Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2011

Paris signs new defense agreement with Djibouti

PARIS — Nicolas Sarkozy and the President of Djibouti Ismael Omar Guelleh signed in Paris on Wednesday a new treaty for cooperation in defense matters which replaces the agreement signed in Djibouti after independence in 1977 reported the presidency.

It establishes, according to the Elysee, “the framework of bilateral military cooperation” and said “the facilities granted to our operational forces stationed” in Djibouti, the largest French military base abroad which hosts nearly 3,000 soldiers.

This signature “demonstrates the commitment of both countries to close cooperation in security,” says the Presidency in a statement, noting that “France is firmly committed to the independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Djibouti, strategically located in the heart of a fragile area. ”

This text is the sixth defense agreement renegotiated by France with a country of its former “backyard” of Africa.

Nicolas Sarkozy promised in February 2008, while traveling in South Africa, the renegotiation of all the secret documents of this type, accused of having covered the French military interventions in favor of controversial African regimes “friends”, and their advertising.
Sarkozy and Guelleh also spoke of “strengthening bilateral cooperation,” the situation in Somalia and the fight against piracy off the Horn of Africa.

The statement from the Elysee did not say whether the two leaders also discussed the Borrel case, that poisons relations between France and Djibouti for many years.

The survey of French justice has long favored the theory of suicide, before choosing, after new expertise, that of a murder in which some witnesses have questioned Mr Guelleh and his entourage.

According to the testimony of a French soldier stationed in Djibouti at the time of the facts revealed on Wednesday by France Culture, the French army had been informed of the assassination of Judge Borrel shortly after his death, through listening to the Djiboutian police .

Mr Guelleh, who is also the subject of a complaint filed in Paris for the murder of two family members of an opponent, made no statement to the press after his meeting with Mr Sarkozy.


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  1. Mohamoud says:

    Look at this picture. Mr. Ismail Gelle is signing a defence pact with France so they can protect him. At the same time he is sending his troops to Mogadishu. Why is he sending troops instead of food and medicine. Wh is behind this stupid move. Does he prefer a Somali to kill his brother another Somali. I never thought I will see this day. Why does not he send his troops to northern border to recapture his territory from the Eritreans. Please rest his troops will come back home defeated and with their tails between their legs like the Ethiopians before. Does not learn a lesson from the Ethiopians.

  2. Kayse says:


    Ina Geele who became obese duty to alcoholism and French wine is just confused. He thinks the French masters will guard him from the Afar knives and the Eritreans while he sings few classic hits from Abtidoon to charm the Essa midgets. He is probably the tallest man amongst the Essa in DJ.

    Nonetheless, it shows why my title for the little spot is right and will remain a French Camp. If your into wine and alcohol then the camp is for you. I love caano geel.

    "Au revoir"

  3. Saddam says:

    Don't he sent them to kill fellow somalis rather the opposite.for the peace agreement,i don't see any reason why they are there since when Djibouti is attacked they will not defend them that much as seen when Eritrea attacked them.The french army is there for the sake of being just there.

  4. Saddam says:

    I mean he did not send them to kill fellow somalis

  5. Jabuuti_Hanoolato says:

    Strongest Somali military is in Djibouti. After we pacify Moqadishu, we will invade Somaliland and free our brothers and sisters from the tyranny of the SNM militia. No worries Awdal and Salal states we are coming to rescue you from the Habashi lovers.

    • Getreal says:

      Stop pretending you are from Djibouti or support them. Djibouti and Somaliland co-operate on security on terror. This includes Ethiopia. Thus, your comments is a play at reverse psychology which is transparent and hollow.

      • Mohamoud says:

        We liberated you from the French and we will liberate you again from the French Americans and Etiopians. You are not even a million encluding Ethiopian refugees. How can you defend yourself by French Legioneers. Good luck and good riden.

  6. Kayse says:

    French Camp Hanoolato,

    Sxb before you get all cyber emotional like you always do, I have simple question to your claims.

    If the French camp has the strongest "Somali" army, how come it cant get its territory back from the few Eritrean soldiers?

    How come Omar Geele needs the French forces to protect him from few Afar with knives?

    When Eritrea invaded parts of Djibouti, how come fat Geele sent a stress call to Hargeisa (Riyale) and Garowe (Gen. Adde Muse)? All both did for him was make him a silly promise and hand him few goats with yellow rift fever.

    Calm down and try to get your land back from the few Tigrays…and as for Habashi, you would be more starving than Mogadishu if it wont for the Habashi using your port.

  7. Jabuuti_Hanoolato says:

    Long story short, we will get back that hill (after all it is just a hill) as soon as we liberate Awdal and Salal states from SNM terrorists. I would urge my fellow Makhir state and SSC brothers to start a northern and eastern fronts against the terrorist led triangle of Hargess/Buro/Barbara. Let us put the terrorist organization where they truly belong, on the bossoms of their Habashi grandmothers.

    • Getreal says:

      What has this article to do with Somaliland? This is about Djibouti. I suggest you stick to topic.

    • Mohamoud says:

      We libertated from Syiad Bare while you were sucumming to his wishes. be thankful. If you want to go to join Somalia be our guest you will be coming back crying I made a mistake. These people do not want you. They will treat you as a loser. You are better off where are. Think about it. Do you think that you be a president in Somalia or a vice president. You will be lucky if they give you garbage collecting ministry.
      Think about it.

  8. Jabuuti_Hanoolato says:

    The Habashis would starve if it were not for our ports. It is called bilateral relations. Each country has an advantage on a product or a service which it offers to trade the surplus with its neighbors.

    Djibouti existed for two decades without Ethio. using our ports but Ethio. could not have existed without Massawa and Asmara ports. ..kapesh.

