Published On: Sat, Jul 17th, 2010

SOMALILAND: Security boosted as British Intel officers Arrive

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Extra police were put on duty on Friday and Saturday in the capital as the head of the intelligence organisation returned from neighbouring Ethiopia.

Security patrols around Egal International Airport and government departments was boosted as the head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mr Mohamed Nur and his deputy Mr Mohamed Ali returned back from Addis Ababa.

According to Waaheen Newspaper, the two officers were also accompanied by a senior delegation from the British intelligence.

Mr Nur and his deputy are believed to have received special security and counter terrorism training in Addis Ababa by elite British and Ethiopian officers.

The source added the British officers were inspecting a new facility in Hargeisa for the British Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 that has recently been completed. The new department is designed to monitor the movement of Somalia’s terrorist group al-Shabab.

The British officers have also met with the President Elect, Mr Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on Saturday in Ambassador Hotel. It is unclear what the two sides discussed but their meetings was followed by another session between the President Elect and the British deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr John Marshall. The embassy maintains a full range of bilateral relations with Hargeisa through frequent visits by embassy staff.

Mr Marshall and Silanyo discussed the Presidential power transfer and security in the region. At the invitation of the government, Mr Marshall will attend the Presidential Power Transfer Ceremony on July 27.

The British consider Somaliland vital to it’s own security. During a question session in the British Parliament, the British Prime Minister, Mr Cameron said UK was engaged with Somaliland and was ready to prevent terrorism from “establishing a foothold” in the region.

“The right hon. Gentleman is right to raise this important issue concerning an area of the world of enormous importance for our own security,” he said.

Mr Cameron welcomed the election in the country on June 26 and promised to engage with the new government.

As well as providing funds for elections and supervision, the UK also provides funds for Somaliland’s security forces and directly trains the Special Protection Unit (SPU), a diplomatic security unit assigned for the protection of government ministers.

According to the British Embassy in Addis Ababa, their mission is to train the unit to provide security escorts and dignitary protection to visiting dignitaries, corporate executives and VIP’s. They believe by improving the security, the country will have more direct contact with the rest of the world by making international visitors possible.

Somaliland was a British protectorate for 80 years before it voluntarily united with Somalia to form what was then known as the Somali Democratic Republic. It restored it’s sovereignty in 1991 after a bloody war with Somalia’s dictator gen. Mohamed Siad Bare and is not recognised internationally as an independent state despite having it’s own government, policy, democratic institutions and currency.

Somalilandpress | Sunday, 18 July 2010
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  1. nasir says:

    Concerning Somaliland security i would strongly advice to the government elected to give attention the role of Aljazeera television in Somaliland, i believe they crosses the line and advocating the alshabab linked terror group in buuhoodle named SSC.

    feel free to visit aljazeeraenglish to watch the video clip Mr. adow made this issue.

    • cabdullaahi jaamac says:


      Aljazeera is a result of Freedom of Speech which is a human a good human being’s Value, It is something to be commented. Somaliland’s sub servant nature for the Abyssinians and bootlicking culture is something to be ashamed of. I am a Somalilander and I am ashamed of that. If the people of Sool, Sanaag,and Cayn have genuine concerns it must be addressed. it is quite idiotic to assume that your people are not capable of seeing the truth and expect them to consume whatever presented to them. That is the nature of the dictators and you know what? Dictators don’t last.

  2. Somalilander says:

    I see where you coming from Nasir, Al Jazeera is known for their contacts with al qaeda and al qaeda inspired groups however Somaliland should always respect the media even when they are against our views.

    This is small group made of few herders and two elders, they are currently fighting among themselves.

    Both the CIA and MI6 have close contact with the CID and they both know those groups. The CIA is currently monitoring the group's so called "financiers" who are in America and in Europe. I will not say how I know but I know…nor the information I have received but trust me the CIA is on them.

    The security of Somaliland is important to the region and the free world.

    • hassan says:


      protecting the national security has to supercede every thing else,, Aljazeera report on this matter seems to me an advertisement and marketing campaign intended to seek a financial support from al qaeda.

      • Kayse says:

        Al Jazeera can report whatever it likes. Somaliland as a free nation needs to respect the media even those who are opposed to us. I think the issue of eastern regions is part of Somaliland and ignoring it is not the way we have to face and find a solution whether peacefully or militarily.

