Published On: Sun, Mar 11th, 2012

Sheikh Sharif of TFG short-circuited Somalia London Communiqué

OPINION | March 11, 2012
By:Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

“Somalia” is been a bottle-neck that is crooked, too narrow or roughly-finished to the international community. The lawlessness in “Somalia” is harboring terrorism, piracy and human trafficking activities which disturbs the international marine and security. Somali piracy is destabilizing the crucial sea route that crosses the “Somalia” coast.
After 14 failed attempts to bring Somalis to settlement, the government of United Kingdom led by H.E. Prime Minister David Cameroon, recently, organized a unique conference in terms of participants compare to the earlier failed meetings. The much-heralded conference took place at Lancaster House on 23rd February 2012, attended by fifty-five delegations.
Mr. Cameroon government convinced Somaliland to attend the meeting, as a new approach to tackle Somali problem. It was first time that elected Somaliland leader shared a table with “Somalia’s” faction leaders, and gifted away experience in state-building, good governance and democracy. Somaliland employed Somali traditional manner of conflict resolution, which worked effectively in Somaliland, and could be replicated in “Somalia” too, only if “Somalia” faction are sincere of ending the 21 years old turmoil.
After bearing tremendous political pressure from opposition, Somaliland President H.E. Mr. Ahmed Siilaanyo won the trust of the people to attend Somalia London Conference. After national level debate on the subject, both the houses of the parliament endorsed Somaliland’s participation in the conference.
Somaliland is ready to train former countrymen on crisis management. Somaliland donated nearly a million dollars in aid to “Somalia” during 2011 humanitarian crisis that resulted from many years of drought-out, which placed Somaliland on the top of African donors.

The conference had communiqué that consisted of seven points including dialogue between Somaliland and “Somalia” on their future political status. At end of the conference, international leaders instructed their Somali counterparts to work together to achieve communiqué before June 2012.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed to take stronger action against any leader that disturbs the six point result of the conference, and Mr. Cameroon highlighted his government’s commitment towards save enforcement of all agreed points. The world will assess the achieved results in the next meeting on “Somalia” in Istanbul, Turkey.
However, the President of Transitional Federal Government of “Somalia” Sheikh Sharif Ahmed violated the communiqué highpoints by recognizing illegitimate soi-disant administration called “KHAATUMO” within Somaliland’s international border (colonial border of 1960). The “KHAATUMO” outlaws are creating instability in eastern regions of Somaliland particularly Buhodle City.
Ali Khalif Galaydh is head of such criminal gang and recently met Sheikh Sharif in Mogadishu, to get more support for his illegal armed activities in Somaliland. Sheikh Sharif is providing all forms of support to the “KHAATUMO” militia in order to weaken Somaliland development.
Sheikh Sharif’s support to the armed gangs inside Somaliland borders angered many ministers in his government. Prime Minister Office issued statement rejecting Sharif’s decision to recognize “KHAATUMO” bandits, also, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense declined the decision, more over there are many MPs who dismissed Sharif’s conclusion.
Sharif’s main objective was to destabilize Somaliland and rule out any future political discussions with Somaliland. He is trying to bring Somaliland into the 21 years old chaos of “Somalia”. This is clear violation of London Conference Communiqué.
The international community must stop such illegal activities of Sheikh Sharif against Somaliland democracy and stability. Somaliland will defeat the bandits and defend its border with all possible mechanism of self-defense. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister David Cameroon and “Somalia’s” well-wishers must stonewall such illegal activities by Sheikh Sharif, if not, the Somali situation in the region may get into more chaos.

By:Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

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  1. Zeila & Lughaye says:

    noone belived the white man borders. If you want Somali peace, somali people sould consider a new borders reflecting the reality of the people. After Katuuma, you have Awdal state, Salel state, the remaining is somaliland state.

    • slander says:

      @zeila & lughaye , you can also add "zeila state" or more ridiculous " my street state ". do not be so stupid for such crap, the somaliland is one nation and you can do anything about it.

    • Abdulaziz Musa says:

      You are dreaming. The only thing that is going to happen to you and your gang is to be kicked over the boarder to Djibouti of which you have its citizenship. People like you do not learn. Stop talking and take
      action, and then you will be given your response.

  2. HMObsiye says:

    Mr. Al mutairi,

    Thank you so much for always highlighting and informing your readers the fact about Somaliland. Here is this so-called President Shariff, who signed the London communique and agreed with the leaders who attended the conference that he will deal with Somaliland as an equal partner and instead tries to undermined Somaliland.

    What he is doing is not new to Somaliland but, this time the whole world is watching and he will fail miserably.

    • Abdulaziz Musa says:

      Mr. Al Mutairi

      I think your communique should be published on the London Telegraph and other British and American Newspapers to show them what is happening.

  3. Obokor afmaceye says:

    sidedaba waxa khaldan in la aqoonsado dowlad goboleedyo wata magacyo english ah.
    soomaali in la sheegto af english wax lagu qorto ismaqabato.

    si loo sugo dhulka inay soomaali leedahay waa in magacyo loo soosaaraa af soomaali

    khaatumo seeeeeeeeg iyo Habarland ama habar marqaan maxa kala heesta

  4. Obokor afmaceye says:

    somalia is one and the rest of so called dowlad goboleed are shiiiiiiiiiiiiit dirty bustard

  5. ahmed says:

    The writer is missing the main point which is that the world knows whats going on in Somalia, so blaming the dugsi educated Sharrif is an easy way out of the real story, He had no choice' but to recognize Khaatumo seeg since they are waving Somali flag to deny them the recognition they needed,Sharif did not stop it there, he has publically announced that he is willing to talk to Somaliland on the unity of Somalia and on the other hand Silaanyo have made it clear that he would talk to Somalia only in the matter of seperation. Its clear now that the position of Somaliland has been weakend.

