Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2012

Security Council divided over Somalia arms embargo

The UN Security Council on Wednesday renewed the mandate of an African peacekeeping force in Somalia for just four months amid a dispute over an arms embargo against the strife-torn country.

A 17,000-strong African Union force is propping up the new Somali government, which was warned of the lingering threat from Islamist militants on Wednesday by a deadly car bomb outside the parliament in Mogadishu.

UN mandates for such forces are generally extended for a year but there are a number of disputes over Somalia, diplomats said.

These include an African Union demand to ease a two decade old arms embargo against Somalia, the role of Ethiopian troops in the country and whether the country should be allowed to sell stocks of charcoal.

Charcoal exports out of the port of Kismayo has been a key source of funds for the Shebab militants who have been put on the defensive by Somali government and AU forces.

“The situation in Somalia is changing rapidly. We have a more legitimate political leadership than ever before,” said Britain’s UN ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, whose country has taken a leading role in international efforts to help the provisional government.

Lyall Grant said the attack outside the parliament in which at least one person was killed shows that Somalia remains in a “perilous” state.

He said the four month mandate for the force, officially known as AMISOM, would allow the UN Security Council and African Union to review the arms embargo and the charcoal trade.

“My government will continue to work urgently with the president and the government of Somalia and with council colleagues over the few months to find a Somali-led solution to these important issues,” Lyall Grant told the council.

Somalia had pressed for a new one year mandate for AMISOM but the 15-nation council voted unanimously for the four month extension up to March 7, 2013.

Source: AFP

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  1. Abdiwahab says:

    the security council should exempt somaliland from this embargo so that we can modernise our military to protect out independence and territorial integrity from thugs from the zoo

  2. Abdi says:

    Joker! Northern Somalia doesn't have army. They have few qat chewing militia that can't even defend its self from few boys from lascanood. Stop dreaming and wake up.

  3. Abdi2 says:

    Both of you please stop these nonesense and act mature. The world respects Somaliland and knows how responsible our nation has been in respecting peace, promoting reconciliation and homegrown democratic system. I have no doubt when the embargo is lifted Somaliland will do its best to modernized its technology to strenghten its security, save gaurd its peace, promote democracy and continue to stand for equality and justice as it has done so for the last 21 years.

  4. amal says:

    When the embargo is lifted, Somaliland ermbago will also be lifted or can be lifted. You don't need a full diplomatic recognition for this. Somaliland is fully functioning democratic de facto state that should and must be allowed to modernize their army and enhance their security system in order to protect itself against any terrorist, violent groups or aggressors.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      The next 15th Anniversary of Somaliland will probably be held in stratford again … do you know what i'm gonna do???? It's going to be chaotic i'm gona hold all you muppets hostages. how you like that?
      No more aboowe iyo abaayo .

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Amal dear, I thought you were better learned…there's no embargo on Somaliland. Somaliland's
      outside the scope of Somalia. Somaliland functions outside the UN mandates of Somalia.
      Somaliland's is a special case in itself until the World community becomes positive to the
      legit de jure position of this Nation. Also using de facto means you are renegade integral part of
      Somalia demarcation boundaries lyk Puntland. Even good Somalilanders lyk you are demonizing
      your legit de jure case before and after 1991? Why & how's that?

      • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

        and that's why your army looks like a ragtag militia with Siad Barre era weapons at its disposal lol
        please in your tiny little head you might be a country but to the world your Somalia

      • amal says:

        Mohamed cheers walal. Somaliland is a unique case and it suppose to be a de jure, but the world sees Somaliland as de facto. Just because we support Somaliland doesn't mean we have to lie to our self. De jure is the status we are looking for. But SL was de jure for 5 days in 1960 before it lost it. Now we are de facto looking for de jure and full fledged sovereignty.

        Secondly, about the embargo. You are right Somaliland is operating outside the Somalia scope and road map and I forgot to make that clear. But my point was to say that even as an unrecognized state (de facto) like Somaliland can still deal with the UN security council and modernize its security system.

  5. Buuxiye says:

    Why is there a naked Fufu in your country?

  6. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Somalia is a sovereign state and the Ethiopian stooge(SNM) are fugitives who are on the run.
    after the embargo is lifted we will pursue them with war.

  7. osman Qaal says:

    This topic is about Somalia. it has nothing to do with Somaliland. An international embargo was imposed on the volatile Somalia, so, the warlords in Mogadishu won't be able to procure their aging illicit munitions..

    • wanlaweyn says:

      so why don't you have weapons then? also if arms embargo are lifted do you think a region like somaliland and puntland can buy military aircraft if you cant even build runway without the help of donors?

      we know Mogadishu can get a loan to modernize its military and intelligence capabilities if embargo is lifted

      • jaarso says:

        wanlawaye food before military. no wonder we divorced crazy zoomalia. acting like a crazy women

      • amal says:

        I love how Somalia undermine Somaliland by bringing 'puntland' into the discussion lol Puntland is within the Somalia scope and road map, Somaliland is not nor has participated in bringing the road map or wish to participate it. It operates outside the Somalia scope and federal road map, it may not be recognised but it is an entity of its own.

  8. ahmed says:


    Somalia as a whole it does not matter whether Puntland,s/lanad,jubbaland,mogadishu will remain under arm EMBARGO for The next 30 years. i do work with UN monitoring arm embargo i can assure you That, becuase The world not ready to see AGAIN what happen in somalia The last 25 years.

  9. mohamed cheers says:

    The 17,000 Amisom should go home and the money being spent on them should be used
    to rebuild Somalia. All foreign forces should leave Somalia..the sooner the better for that
    country to be left for the Somalia's people to battle their own crisis without foreign interferences
    meddling their affairs.

  10. HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

    How can the world keep calling a country a failed state but at the same time depriving of them the
    means to avoid being called that. hypocrisy at its best !

    Yes once upon a time that was the right choice made by the UN but now its seems like the UN just
    doesn't want to let go of its favorite foster child to its original mother because that means saying by by to
    billions of $ which translates to laying off thousands of people that are one way or another "employed" by that money which isn't acceptable to them.

  11. LayLah says:

    It is not a good idea to lift the arms embargo now. Somalia does not have a strong and well disciplined military but a bunch of crazy moryaan who are called military raping, looting and murdering the innocent. This will get worse, and I think the kuffar want this to happen, so they are calling for the lifting of the arms embargo. The "president" has not made any good decsions, his entire focus has become the derailing of jubbaland when he should be focusing on fixing Mogadishu, where most of the problems lies. Hopefully, this will be his first of many positive steps he takes by disallowing the lifting of the arms embargo.

  12. Sultan says:

    Somaliland can upgrade our military hardware and purchase whole new weapons directly from the weapons black market. The UN arms embargo is a joke and no one really respects it.

    The problem: somaliland govt isn't willing to make that investment.

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