        Going after the media is what dictators do. I'm strongly opposed to it. Al Jazeera thanks for the news in many cases you reported positive things and the current video is a minor problem facing small villages and we need to see it too not ignore it.

  3. Kayse says:

    I personally welcome the close relations of Somaliland and the United Kingdom. The current government led by the Conservative and Liberal parties know our history and how we stood side by side against extremists more than 80 years ago (against Mad Mullah, Benito Mussolini [Somalia] and HiroHito of Japan [the liberation of Burma and Singapore).

    Everyone knows Winston Churchill, who was the leader of the Liberal Party (1904–1924) then the Conservatives (1900–1904, 1924–1964), who became the PM of UK during ww2 was a former soldier in Africa when Somaliland was battling the terroris group led by the Mad Mullah. Now it's the same Mullah ideology driving the world crazy. We find ourselves combating against the extremist of Mullah Omar (talibans), Mullah al Shabaab and Mullah of grand grand mad Mullah (SSC).

    I am certain the Conservatives and Liberals will stand by their friends unlike the useless incumbotent Labor Party who have no clue about the world and what sacrifice their fellow country men, women and friends made. Who just spend and spend and talk about gossip magazines.

    Mr Cameron, It's time to cut the spending and restore strong UK and strong allies by going on the offensive.

  4. M.A.Salah says:

    Do you know anything about history? Winston Churchill if you ever studied Taarikh, Churchill was openly Anti Islamic and anti Arab. Were the struggle to free one's country from the shackles of Missionary activity and Qaalaniimo worthy of praising this individual and the murderous British forces. As people of Sanaag we fought the British as Sanaagians against the British. As the Sayyid Mohamed Abdallah Hassan said: Gadhweyno gaala aa iiga raaciin. Furthermore it is well known the Somalis, who fought for the murderous forces led by Robert Gordon. Winston Churchill has no place to be thanked in Somali history. Baal taarikhda diib uu fiirso.

  5. Kayse says:

    What is the storry about Somaliland hiring a French security company? I saw it on African intelligence website but you need to subscripe to them and pay for it. Which is lame because all information should be for FREE.

  6. Jay says:

    Somaliland-UK relations are very vital for both nations and very soon the UK parliament will endorse a motion to support Somaliland's recent free and fair election.

    MPs of the UK parliament have requested the house to follow the footsteps of Mr Alun Michael and Prime Minister Cameron and congratulate Somaliland people for their democracy. The motion was introduced by Alun Michael, Tony Baldry, Clive Betts, Gary Streeter and Mark Hendrick. UK wants more assistance for Somaliland and called on the rest of the world to follow.

    Mr Alun Michael knows Somaliland friendship and has been a friend since time when Somalilanders first came to Wales are sailors.

  7. salma says:

    A couple of people here sound informative or bit of insiders. What matters is not what information is at hand but how you deal with that information. Somaliland is undoubtedly very important in the fight against so called terrorist networks in both Africa and the Middle East. The country’s geographical location and now their democratic values and national political formation indicate that the war against terrorism is winnable. The Western states knew this for a while but were not sure how to engage with Somaliland in relation to this. Some of their concerns being the cultural, religion and political views of the people there. Obviously, the West would not chose another Operation Restoration Hope or Black Hawk Down. But now there are other possibilities that are far more simpler and appealing. The West needs Somaliland badly to salvage the world domination reputation and avoid the same fate that the USSR suffered in the 80s. If president Silaanyo and his team play their cards right, they will end up calling all the shots. A small nation of less then 5 million might become the most admired ( well nothing is impossible). I am not being too optimistic, just stating there is another possibility.

  8. mOHAMED MOHAMED says:

    Somaliland is a critical friend , a economical partner and host to many unprecedented conceived advantages for England . The British economic pilot projects and general good business relations rest on shoulders of Somaliland . It is then considered wise leap internationally for England leap to set up shop real quick real fast.