    • Mohamoud says:

      The Habashis will have taken the port you are talking about if was not the Somalis in the north and south. without them you would have been a province of Ethiopia as you are now. Who is your president he is from Ethiopia. Who tells you what to do Ethiopia, We have many ports in Somaliland and Somalia and we do need the French and the Americans to protect us. We are proud Somali people. We are not sell out. We will never sell our soul or body for green backs.

    • Faisal says:

      Go and cry to your French master….

  9. Kayse says:

    French Camp Hanoolato

    Why you avoiding my question son? Why not get your land back from Eritrea before you beat the drums for Ethiopia which is 10x smaller in every sense. Also remember your leader is from Ethiopia and your supreme sultan is in Diredawa not in Djibouti hot and dried camp. You are controlled from Diredawa by Meles and that 20 year old suldaan…kapeesh?

  10. Jama says:

    Most S'Landers are suffering from a psychiatric disorder when they read news from Djibouti in which it triggers a mental state of extreme emotional disturbance. It simply shows how desperate some guys are by scribling toxic comments. These are the symptoms of inferiority complex

    long live Somalia and Djibouti

    • Getreal says:

      Why would Somaliland be concerned with Djibouti????? Don't you mean Djibouti is exploiting the politics btw East African nations to survive. Infact if Somaliland and Somalia ports become successfull it hurts their economy and their worthiness. So get it right.

      Infact, if Eritrea and Ethiopia improve their trade relations they will be redundant. They have more to fear and thats causing them a few nightmares/mental issues.

  11. Somaliland!!! says:


    hahaha wallahi you made that jabuti guy break down, you revealed his true colour, weakness and insecurity. Oh no french camp is angry now lol

    He is talking about liberating some Somalis from another Somalis when he can't even liberate his land from Eritrea, well what do you expect they are midgets,ey kkk xD

    bark baby bark!

  12. toxow says:

    its the first time i came on this site and the comments are not peacefull and thoughtfull
    i think most of you dont realise the reality of somali race whether in somaliland or djabouti or puntland or south somalia or galmudug or hiiraanland or ogadeniya or oromoland or anfarland.

    its a shame that most of you will end up being looser in dunya and akhira

  13. abdirazak says:


    I guess you don't get it, I'm talking about "S'Landers" and not about the "enclave". Most S'Landers express hatred view Towards Djibouti, this is what I meant… You arguments are an uncertain possibility by saying if Somaliland or if Somalia or if eritrea, well I guess you live in dreamland.

    Djibouti believes in growth, Peace and Prosperity if you can solve your problems, don't expect us to display grief over your misery. We are Building the largest Ship Maintenance Yard in the region, we are set to add 3 new ports linking Tadjoura-Mekelle and new rail line. Very soon South Sudan cargo will transit through Ethiopia and use the port of Djibouti, the list is too long to mention and there's no "IF"…

    • S/lander says:

      loool S/lander don't hate djibouti you joker, but this guy aka jabuti_hanoolato; only if you knew how much he insulted the issaq sisters (his sisters in Islam and in Somalinimo) in the most lowest form, if you knew how much he insulted the issaq clan. Your friend needs to grow thick skin man, look for example you are talking to us in dignified manner, that's how it suppose to be. Djibouti is the only Somali state that no somali has issues with especially essa people as they haven't mix much with the rest of somalis especially in politics. I can't believe S/landers have been so tolerant of him, a snake in the dessert walahi. Somaliland/Somalia have been this way for more than 20 years, if anyone has a fear of lose of economy is djibouti, even though you are somali state still you have your own interest too.

  14. Jabuuti_Hanolaato says:

    @Abdirazak, well said young man!

    @Somaliland no need to pat yourself or the Habashi lover on the back. Nothing he says impresses me, especially in pigeon English
    @Toxow, brother I hope I never become a loser in Akhira, but the venom is almost always started by a certain person.

    @All, Some people think, erroneously, that I am anti-Somali or Somalia. That could not be farther from the truth. I am just anti-SNM terrorists. I would love Somalis to succeed wherever they live.

    I have been goated by a Habashi lover and I was responding in kind.

    I am out.

  15. Getreal says:

    @ Abdirazak,

    Have a good read. Get real mate there is a big IF where Djibouti is concerned.

  16. abdirazak says:


    Stop biting on your nails and look for headline, speak your mind if you have an argument. If not keep on dreaming….

  17. Ahmed says:

    This government should start building the capacity of our military. We can't always depend on foreign assistance in case of military aggression. True that we're by far the smallest country and population in the region, but we need to use these 10 years signed to prepare a strong, disciplined defense force with modern equipment. Israel despite it's small size managed to build a lethal army, same with tiny Singapore.

    But for that we'll need to focus on strengthening the economy, yes we're slightly better than our neighbors but we can do much more. I hope the ambitious projects mentioned by Abdirazak materialize (read about them too). But the government needs to engage the necessary reforms for a genuine, diversified, growing economy. I doubt these reforms will come with IOG in place. But I'm optimistic, Djibouti will eventually get there. Remember, during independence, predictions were made that this country would disappear, either annexed by Somalia or Ethiopia, or fall into civil war with Afars and Somalis killing each other. 35 years later, we're still standing.

  18. somaliland says:

    Kayse you not probly a intelligent man go to our doctor of physcol and ask him more tablet to have more relax or more sleep bro, we are slander's did you know that djibouti support us all a long E££ig people who live djibouti support this country a lot to become somethink the business man of those country who ever was E$$ig support the {SNM} of that time. In our part we thanks djibouti because we won be what we are today boy, we wom be anythink to day if djibouti wasn't there thanks to them to all djiboutien still today the are behind us the slander's who live there.

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