Published On: Thu, Oct 20th, 2011


Long before Restore Hope, the joint UN and USA humanitarian campaign in Somalia in early 1990s, a consultant to the UNO on Somalia, advised the USA administration to attempt everything else but not war with Somalis, in his opinion; war is the thing Somalis know best. The USA did not heed to that precious advice and we all remember the way that campaign went wrong – it ended with the famous Black hawk down and that was the last USA chapter of waging war in Somalia – at least an open and all out ground war. That UNO consultant is called Mr. John Drysdale. He knew the closing stages of the campaign even before it was waged. He was not a fortune teller; Mr. Drysdale was some one who had first hand experience of what Somalis are capable to accomplishing in the war field. He was the British administrator of Somaliland more than four decades prior to the debut of that campaign.

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The Ethiopians were not dissuaded by the USA experience in Somalia. They did not either learn much from their centuries-old wars with Somalis and with the help of the USA air power, they too attacked and captured Mogadishu, but their victory did not last for too long and they were also compelled to a humiliating withdrawal after Somalis taught them a lesson in urban and guerrilla warfare.
Now it appears that the Kenyans did not learn much about the history of Somali warfare. In my opinion they too have made very bad miscalculations and do not understand that all Somalis are not the murderous Al-shabaab group and the Transitional Federal government. The Somali population is not the weak and famine-devastated thousands that live in refugee camps in the Northern Frontier district (NFD), which it self is a Somali region given to Kenya in the early sixties, after Kenya gained its independence from Britain. NFD is one of the five Somali territories represented in the star on the Somalia flag. Besides NFD, the other four Somali territories are Somalia, The Republic of Djibouti, The self administered Somali region in Ethiopia and the Republic of Somaliland.

The Kenyans fancy to believe that they could win a war and defeat Somalis, it is passable for them to accept as true what they believe, but the truth of the matter is they are playing with inextinguishable fire – a greater Somali fire. By starting a war in this region can easily instigating Somalis to reclaim their Northern Frontier District (NFD). Therefore, I brotherly advise the Kenyans to withdraw immediately before Somalis beat the drums of war, believe me that will not be a good sign for the Kenyans. To give you an example of what that could mean; the recent Kenyan civil unrest will feel just like a picnic in warm summer day on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Since its independence from Italy, Somalia is wounded by civil war, famine, terrorism and corrupt incompetent consecutive regimes, but Somalis are far from death and are strong enough to inflict an ever lasting damage to an aggressor. They are also blessed with Muslim and Arab brethren, who will not hesitate to assist them to rebel all enemies from all Somali territories.
Kenyans have no business crossing the borders to Somalia; it is illegal under International law and it is morally wrong. If they have beef with Al-Shabaab then they must fight them in their own territory and not inside Somalia. Kenyans must not arrogantly over estimate their economic and military power and must keep in mind, that only Somalis are capable of defeating Somalis and no body else. They must bear in mind that their country is very easily susceptible to be fractured through ethnic and tribal lines. By starting a war with Somalis Kenyan economy and tourist industry can be devastated within hours. It must realize that it can not win the wars lost by super powers. Kenya must not be fooled by the guys who call themselves the TFG of Somalia; these guys lack morality, education, experience and live their lives under the protection of the Ugandan forces tanks in their home – Mogadishu. They can be bought and sold in a junk yard. If the Kenyans trust the strategic analysis of these TFG guys then they are deficient in judgement.
Somalis know too well the illegal Somalia territorial water’s concession made to Kenya by the illegal and morally corrupt TFG. Somalis are aware of the Azania project that is established by Kenyans through a mercenary force headed by Mr. Gandi, a power Hungary opportunist. Somalis quite appreciate Kenya’s geopolitical ambitions, both short and long term strategies. By looking at realities on the ground, these Kenyan dreams are far from becoming true. Kenyans politicians must clear their heads of the myths and wrong assumptions. They are not able to conquer more territories from Somalis, but instead the Northern Frontier District might go back to hands of Somalis.
In recent years Kenya was enrich with not only the looting of the Somalia’s International assistance through the NGOs operated mafia that consider the humanitarian assistance, war and drought confounded Somalis as their personal spoils of war. Not only that, but Kenya is also benefiting from Somalis who bring with them capital, technical and business expertise to that corruption riddle East African country. Somalis have both directly & indirectly created jobs for millions of Kenyans. Thus, Kenya benefited from Somalia more than any country in the world. For those simple reasons, Kenyans should be grateful to the Somalis and must not try to slaughter the goose that laid the golden eggs. Kenyans and for that matter any other neighbouring country must think twice before they venture to play with Somali fire; it will never die very easily. Somalis might consider moving their businesses and investments from Kenya to neighbouring Republic of Somaliland and The Republic of Djibouti. Both Somaliland and Djibouti are eager to receive their Somali brethren and their investments with open hearts. The United Nations and the donor countries might also consider moving their offices to the more peaceful and politically stable Somaliland, since Kenya is not able to provide security to the foreign diplomats, expatriates and tourists in its country.