  9. M.A.Salah says:

    Britain is to blame for all the problems of Somalia and the wider world (Kashmir, Palestine etc). They divided nations, chief among them Somalia. In 1954 they handed the Haud and Ogaden regions of Somali galbeed to the Xabashis. I do not see Britain nor America as friends of Somalia rather foes of Somali unity, Islam and Somali culture. Do not be brainwashed by the media, do terrorist network exist in Somalia? well Al Shabab is fighting for freedom from Kuffar occupation in Somaliia. There is no link between Al Qaeda and Al Shabab, period. Why do Somalis generally fear Shariah law? escpecially Waqooyi Galbeed iyo Bari.

    • Kayse says:

      You don't even know what Sharia Law is your just one of those fanatics who misunderstood Islam and think everyone is a foe. Remember at one point in time your own ancestors were not Muslim. Those early Muslims didnt suicide bomb them or kill them nor call them infidels but rather invited them to Islam and taught them peacefully.

      Sharia will be taken when people choose it not when they are imposed on and forced upon.

      Somaliland religious leaders are wise and never interfer with people unlike those fanatics from Somalia. The few crazy ones from Somaliland who joined al shabab got brain washed in Afghanistan while studying in Pakistan.

      This is why we have to monitor all Somaliland students in Pakistan.

      No one gonna listen to another crazy fanatic — take your ideas to somewhere where your actually wanted.

  10. cabdulaahi Jaamac says:

    Aljazeera is a result of Freedom of Speech which is a human a good human being’s Value, It is something to be commented. Somaliland’s sub servant nature for the Abyssinians and bootlicking culture is something to be ashamed of. I am a Somalilander and I am ashamed of that. If the people of Sool, Sanaag,and Cayn have genuine concerns it must be addressed. it is quite idiotic to assume that your people are not capable of seeing the truth and expect them to consume whatever presented to them. That is the nature of dictators and you know what? Dictators don’t last.

  11. salma says:

    We don’t fear who we are. We just don’t let who we are destroy us. It is not a rocket science. We glorify Islam by loving and respecting each other and not bringing wild flames into our homes. We don’t let the past hold us back to enjoy the present nor do we listen to so called brothers in Islam a.k.a Arab Muslims tell us how to live our lives when they ignore our sufferings in our hour of struggle and hard times. We work hard to keep our identity and don’t give up for fabricated realities made by our enemies. Both organisations you have mentioned do not represent Islam and thus do not represent Somaliland.

    • Ahmed says:

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL M.A. Salah you are sooo funny:

      "Shabab is fighting for freedom from Kuffar occupation in Somaliia".

      If you mean Sheeikh shariif's ethiopian, burundi and ugandian bodyguards who work in mabye 2 block of Mogadishu – that's hardly kuffur occupation. Somalia and Somaliland are 100% muslim nations, they need no converting (or saving, at least in the religious sense) – fact.

      Then you say that "Somalis generally fear Shariah law? escpecially Waqooyi Galbeed iyo Bari.".
      How do you know this. And inform yourself before you comment; Shariah law is Used in Somaliland, not exclusively shariah law, but it is widely practised, just not in the most extreme form.

      Al-shabab is not fighting for Islam, it is fighting for power, at the cost of 10000's of innocent MUSLIM, somali civilians.

  12. Abdiqassim says:

    Islam is beautiful in that it advocates peace and love among
    peoples, unfortunately a few are misusing this peaceful Religion
    for their own gains.

  13. M.A.Salah says:

    Agree with Abdiqasim point. Ahmed and Salma totally miss my argument. My argument is based on the Fact P Land and S Land routinely hand over to Ethiopia any Somali suspected of having links to ONLF, which proves the point Somalis are spying for Qaalo, which in turn is prohibited in Shairah. Is there Shariah law in P Land or S Land? well no. I still do not believe Al Qaeda exists. The media brainwashing that has infected the Muslims and the Somali diaspora is shocking. This was just a means to an end. The Afghan and Iraq war proves the fact that Al Qaeda was used as an excuse to kill hundreds and thousand of Muslims. A question for Ahmed and Salma is Shariah Law extreme when fully implemented? please answer. Let me finish by saying Qaalo raac down and qaalo jeceyl haa daacdo.

  14. Salma says:

    First of all, if you can't write in good Somali, you may as well stop trying to do so. What are "qaalo" and "daacdo"? I understood what you trying to say in this context (however immature you sound here). Both words mean something totally different, which I am not interesting in educating you about.
    Secondly, to answer your question. Shairia law is the most rightious law a Muslim leader should govern with. The problem is, none of the Muslim nations today can claim to govern under a full sharia law. The concern is that every scholar in Sharia law has his/her interpretation of the law itself and thus the scholars often disagree greatly in this matter.

