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Reply to ‘Talks between TFG and Somaliland – Dead on Arrival (DOA)’

OPINION | MAY 27, 2012


Dear Faisal A. Roble,

I read your opinion entitled:” Talks between TFG and Somaliland – Dead on Arrival (DOA)”.

Your article has underlined some of the reasons that forced the talks to collapse but unfortunately omitted to shed some light on the facts on the ground and the realpolitik of some power-hungry Diasporas.

First, the Somali PM’s views towards Somaliland are as meaningless as Puntland’s ramblings towards Somaliland. Sorry to break it down to you!

The PM, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali hardly controls Mogadishu, so in fact, his views towards Mogadishu have little significance, never mind Somaliland.

Secondly, the London conference invited Somalia (TFG) and Somaliland to either agree or disagree on the issue of Somali unity.

No one has ever mentioned the countless fly-by-night “administrations” like Khatumo, Awdal, Makhir and so on that the likes of you sprinkle on their articles. Truth is: these “administrations” come and go faster than the scents of cheap clones evaporate.

In your previous articles, you have repeatedly written about the doomed SSC violent faction. And today, Khatumo is what drives your motivations.

You portray yourself as an educated person, and perhaps you are, yet you remain oblivious to the reality on the ground.

For instance, the so-called Khatumo (or the Dr. Galaydh faction) has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Diasporas and instead of investing that money back into Sool region, they are spending the hard-earned money in big hotels in Mogadishu, hoping that they will get seats from the TFG.

More sadly, the Garaads (the clan chiefs from Sool) who supposed to remain in their villages to mediate the local clans are now embroiled in participating in the Somali conference held in Europe, namely in Turkey. That is, they are embroiled in politics and abandoned their traditional roles, just like their southern counterparts remain spokes persons for their clan’s respective warlords.

I am in no way, shape or form downplaying their (Khatumo group) efforts to stand up for their rights. And I know Somaliland takes part of the blame that alienated these citizens, but what I disagree with them is: trekking hundreds of kilo meters to Mogadishu to seek funding and weapons instead of simply going to Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital, and demanding the Somaliland government to change its course of action towards Sool region. Do they think the current President of Somalia (or more precisely: the Mayor of Mogadishu) Sheikh Sharif who could not get rid of Al-Shaydaan (or Al-Shabab) would have the ability to dislodge Somaliland forces from Sool.

Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh knows that he doesn’t have the support of Puntland or the support of the entire Dhulbahante clans, so the chance of his faction surviving is next to nil.

So, why is he beating around the bushes? Truth is: he is preparing himself for a high post either in Somaliland’s or in Somalia’s government. And that is what the fuss is all about; indeed, he is convinced the more heaps of corpses pile up in Sool region, as the result of his violent campaign against Somaliland, the closer he gets to his dream.

History doesn’t lie. Nor could it be rewritten. In 1991, he was one of the signatories of Somaliland’s independence. In 1993, he ran for vice president’s post in Somaliland. Today, he either denies or recants everything. A true chameleon!

He argues that in 1991 he signed the Burrao accord (Somaliland’s independence) to avert massive bloodshed in the region. He claims the former Somali National Movement (SNM) would have slaughtered the population in parts of Sool if he hadn’t signed the agreement. But in 1993 he campaigned for vice president’s post in Somaliland. So, one wonders, did the SNM also held a gun against his temple and forced him to run for vice president? Dr. Galaydh’s argument is illogical—full of contradictions.

He also keeps forgetting three important things. The International community is sick and tired of:

  • Terror groups in Somalia (which are now shifted to mountainous regions in Somaliland)
  • Pirates
  • And countless Diaspora created tiny, ineffective, clan enclaves

Because of the above reasons, the International community told the Dr. Galaydh faction to negotiate with Somaliland. In his last meeting with the aid agencies in Kenya, they unambiguously told him that they won’t allow tiny states in Somaliland, so it would be better if he sorts out his problems with Somaliland.

The Khatumo faction, an offshoot of the violent, doomed SSC group, controls only few villages, namely Talex and Buhodle. That is about it. It too will run its course, just like its predecessor: the violent SSC.

