Published On: Sat, Apr 28th, 2012

Saracen International bolts out of Puntland region

OPINION | By: M. A. Egge

The infamous dealers in fatal services, Saracen International, have finally bolted out of Puntland following the sudden assassination of one of their senior commando tutors.

The mercenary company that is believed to be on offspring of Executive Outcomes came into public limelight a couple of years ago when the TFG in Mogadishu were reported to have solicited for their services.

Soon after public international outcries for the Sharif government to quash their contract, the Puntland administration kindled an over better contract with the trainers of killing machines.
Since the public international outcry became public, the Majeertenia were pressured to cease the Saracen engagements.

Ironically, despite the fact that Puntland announced the revocation of Saracen contracts and that they were chucked out of their territory, do now real facts emerge that all along, the dogs of war were home in business!

It is not clear if the security company left the country with the horde of weaponry and other killing appliances they had earlier flown into Puntland.

The hurried bolting was in a hush as they flew out of Bandarqasim airfield in Bossasso on a chartered flight to Djibouti.
It is not clear whether they were on a technical brief sojourne in Djibouti as an expression of disgust in the killing of their personnel or whether it was for real calling it byes.
The South African security trainer is said to have been killed by his bodyguard in Somalia’s semiautonomous region of Puntland, officials said Saturday.

Puntland’s government said in a statement Saturday that it had launched an investigation into Friday’s killing. The statement identified the man as Lodewyk Pietersen, and said he worked for Saracen International, a security firm that trains anti-piracy forces in Puntland. The statement said the South African was 55 and married with children.

South African foreign ministry spokesman Clayson Monyela said Saturday no official word has been received from consular staff handling South African interests in Somalia.
“We have not yet been alerted to such an incident,” he said.
The statement said the trainer was killed while accompanying Puntland’s maritime forces on a government-approved mission targeting pirates near Hul-Anod, a coastal area favored by pirates who use it as a base to hijack ships for ransom.

Pietersen was shot dead by his Somali bodyguard after an argument, according to a Puntland official who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on the matter. The official said Puntland’s security forces were hunting for the killer.
Somalia’s prime minister recently said that al-Qaida-linked militants were fleeing to mountainous hideouts in Puntland after facing increasing military pressure around Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

Somalia, which has not had a functioning central government for more than two decades, is one of the most dangerous places for foreigners to work.

By: M. A. Egge

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  1. Issa says:

    Somali problem???;¿?

  2. dandaan says:

    what is he talking about?

    majeertinia or Puntland make a decision. the writers dislike for puntland and how somalis eat each other up is clearly seen in this article no tribe wants to see another tribe galmudug hate himan and heeb puntland hate somaliland somaliland hate puntland. when the international counity says somalia is a failed state some sick people read trible lines in that statement. the reality is somalis has failed to create respectable state that garner respect around the world and can defend its people from neighboring countries if people. now dont come to me and say my tribe is not failed state and my enclave is peacefull because the world does not care about that. sorry about the rant i am so disapointed in my people.

    • Mohamd says:

      Your name dandaan means stupid in SL Somali and you do speak like one. Majertenia was the name they first declared themselves when Somalis had no idea about exclusive tribal fiefdoms. Not surprisingly, it is the same people still pushing for a crazy "federalism" based on tribal villages and streets since Galkacyo will be divided between to Xlands.

      So spade must be called out a spade.

      • neor says:

        galkacyo is divided in two let us see how many slices Erigavo will be. mark my words

        • Guun says:

          Erigavo will never be divided into parties. Do you know why? 1) Erigavo is completely under the control of Somaliland Gov't. 2) Erigavo is clearly located a predominant Isaac part of Sanaag region and for that reasons, there will never be divisions at all. If you doubt what I said, it's better you go there and see it by yourself.

        • Warfa says:

          FYI Erigavo will never be divided into parties. Do you know why? 1) Erigavo is fully and firmly controlled by the Somaliland Gov't. 2) Erigavo is located in a predominantly Isaaq part of Sanaag region. If you have doubts about what I have said here, it's better you go there personally and check it by yourself pal!

          neor don't take heresays and live with realities on the ground.

        • Warfa says:

          FYI Erigavo will never be divided into parties like Galkacyo. Do you know why? 1) Erigavo is fully and firmly governed by the Somaliland Government. 2) Erigavo is located in a predominantly Is@@q part of Sanaag region. For that reason, Erigavo will always be in the hands of the Somaliland government but if you have doubts about what I have said here, it's better for you to go there and check it by yourself.

          neor! don't listen heresays but stay on with the realities on the ground.