  15. Salma says:

    So, my question for you is; who is worse? The none Muslim who is in a constant war against you because of your religious values? Ot the so called Muslim who is slaughtering his own people in their own homes, everyday?
    Somaliland does not rule under the Sharia law, nor do the many organisations in Mogadishu. So, don't come here with one-sided brain and argue things that you understand an ounce of it.
    What should matter to you is the welbeing of yuor own peo[le. The same people who trust you and depend on you. These are the people you should protect and care for, not murder them en mass simply because they oppose your extreme (unfounded) views of Islam.

  16. M.A.Salah says:

    Salma, if I have written Somali with mistakes, I fully accept that I am not fluent in writing Somali. But rather than call me immature, make comments in a civilised way. That is the problem of Somalis. The first thing they say if they do not agree with you is an insult or a naive comment. Furthermore I do agree with a few of your points. Regarding the question you have asked me to answer, both Muslims and Non Muslims slaughtering Muslims and non Muslims is wrong, period. I have never supported such actions, I have always condemened them in the strongest words. The implementation of Shariah is difficult to implement in Somalia due to the absence of State insitutions. I am no supporter of Al Shabab, but I will admit I did support the Islamic Courts Union, before the American backed Ethiopian forces encouraged by A Yusuf, wrecked the peace in our capital and committed wanton human rights abuses which have not been investigated.

  17. hassan says:

    m.a salah, stop running around my southern brother.
    the idea that somali are unik is gone, we slders and southerners not even speak the same language, and our culture are fare a part.
    we are more honest and you are like thos nigerian (you know what i mean)
    and no body clean up hamaar for you.
    sland and ethiopian relationship it's just politic, its all about interest.
    as fare we know you are our ennemy because you are oppose to our existence.
    till then we will send to the habesh…get with it

  18. Mohamed says:

    Hey Folks,
    The British are coming and getting engaged in the affairs of Somaliland in
    more useful ways is most welcome. I would welcome Somaliland becoming
    a member of the British Common Wealth Countries, even if possible,
    to explore if Somalia Tfg could think of the British in the same capacity,
    and abandon the Italian type past analogy??? How such system could
    be logistically worked out is for both Somalis and the British, whose
    Common Wealth countries dominate East Africa. If the British reinvigorates
    the Common Wealth countries, that will become a big change for British
    Govt. World global economics.
    But for the time being, good luck Somaliland British upgraded new
    relationships. East Africa could be a good hub for inter border common

  19. M.A.Salah says:

    Hasan, as usual just like others on this website, you jump to your own conclusion I am not a southerner as you assert in your comments. And like it or not southern Somalis are just like you Somalis. A different accent and culture is not an excuse for you to say southerners are like Nigerians. This is a generalisation and a clear case of stereotyping your fellow Somali. Can we say all northerners chew Khaat? which is not true. The analysis and comments by individuals on here could be best described as baseless.

  20. Ahmed says:

    M. A. Shalah (and others),

    Shariah law doesn't cover everything and at times Law in general can get very specific to a particular situation. I am not saying it does not cover the majority of things (e.g criminal, family etc.), but it does not cover everything.

    Another issue is that people (sometimes) implement things under the banner that it is in accordance with or inspired by Shariah law when that is not the case. E.g. people are not allowed to watch the world cup, women can't vote or drive in Saudi Arabia etc.

    Somaliland is a democratic and 100% muslim country, any 'changes' to its laws and systems have to be implemented in this context. It is not set in stone that Al-shaab is the only organisation or body that is able or knowledgeable to implement Shariah law in Somaliland.

    It is certainly a pretext and a misrepresentation that we should allow Al-Shabaab to rule Somaliland because they are somehow more Islamic than we are, or that they are able to implement Shariah law and we are unable to do this. That was my point.

    I do not believe that a violent group, or a violent way is the way forward.

  21. somali-way-ogaden says:

    If anyone with and an agenda steps inside land own by Somal, a bullet is what he deserves.Why can't we be left to deal with our own problems?

    Remeber Ogaden
    Remeber Haud

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