So, did Dr. Galaydh miscalculate? Of course not! To the contrary, his calculation is precise to the point. He launched a violent campaign against Somaliland for two reasons: for one thing, he wanted to show his supporters their inability to dislodge Somaliland security forces from Sool region. He wanted them to see it for themselves. For another, just like southern Somalia’s warlords he wanted to use this opportunity (or his violent campaign against Somaliland) as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Somaliland to seek a high post in the government. You must take a tiny peek at the Dr. Galaydh’s psychic.

The bottom line is: Somaliland needs to address the grievances of the population in parts of Sool region; otherwise, power-hungry, opportunists like Dr. Galaydh would take advantage of the poor nomads in Sool, as he is doing right now.

By the way, I am disappointed with how you have omitted throwing the blame on Puntland because it is the root cause of Somalia-Somaliland meeting’s collapse.

Somaliland had every right to refuse to sit down with Puntland officials because they would not bring anything meaningful discussion to the table.

Instead of discussing the reunification or the separation of Somaliland and Somalia, Puntland leaders want to reshuffle their deck of clan cards—playing their ace card (the clan card)—something Somaliland won’t let it happen.

Just listen to this audio clip (at the bottom of the page in the link) and find out for yourself how one of the Puntland leaders who supposed to participate in the meeting speaks. Much of his ramblings are predictable: clan x this, clan y this.

Amazingly, one wonders why Puntland would send an uneducated clown to an important meeting, or perhaps he is their ace card—the cream of the crop in Puland’s administrations, and this is as good as it gets!

Thank you,

Dalmar Kaahin

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    Sounds perfect hardtalk. Anti-Somaliland wailers have so much to lose.

    • @jibah2011 says:

      It is an excellent information of facts that you put together Mr. Kaahin. I am glad you have delivered a dose of facts to Mr. Ali Galaydh and his clan warlords. As you have indicated in your piece the Dhulbahate clan are divided into four factions who are fighting among themselves, that is why they sent an uneducated persons to the conference in Europe. Somaliland's problem is envy and jealousy coming the TFG in Mogdishu, Puntland and the invented town called Khtumo State which could not be entertained by any international body. So, my dear friend Mr. Kaahin you did a well done job on the lies that have been perpetuated against Somaliland.

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Nicely put in short, and shown him the right path to be with his people, if he is Dhulos, otherwise whatever he says is irrelevant. The spokesman of Khaatumo Seeg, was on the media this week and clearly said that they failed miserably by Mr. Galaydh and entire people who proclaim Khaatumo Seeg.

    The people of Sool region already made their mind about these Diasporas greedy so-called-politicians, and they have nothing to do with them. IT'S FASHILA KHABAR in the reality. Just look how the medium elders [Caaqils] have disowned these people on the ground, and encouraging their people to be part of what: the devil they know, instead of going to Mogadishu, were they will never get anything at all.

  3. Gobaad says:

    Dalmar, always amazes me and I like reading his articles. Always well written, well balanced and to point in very few sentences. Marvellous!

  4. wadani weyn says:

    gobaad,dualeh and moh cheers let us c if three people can dimember somalia.
    if you you dont like living in my country find another dadkaa guura ciidu ma guurto

    • Gobaad says:

      wadani weyn, that my saying, moron. Come up with somthing else. yeah dadkaa guuree, dalku ma guuro oo meeshaad ku buayso tag oo waxba ha nagala tagin! Somaliland is for Somalilanders.

  5. Maakhiri says:

    This Kaahin fella presents one side of the argument. Xaabsade does not and cannot represent the interests of Khaatumo citizens and Mr. Ilkajiir is our repsentative. We do not want to be part of this ethnic project but people in that camp do not seem to understand. How can you argue for the right to secede yet you want to deny that same right to other people.

  6. ahmed says:

    not meaningfull Artical,some people Think sool,sanaag,ceyn will go with renegade state it’s not gone happen. people in These regions made Their mind long time ago will not accept less Then totaly independent state.secondly what is This i will participate development or collect donations put not political negotiation it’s jackknife policy.

    • Gobaad says:

      Waa wax lagu qoslo, When people claim sool,sanaag,ceyn. You don't inhabit neither Sanaag nor ceyn. Sool iyo xaafadaha ka tirsan, haddii aad rarran karayso, rarro oo nadhaaf. Otherwise, you are stuck and there is nothing you can do. Too bad!

  7. HMObsiye says:


    As always, I have nothing but very high admiration for the way you hit the true on the nail.