  6. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Who said the position of Somaliland is weakened? Somaliland is power to reckon, and will have its way very soon. There is no way we will again shoot ourselves at foot. We never knew these people before 1960, and we have developed to erase our mind that we know them. This is it, and whoever talks the stupidity that they persist is a failure in big way.

    Somaliland and its territorial integrity is untouchable, and Muqadis as they call it. Those Wanlaweyn who claim unity are basically blinded by jealousy, when they could not do any good for their country. We have thousands young warriours who are ready if at all, they try something that international community opposes [war].

  7. Y D Ali says:

    Thank you Al-Mutairi, you hit the nail on the head.

    The so-called President of "Somalia" is not the only "Somalia" leader that violated the London Conference on Somalia's communique. This was undermined just yesterday by Faroole, the warlord and that enriched himself through sea piracy when he threatened both the stability of Somaliland and the TFG, he claimed Somaliland regions as his own and threatened to attack Somaliland with military force.

    He also said the discussions between "Somalia" and Somaliland will not happen unless he becomes party to the dialogue. I do not know if Faroole can read or not, but the London communique states a dialogue should take place between Somalia and Somaliland and not between Puntland and Somaliland.

    Puntland is a pseudo-regional administration within Somalia. Puntland is also the capital for human-trafficking and sea piracy. Faroole himself made millions through those illegal activities and armed his mafia to the teeth through the proceeds from piracy and human- trafficking.

    The world turned a blind eye on Faroole and he was invited to the London conference on Somalia. What a disgrace! The guy was supposed to be arrested and charged for the crimes he commits and not rewarded.

    It is now up to the international community to arrest both Faroole and Sharif and bring them to international justice, because they are what Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton called "spoilers".

  8. Ali45 says:

    Where is the foreign Minister in all these? It took him few minutes to respond to the former D.G's corruption allegations and was quick to tear his former colleague into pieces, but for days he didn't comment on either Sharif or Farole's statements. What is he up to?

    • Omer says:

      He is sleeping on the wheel.

      • Omer says:

        @ Jambazi

        But still he is talking to us not to the international community. We want him to engage the international community, what is the point of talking to the Somaliland media. We know more about Somalia and Puntland than him.

        We need him to call the international media networks and contact the representatives of the Somalia contact group as some one previously mentioned.

  9. halgan says:

    uif anything, London confernce put an end to the assertion of the socalled unity of Somalia. Article six of the confernce is similar to the resolution signed by all Somali calns back in 1991 in which they declared the restoration of Somaliland independence as it were on 26 June 1960. That is what article six paves the way for. 55 head of state gathered in London and in their final communique no refernce at all to the unity of Somalia. That is in itself a resounding achievement to Somaliland position.

  10. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Hadaba Hadalkan ka soo yeedhay Hogaamiyaha maamulka Puntland waxa ka jawaaabay Wasiirka arrimaha Dibada Somaliland Dr. Maxamed C/lahi Cumar oo Xalay Wargeyska Waaheen Khadka Taleefoonka kula xidhiidhay isagoo ku sugan Magaalada Hargeysa, waxaanu Dr. Cumar sheegay inaanay waxba ka khusayn Maamulka Puntland wadahadalada dhex mari doona Somaliland iyo Somaliya, isla markaana maamulkaasi ka mid yahay Somaliya.

    Wasiirka oo ka jawaabayay hadalkaasi faroole ka soo yeedhayna waxa uu yidhi “horta waxaanu aad u soo dhaweynaynaa go’aamadii ka soo baxay shirkii London ee ahaa inay Somaliland iyo Somaliya wada hadal yeeshaan mustaqbalka dhaw,waxaana dhamaaday wakhtigii midowga Somaliya iyo Somaliland ee lixdankii, Puntland-na waa maamul Goboleed hoos taga Somaliya Somaliland-na cid ay la hadlaysaa waxa weeyaan dawlada TFG-da ee Somaliya ee maaha Puntland, markaa puntland waxba kama khuseeyaan wada hadalka oo waa maamul hoos taga dawlada TGF-da ”ayuu yidhi Dr Maxamed C/lahi Cumar.

  11. Abdiwahab says:

    Somalians need to understand that that the SSC regions have always been part and parcel of Somaliland, since 1884 to be precise, while Somaliland was in a union with Somalia for thirty odd years (1960-1991). So the question is not whether the SSC regions are part of Somaliland but whether Somaliland is independent of or part of Somalia in which the answer is Somaliland is definitely independent because of referendum.

    • maxmuud ali says:

      To all iidorow, khaatuma people will fight Their independent WHAT EVER COST.
      We are not asking any one recognition.
      History tells us we defended our land & We will do The some,gloves are off.

      • Jambazi says:

        when did you do that, or you want to mean that drunkard mad mullah. That crazy mullah did not achieve or free anything other than killing one white man. And he was humiliated, chased like tailless dog. For him to save his skin when he was being chased, he traded his his priced horse and his young wife for safe passage to Ethiopia.

        • maxamuud says:

          Here we go again another mr informer Ethos,well he fought for all somalis he Was not humiliated,humiliation is Someone who run away in action he never Did That,he was killed in action let Along going to ethos land,while you guys
          Wiping british asses,today The some poeple you were wiping Their asses told You to come The conference or else……
          People of scc & khaatumo will fight Their state UNTIL LAST DROP OF OUR BLOOD

  12. Abdiwahab says:

    Somaliland can wipe Somalia off the map if it tries to show aggression towards us and our independent sovereign status so I say BRING IT ON FAQASH MO-FOS

  13. Samodoon says:

    Soon after I had spotted the phrase "H.E David Cameron" with H.E being the short form of "His Excellence", I lost appetite to continue reading to the end. So sad that the slave of the Mighty is his given name!

  14. Ali Dheere says:

    .. macaalin sheikh sharif ahmed ayaa xaqiijiyey in si buuxda aqoonsigii loogala laabtay Maamulka Khaatumo seega…

    Is it true?