Yusuf Dirir Ali
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  1. amal says:

    Kenya is just interested of maybe invading the whole of south somalia and managing it (God forbid), and is taking advantage of the weakness in the country to even break international law. what do u think bunch of bantus will do to Somalia Allahu mustac'an. The Somalis of Somalia let themselves down and became blind to the vulchers perched all around them whilst they are heedless and busy killing each-other.

  2. sharmake says:

    Please stop warmongering. This article is one of those which gives us Somalis a bad name. Firstly I do not understand how any Somali can class 'Black Hawk Down' a success, yes the US left but how many Somalis died, not only as a result of the US but as a result of the many years till today which Somalia has been stagnant in a state of anarchy. I am for one sure that the majority of Somalis do not want war either civil or with its neighbors.

    "They are also blessed with Muslim and Arab brethren, who will not hesitate to assist them to rebel all enemies from all Somali territories."

    Delusion is another thing that many Somalis seem to be blessed with. Where are the Arabs now to help us, surely you do not mean those amongst the ranks of Al Shabaab punching above their weight when it comes down to tearing our country apart. What we need to do is stop looking for enemies. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such an article, furthermore, I implore Somalilandpress to take it down.

    • Ibrahim mohamed says:

      Dear Sharmatke,
      Yes you are right we do not have to look for war and enemies, our problems are enough for us, but you look coward who passed away long time if you are Somali. Although we are in trouble, actually deep trouble but still can not allow like Kenya and any one else to increase our problem. Kenya has to stay away from Somalia and its civil war other wise it will not appreciate the consequences.

      • sharmake says:

        First of all I am Somali and if I am not warmongering does that make me a coward? We need to open our eyes and see our situation for what it is. We are weak. Ethiopia managed to invade most of the country with ease and so is Kenya. Therefore, rather than try to create problems which will have dire consequences for our people why do we not acknowledge that the attacks in Kenya were wrong (taking away much needed support for our brothers & sisters living in refugee camps) and if we cannot solve that issue ourselves, which we clearly can't then Kenya doing it is not the worst thing that could happen.

  3. Mohamd says:

    The article was written by a Mogadisho based charcoal trader who considered Kenya as a safehaven; the same place where many tribes carry antagonism against each other enough to murder each other in public places or dragging each other out of cars.

    It was not Kenya who played with fire, but the Somalis who by now are experts in creating more fires.

  4. mohamed cheers says:

    Regardless of whatever the Author says in his statement, one single myth stands taller than
    everything else and that's Somalia has been a Country without a Government since 1991
    todate. Sadly that remains the case and only the Almighty God knows better in his Wisdom
    when a real change can come about and by whom in human terms. Right now Somalia is deeply
    dug into warring factions between the weak TFG bunkered by Amisom and freedom fighters
    calling themselves Alshabab and others.I don't know what Kenya is doing but I know PM Odinga
    is a wise leader who in fact is much better than his president for the Somalis plight.

  5. Hawa says:

    Wow Somalia is a free for all, Somalia for Somalis! The TFG is selling Somalis out big time, I hope the Kenyans never know what hit em. Defeat them!

  6. Abdullahi says:

    It is sad to read this article and see the hateful responses of a few people. But, it is good to hear the wise responses of others.
    The situation is difficult because Somalia is not a functioning state which can control its borders. If it was and Kenya was attacked then they would have the right to invade. However, there is lawlessness in the south, so what are Kenya to do when their territory is under threat?
    Do Somalis really want an end to the conflict in the south or will this be used as an other opportunity to 'show the Somali might against outside aggressors'? Let's hope it's the first one!