      • kamal ahmed says:

        It’s not divided galkacayo who ever have That idea must be in some sort of como,They live small portion of south galkacayo which considers Ghetto area.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    I thought the Saracen Mercenary International Company was out of business in all inclusive
    Somalia, after they had problematic issues with Somaliland. Looks like this evil is still around.
    The sooner Saracen bolts out for good the better.

  4. Reqrezentin says:

    This article is an insult any reader, it literally screams 'dumb'.

  5. Al-hakim says:

    i am very flabbergasted how you wrote your report this is baseless and lacks the basic ethics of journalism and portrays your hatred and animosity to the Puntland people.
    the small incident is true but you failed to translate it as trustworthy, from to day you lost the least credibility you could have.
    i want to confirm to you that this incident will not influence the Mission because of our collective interest.

  6. H.M.Obsiye says:

    This is why we all a long cried loud that the world community should know what this so-called Pirateland and its so-called leaders stand for. They hired international thugs and mafias to force innocent people pay for pirate and human trafficking ransom. It is time for the world community to remove this mafia state out of existence.

    • muse abdi says:

      I will also Add removing completely tribel secessionist small enclave backward with delusion world caught Them red handed lying.

    • garasle says:

      the world is interested in somalia and puntland is only credible entity that is not in lala dreamlan.
      so wake up from the dream before somali national army wakes you up

  7. Sakaria Abdirahman says:

    Well, you can't treat a colonized mind now, can you? Your allegiance to symbols of colonialism, like territorial lines demarcated by the British who colonized Somaliland; is a pathetic reality based on absolute ignorance. "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds….:("Redemption song" Bob Marley.:(. help us sing these songs of freedom, and resist the hatred sowed amongst us.Otherwise , my dear Somali brother, writing is an art, I would recommend that you refine your mastery of this art

  8. Abraham says:

    This is not a newsworthy article, just another piece of fadhi kudirir. Saracen is earning its income not begging it or robbing it. And Puntland has a right to use its services so what is the fuss about. An unfortunate incident took place in Puntland where a man being lost life in a fight. Its wrong for the author of this crazy article to show such a gleeful delight in the death of a fellow human.

  9. ali jama says:

    It is a shame when Majertenians still dreams to rule the rest of Somalis to the extent of using mercenaries to rich their goal. The time has changed we are now ready to make them pay for their inhumane treatment of our people. From elwaq-kismayo to galkacayo and haradere we will make them bleed. Our time has come to avenge.

    • kamal kanediid says:

      Savage like you could not go near Them,bare regime could not do it,dameerow could not do it,so you better of with monarchy leadership At least you will have shalter,health,education.

      long live The monarchy.

    • cuma says:

      dabal aa tahay aduunka waala ilbaxy idinkana wali waxaat ku jirtiin aar gudansho aduunka la mid noqda
      gaalo maidin jook to somali aan wada nahay hal somali gaalo maqabno ilaa iyo hadaa aduun waxay la yaaban yihiin sabata aan is ku dagaalono

  10. mohamed cheers says:

    All inclusive Somalia crisis centre on two way solutions between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio.
    All these other renegade mini-states carry to aggravate the continuation of mayhem calamities.
    There's no real remedial solutions in sight. Looks that the real big time test is finally feasible
    between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio to talk over the Somaliland Somalia political stalmate
    since the breakdown of the S.R. Union.The sooner the two giants start talking together the better.

    • baashi dheere says:

      No talks insight first s/land needs to finelize issues khaatumo & awdal.Than TFG will consider talking to her little sister.

      • Gobaad says:

        baashi dheere, you are either from Khaatumo Seeg or Awdal and as we all know you are not from Awdal. You can't necessarily be from both. Stop trying to look for alliance to cover up the minority you are. And if you are not happy to be a Somalilander, take your Bull-caws and take a hike!

        • osman5 says:

          baashi dheere,
          Either you're kidding or you've been misinformed. it's been said that Somaliland is a beacon lights on hill in Africa every where around the world. it only took under 10 years to reach that degree of recognition. .
          There's no nation in the world that 's free of internal frictions, Somaliland is no exception, but its not divided as you wrongfully claimed on your brief comments. There's no such Khatumo nor Awdal state within Somaliland.

          Osman Qaal

          • baashi dheere says:

            See,on This planet There are two type of people,one who live in reality & The other living with delusion, question about khaatumo & awdal states are real firm on Their feet on The ground getting stronger by The day,let’s not go back about This fake recognition Thing……we have better Things to do.