  15. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer Hussein Dualeh,

    Thanks for the information, but you need to tell Mr. Omer to contact the security council and the contact Somalia group of nations not Abdi Hussein Issa's Waheennews.

    For heaven sacks, the guy is the foreign Minister of the Republic of Somaliland and not the Director General of the Ministry of interior. He needs to communicate with the international media and foreign countries instead of giving telephone interviews to local website. I do I hate the guy, NO! is this a valid point, you tell me!

  16. Dhugtame says:

    Not sacks but sake

  17. mohamed cheers says:

    Significantly good article. In my view, not only Sh.Sharif TFG short-circuited Somalia London
    Communique but the same is also happening from SH.Faroole warlord of Puntland.
    It's no longer a secret that the achieved 7 point communique from the London Conference
    held on 23 Febuary 2012 are being jeopardized by all the roadmas 1+2 Signatories!. with the
    dangerous intentions to destablise and derail the achieved Somaliland democracy and stability
    inorder to deprive Somaliland from reaching its goals of full recognition from the key Govts
    of the United Nations who are administering the Somalia crisis.All eyes watch now how the
    Somali counterparts to work together to achieve communique before June 2012, as the World
    will assess the achieved results in the next meeting on Somalia in Istanbul, Turkey.

  18. I Jama says:

    We forget that decentralization or a confederation is what Somalia is looking at. This means Faroole thinks he is a president of Puntland who should have a say? Have you all considered that yet or are you thinking of centralized Somalia still.

  19. dhugtame says:

    @ I Jama

    I don't care what Faroole thinks of himself. All I know is; he is a ruthless and ignorant criminal and must be treated as such by the international!

  20. dhugtame says:

    About the centralization or decentralization of Somalia, it is none of our business and we do not waste thinking about their future – hopeless people.

  21. Omer says:

    Guys with all due respect to FM if the Mayor of Xagal, a little known village in Saaxil region was able to access two Somali TV stations and file complaints against his governor about food corruption, wouldn't it be appropriate for the minister of foreign affairs of Somaliland to have access to international news networks in Somaliland to defend his country against Somalia aggression?

  22. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    My fellow name sake Omer, Xagal is not Saaxil Region, but Maroodijeex Region. Furthermore, the Pyrate Boss in Majeerteenia is parcking only, and nobody will listen to what he said. Dhugtame or Marksman, I thought we declared cease fire, but you have again started the same hate and obscene charactor assasination. Don't you give up for God sake? I do not have access to our noble foreign minister, and I will not be able to tell him your cheap request. He knows, where and when to target where he needs to address about this issue, and do not expect such eandeavor will appear on the websites that become you den. Hence, for the good of yourself, stop unsuccessful venom spitting.

  23. Dhugtame says:

    @ Omer Hussein Dualeh

    I think you are just being too sensitive, that is all. I'm your friend now and I did not mean any harm on your character. I didn't think that you would have taken contacting our FM as an insult. I was working and I misread your message, in glance, I thought you said you contacted him, but I re-read your message and I was wrong.

    How many times do I have to tell that I do not hate any body even Faroole, though I dislike him. Well, "Hadaan la kala roonaan roob ma da'o," I am a forgiving person and I will tolerate your insults, because deep down I know you do not mean it. We both share the love of our country and it is OK for me to have difference of opinions (oodi qaadis iyo jiidis waa isla guryo geeyn), but calling one another names is not acceptable to any decent human being and I promise that I will disagree with many people in this forum, but I did not and will not resort to obscenities.

    please give me some credit after you watch this piece:

    Ninkii jirey wuxuu yidhi: "hadaan hadalana waa af salax ku dheg hadii aanu aamusnan reer kaas sidaas laga deyn maayo" Waar sidaanu yeelnaa.

    Nabad iyo Caano.

    • Dhugtame says:

      Soory, I got busy and did not finish the conversation, Xagal is not Maroodijeex it is Saaxil as Omer said

      • Dhugtame says:

        Sorry again, Please Omer stop being the mouth -piece of Mr. Omer, he is the FM of Somaliland not yours alone. What makes my message cheap, if I only said: "He needs to communicate with the international media and foreign countries instead of giving telephone interviews to local website. do I hate the guy, NO! is this a valid point, you tell me!."

        If you think that you could intimidate to the level that I wouldn't talk about I think it is to the interest of Somaliland' I bet you are wrong.

        To finish it up, i will state my point of view when and where ever I am and no matter how often you shout obscenities at me I will not wean down. The bottom line is respect my point of view and I will respect yours. i do not care about the relationships between you and the FM, I just do not want you defend him unless you come up with and declare your valid reason and in what capacity you are protecting him.

        Take care for now and do not try to create enemies out of your friends, for I am your friend.

        • Dhugtame says:

          I meant to say in the previous post: If you think that you could intimidate me to the level that I wouldn't talk about what I think it is to the interest of Somaliland I bet you are dead wrong.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Am glad you gave Mr Omer Hussein Dualeh his dues. I too run into deep unnecessary
            troubles from him..calling me fulay and all sorts of offensive obscenities but just let go
            but knew sooner or later this teddy bear kolestrol wouldn't go far before some expert
            like Dhugtame could give him some good lesson which's good for all genuine Somalilanders.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            MR. Dhugtame

            Re my little comment, MR. Dualeh is no much for your expertise, if the guy has any
            sober conscience, your good wisdom should have some heeding toll on his poor
            soul!. Nabadayyy.

          • Gobaad says:

            mohamed cheers, dabka ha sii hurine demi!

          • Gobaad says:

            Dhugtame and Omer, Somaliland is going through a difficult and sensitive time. Can we stop the mudslinging and throw our support behind our government and let them focus their attention at the BIGGER issues.