  7. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    I think the Kenyans have every right to defend themselves against terrorism. If the weak tfg entity cannot spread its authority outside the four corners of Mogadishu, then this action by Kenya would not be necessary. The whole idea behind the strategy of the terrorist is to draw in all the nations in the region into Somalia mayhem. I think the Kenyans had had enough, and have decided to act. It would not surprise me to see Amison enlarged and given a mandate to take over Somalia. We Somalilanders must remain vigilant.

  8. mohammed says:

    I think the Kenyan decision to get involved actively in South Central is a mistake but the people who will suffer most are Somali's in kenya who are going to get caught up in the mess between the beards and the Gov of kenya. If you go to kenya until very recently it was one of the most comfortable places to be as a Somali and the business community was thriving. Unfortunately the actions of al shabab kidnapping and killing a women in a wheel chair has brought us to the situation on the ground today….

  9. Isa says:

    I,m not Somali and i feel for the Somali state, i t must be hell to endure so many years of conflict, but shouldnt efforts such as those by AMISOM or even the move by Kenya serve as a catalyst to seek peace, if these forces can suppress groups like Al Shabaab shouldn't Somali's take such opportunities to dialogue and restore order, the so called foreign troops can be taken advantage to provide security as Somalis agree to sit down and talk about restoring peace…i have seen and heard many Somali's saying they don't want the Al Shabaab, isn't this a perfect opportunity to ride on the ongoing offensive and find some way out of the endless conflicts..even if the TFG is corrupt Somalis can agree to set up frame works for peace amongst the clans and start some form or regional government as they work towards a federal kind of state…

  10. hodan says:

    Kenya has a right to defend its borders. It is a high time that the somalis get rid of Al Shabab, The somali people who must kick A l Shabab out of every village, and not wait for outsiders to come and liberate them.

  11. Ahmed Dhegaweyne says:

    I am not blaming Somalilandpress for posting this opinion piece of writing, but would like to give some feedback to the author. War is what every country in the world has a military for. Countries spend large resources on it to be ready for any situation that demands the action of guards of thier sovereignty and national integrity. In this case Kenya has every right to go after who ever commits aggression against its interest. If there is no Somali governmet who can control attacks on them being launched from thier soil, or in this case on its neighbor(Kenya), Kenya's reaction should be justified. On the other hand, NFD is well represented in Kenya and as far as I am concerned never opted in recent past decades to join the troubled Somali. Somalis are people of many nations. They are not in one nation. Every Somali nation has its own national policy and Djibouti and Somaliland are independent Somali nations.

    • warya says:

      Good point! Somalis have never had a unified political agenda. The previous dictatorial regimes only made it seem as though all Somalis had a common direction or destiny. At the end of the day the common Somali wants peace, stability and progress. The geographical shape of these factors might take is debatable. We need to stop day dreaming about greater Somalia and start looking at different models that could give our people a lasting peace. The GCC countries are good examples of peaceful small countries with varying tribes yet common regional policies.

  12. Kinyanj says:

    Kenya is where most Somalis go in times of problem like now. Alot of this jihad influenced Somalis want to hate us. You cant hate us. We dont care if you are "Somali" or w/e Kenya is the diversity hub of Africa like Kemet once was. We want peace for all Africans whether it be Bantu, Kushites, Nilotes or Khoi. We don't care. We just dont want that extreme Islamist bullshit. Even Somalis know that here in East Africa we are not in to that Middle East crap. We all coexist in Kenya as Africans. If you think what Kenya is doing is wrong then please find out who Kenyans are, because we represent all of Africa. We East Africans are still the best from Egypt times to now. If you guys wanna keep on doing this stupid mongering you can but, please refer to Kemets history and see we were still the same people. If we don't get our shyte together, we give foreign powers a chance to colonize us even more. This has nothing against Somalis as East Liegh will be a witness. Get with the program. We are all situated in the best part of the world. East Africa. Access to the whole world East or West and we don't need extremists here.

  13. Mohamed says:

    Somalia has reached where it has becouse of cheap slogans such as Somaliwayn.

    Few has been selling Somalia since 1991 until know and are providing the world with enogh support to destroy this country. This country was the second largest sugar producer in the world after Brazil (According to a report by the Independent). Where is Somalia????

    I am from Somaliland but it is killing me to see what is happining. Somalia has become an expermint by its nighbers the African who are working for thier won agenda.

