Published On: Sun, Apr 29th, 2012

Qatar approves $1.8m mosque project in Djibouti

QATAR CITY — The Islamic Affairs Department of Qatar on Saturday announced its approval of the final design of a US$1.8m grand mosque in the Republic of Djibouti.

Khalid Shaheen Al Ghanim, Director of the Department said on completion the three-storey mosque will have two computer libraries and will be capable of accommodating up to 3,650 worshippers.

Mr. Ghanim added a delegation he headed who recently visited the tiny African nation also inspected the land allocated for the project. He finally said the mosque will be implemented with the cooperation of Djibouti’s Awqaf and Islamic Ministry.


April 29, 2012

  • Issa

    Good news for muslim

    • mohamed ali

      right on.

    • kaboon

      for every mosque these arabs build in poor muslim country, they build 100 churches in western countries. these people don't care for muslims and somalis they just want to show off and show somalis that arabs still care for them.lets cut all ties with arabs and have adopt the somali culture

  • Abdi Noor

    Is it good news ? Djibouti have a number of historical masjids that could do with refurbishment. When accepting aid do we just put our hands out and remain silent or have some imput into the offer ?

  • mohamed cheers

    Mashallah. Good news. What khayriya projects Qatar is engaged in Somaliland?
    Qatar like the KSR is engaged upfront in the politics of the AL/OIC. Am interested to hear
    how the Somaliland Govt is engaged to improve relations with these two giants..Qatar and
    the KSR(S/Arabia). The Somaliland Govt should strive to improve relations with the AL/OIC
    World and in their pursuit for full Sovereignty recognition, should excell to gain their confidence
    for a full membership of the AL/OIC like Somalia and Djibouti. That credence would mean a
    win-win solutions for the Arab-Islamic World scene politics.

  • mursal jama

    probably most of This money will go france bank accounts and rest chewing mirra This is way of life Djiboutiiii,unless Qatari goverment build The mosque Them self’s.

  • jama

    As a Somalilander with relatives in Djabouti i always wish my Djaboutian brothers and sisters all the best.
    Djabouti is already a muslim country. Instead of spending 1.8 $million in a mosque the goverment was suppose to create jobs and invest the money in devolopment projects, schools, tecnical schools & universities, hospitals, agriculture, fishery etc…………………

    • kilo

      Mash Allah you have spoken the true things for the Djibouti peoples. your Government is corrupted like rest of the so called Arab state. they only worship to western made God !

  • osman5

    Qatar has donated a substantial amount of money to Djibouti for a Mosque.
    so what! where Somaliland fits in this? Djibouti always envious of Somaliland's progress, I added Djibouti on my list as one of the rogue states in east Africa. I don't give a damn whether they build a new Mosque or entire tiny nation submerges under water.

    Osman Qaal

  • Hassan

    instead of building mosques they should support the poorer families in the Country.

  • mizz-khaatumo

    Mash'allah thats good news

  • osman5

    puntland warrior,
    Pirateland has been quiet lately, what's going on? did your dad wire you some of the money that he collected as a ransom? Call me nosy but I'd like to know…no offence..

    Osman qaal

  • mohamed cheers

    Damn you SLDpress you just rejected my time wasted comments. Nevermind. Some one else
    would carry it thru though. So I shouldn't worry.

  • Abdurrahman Ibn Ali

    Qul Maasha Allah….forget everything else, at the end of the day, a Mosque is being built to worship Allah (swt)

  • misslovely

    good for our issa brothers and sisters

    • mohamed cheers

      Hope u r as beautiful as your name gabar yahay Habra Jeclo. Greetings & best regards.

      • mohamed cheers

        MMeE Misslovely, I like yr comments.

        • mohamed cheers

          Typo: MME not MMeE.

    • Issa

      Good news for all muslim but is nothing politic

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