  24. xildhiiban kaa Burco says:

    this is typical of those who want to bring Somalilands peace to an end. shariif has biger problems on his hand than to wory or try and get involved Somaliland. If there is one thing that somalia should realise about Somaliland is that Somaliland is united, at peace, and has a powerfull military there for you cant break us….so stop trying. I suggest you channel that hateful energy to rebuild Somalia and create a stable government and lift your people form poverty/death.

  25. Abdi1234 says:

    @ Omer Hussein Dualeh,

    To be honest with you, you have lost the respect of most people on this site, because there is difference between having differences of opinions and calling people names. You do not base your arguments on reason, your way is only my way or no way. You never told us that you are the spokes person for Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omer, but you keep jumping up and down, whenever his name is mentioned. This can be attributed only to clannish motives. Only clannish people attack others, when you talk about one of their own . Dr. Omer is a public figure and people should stand equal distance from him, unless you make him resign and work in your private business. In that case, you can yell at people if they say something that you do not approve. In your last post you mentioned Mr. Dogtame and Mr.Omer, what did they have in common? they both talked about Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi. You told Omer that Xagal is not in Saaxil, when it is and then you went on calling the other guy names. Does that sound alright with you?

  26. amal says:

    When people try to bring you down unfairly and unjustly, Allah will surely elevate your status and Somaliland is an example of this. The more the enemies of Somaliland try to bring it down is the more Somaliland moves from strenghth to strenghth and the more Somaliland stands firm. InshAllah Somaliland will reach its ultimate goal, and the first thing we should do after that is change our name. Long live Somaliland

    • Hargeisawi-In-London says:

      Amal, Reer Fiqi Cumar waa kuwan isdaayee ma ergaad u dirtay :-) ?

      • amal says:

        Aga! Hargeisawi loool
        I didn't know the meaning of ergaad before, now i know what you mean lol
        Allah mahad leh haday isdaayeen

        I thought someone was impersonating you, now I know Hargeisawi-In-London is in fact Ogaden, a Somalilander Ogaden

  27. garyaqaan says:

    oh my god did writer said "HIS EXCELLENCE"

    tell him they do not use that word in england

    amay fiicantaha in aan somali ahaan islaam ahaan u wada dhamaysano arimahayaga intii nin ajanabi hoostiisa lagali lahaa oo la isku duleyn lahaa?

  28. Omar Mohamed Jama says:

    This article is very much informative. I dont understand who tought Somaliland and Somalia history to this Arab man, and how is he following the development… Remember, Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi was Kuwaiti diplomat for 15 years in Mogadishu and traveled to Somaliland cities many times during unity with Somalia.

    However, this man is well-equiped to tell his part of the story, which end always true and fact. I remember an article he published two years ago regarding final solution for Somalia problem: He suggested two state solution for Somaliland and Somalia. He called the international community to impose UN Trusteeship on Somalia for atlease 10 years until it comes back to the normality..

    It seems the world is considering his contributions. Thanks Al-Mutairi

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Tks for the valuable piece of info re Diplomat Al-Mutairi. From the AU perception we have Qatar politics
      on one side and S/Arabia politics on the other side. Which side (if not both sides) do you think is good enough to recognize two state solution for Somaliland and Somalia given the achieved 7 point
      communique from the LCS?.I would appreciate if bloggers could shed some educationally refreshing light on the modern politics of the two GCC elites in the AL/OIC World.

    • Gobaad says:

      Omar Mohamed Jama, and yet people who don't like what he writes try to find faults and down play his knowledge of the area and pointing out minor typing and few grammar errors. It is about the contents, stupid!

  29. S M Derie says:

    @ Dhugtame

    Please stop responding to this man, you are just wasting your time & our time on a tribal person. Stop giving publicity to this man and his friend. I am feed-up and wish this man with multiple IDs will disappear. Don't you understand that this man has admitted to misleading and deceiving everybody on this forum? Yes, he has a lot in common with his friend the FM and that is why he is defending him. An English proverb goes: "Birds in feather fly together".

  30. Allemagan says:

    The author’s ideas are not organized and his writing is full of grammatical and spelling errors. From what I gather from the jumble of words and musings from a qad session, is that the author is blaming Shiikh Sharif of Somalia for every problem faced by Somaliland (sic.. ) What Mr. Halafi/Abdulaziz forgets is that before Khaatumo, before Shiikh Shariif, there was Kalshaale and Maygaagle fighting in that disputed region of northern Somalia. In fact, the TFG refused to recognize anything called Khaatumo State but there is a catch. The Growe principle which is agreed by majority of Somali people agrees that any two or more of the 18 regions of Somalia can unite to form a state. What is being touted as the Khatumo state is the Sool region of Somalia. There is also Audal and Snaag Regions which you are lumping together with the administration that hired this fake author to dismantle Somalia.

    As far as the author is concerned, this is what I have learned from the pages of Ethiopian Review:

    “As we aware, Halafi Mengedi is active member in the forum and share with the forum some issues without clear direction and aim. However, I met his friend from Somaliland (kilil 9th of Ethiopia) who told me that, Halafi Mengedi is confused and multi-colors and alliteration person. Originaly he is from Tigray, but Tigray Eritrea and not from Ethiopian. He worked with Mingistu Haile-Mariam and current a good advisor with the Somaliland Government. In his articles he used Arab name;Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi. many people are not happy with his behaver and names also”.
    By Adamu
    I also saw the picture of the author depicted as an operations engineer in an oil company in Kuwait see here I doubt of this man ever worked in any Embassy Kuwaiti or otherwise.