    Mr.Robe, was a well know product of Siyad Bare He was thought how to bash other clans, way when he first arrived from Ethiopia and the people he was thought to hate are none other than people who currently over whelming support Somaliland. Personally, I will not be surprised to is animosity toward Somaliland and its people.

    The editorial boards of his clan based wardeer news, is filled with non others than those who have negative viewpoint towards Somaliland. The sad news is that they have nothing better for Somalis anywhere than Somaliland. So, if one is envy and doesn't want one to successes,the bad things always tend to happen to them instead.
    Mr. Roble, has well know history in L.A area, he can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time.

  8. Kayse says:

    Dalmar never thinks outside the box like those who believe in the two subclan Council. Those who are smart enough will understand what I mean. His articles are always rebuttal and replies; never in the commanding position, always in the defense trenches.

    When will you have something fresh to say Mr Kahin and take the leadership rather than replying to every Farah that writes an article which half of the time has no plot?

    You need to be a leader not a follower and replier, like this box I am using right now.


    Ps bored with Somalis going back and forth on the same useless topics.

  9. Ahmed A says:

    There is nothing new to discover about the repetitive Somali affairs -the two blocks of Somaliland and Somalia – however it comes back is the issue – the best approach for Dalmar to do is to keep pounding them to learn. This is one box you don’t need to get out there is no science to discover in it – idiots get confused about it. Well done Dalmar.

  10. cimraan says:

    Dalmar hit the nail on the head. Puntland, Xaartumu and the Makhir drum beaters are opposed to Somaliland on pure trible bases and not on Somali Unity. If it is SOMALI UNITY AS THEY SAY then reason will tell you that Somaliland is also about the unity of Somalis. They are not opposing Puntland pure trible state who doesnot want to share rule with anyother tribe.

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      cimran if thats what u want to heard it yes HARTILand will remain Hartiland, Sool Nugal, Sanag Bari, Mudug, cayn, karkar hayland are indivisible, we have our differences right now but if u want to break away we don't care but u will only going to take tribal territories which is fair

  11. Abdiwahab says:

    i think that federalism is very bad for somalia but also centralized governance is bad as witnessed before 1991. the solution for somalia is to be a decentralized yet unitary state with symmetrical devolution for each of the 17 regions (banadir can become mogadishu enlarged), no region can merge with another region, direct democracy at the regional level and below, semi presidential system like in france and consociationalism whereby offices and institutions are split up between clans NOT regions e.g. pres – hawiye, vice pres – isaaq, pm – darod. lebanon's national pact should be of good use

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Nah get real life..decentralization also won't work. Besides what's this Issak VP!..nonsense.
      Somaliland Republic is out of the Somalia scope. Goodbye for good.

  12. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    oh plz here we go again somaliland blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
    listen man Khatumo state is not goin anywhere alrite the rite owner of this land want unity with Somalia. … & rejected the one clan self-determination, ger over it man.
    the sooner you wake the better!!!


  13. amal says:

    I love Somaliland deep in my heart but I don’t know why we have to overreact when a union is mentioned. I mean if a real reconciliation, understanding and a common ground is found based on union, what’s wrong with that??

    The only problem I see is that most of the folks in Somalia are not sincere or genuine at all about Somali reconciliation but just got personal issues and they are not bent on getting Somaliland's trust back. Also Ethiopian involvement in the Somali issues are making it more difficult. At the end of the day final decision will rest with none other than Somaliland alone but I hope Somaliland examines everything carefully before making any decision and Somalia has to show their honest side otherwise they can forget talking about so-called union.

    • warfa says:

      My dear sweet Amal
      "I love Somaliland deep in my heart but I don't know why we have to overreact when a union is mentioned. I mean if a real reconciliation, understanding and a common grounds is found based on union,what's wrong with that??"

      Are you affected by the infectious disease from Kayse? True somalilanders will never ever trust Walaweyn let alone to make union with them. Somalilanders will continue to stick on two sovereign countries solution, we don't care how long it will take.

      • amal says:

        Warfa walalo,
        Thanks for the calm reply, I thought I would get shot for it. It was just an honest question because I wanted to know Somalilander's reaction if there were discussions on union. Because to be honest both the good the bad and the ugly will be looked into in the search for Somali solution.