          • osman5 says:

            We're at the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. You keep living in your little world.


        • munye says:

          mr gobaad,

          the irony is that is exactly what i would say to you.
          if you dont want be somalia "take your bull-caws and take a hike"
          the only minority is people who feel marginalized that they want create impossible enclave.

          let me tell you this as soon as somali army are finish with al shaydaan. it will secure its borders and no tribe will stop that.

          • sabriye says:


            The name “Gobaad” is female name not a male name,it’s very strange.Dadka reer xamarka ama loo ya qaan gabil cadka waxeey yiraah daan hadad noo shahay geel dhalaayo waad arki doontaa,so for Them it’s rear event & supris- shock to watch camel giving birth or find one.

          • Gobaad says:

            Whatever that means!

          • Jambazi says:

            So now according to your portuguees caadcaad-A$$, the HIV infected Ugandans, Burundians and Kenyan apes with tanks and guns are Somali army. FYI somalia has no army and apes from above countries are fighting alshabab. and in addition you are not even a somali remnants italians and vasco dagamas illigitamate childrens. if your are caadcaad when realy somalis are speaking you take a hike. go to portugal or italy is where you belong.

          • Jambazi says:

            this is for munye
            So now according to your portuguees caadcaad-A$$, the HIV infected Ugandans, Burundians and Kenyan apes with tanks and guns are Somali army. FYI somalia has no army and apes from above countries are fighting alshabab. and in addition you are not even a somali remnants italians and vasco dagamas illigitamate childrens. if your are caadcaad when realy somalis are speaking you take a hike. go to portugal or italy is where you belong.

          • munye says:

            for chimpanzee

            i am proud somali reer hamar unlike you

            any Somali who is proud on his heritage will never want tribe enclave ok?
            my father was in the army and believe me reer hamar has done more for somalia than your desert people. somali tax money has been pumped in hargeisa to build roads and ports in berbera while your people were chewing khat. one rer hamars have more brain than everyone living in your tribal enclave.

          • Jambazi says:

            Off-spring of vasco dagama you are not a somali and you will never be you are an immagrant to our country like the Arabs, indians and other African. You country is portugal.

          • munye says:

            the reality is there are more reer hamars in marka barawe and xamar weyne shingaani than everyone in your enclave. i am proud to be rer hamar and also on my country which is somalia.

          • Jambazi says:

            A donkey will always be a donkey and never will it be a zebra or a horse even if it grazes with them. The real fact is you are not somali and you will never be somali even if you graze with somali people. You are different from somalies and you dont look like somali. You country is portugal because you look like them and your ancestor originated there, vasco dagama's offspring.

          • munye says:

            this shows how small you IQ is so there is no point of debate with you.
            the problem is your people can not distinguish between nationality and ethnicity.
            do you even know the difference between this two?
            this is why your people dream of breakaway you want your tribe dominated enclave. my ethnicity is reer hamar my nationalities is somali and swedish.
            educate yourself bro

          • qanyare says:


            Bro This people are not civiliaze as someone mentioned before all They know is nomad tribe life with camel milk That bull sh*t, They were wild in bushes specaily Those is@q too much cuqdo don’t waste your valuable time.

          • munye says:

            thank you qanyare i think i will give up

            hope you are not that famous qanyare and give me heart attack kkkkkkkkk joke

          • qanyare says:


            No i am not “m@@ryaan”. i am not decendent of Those type of people your safe.

        • baashi dheere says:

          Both states have a one commen unwanted parasite in Their neighborhood which is s/land or tribel land,people are getting sick becuase of This pathogen currently looking some kind of spry or vaccination to stop This.

          The resident in These states have The numbers & The mandate,so Those who are part pathogen part human should go back where They come from or face The music.

  11. Ismahan says:

    Somalia is not ready to talk with somaliland. till they respect somaliland enough there is no reason to talk with the warlords of mogadishu and the thugz of puntland.


  12. jama says:

    Mercenary Land, Piratland, Puntlanad and Mjeerteeniya Land. What a funny bunch of criminals exist in that place.

  13. Gobaad says:

    I don't understand, why the International Community do not outlaw this piracyland of Majeerteeniya? They are nothing, but a black eye for Somalis good name.

  14. mizz-khaatumo says:

    gobad international community cant do anything, puntland is powerfull somali state and one of the peacefull. u should be happy for them..

  15. ComeAgain says:

    You know your a punk when you hire mercenaries to fight for you. Even with them you guys couldnt take down Somaliland! lmaooooo you guys are truly the laughing stock of not only the somalis but the region as a whole.

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