  14. Mohamed says:

    For those who claim to be Greater Somalia lover to come out in large numbers to show thier distrust of this TFG and the sell out prlamint. Support and incurge the people in Somalia to come out and fight Alshabba and the pirats and take power into thier hands from the current leaders.

    Stop this clan and group fight becouse it is the couse of your desrtuctions where each is supported by different countries. Learn from the Arab uprising they where ruled by ruthless.

    Stop looking at Somaliland as if it come back to the Union the problems of Somalia will be solved. Many speakers on TV and writers always bring this issue. While Somaliland is not part of this problems I am sure we will help and provide support if needed proviede that you are looking for honest solution and talk to us on equel footing.

  15. Mohamed says:

    Stupid article with stupid analysis and comments. Bring it on!

  16. sean witherspoon says:

    All Peace loving somalis should join kenyans and fight al shabaab to the last bullet or machette. Somalis are the poorest/malnutritioned people in the world, and i feel sorry for the kids and women who suffers everyday as a result of war and poverty. If Somalis sympathise with al shabaab, they will suffer in the end because kenyan business community will soon cut ties with somalia and poverty and hunger will shift into high gear. At this point somalis are still surviving because of kenya., and if kenyans start chasing out alshabaab sympathisers out their money will be gone in short time.

    • Ali says:

      Somalis have no problem with finishing the Al-shabaab off. The problem here is the neighbouring countries taking turns in killing Somali civilians and looting their resources. That is illegal and immoral and needs to end once and for all.

      We are all angry with the murderous tactics of Al-Shabaab but that does not justify killing and terrorizing civilian Somali men, women and children in their own homes.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Am not here to defend the warring factions of Somalia and what you Kenyans should or should not do but again your deliberations ain't the right pills to swallow. What you are saying is simply outrageous
      hegemony or the likes which's no good for two neighbourly AU Countries. In my view none of the
      warring factions are the proper functioning Govts. for Somalia since 1991. cuz Somalia is without a
      functioning Govts. at all. Be sure that neither the weak TFG and Amisom nor the Alshabab and others
      are the proper bodies to resolve the Somalia crisis. Perhaps popular uprising(Intifada) similar to the Arab Spring revolutions from within Somalia could make much differences to produce better results in such
      a short spell of time limit.

    • Zamzam says:

      Sean as u said any peace loving somalian must joint kenyans and fight with the evil group who call them slef alshabab they are killing people with out reason, they even go as far as kenya to kidnap and kill,Iam 100% MUSLIM and dont get me wrong iam not against Islam, iam against the evil group, why people are dying for hunger becous of them,they couse man made poverty, I feel sick when i open the TV

  17. lolot says:

    I am really amazed and like the kind of loyalty you guys have for your country somalia.However there’s something I think you are missing and that is reasoning soberly.How can you be proud of your country which has been razed down due to your OWN infighting for the past 21 years.Surely even countries like Iraq and Afhganistan would be more calm in a short duration after withdrawal of US troops.Kenya has no plans of occupying Somalia but has been forced to attack because of the barbarism of your clansmen over there at Somalia to disrespect kenya’s hospitality and pacifying nature.I bet some of you are immigrant Somalis living in Kenyan posting at the comfort of your kenyan homes about how somalia is fire.If you’re truly proud of Somalia why can’t you return back there and solve your country’s SENSELESS INFIGHTING.And to talk of resources being looted BY KENYA, that’s a blatant

    lie since your warlords over there are the ones using helpless people as consumable resources to protect their interests in the name of NATIONALISM(Funny how the name is propped up when forcing young men and children to fight the so called ‘CHRISTIANS’ invaders).

    Kenyans have been patient and Hospitable

    for a long time and I hope some of you won’t mistake that for being naive as when attacked you will see how Kenyans will unite and respond.Even we have Militias but they are sober enough to know that senseless infighting will only destroy themselves.But let no foreigner be fooled otherwise.

    • Omer says:


      You must be very young to remember beyond twenty years. I can understand that you are calling "Somalis to respect Kenya for its hospitality" Because you were not taught proper history in school. FYI Kenyans are misusing the Somali tolerance and their hospitality in NFD. Somalia let you have a big junk of its territory to give peace in that part of the world and you are taking that for granted.

      It is true that Somalia is in a disastrous situation now, but this will not last forever and there will be time, when all those who harmed Somali civilians be it the Al-Shabaab, Kenya, TFG or others will be held into account.