        Nothing will stop Somaliland so long as they seek separation and hearing the president's speech I can see that union is impossible. But I have seen groups that were bitter enemies yet found common ground and union can be more powerful if it works but unfortunately walawayn cannot be trusted especially what we currently witness and Somaliland is very very firm on separation.

        • Hargeisawi-In-London says:


          This might shock you, but I would rather go to hell than share a house (let alone a country) with Walawayn. I wince at the very mention of their name. Abti, perhaps, you are too young to appreciate(or remember): we (the majority of the Somalilanders) went through hell.

          • amal says:


            I have always imagined what a unified Somalia can do if unification was actually possible and how Somalilanders actually feel about it, but I have only seen a proof that Somaliland is actually what it claims (go’an shacab) and nothing less.

            Thanks abti for sharing your thoughts and feelings now I know where Somaliland stands. This is also a mini reflection of future Somaliland-Somalia dialogue that Somaliland is willing to settle nothing less than two-state solution and we have all witnessed it on our citizen here (That’s what I was curious about). Now I hope the two would work together as partners and perhaps open borders would be nice like that of EU.

          • karash says:

            loool hargisawi

            then go to hell because somalia will not going to split over my dead body am an northern by the way..
            i heard what happened to issak clans in north somalia during Said Barre rule, but it cant be worse than what's happening in cayn, sool or just happened in hargeisa few weeks ago.
            besides somalis as whole through hell.. let go it the past and stop poisoning young people's mind….
            Said Barre wuu dhintay. dhagdheer dhimatoo dhulkii Nabad.

          • Gobaad says:

            Hargeisawi-In-London, that makes two of us and that is how I feel.

            amal has been flctuating lately, xaydha jeceli beerka kind of thing and attracting more wailers to her side, like Kayse-Dora. And I am very disappointed with both.

          • Kayse says:

            Gadaa dee inar buuqa badan and Dora will be the malxiisad when I tie the xadhiig with amal in the Somali capital next to the beach. Adiguna guriga Morgan uun bad ku aqal gali donta dee iyo buul Somali with some "fijaan"….muqumad xuno duqsiga hargeisa so lefleefaay…

            Xaqana iska dhaafo dont take politics to the heart…naftada uun ka warwar iska dhaf Somaliland iyo badahaas….

          • Gobaad says:

            you are a boring and unattractive social misfit, yaa wax kugu falaya!

          • amal says:

            Oh my God, Gobaad take it easy. It’s like you telling me stop thinking and stop questioning. I don’t know about you but Somaliweyn was always appealing to me for a good reason in fact for many reasons and too bad it failed. I would rather have a one big powerful country that we compete with the rest of the world and not with eachother but it’s just that walawayn cannot be trusted and the people of Somaliland have spoken and this is what will be more powerful than anything so take it easy. It’s not only what Somalilanders went through that they refuse the union but I think is more so what is currently happening and the two sides are bitter enemies.

            You see sometimes things you don’t like will be discussed in a real debate. Besides I wanted to genuinely see how Somalilanders really feel about it but I know how they feel about re-union now which is a confirmation that the union is no longer possible and to just move on. At least I can now hope for recognition without thinking what if, what if.

          • Abdi xogwayne says:

            Gobaad, That is very valid question Amal asked. I'm issakk from hargeisa and yes nation fights, nation split and nation make up and find understanding and is the same in this case. I don't think there is anymore trust But please debate more civil instead of being too emotional all the time.

  14. osman5 says:

    Very Informative and insightful. Nicely put..


  15. Somaliaqueen says:

    If i was there, first off all i would say to ethiopia get out cuz i think they only make more problems for the somalis. Second off all i would sat down somalia, somaliland n khaatumo n talk to them if we work toghther we can become like holland belgum n france. I live in belgum, one part of belgum work with holland the othet part with frace. Why can't we become like them. Somaliland have their country n Somalia can move foward, Khaatumo can work with both sides. If these ppl use their brains n stop hating each others we would be strong east african

  16. amal says:

    @ Mohamed Cheers

    I have seen you say recognize Somaliland so many times but why panic Somaliland is given more will power than ever before and in the dialogue will be treated equal to that of Somalia in other words Somalia will have no jurisdiction over Somaliland.

