10. Borama Soldier says:

    We Awdal State Citizens declare that we are 100% loyal to our beloved Country of SOMALIA. So called Somaliland admins of the ISSAAQ are tyring to convince us that we can survive alone being a tiny country called Somaliland where enemies of every corner in the continents to control us one by one. NO WAY NO WAY. We support Somaliweyn No to divisions. AWDAL State hanoolaato, Somalia Hanoolaato

    • Gobaad says:

      You are on your own in this regard. There is no such thing as Awdal State. Only a couple dibed-meer, welfare-bums, like you who have nothing to do are barking like dogs outside Somaliland. Awdalites are loyal Somalilanders and nothing can sway their patriotism. Repent and come on board, moron or weligaaba daydaygaa dibedda meeraya ahow. I guess you have not seen the show of force and support for Somaliland from all the regions coast to coast. Somaliland waxba kuu noqon mayso, so good riddance of a baaaaaaaaaaaad rubbish!

    • Moe H says:

      Hold your horses, Borama Soldier! The majority of Samarons and Issas don't believe in your Dreamland State or rather QURBOMEER State. You know, as well as we Samarons and Issas know, that we are — and forever be — proud partners in the state of Somaliland Republic.

      Dream on Soldier Boy!

    • HMObsiye says:

      99% of awdalis are Somalilanders, those 1% like you, can go to hell and call yourselves what ever you want to be called.

  11. Mohamed Abbas says:

    TO: #Abdi234
    Mr Abdi, you seem to be hatered and I don't think you are intellegent but you dumb, I am sure you need to reassess your self agin and again. Usually, the intellectual person gives advise and behave nice and treat others with respect.

  12. Gobaad says:

    Kan wareersan ee cabaadaya, ha u jawaabin.

  13. mohamed cheers says:

    The Dr has given his ideas which carry certain solutions which might or might not help Somalia.
    As for Somaliland their primary quest is how to gain recognition which facilitates in dealing with all the
    other matters to be deliberated in the Conference.Somaliland should be fully prepared to stay clear
    of the Somalia issues and purely get on with what will benefit the seperate Somaliland than Somalia.

  14. Allemagan says:

    The comments on this page demonstrate how Dr. Jowhar is right when he wrote "the only enemy a tribe knows is the tribe next door". Some of the questions I want to ask the die-hard clan loyalists who are hurling insults on each other are:

    - What is it you really gain from tribalism and fighting each other to death?

    - We, have seen the destruction that tribalism has caused to Somalia. Can you tell me one thing that's built by tribalism? Even water wells taken over by one tribe from another are eventually abandoned when they dry up. Isn't there a better way to live than fighting over water wells?

    - If the Tutsi of Rwanda could reconcile with the Hutu who massacred 1 million of their own people, why Somalis can not bury the hatchet and save their country from disintegration?

    - If you live outside Somalia and especially in the west, don't you see that people of all races, religions and languages live together in peace and harmony? Do you look Ethiopia as an example of a country where different nationality can live together in peace?

    - In your heart, can you actually name one good thing that your tribe did for you? Isn't it all about foolish pride and historical competition on grazing lands? How many sheep, cattle and camels do you actually own to be so concerned about grazing lands?

    The author is telling you to unite so that we don't lose our country to our enemies. All that your primordial mind can master is to defend a clan. Shame on you!

  15. Allemagan says:

    Do you look to Ethiopia next door as an example of a country where different nationalities can live together in peace and build one nation?

    • Dhugtame says:

      @ Allemagan

      I think you ought to have a good look at yourself on the mirror. I bet you are the biggest clannish person in this forum, that is why you are denying the right of 4 million peaceful and law-abiding people and you long for the deadly Siyaad Barre one-tribe rule in Somalia. That is over my friend and dealt with.

      Find some one else to fool, but do not come here talking about tribe this and tribe that. Your intentions are well know, stop hiding behind Somali nationalism. Talk to Somalia where people are eating one another alive, not to Somaliland where there is democracy and rule of law.