      • matthew monari says:

        You dream of revenge and certainly feel that the Northern Frontier District belongs to you. May I remind you that this territory is not the born of contention. Somali is nolonger Somali, Its disintegrated. Even if Kenya gave you NFD, you will probably do nothing with it other than fight over who owns what. May I remind you that the territorial borders within Africa were not drawn by ourselves. They were drawn by our colonizers and most of us found ourselves in states that we did not like it. Redrawing them may spill more blood than necessary. Kenyan certainly does want prosperous Somali. We want our neighbors to freely enjoy their country. We do pray that this happens so that we can all exist in peace. I have a lot of Somali friends and we always talk about this. Please do not Plot for revenge. Lets focus on attaining peace within Somali.

      • Said Ali Salaam says:

        At least the Somali people of Kenya are at the centre of giovernment. It is not a secret! Infact, Kenya has nothing to gain from annexing even an inch of Somalia, what for? The big problem is, 1991-2011 is a long time to keep fighting senselessly. Further more, even when neighbours like Kenya keep off and let you sort your issues by yourselves, what do you do? You harass your people, who are forced to become refugees in thousands. You then export your harrassment to Kenyan nationals! Tomorrow, if Somalia got itself together and stopped exporting anarchy across borders, no one would spend an extra hour in Somalia. So please reduce this "kujigamba". It is a bit boring.

  18. Hussein Darwish says:

    Thanks for sharing with us this article. It was certainly informative and this article focuses on the report of an empirical analysis.

  19. matthew monari says:

    As a Kenyan, I would like to question the Dr Yusuf what his intentions are. He is a happy man, having fled Somali and now enjoys a hefty pay as a Dr in the UK. He has no clue what ordinary Somalis are undergoing at the hands of mercenaries purporting to fight in the name of Allah. Kenya is not trying to recolonize Somalia. Kenya just wants to get rid of these mercenaries that have begun undermining the integrity of its borders. Dr Yusuf, bear in mind that the Somali you fled is n olonger what it was, to the north, we now have Somaliland, then Puntland, then Jubaland, etc. Somali has been decapitated into several lawless states that Somali's themselves feel unsafe to live in. As you enjoy your freedom in the UK, bear in mind that groups like Al-Shabaab have caused billions of damages, millions of deaths and over 1/3 third of Somalis have had to flee to mainly Kenya. I am sure Allah does not want to kill innocent people or displace his own people. So Dr Yusuf, maybe you should return to your homeland and help poor Somalis who are dying of hunger and in need of medical help.

  20. Duale says:

    The problem with Somalia is that the international community including Kenya recognizes the good for nothing TFG. the Somalia problem will not be resolved unless the sovereignty of Somaliland is recognized, all those who committed crimes against humanity must face justice, including the TFG, the remnants of Siad Barre regime, the Ahlusuna wa Jamma terrorist group along with their rivals the Al-shabaab murder machine.

    The solution to this problem is the recognition of Somaliland. The IC needs to empower Somalilandrs and give them the tools they need to establish an international criminal court and to carry on with reconciliation process for Somalia. The alternative is more terrorism, piracy and more material destruction. The whole world will be in a mess if no urgent steps are taken by the international community.

    • matthew monari says:

      are you suggesting that Somaliland is causing trouble in the larger Somalia in order for the world to recognize it? Do you seriously thing revenge on the so called invaders and those who have created injustices will result in peace in Somalia? How about everyone putting down their weapons, stopping all the suicide attacks and going to the boardroom?

      • Duale says:

        Your way is too simplistic. If things were this easy Somalia wouldn't be what it is today. Somaliland is not causing the trouble but recognition of Somaliland is the key to the solution of the Somalia problem.

        Somalilanders understand the culture of Somalians and they can easily tell who did what and who is for peace and who is not. They can even train and help build a Somalia army that will be able to flash out all the terror groups as well as Puntland pirates, that is if they are given the recognition that they deserve. The world has long rewarded the problem makers and ignored stable and democratic Somaliland. There is no single incident were Somaliland had problems with its neighbours Djibouti and Ethiopia.

        • Ahmed Wadani says:

          Well honestly i doubt it if recognition of Somaliland will bring peace to this troubled part of the world, it might be opposite that it will encourage every enclave to seek recognition, analysts have concluded that Somalia will be divided by regions, Kenya is determined to create Azania wich will be loyal to Nairobi and patrol its border, there is Puntland Ahlal Sunah so the bottom line is that the West and our neighboring countries care less about democracy and ony their security so in the mean time the attention is off Somaliland and to Shabaab terrorists.