    But it's good to discuss union because there are certain benefits union has that separation don't and certain benefits separation has and union don't. But most of Somalia only talk about empty union but hide their true motives especially seeing puntland's attitude towards Somaliland and looking at the Somali situation I can only picture two separate states. I would personally prefer one big powerful, democratic and diverse country but I cannot picture the democracy Somaliland has in Somalia nor do I think Somalis are sincere at all. Because of that I think Somaliland will hold a firm ground.

  17. khaatumo citizen says:

    Danbiile ina cambashe controls one city (LA) out of the third largest region in Somalia after sanaag and gedo and now y'all acting like u know S*T about sool not mention all sourthern togdheer is ruled by khaatumo (buuhodle district) i know we havent reached ceergaabo yet, but all surrounded villeges is under the khaatumo rule e.g.( fuqifuliye,jiidale, dibqarax, jidbaale, dhaxmo, dhamalo xagre, and many more…

    besides Garaad jamac is chosen to be General traditional leader of Whole D@@rod tribe so he has more responsibility than having a tea with sii'lanyo in old Morgan's house..
    and y'all sectionist need to leave professor Ali Galaydh alone he has nothing to do with khaatumo he just happen to be a member of the clan.

  18. Jollyboy says:

    Actually Mr Kahin hails initially from the Awdal region

  19. mr taleexi says:

    in that case we have nothing but respect for reer Awdal and this Kahin guy is irrelevant….

  20. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    @Somaliaqueen aka the jilbab spy

    i am a PIS & dnt think that I dnt kno you, I kno YOU pretty well, very well in fact. you are the jilbab spy sent by al shabaab from Afgoye. PIS iz aware that ur are behind the rising qabil issue in Galkayo & Galgala.
    it's just a matter of time before we locate your where about.

  21. Kayse says:

    There is nothing called Somaliland and I'm taking my side of Hargeisa to the union because I can't see myself sharing a "country" with two subclans when the rest of the world are forming one union ex. EU bloc.

    This Somaliland joke is only entertained in west Hargeisa, west Burao and Gabiley farms who just want to steal land from Dilla community under the Somaliland banner because under a union a real police would intervene.

    Where the Dilla killers? Where is the Kalshaale perperators? Where the new Hargeisa monsters?

    I tell you where they are, they all inside west Hargeisa and hiding under Zero'aanyo, Dahabshiil and members of the two subclans.

    I'm taking my side of Hargeisa to Somalia, you two subclans find another place to protest about Morgan and what happened 25 years ago….they never move on.

    Wa lana dilay, walana xoogay uun bay ku jiraan for freaking 25 years…..alaa labada habroo baroor badanaa.

    I'm G unit and we always fought with those dooros and in fact we enjoying fighting with them, its more fun and challenging than fighting with two habroos over a ministerial post that doesn't even exist.

    Any day Somaliweyn.

  22. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    it just gets better and better, first it was bhai Kayse who rejected the one clan secession & now amal announces that somaliland iz doomed & unity is the only answer.
    im putting my money on Gobaad to follow suit!!!

    • Gobaad says:

      Waa haddii saba adhigu daaqo laga helo samada hore, timo sacab ku yaalana soo sheego aadmigu, waa halkii Hadraawiye!

      I am neither that nerd and wacko Kayse nor amal who flip-flops lately and changes positions is indecisive says one thing, then the opposite, usually depending on the audience at the time. What they believe in is their own. I am unsshaken and strong supporter of my people and country. And nobody can shake the bond. So, don't get your hopes high and bet on your life that it will happen.

      • amal says:

        Good Gobaad,You are hard woman.
        I be honest with you I was never a hardcore Somalilander. Only after I found SomalilandPress. Before that it was just a name to me and peaceful region, in fact members of my family are ex-unionist so I still got the things they used say in my head. We got abused but Sometimes yesterday's victims are today's leaders and like Rwanda I thought we could rule Somalia. A big country and a combined resources, combined skills, combined talent and with strong position. But sad that is not possible anymore.

        • Gobaad says:

          amaleey, "… A big country and a combined resources, combined skills, combined talent and with strong position …" That is a wishful thinking, but never was and never will be. The reason being is that the southerns were always mediocres despite the fact that took all the higher positions in the government when we were in the union, Somalilanders more educated, hard working and intellectually superior. While Somalilanders took after the British the sense of dignity and high morals, Walaweyne took after and emulated the Italian mafioso in every step of the way and they are not to be trusted ever again. And I would rather stick to my principles in terms of associating with these people.