    The other titled penned by Halafi Mengedi that seek the destruction of Somalia include:
    -Professor Abdi Ismail Samatar – Somalia Useful Idiot
    -Is there a Country Called Somalia – A widespread misconception
    -Somaliland Political Analysis – From Sool to Salal
    -Again, Britain’s Conservative Party And Somaliland’s Statehood
    -Taleex Conspiracy Latest Attempt to Derail Peace and Stability in Somaliland
    -Somaliland: Africa’s 56th State at the doosteps
    -Somalia’s Terrorists are invading Somaliland

    And many other articles intended to divide Somali people. Now we know that it is not only separatists who are dismantling our country but there foreign enemies who are hell bent on eradication of the Somali name from the horn of Africa

    • mohamed cheers says:

      No such thing as Garowe principles or the 18 regions of Somalia created by the ousted
      S.D.R. Brutal totalitarian Military Regime headed by Siad Barre will have any meaningful
      stance without the overriding mandate of the TFG of all inclusive Southern Somalia proper with
      Northern Somaliland proper exceptionally uninclusive entity in accordance with article (6) of the
      7 point communique of the LCS. Say anything you like about diplomat Al-Mutairi, but this gentleman
      has a thorough knowledge of the affairs of the Somalis and his contributions to help the Somalia's
      complex problems are academically highly acceptable and appreciable.

    • farxaan says:

      As mr hargeysa said to you,your well Informed,educated,Thinking ahead Sophisticated on This website,you look Most people who use on This site norrow Minded no ideas fucos only dividing,so There are Other websites which will Benefit your good debate,also There are Informers on This website.

  31. Gobaad says:

    This is mumbo,jumbo, meangingless and hot-air rhetoric, attempting to to shift the blame in order persuade the audience except that you are in the wrong website because nobody on forum who doesn't know what happened. So, I am not sure who are you trying to convince here. We all know that walaweyn dismantled what used to be the unity of Somalia and Somaliland and to blame others is a whitewash. Whatever happened to them is imposed by themselves and nobody to blame.

  32. Allemagan says:

    More of the venom from this hired talking head: Somaliland’s Goodwill and Sharif Ahmed’s bad intensions. Read here and note the relentless campaign against the interest of Somali people

    Isn’t this the same article recycled under another title? As they say “if you repeat a lie so many times, you are apt to eventually believe it to be the truth”.

    • Gobaad says:

      What is relentless about telling the true. Actually " Somaliland's Goodwill and Sheikh Shariif's bad intensions" is another good artilce recommended for reading. If you are trying to couple the author to the face. We know that Mr. Abdulaziz Al-mutairi is an Arab man from Kuwait who has a vast information about the somali issues as well as issues in the African Horn.

      Thank you Mr. Abdulaziz Al-mutairi another brilliant article and keep up the good work. Don't worry about the negative comments from few intensely jealous individuals and empty noises.

  33. Cawil says:

    This so called Mutari also goes by the name shamudiin melomatis and his real name is Farah ali jamac and currently lives in Ottawa Canada. Did i also mention that he is HJ.

    • Ali Dheere says:

      Sure, the other day Mutairi was seen at lawns of the white house, hanging out with Elvis Presley. JFK was there too, .. watching. JFK said he will lobby for more fund to be given to Puntland to fight pirates.

  34. Dhugtame says:

    Obviously Allemagan is reading a lot about Somalia and Somaliland, while the average Somali is better versed on the Somali issue than Mr. Allemegan.

  35. Dhugtame says:

    Why does it matter whether he is HJ or Dhulos? Please clarify your statement so then i will be able to address your concerns.

  36. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    I guess someone is impersonating you; if not, you are confused as hell.

    • Gobaad says:

      Hargeisawi-In-London, I too suspect that somebody else has taken over his name because last week I saw his comment saying that this his lost comment posted on this website and then I was surprised to him so soon.

      The previous Allemagan seems to be well educated and has a good command of what he has to say, although he seems to be frozen in time still delusionally chasing the mirage of Somaliweyn and blindly or arrogantly calling Somaliland non-existing.

  37. misslovely says:

    s/land press why are you deleting my comment answer me please i didn't say anything bad

  38. ubaxa says:

    omar hussein dadkan haku dawikhin waayo wa qabiil kunicid uun adna dacad batahay waayo waan arkaa inaad wax xaqiiqa uun kasheekaynaysid ha u jawaabin qolyahan xasadku goo gooyaya

  39. Berri says:

    Based on the big agenda of Augustine Mahiga ambitious to threaten Somaliland's democratically elected leadership and peace stabilization who trained by evil dictators Jilius Nyerere of Tanzanian swallowed and colonized the whole Muslim nation – Republic of Tanganyika in form of Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives.

    But most likely Somalia current situation seemingly will end up trusteeship as Al- Mutairi envisaged couple years ago. Echoed by Afyare Abdi Elmi,Somalia: Manifestation of stealth trusteeship Somalia is being run by many masters with irreconcilable agendas, but this exploitation must end if peace is to prevail. Read more …

    Note to Real Somalilanders: We should notice that this is a External politics article between Somaliland and Somalia how to solve their relationship problems as two independent countries based on Article # 6 of London Conference Communiqué. Hence, we shouldn't be confused and mix up this strategic geo-politics with Somaliland internal affairs such foreign policies – FM which is mainly pending in well preparations for the next meeting at Istanbul.

    Farther, in case if anyone has honest viewpoints regarding internal issues such corruption can easily post on yesterday's page. Don't cripple behind the misleading smoking pollutions that will deviate the national strategies from our minds. A hatred of success has always been part of their human nature. They have general signs of Propaganda use, such as slight fold separation and fold wear, pinholes, or very minor tears views.

    Hatred Quotes
    A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors BY William Ralph

  40. Allemagan says:


    I know what you saying Farxaan, but it will be a shame if we let this Tigray to dismember our country in front of our eyes. It is necessary to out imposters (using Arabic name) like him and his separatist supporters who are claiming that the man was an ambassador of Kuwait to Somalia. The reality is Halafi Mengedi have never seen an embassy and is a boiler plant operator – 4th class stationary engineer certificate holder at the best. Don't get excited about the engineer title. One qualifies as boiler operator engineer by completing one year college courses.