  21. Jim says:

    The majority of responses spell out the questions I have about this article. It is poorly written, not logical in its hypothesis and conclusions. Others have expressed my opinions for me. But I do take issue with the author's use of John Drysdale's name in the article. There are no direct quotes. Mr. Drysdale has made no public statement on the recent Kenyan incursion to my knowledge, and I doubt that he will. His opinions are always worth considering, and both Somalis and the international community could benefit from his wisdom. But please do not impugn his name in the pages of Somaliland Press without checking the facts and opinions that are attributed to Mr. Drysdale. The editors should not allow this kind of shoddy work on to their pages.

    • Hassan says:


      Well, if you ever read Mr. Drysdale's manuscript about Somaliland you would not have said this. You are just being arrogant and self-righteous here. We do not know which opinions were expressed on your behalf. I hope you are not one of those NGOs, who are busy stealing food from the mouths of the starving refugees. Because you sound like one.

      • Jim says:


        I have read almost everything Mr. Drysdale has written for publication about Somalia, Somaliland, and the various border disputes, also including his studies of economic development in both Singapore and West Africa. It is not arrogant nor self-righteous to insist a writer cite his sources when he uses someone else's name. I am not an NGO, but a person who has worked in Somalia, Somaliland, and Puntland in different capacities on and off since 1967. Some of that work was directly with Mr. Drysdale. Mr. Drysdale is a professional colleague and a personal friend of mine. Your insults to me about stealing food from refugees has no basis. Why so negative, my fellow traveler?

      • Friendlywhite says:

        Jim ,

        You did not get it ! The article is not about Mr. Drysdale. It has more information than you think. It appears that you just saw the name of a white man and then jumped the gun. This is so old-fashioned colonial mentality. Why don't you just get on with the program and try to see the bigger picture? We are talking about averting an all out war and saving lives.

    • Van Gogh says:

      Hi Jim,

      What do you know about Somaliland and Somalia history? Unless you know what is being debated in-depth, you will just keep beating out of rhythm. please educate yourself before you fall into the dark trap of ignorance.

  22. Ahmed Wadani says:

    Kenya invading Somalia would have been unthinkable if we had a government in the south that represents its people. Kenya mistreat Somalis in Nairobi in the camps, recently they opened fire in Dhagahley camp and killed innocent refugees, this Bantus are making big mistake, Alshabaab is a cancer to peace' but Bantus have no business of crossing the border and invading cities violating rules and disrespecting our women period.

    • warya says:

      Our cities, women, and children are treated like trash, because we as Somalis do not RESPECT ourselves. You say Bantus are killing and raping well so are the TFG soldiers that should be protecting IDPs within government controlled camps. Under Al shabab, the IDPs have no access to food and aid, but they are safe from abuse. In the areas controlled by the TFG, the people have access to food, but women are consistently raped. And the TFG's primary concern has always been illegally funneling UN Aid money to foreign bank accounts and helping their own tribes men.

      It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. It is ridiculous to expect other nations to respect Somalis when we are willing to betray each other over a few foreign coins. Under the Worldwide Corruption Perceptions ranking of countries, Somalia was ranked as the MOST corrupt or worst in 2010. Let us blame it also on the Bantu!

    • Latifa says:

      And what business do somalis have in crossing the border to seek refuge in kenya which you call "bantu" country and establishing businesses in "bantuland"? Once al shabaab crossed the border then it became kenya's business to go after them wherever!!!

      • Ali99 says:

        Kenya itself is behind the killings and kidnappings and they blame Al-Shabaab so that they can invade Somalia – what a plan!…… We say leave Somalia alone. We suffered enough in the hands of our neighbors and their western allies. We know that Kenya has a long term interest in shaping the future government of Somalia when the mandate of the TFG runs out next year.

        • matthew monari says:

          And what would be of interest to the Kenyans for this invasion? What does Kenya want? Think before you peddle lies. Kenya has had no concern of Somalia for a long time. Why would shaping the next government in Somalia be of interest to Kenya?

          Kenya just wants to maintain peace in its own country. If Al-Shabaab is committing atrocities in Kenya and Somalia has no way of stopping this atrocities, then Kenya has every right to cross over the border, get rid of these elements.

