Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

President Silanyo Meets With Envoy Mahiga

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The President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud received yesterday the United Nation Secretary General’s special envoy to Somalia and Somaliland Mr Augustine Mahiga who arrived in Hargeisa a day after Somaliland government announced its decision to pull out of the proposed talks with Somalia.
Mr Mahiga said that the international community is ready to double its support to SL, a country they see and deem as one that has set an excellent example in socio-economical and political circles in the region.
The envoy who is on a regular periodic visit to Somaliland had earlier on refuted a press query that he came to mediate on the special talks.
According to a state house press release, the Head of State impressed upon his host the need for the international community to support this country in impertinent issues as security and bilateral ones.
The President further updated the UN envoy on the latest development in country. Apart from the top security issues discussed Mr Mahiga was informed of the political developments that so far has seen the electioneering processes in high gear such that the latest six parties to join the fray has been successfully identified.
On his part the envoy pointed out the importance of Somaliland to attend the upcoming Turkish sponsored talks scheduled in June, a meeting he described as being one with tangible effects on/for Somaliland.

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  1. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    If Turkish government did not invite Somaliland as a separate state, we shall not attend at all. Let our foreign minister clearly tell them this. We shall not go back to the situation before 23rd February, 2012 and we should stick to the momentum that international community decided in that conference, which is Somaliland is a different country.

    No one should change that, even Ban Ki Moon, because we have been out there for 21 years, and have built the BEST KEPT SECRET IN AFRICA.

  2. Mohamd says:

    Somaliland is not a different country because these losers continue to legitimise the likes of this Mahiga. They should refuse him since he is for "Somalia", not SL. Silanyo recognises him, but Mahiga does not recognise Silanyo. What more do you ppl need to kick such people out of SL?

    If the UN is challenged for misleading the world community about Somalia and Somaliland, this would not have happened. Mahiga gets paid by the international community for not telling facts on the ground, and our people stay hungry and lonely because of our leaders failures to put their SL first.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    The roadmaps of Somalia 1+2 and the go alone roadmaps of Somaliland have been
    properly identified and addressed in the 23 Feb. 2012 LCS. All subsequent meetings between Somaliland and Somalia have therefore clear mandates on how to proceed. Whatever the future holds, it's quite clear that Somaliland will not back down from being a seperate Sovereignty That remains the Somaliland position in any future talks with Somalia and the IC key Govts/UN.The June 2012 ICS should be very mindful of the Somaliland's position.

  4. inayuusuf says:

    Somaliland has reached a point of no return. I also doubt not the IC's unspoken recognition for Somaliland. It’s a matter of time that the IC by somehow declares sovereign Somaliland. It's therefore nonsense to be paranoid about attending any conference being convened for Somalia by the IC. Gone are those days when we were heavily troubled by the endless conferences held for Somalia. We are no more afraid of being asked to join the Federal Somalia let alone forced to.
    While others may question why Somaliland should attend the Ankara conference, I don’t see why we should miss it. There we will have the chance to fight for our cause, market ourselves, share the donations being pledged for Somalis.

  5. mohamed cheers says:

    All other affairs granted, the Somaliland Sovereignty recognition issue must be tackled in the
    June 2012 Istanbul Turkey(ICS). The Somaliland negotiators must employ the right tools to
    hammer out this most sought urgency to be fully recognized Sovereignty becoming a full member
    of the United Nations.

  6. osman5 says:

    Mahiga is a dual purpose driven UN rep who only cares for his big fat check from the UN as long as there's a turmoil in Horn of Africa.. he does'n want shoot himself on the foot and put out the fire in Somalia any time soon. More the problems in Somalia broadcast on the mass media more Mahiga's fame intensifies.

    He can butter up all he wants on our nation of Somaliland immerse progress and democratic maturities on the ground. but Our current leaders know very well what Mr. Mahiga's priorities are,
    giving Somaliland a boost to move forward is not one of them….but surely buying more time for formulating enough inflammable fuel to Somalia's problems is among them

    Osman Qaal

  7. ComeAgain says:

    Everything was chill till puntalandia decided to get into the talks and start sh i te! Good on Landers from pulling out. If they pull that stuff in turkey we shouldnt go either.

  8. elias dean says:

    please write H E the president not the president H E

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