    • mohamed cheers says:


      What has gifted Journalistic public opinions of hughly influential and well respected diplomat
      Al-mutairi got to do with your so called Halafi Mengedi as you claim Tigray to dismember our country in front of our eyes! buddy you are not addressing kids and all one could are waste of time and energy in as far as this diplomat Al-mutairi or other Somaliland and Somalia political issues are concerned. Barking dogs seldom bite and sorry to say that you are no more than a confused sick person.
      Get real life buddy and get lost.Your discredited ideas are unwelcome here.

  41. Allemagan says:


    There is a Somali proverb that says, "if you are telling a lie, tell one that resembles the truth."

    In his travels in the horn of Africa, Richard Burton was told that that some Arabian Sheiks were the fathers of Somali tribes. Mr. Burton was told that some of the sons of the one of the Sheiks were Awal, Rambad, Garhajis and Jelo. The other Sheiks sons were said to be Koombe and Kablalah. Once confronted with this set of strange names, Mr. Burton asked loudly "what sort of an Arab Sheikhs will give their children names like these"? Mr. Burton spoke fluent Arabic and he knew that it wasn't neither logical for an Arab to choose such names nor easy for him to even pronounce these names. Now, the question is, can we find a single other Arab national other than your Tigray imposter who is so well informed about Somali tribes and their tribal politics? The answer is simply there is no Arab who will know the names of all those tribes or would even be interested in Somali tribal squabbles.

    Also we googled the bio of your fake author and the only person who comes up is Halafi Mengedi. You google the man's bio and you are provided the link here. By the way, giving the georaphic location of Al-Mutairi Tribe (in local stingray "Matraan "), does not proof any thing. In fact Halafi Mengedi does not look like and Arab and definitely he is not dressed like one. Simply, he is a hired mouthpiece.

    • Allemagan says:

      You google the man's bio yourself and provide the link here – that is

      • mohamed cheers says:


        Just to have a short break. I have a question for you…Can you tell us Pharoh's tribe.
        Perhaps after your answer, my convictions may prove purposefully worthwhile to find the
        real ancestors of Koombe and Kablalah….these names look like Pharaonic names! kkkkk.

    • Ali Dheere says:

      Allemagan, What you wrote regarding Richard Burton is false.

      Please allow me to educate you a little re: Sheikh Is-haq.
      Descendants of Sheikh in Somaliland are eight.
      All their names are Arabic (Somali names are in bracket)
      1. Ahmed (Toljecleh)
      2. Ibrahim (Sambur)
      3. Musa (Habarjeclo)
      4. Mohamed (Ibran)
      5. Ismail (Garhajis)
      6. Ali (Arab)
      7. Ayub
      8. Abdirahman (Awal)

      Koombe and Kablalah are of the Darod tribe.

      "If you are telling a lie, tell one that resembles, the truth". is true Somali Proverb.

      • amal says:

        Jeclo is not Sheikh isaxaag's son lol, jeclo is just one of the uterine division or grouping (Habar jeclo or habar xabashy) and it consists of the first 4 sons shown above, well they are united lot no wonder why they are called tol jeclo. Whilst Garxajis is the nick name of ismael sh. Isaxaag and his sons are saciid garxajis (HY) adam garxajis (eidagale) and the same goes for Abdirahman Awal, Ayub and Ali Arab etc ( And are together known as habar magadle).

  42. Berri says:

    Correction of previous comment: Not 200km, Al-Mutairi Tribe extended more than about along 2000 KM from Najid to Sham.

  43. Ali Dheere says:

    What you wrote regarding Richard Burton is false.

    Please allow me to educate you a little re: Sheikh Is-haq.
    Descendants of Sheikh in Somaliland are eight.
    All their names are Arabic (Somali names are in bracket)
    1. Ahmed (Toljecleh)
    2. Ibrahim (Sambur)
    3. Musa (Habarjeclo)
    4. Mohamed (Ibran)
    5. Ismail (Garhajis)
    6. Ali (Arab)
    7. Ayub
    8. Abdirahman (Awal)

    Koombe and Kablalah are of the Darod tribe.

    "If you are telling a lie, tell one that resembles, the truth". is true Somali Proverb

  44. Allemagan says:


    Whether Al-Mutairi Tribe extends more than 200KM or about 2000 KM from Najid to Sham is not the question in dispute. What is not clear is whether there is a real Kuwait national or any other Arab who would be so interested or involved in Somali tribal politics and or tribal squabbles. The only plausible explanation of the prolific rants of your Tigray Halafi Mengedi against Somalia and is that a Somali like you is feeding him with the hateful rubbish that he writes about our country and our politics.

    Also, it is clear that you could not reproduce the author's non-existent bio that you have told us to Google in your earlier comment. Instead of coming with the link that will enlighten everyone about Halafi Mengedi's background, you list the titles of few of his hateful propaganda against Somalia. What does that prove? Listing few articles that were penned by your fake author or educating us about the geographical habitat of a Bedouin tribe in the Arabian peninsula does proof the existence of a fake Al-mutairi. For your information, I already submitted most of those titles and more of the same in my earlier comment (please see above).

  45. Allemagan says:

    against Somalia is that a Somali like you is feeding him – that is

  46. Allemagan says:



    Correction …

    Listing few articles that were penned by your fake author or educating us about the geographical habitat of a Bedouin tribe in the Arabian peninsula does not proof the existence of your fake Al-mutairi. For your information, I already submitted most of those titles and more of the same in my earlier comment (please see above).

  47. muxsin says:

    This is The biggest garbage,baloney,lie,
    Tutas That i have ever read, it’s not Worth replying at all This sort of Comments.

  48. Berri says:

    Part # 3

    What impressed me to comment is, the Author's legally valid paragraph of "Sheikh Sharif’ is trying to bring Somaliland into the 21 years old chaos of “Somalia”. This is clear violation of London Communique".

