Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2012

Seychelles And Somaliland Taking Steps Towards Prisoner Transfers

London-Seychelles President James Michel and President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of the Republic of Somaliland have discussed, in a meeting in London today, the transfer of convicted Somali pirates currently in prison in Seychelles, to Somaliland to serve their sentences.
The meeting was attended by the British Minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham, Seychelles Minister Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy, Joel Morgan, Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs ,Jean-Paul Adam, and the British High Commissioner to Seychelles, Matthew Forbes, the Somaliland Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamed Andillahi Omar, as well as the UNODC Counter-Piracy Programme Coordinator Alan Cole.
The two leaders signed a joint statement to recognize their joint concern about the serious impact piracy has on the region and on international security, and agreed that it is vital to ensure pirates are brought to justice.
President Silanyo confirmed that both the Council of Ministers and Somaliland Parliament had now approved and passed the piracy and prisoner transfer legislation to allow the transfer of convicted pirates.
“This commitment between the Seychelles and Somaliland represents an important step forward in the development of a sustainable regional justice mechanism, that will see suspected pirates apprehended by naval forces at sea, prosecuted by regional states, and if convicted, imprisoned in the region,” said the statement from the two leaders.
President Michel and President Silanyo have also committed to securing the first transfer of 19 convicted pirates from Seychelles to Somaliland by the end of March 2012, in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the Republic of Somaliland and the Government of Seychelles, and based on Somaliland’s prison capacity in dealing with pirate transfers.
“ Somaliland is an important partner in the fight against piracy as it remains a pirate-free area of stability. We commend the Somaliland government for achieving this stability and for its efforts to share the burden of incarcerating the pirates,” said President Michel following the meeting.

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  1. ComeAgain says:

    Somaliland doesnt have pirates puntaland does and our government shouldnt be trying to house criminal mofos anyhow! send the ma jayjays to puntaland!

  2. ComeAgain says:

    puntaland…ma jayjays I crack myself up!

  3. mohumed says:

    I agree that with you

  4. mohumed says:

    Unless we are part of those countries that are combating maritime piracy we will soon feel their negative impact on our homeland. so it is better to act before it is too late.

  5. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    One U-turn after another, one wonders if President Silanyo is mentally fit. No so long ago he was telling the International Community Somaliland could only accept Somaliland pirates.

  6. Abdi says:

    Hargeisawi I couldn't agree more, if you criminals don't come from you country it doesn't make sense you would accept to house the criminals of other countries.

  7. Qamar says:

    As I see it, its all about :

    1) Snatching the 200 Nautical miles of Somali seas, by crying wolf (pirate);
    2) Snatching Somali lands, by crying wolf (terrorists);

    Therefore the forceful language by Clinton towards TFG is : Don't you DARE step in our way.
    Somaliland will be used as jails and torture centres for so called pirates and terrorists.

    No less,

  8. ComeAgain says:

    Somaliland doesnt want fa qash on its land period! Silaanyo Listen! Let Puntaland take its ma jayjays! I know we are the only stable somali nation but that does not mean that we become the dumping ground for fa qash pirates who not only let the mafia dump waste in its waters for a FEE! but only gets ransoms when certain fishing vessels and regular sailors refuse or cannot make direct payments!

    These so called pirates are not the somali "navy" its the biggest racket since the prohibition! Get that thru your head and stop bring a knife to a gun fight!

    • GADHLEH says:

      asking the somaliland government to tarnsfer pirates and highway robbers to puntland, where piracy is openly accpted and promoted, only shows somaliland as an irresponsible state in a region where piracy and terrorism is harmful to somalilands own economic, security and political interests. we should lobby to take a leading role in the region to deal with piracy and terrorism to further show somalilands growing maturity even though neighboured to the east by a country whose sole industrial output is such criminals.

  9. 007hargeisa says:

    i don't mind any jackass from Puntland to suffer in the 100+degrees prisons of Berbera. I say Mr. Silanyo go for it and get them all.

  10. Musa Ali says:

    We need Mohamed Abdillahi Omer to show as a video proof regarding the president's speech in the London conference on Somalia or take hike. He must realize that Somalilanders are much more smarter and educated than him.

  11. Ali says:

    I agree with you and i don't like bloody foriegn pirates to be locked up in my own country Somaliland but when you're seeking recognition from the outside world sometimes you've to give something back in return otherwise why would they give you what u want?

  12. Mr. Halgame says:

    By doing this, Somaliland has extended a merciful and brotherly hand to those poor young fellow Somalis in the criminal piracy business who happened to have been captured, tried and languishing in harsh foreign jails, to be transferred to their ancestral region, jailed in the peaceful and fuctioning Somaliland, where their loved ones from Ayl or Harar Dheere, etc. could easily afford to travel to and fro and visit and comfort them each time they visit them. Isn't that great? So why then, criticize such a wisdom and a blessing to our own young lost ones? Isn't serving the rest of their sentence in Somaliland, a safe, Muslim and Somali country like being a sort of protection, rehabilitation and hope for the better them? Won't their parents be emmensely relieved by seing their loved ones brought closeby or closer to home or just in one of your other Somali home?