      The name Somaliland is bothering you eh, isn't it? You want Somaliland to join the chaotic Somalia, am I right? that will only happen in your dreams my friend. I taught you guys have learned a lesson from the past three decades of Somali history, unfortunately it seems that you haven't. Come back and talk to us after you get a psychotherapy not with your fellow tribes-men , but with a competent person, who had a special training in dealing with those with brains consumed by clannish hatred. Mind your own business and stop being bothered by the progress and prosperity in Somaliland.

  16. Jans says:

    You have to be of one mind to be a nation. Look at the way somalis from Somalia cant even let Somalilanders live in peace. They cry statehood and brotherhood but what they really mean is I dont want you to have peace and respect only that their ilk should rule. Its like when republicans attack obama you know they want to say the N word but they call him a Muslim or Socialist instead.

    You cant build a nation with people who cant even let you live a decent life.

  17. AhmedY says:


    Your advice is very good but unfortunately not practical. You cannot wipe out clanism from pople minds over night.It will take ages to get riid of it. I see poverty and destitutiopn for the main reason that Somalis stcik to clanism.

  18. warya says:

    @ Allemagan

    A few days ago, you were supporting the Khatumo state idea that came out of the Talex conference knowing full well that the eastern regions were in reality shared by multiple tribes. Then when I suggested to you that rather than fighting perhaps the SSC group should create a pro-unity party and join the political process, you replied by saying "Somali unity is more important". This statement makes to sense, since fighting is commonly used when all forms of expression have been suppressed.
    Regardless, your words did still hold meaning in the tribal context and could roughly be translated to "I wish to fight you for tribal supremacy"

    A few days later, I remember reading your claims that Somaliland was not an economically viable state; which is rubbish considering its geopolitical importance and untapped natural resources. And even if Somaliland had no resources, its geographical position relative to GCC countries and major global shipping lanes would make it viable nonetheless.

    So in summary

    1. You tried the playing the tribe card and failed
    2. You tried to passing off shared lands as your own and failed
    3. You supported destabilizing elements from the diaspora and failed
    4. You tried to misrepresent geopolitical facts known by the world and failed

    And now you are spewing some nonsense on the Rwandan conflict and lecturing others on the dangers of tribalism. In reality if the idea of Somali unity is to ever make way with the grassroots people it must first be preceded by open and honest discourse. Unfortunately, however, it appears you and the vast majority of the so called unionists are still struggling with basic concept of honesty.

    So shame on who I ask?

  19. Abdi says:

    Being stuck in Hargeysa and making childish claims about an entity that doesn't exists is not a formula for success

  20. Kayse says:

    I guess some of you guys are yet to complete your ESOL/ESL courses. I careless who Dr Jowhar is, I said I disagreed with point or #4 on his so called seven elements.

    If Somalia and Somaliland need a dialogue Somalia knows where Hargeisa is they dont need to go to some foreign venue to discuss such issues. Somaliland will go to the conference to address its own interest.

    Thats all kids, next time read, read and read and if you cant I suggest you use Google translator.

  21. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    You are either confused or incurably dishonest.

    A few days ago this is what you wrote, "…..Why? Secessionists in Somaliland could not stay within the fold of Somalia because of historical clan grievances. Now why can’t they understand that the people of Khatumo State and Audal have their own grievances against Somaliland administration and want an enclave of their own?"

    Clearly you are explicitly admitting that Khatumo Seeg is based on a clannish concept; besides, you can't deny the fact that you have been advocating for Khatumo Seeg.

    I think I rest my case.

  22. Gobaad says:

    Allemagan, your last two comments are completely different from your previous attacks and name calling. Stop flib-flobbing and being like a chameleon who changes colours according to his environment. Be a man of his convictions and stick to your principles. You are either this or that.

    It is not bad to come around, anyways.

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