    The short answer to that is, neither Sheikh Sharif nor anyone else can't stand against Superpower's strategic ambitious of separating Somaliland from Somalia as two independent states period. And time will tell in short term ( Iranian bombardment from Berbera). Just wait two or three rounds of dialogues on Article # 6 starting from the next Istanbul meeting.

    Farther, careful cautions is always award based on the big agenda of Augustine Mahiga to threaten Somaliland's democratically elected leadership and peace stabilization is non existence e delusions.

    Who is Augustine Philip Mahiga?; who trained by evil dictators Jilius Nyerere of Tanzanian swallowed and colonized the whole Muslim nation – Republic of Tanganyika in form of Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives. Some of the most documented and proven history of Augastia have been listed for Augastia Mahiga' ambitious to threaten Somalia, let along Somaliland.

    Augustine Philip Mahiga, was s poor Canadian Immigrated and now Special Representative for Somalia: He is a provenance of socially and professionally corrupted cultural background of as his services with socialism oriented Nyereere system ( Bribery from top –down was officially legal, but where he lives in Canada bribery is like death penalty case.

    Way of his life, he has been training and grew for a long period of time a country under Tanzania ruler of former dictator the mania political leadership of oppressive structural rulings, and who was plotting against democratization and stable countries in all whole African countries along 1960's.

    All his diplomatic life experience full of Hippocratic slogans with hidden agenda as Nyerere type of plotting agendas towards Somalia. He worked already in many terribly failed States without any solutions, such as Darfur, Rwandan and Afghanistan.

    He made no secret in several public appearances at Hargesia of delighting at any setbacks to Somaliland recognition ambitious program that he fears may soon become a threat to whole Somalia existence.

    With these failed undemocratic and failed background, the virtual question is how come he will deliver a productive democratic institutionalized government in Somalia. Many observers answered that both Sheikh Sharif and Mr. Augustine Mahiga's hiring as UN Envoy was another too late assignment and could be last game that will not be more valuable than educational materials to be studied in Academic Colleges for future generation students as failing assignments reference paper.
    Most likely Somalia current situation seemingly will end up trusteeship as Al- Mutairi envisaged couple years ago. Echoed by Afyare Abdi Elmi,Somalia: Manifestation of stealth trusteeship Somalia is being run by many masters with irreconcilable agendas, but this exploitation must end if peace is to prevail. Read more …

    A hatred of success has always been part of their human nature. They have general signs of Propaganda use, such as slight fold separation and fold wear, pinholes, or very minor tears views.

    Hatred Quote Says: A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors … BY William Ralph

  49. amal says:


    I'm tired of trying to post a simple comment but your crazy website is not allowing me. Why doesn't the automatic censorship software work when bad comments get away with it.

  50. Allemagan says:


    You keep repeating the baffling phrase "slight fold separation and fold wear, pinholes, or very minor tears views". What type of crazy machine and machine parts are we talking about here? And what does that string of words mean anyway? I don't know where you copied that from but I would be surprised if anyone including you understands that tattered argument. I also don't know how we moved away from Halafi Mengedi to Agostine Mahiga to discuss the man’s sinister scheme for Somalia and how that relates to the topic at hand.

    Berri, since you could not prove that your Al-Mutairi is none other than the Tigrinyan Halafi Mengedi – a hired talking head for Somaliland (sic.) adminstration, I rest my case and this debate is closed.

    @Mohamed Cheers

    I could not tell you the name of the tribe of the Pharoh. But I can tell you for sure that the Pharoh did not have camels or camel wells as these were not depicted in the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. Also, logic says that a man who could build the pyramids of Giza and could unite his people to build a great nation would probably have a better name and sense than certain Koombe, Kablalax or Toljeclo.

    • amal says:

      This is off your al mutari discussion,
      Somalis learn dirty tribalism and backward attitude from Arabs. This is what made them incapable of operating a unified one Somalia. They are selfish and insincere too and those who say they fight for Somali unity are nothing but fake and khatmoseeg proofed that. Why would someone who believe in Somali unity seek to dismember their own region (Somaliland) instead of supporting and taking part in upholding the peace and rare democracy and then maybe convince it to re-join or lead Somalia. One Somalia is not a problem with me but it's impractical and the level of hate shown towards Somalilanders is scary. You can keep blaming is@aq for dismembering Somalia as usual.

      p.s It's no secret that there are vulchers perched all around Somalia who eye on looting Somalia but what are they doing about it except wasting all their energy trying to undermine Somaliland who is free of foreign occupation or the like of it. It's a shame

      • waaberi ali says:

        Khaatumo state it’s not dismembering s/l
        It want’s to run it’s own affairs like The rest of somali states,They fet up Idorosim & so forth,They are not asking Any one what so ever recognition on Their state & They will get it what ever it Takes,The unity of somalia it’s Not fake,it’s reality & reality you can
        Not run away becuase The world would not
        Accept a region which stands it self & Says we are country with out any Recogni
        tion what so ever from any one on This Planet,semi-autonomy like The way libya
        is going,no one is blaming s/l for Somali problem accept some times dodge Things They do,who is undermining s/l No
        One accept putting Them self’s isolation
        Now They wake up & said let’s try other Way,yes unfortunately They are vulchers Who are hovering in somalia from hiiran To kismayu This is what happens when People use tribesim badly.

        • amal says:

          Your poorly written and incoherent comment that does not even make sense, is a reflection of your ignorance and blindness. You can keep name calling is@aq as idorosom etc but that does not change the reality on the ground and your fake khatumo seeg does not even qualify for a regional state no matter how much you want to have your clan state like Puntland. You are forgetting that dhulb@hante occupy half of sool not even all let alone Sanaag. You can keep running around with your guns and that blue flag, but that ain't gonna change a thing, you may get few dollers from sh shareef to buy guns but you will achieve nothing except to turn your region into a hell hole and a khatumo state on just papers and in misguided-people's mind.