  13. Mr. Halgame says:

    To borrow from you, actually, Somaliland is part of "…those countries that are combating maritime piracy…" At the same time, it will be executing this noble and humane mission to let these lost boys find some kind of protection in an environment their can relate to or familiar with that is close to home.

  14. Abraham says:

    I welcome this news. Whatever the political difference between us and Piratetland, those young men who are unfortunately driven to this satanic business are our own blood brothers and deserve our mercy and help. Its much better for these young men to be imprisoned in Somaliland where there families and friends can visit them easily and where they will not be abused by foreigners. So well done Mr President.

  15. barwaaqo says:

    listen to Silanyo's speech, very good accent I would say

  16. Mohamd says:

    The pirates the donor community is contracting SL to do the prisoning are the ones from other parts of Somalia. Apparantly Majerteni pirates prefer there own pirateland than somewhere else, while others refuse to accept being sent to pirateland's jails.

    In certain prisons of SL, now people communcate in English since the majority are strange people who speak other African languages although they claim to be Somalis; often caught from places as far as Tanzania.

  17. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    President Silanyo of Somaliland speaks at the London Conference on Somalia:

    • Jambazi says:

      Wow Silanyo speaks English more clearly and fluently than the so called professor from pu$$yland/pirateland. Abdiwelli when he was on press conference with Cameroon he was talking like this "we brobos taargeyte airr sitarak against al-qacida". I saw Cameroon frowning maybe saying this schwarzinger schlocks are murdering our language. I now do understand why Cameroon decided to wind up the entire so called historical conference in charge five hour. I think he could stomach the gibberish elongated and uncomprehensible speaches tinpot African dictator, can imagine being tormented for an entire hour to listen Museven talking about his tribe producing bananas and chicken hoping somalis would buy those chickens so that his would pull themselves tribe out of poverty. While Kibak was talking like an intoxicated buffon you can hardly understant him it was as if he was mumbling gibberish. And Kikwete of Tanzania he is always talking and laughing at the same time which, makes very difficult to differentiate if he is talking or he is laughing. While the 400 pounds Djiboutian dictator was babbling like a revving bulldozer. And this is the reason why the entire conference was held in five because Cameroon would have nerves break, lost his marble more thann five hours many of the deligates would to check in into psychiatric facility even before the conference ended.

  18. mohamed cheers says:

    Why the Somaliland Govt is deaf to the majority of Somalilanders public opinion is beyond my
    comprehension. When Somaliland is unrecognized state it would appear that imprisioning International Somalia pirates of Puntland of de facto of Somalia is improper and should leave
    Igad/AU to be the jailers or whosoever else. Somaliland should have only coped with her shores.

  19. I Jama says:

    Mdne Mr A Silanyo is a states man and a gentleman. The foreign minister has vision and guts. I was very proud of their efforts for their people and taking part with the rest of the world. Somaliland is taking and adapting very well whilst maintaining its status. Bravo

  20. HMObsiye says:

    Though the London conference was on Somalia. Somaliland indeed come out to be the the most beneficially of all at the conference. The notion of Somaliland being part of Somalia is gone. Even the final communique states that, Somalia and Somaliland is two equal countries that can seat down together and discuss the future of both countries.

    For those of you who still dream that Somaliland is part of Somalia, continue day dreaming until the day of your judgement.

    • Faqash says:

      silanyo is old school we like him alot,he even takes our pirates from Seychelles !

      • idoor says:

        All The pirates will be jailed in somland will come from galmudug,xiban xeeb,etc,all The pirates
        Who caught by The west if They find out
        They are from Puntlant, usualy They will
        Send back to Puntland becuase They have
        The facility keep These people jail’s
        Etc. & They are agreement between Puntland & The international maritime Authority about This, hold your horses.

  21. Qamar says:


    I do agree with you, seeing it from that angle, but the question is, would Somaliland be given a free hand to rehabilitate these young men? If the answer is yes, I would suggest, Somaliland go ahead by all means.

  22. ComeAgain says:

    rehabilitate who? fa qash? let their own people take care of them! Whats wrong with puntaland, they can ship these young men off, they can turn them against Somaliland but when they find themselves in foreign prisons trying not to drop the soap puntaland tells them to ask somaliland for help?

    Somaliland cannot be captain save em, these so called Somalis from Somalia dont give a whoot about us, just look at history and the way they disrespect us here. Let them deal with their pirates its none of our business!