          • amal says:

            They abused the leadership but I thought it could be swapped but yeah it is wishful thinking because xita if Somaliland leads ku dayn maayan especially now that they turned more savage. I just wanted people to share their thoughts that's why I asked and this site suppose to be where people share their thoughts, opinion and ask question without being afraid . Nothing in life is fixed.

            I remember one guy who suggested that Somaliland-Somalia should sit and talk but everyone jumped on him saying how can you even say to sit next to red lip shariif but look now we will sit together lol. Anyways after 24 years I can see that the union is dead so ilahay wadankoda ha u barakeeyo inakana teena ha ino barkeeyo.

          • amal says:

            p.s i'm glad you refuted me this time without attacking me

  23. Burcawii says:

    Never trust southern. They are currently collecting money to cover the legal fees for those who committed crimes against humanity in SL. Like "Mohamed Ali Samantar" and others. So what union they are talking about.

    Amal, never trust them. We can live side by side and you will be safe as long as you have your own government. They are cannibals, just give them some time and they will eat eachother when the UN troops get out.

    Ilahayow balayooyinka wareegaya na ga dow. Amiin.

  24. Somalilander says:

    Wailer’s foresight and definitions of hypocritical “Somalinimo”
    To the resident wailers and haters of Somaliland autonomy, have you ever thought of entertaining the possibility and the power of 3 Somali speaking nations working hand in hand in the Horn – That is Internationally recognized Somaliland working closely with functioning Somali government along with their brothers and sisters in Djibouti. Have you ever thought of the power of 3 Somali speaking strategic votes in the world stage, UN, AU, Arab world etc? Have you ever thought about the threat fo such alliances to the Ethiopia and Kenya? Of course, the wailers love for “somalinimo” obstructs such a foresight and their envy driven hatred for their follow Somalis from Somaliland will not let them see beyond their noise…

  25. Somaliaqueen says:

    @ GeezerFrmPuntland

    No abowe, i was born in mogadishu n left when i was 5 yrs. I hate everything about qabil thats why im gonna marry soon a no somali guy, but he is a muslim. Just to run away from somalis clans. because of clans is there no peace in somalia, becuz of clans somaliland broke away. So sorry to tell you, you are wrong about me rising qabil issues loool joker i am against qabilsme. By the way you still have not answered my question

  26. kaltun says:

    What did I miss! Somali Land does not need any one to dictate to how to govern its people, and no one regardless of where they come from can deny the freedom and the piece we live under. If some one is looking to make trouble for the country let them try it and suffer the consequences.


  27. amal says:

    Inadheer, I think everyone is misunderstanding. I never said we should trust them I only asked a question regarding if the two states find a common ground and understanding to settle, what's wrong with it, to see how Somalilanders feel about it. The common ground I'm talking about is a one that is of satisfactory to Somaliland's demand i.e transfer of leadership to Somaliland and Hargeisa as the capital with a new adopted flag, new beginning and many more including bringing those responsible for the 1988 atrocities to justice if their is any honesty. However, I have now seen how Somalilanders feel about sharing anything with walawayn and I can also see that Somalia are not interested in real reconciliation but hide behind the union as I said before. I got my answer and I guess I can conclude that the union is dead, we might as well just dig a grave for it RIP.

    Now lets just move on with our own government.

    • Burcawii says:

      I agree sis, union would have been good, but unfortunately it will not work as you know. They will one day understand that the only way out of this crisis is to have a two state solution. It is the only practicle solution.

      And don't get me wrong. I was just sharing my thought with you.

      • amal says:

        Yeah this is the only solution now considering how the two are with eachother. They cannot see eye to an eye nor can they be trusted. Plus 21 years of war I think they forgot what a government (like Somaliland's) is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, that's why I asked the question to see your thoughts.

  28. wadani says:

    i wish we had experienced educators like Faisal Roble, although as somalilander i some times get irritated with his writting , there is always some kind of balance in his writting . i read a lot of articals from F.roble , and he is independent , and do not try to please some people. he always tells the history of somalia and where we heading now

    long life faisal roble

  29. axmedhargeysawi says:

    F. ROBLE knows much of somali culture , from klinka5 , somaliland , puntland and even south somalia. so i realy respect him for his knowledge . he is an asset to all somalis where ever they are.

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