          • waaberi ali says:

            It’s not poorly written may be add-min people in s/l press did This once they See anything about khaatuma state,you Keep saying Khatuma & Puntland They are Tribe base regions well That is nonsence
            Look s/l it’s 100% tribe jungle state…
            (somali waxey ku maah maah daa”maroodi Dhagarta saraan uma jeedo ee waxuu u Jedaa dhagarda maroodiga kale saraan”…
            Khaatumo it’s getting any money from mr Shariifow or anyone else it’a all in Your mind,you said dhulos accupy only Half of sool again your misleading The Viewrs dhulos occupy 80% sool & sanaag We are talking about population above 1.1 million people,liberation day it’s Coming soon, ohh about The blue flag Atleast The blue flag it’s flying UN Head office in new york.

          • amal says:

            Somaliland is multi tribal and democratic country whether formally recognized or not, what matters is that it's functioning like any decent country. It was multi tribal state when it joined Somalia as a separate entity and now it is multi tribal state when it withdraw and dhulos were present and accepted when the agreement was unanimously reached to withdraw in 1991.

            What is the use of that blue flag flying at the UN Head office if it is just there and only represent the the flag of the failed state while the UN dictates Somalia. But nevertheless, this issue will be dealt with as Somaliland vs failed Somalia issue and khatmo seeg is non existent but on people's minds, I know you thought khatmo seeg and their qurbo meer friends would win a seat at the conference, oh too bad. Oh and take sanaag out of your argument, you don't make even 1% in sanaag. Ony sool is dhulos region.

            p.s Puntland may have their own clan state but that's because Somalia failed so good on them for avoiding the anarchy and for their achievements, but dhulos is running away from democratic and peaceful state becasue of pure qabiil and arrogance when in fact they are kins who actually live together in sool and togdheer, burco and everywhere. I leave it there, bye

          • waaberi ali says:

            You siad s/l it’s fuctioning(country as You wish or in my book a region)so some Other states in somalia,s/l don’t have Any manufacturing compenies which can Export goods,no natural resources it Only exports livestock to middle east Sometimes The bloody arabs accept & Sometimes rejects,s/l rely heavly NGO & Money transfer from abroad let’s not lie
            To each other so The rest of somali states(directly or indirectly UN Controls all Third world countries)…..
            Dhulos never sing That agreement your Talking about,dividing a country one or Two tribes can not sing,khatumo state It’s born & it’s here to stay for ever Khatumo it was not created becuase The Conference in uk,it was created becuase The people of These regions sool/sanaag Want’s That & They want to leave so call
            Democratic state run by one tribe (one Way street)The issue about Puntland They
            Choice to run Their own affairs not Becuase trouble in The south,it’s also Multi culture state but The good Thing About Them is atleast They are not…. Craving recognition,The blue flag if It’s Fail one it would not fly hight UN Head Office,conculation wishing to all Somalis north,south,west peace &…… Harmony we bond by religion,race and Language,respect each others rights & Regions.

            All The best

    • mohamed cheers says:


      What about Samari in surat daha of holy book who also troubled the followers of P/Moses
      during his 40day pilgrimage to his God(Allah)…was Samari and Pharoh same tribe? Don't
      you think a great number of Somalis could relate their ancient ancestry to the tribes of the Pramids!
      ofcourse if the Is@aaqs and many other Diir Somalis, are semites descendants of P/Ishmael S/O P/Abraham, then logic has it that Darod could be from those great Egyptian Pyramid tribes!
      Kayse fantasy Mohahahaha is the witness jigsaw puzzle. So much for Allemagan biography.

      • amal says:

        Mohamed Cheers,

        What did you do to your friend Kayse bahi, have you murdered him and took over his evil laugh Mohahaha. He was too funny walahi. Everyone is getting all too serious with each other now, gosh

        • mohamed cheers says:


          Oh kayse bhai..I really don't know..I guess he's on pilgrimage to the bhai holy lands seeking
          their blessings to come back to fix Allemagan and his Alladdin lambazi compatriots!.

  51. Berri says:

    Easiest decision is to give an apology to someone by saying sorry about immoral habits act (lying) and indeed hardest thing for unconfident human being also.
    Wondering seeking help!!! …. from @Mohamed Cheers for your unreadable stuttering lyrics. >>>> What's the new discovered secret today? >>>>

    The whole AUDIENCE including Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi himself are still awaiting the simple question of "who the author of these titled articles" that I already asked you. So if mean big If you can't come up with real substantive answer then be VERY GOOD GUEST FOR OUR RESPECTED AUDIENCE!

    Again posting the same titles of articles ………..
    1) Read the ridiculous titles of the shameful dictator Rayale's uneducated
    2) Saudi Arabia and Somali Pirates, the fight between friends
    3) Somaliland: Africa's 56 countries at the doorsteps
    4) Somalia's Terrorists are invading Somaliland
    5) Somaliland Business Fair & Sports
    6) The last one: Somaliland & Djibouti: INDEED BROTHERS…

    Just being kind for your loaned life by hiding your face and relax from exhaustion of Chinese repetitive wording. Where is human dignity feeling in front of public audience? I think, it's advisable to someone to go back in-house and learn childhood disciplinary guidance in order to expose outside World.

    Please admit and remember the intelligence is God given blessing to human, so practice the truthfulness and forget Tribal Euphoria always. Also keep away from Somaliland affairs discussions with our compatriots otherwise, I'm you're going get a very hard time and easily can destroy your personality forever.

    But there are many techniques can help you remove negative thoughts, and lying behaviors as unlucky grown up childhood having bad history memories. This will stop you biting you lips and inner cheek whilst you sleep. Don't forget the answer…………

    Shameless Quotes : a shameless is like full-time dope fiend.

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