    Our money and time can be spent on building our nation! This is just something to make us confused and busy to what the real task is which is building somaliland, let puntaland worry about its ma jayjays

  23. Burcawii says:

    Hargeisawi, thanks for providing the president speach link.

    what happend to the usual bad faqash comments today. They must be in a total shock after they heard president Silanyo speach. Hopefully they will now come to their senses and start to appreciate Somaliland more now that their prisoned pirates are coming close to home.

  24. Dhuktame says:


    Does anybody know the where abouts of Allemagan? I hope he didn't suffer a heart attack after watching the speech of the Somaliland president in the FCO website. I am wonder if he has the balls to apologize to us, the Somaliland public. If he does I will certainly forgive him.

    Did anybody watch last night's documentary on "the Hargeisa genocide" on Somaliland National TV ? I was shocked to watch how the Faqash planned, executed and later on justified that crimes against humanity on video! a general on the Somali national army said " It was the will of Allah that Hargeisa was destroyed and all its people killed, this was by the will of Allah, who wanted this to happen here, this way and at this time." I hope all those committed these crimes against humanity will one day be brought to justice.

  25. nuux says:

    Pirates Who will be Transfer to Somaliland or north somalia They will Come from galmudug,ximen-xaab, because
    These areas They do not have jail to Keep these Thugs.
    The West They know somalis very well.
    if They cought pirate from Puntland They will sent to Puntland,becuase They
    The facility to keep Them.

  26. Abraham says:

    Please let us not indulge in name calling. The pirates regardless of the region they hail from are our Somali brothers and should be rehabilitated. Somaliland is like a parent in the Somali family. We are the only free and democratic Somali nation and as such have a responsibility to help the other Somalis.

  27. Gobaad says:

    Oh, he is. Allemagan we were worried about you. Are you okay?

  28. Gobaad says:

    Allemagan, I just noticed your cartoon posting the 2nd part of your comment. It is ubelievably laughable that you guys still believe that. And why does it matters to you whether he speak or even in a photo? The conference was not about Somaliland, it was about the doom and gloom chaotic Somalia and how to fix it and if you were one of those who was delusionally expecting that the International Community will shove the unity into Somaliland's throat. It is a different outcome and very disappointing to you, isn't? We that your motto is denial, denial, and denial of anything good for Somaliland because of your envy and vindictiveness. Taasina waa waxa Illaahay idiinku naxariisan la'yahay. And that is why you guys are moving from one into bigger and bigger ones.

    Mr. Silaanyo was introduced as the President of Somaliland and I Quote: could I now call Mr. Silaanyo, the President of Somaliland Unquote. If there was no camera while he was speaking, it is doesn't matter. That is good enough for me. But it must have been a 'double edge dagger' in the hearts of Walaweyn!

  29. mohamed cheers says:

    From the AL/OIC World how many of them gave their speech on Camera? I only saw
    Qatar and Turkey?

  30. mohamed cheers says:

    Sorry Somalia TFG too.

  31. mohamed cheers says:

    In connection with the Piracy issues, I would wish that Somaliland stays away from getting
    involved with the International Pirates and only limit themselves to their Coast Guard shores
    in their SLD Jails until such time that Somaliland is fully re-recognized based on their de jure
    Independence of 26 June 1960 and their democracy achievements fro/to 1991-2012.
    The big responsibility most suits Djibouti and other equally important Igad neigbours such as
    Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda etc. Somaliland should focus on how to gain quick re-recognition and
    cope with its democracy modules coupled with law and order and domestic developments
    of both human and resources of the national products. Emphasis should concentrate on the
    local resources with less dependence on foreign aids etc. Education and good incentives
    for workers at all levels should be constant reviews to eradicate or eliminate corruption and
    nepotism or the likes.

    • Abrham says:

      Somaliland is part of the international community of nations and so should take an active part in the fight against terrorism, piracy, and other issues that concern the rest of the World. We get hundreds of millions of $ in aid from the western countries that suffer the most from piracy, therefore it is only right we do them favours too. Diplomacy is a two way street saaxiib.

  32. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    I am sorry to say, but you must have lost your marbles if you seriously believe that President Silanyo did not speak at the conference.

  33. Abdi2 says:

    Somaliland before this agreement was under same blanket umbrella of sanctions as Somalia. After this agreement, Somaliland would be able to procure weapons for its security and combating piracy, get recognized as legitamate partner in combating piracy, deal with or co-operate with foreign powers with similar missions and goals in improving maritime security in the Red Sea, Gulf, and indian ocean, a cooperation that would definitely open lots of doors for Somaliland in direct bilateral talks and con tribute towards its goals of achieving full recognition and economic co-operation. Somaliland will also be
    compensated financially for housing pirates in its soil. i fully supporve the administration's move for such wise and world class diplomacy and strategy.

  34. mustafa says:

    weapon sanction will stay insomalia Next 30 years.The world agree This sanction.

  35. ComeAgain says:

    Was I the only one hoping allemagmag would never be found? sonamamitch!

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