          Its absurd that you would prefer to remain under the yolk of Al-Shabaab than be liberated by 'these Bantus'. What would you choose? Liberation and peace or Al-Shabaab?

  23. Omer says:

    The opinion given by the author is not much different from what the former UN secretary said:

    The author is just advising the Kenyans to fight Al-shabaab, but not to get involved in an endless war with Somalis. There is no need to kill the messenger.

  24. Mkenya says:

    I'm a Kenyan and proud of my country and it's defence force trying to kick the Al-shabaab out from encroaching our borders. Mind you since independence in 1963, Kenya army has never gone to any war in another country. The terror gang called Al-shabaab pushed us to the limit. They have been coming to Kenya, killing and kidnapping innocent and defenceless people. They have destroyed Somalia and wanted to destroy Kenya! They have been raiding our border towns and coastline near somalia and at one time raided a police station. What is Kenya supposed to do? Sit and watch as our borders are violated and economy ruined by terrorists?

    Kenyans hate war but Al-shabaab pushed our buttons to the limit this time. We had to go and disrupt their bases and activities. That's what any sensible Govt that cares for it's people must do. Kenya has tried it's best to help restore peace in Somalia for the last 15 years. We have given refuge to about one million Somalis in camps and in our cities where they feel more secure than back in their country where there's senseless wars and killings.

    Some of the most successful people in business here in Kenya are hard working local and foreign Somalis. Some of the biggest names in our political sectors are people of Somali origin who are Kenyan. We have minister for defence Yusuf Haji, deputy speaker Farah Maalim, the man who spearheaded our new constitution Abdikadir Mohammed, former Interim Electrol boss, Barclays bank CEO, and many ministers of Somali extraction who head key dockets and were never discriminated when getting those seats. So those who are saying Kenyans hate Somalis should think again! If you go to Eastleigh, local people have intermarried and do business with foreign and local Somalis without any hate. When there was civil unrest in Kenya, Eastleigh was one of the most secure places in Kenya!

    No country in this world has tried to help Somalia more than Kenya has. But since the TFG govt in Mogadishu has failed to contain Al-shabaab who were messing our country, Kenya had to act and rightly so. The first duty of any Govt is to protect the lives of it's citizens. The Somali people must realise they are the ones to do much more in restoring their failed nation than anyone else. Foreigners will only do little to protect their interests and rightly so. I feel sorry for somalia and wish it the best. Lastly, don't let these terrorists destroy your country please! They want to drive a wedge between the great people of Somalia and Kenyans. I hope they fail.

    • Somalilander says:

      Good points Mkenya! Wars are easy to start but hard to stop….We Somali's hate shabaab and their activities but at sametime We do not like our innocent people killed by Kenyan army in their own country.

  25. Farah says:


    Thank you for giving the best Kenyan comment. No sane person will disagree with you, but still its to the interest of both the two brotherly nations not get involved in a war that will kill more Kenyan or Somali civilian, who nothing to do with Al-shabaab or the TFG. Nothing is better than a peaceful coexistence.

    Let us all talk about the possibility of resolving the Somalia problem. Does anyone agree that Somaliland recognition will contribute to that end?

  26. mohamed mohamed says:

    I have noticed here some very brave comments from true somali's . I do not think none of us likes or support alshabab but at sametime ..We somali's cannot accept foreign aggressions ..

  27. Elis says:


    I read this article more than once and in no sentence did the author say that Mr. Drysdale commented about the Kenyan incursion into Somalia, as you alluded to. Please read this piece again and try to be a bit more grounded. Well I doubt you read everything Mr. Drysdale has written. Perhaps you have misinterpreted his writings as you did with this piece.

  28. Berri says:

    My Commentary Topics; Please follow next coming parts
    Part 1: Brief Biography of John Drysdale
    Part 3: Black hawk down of USA chapter
    Part 4: Specialty of Somalilandpress

    Anyone who interesting to know something about the history of, John Drysdale was former British officer, now Somaliland citizen converted to Islam and casted his historical vote on the historical day on Saturday, June 26th last Vote of Somaliland.

    Former World War II British army officer and author. John Drysdale, who arrived in Somaliland in 1943 in his teen. He served alongside Somaliland soldiers during WWII in Burma and Singapore. He returned back to Africa after the defeat of the Nazi regime in Germany and Japan to serve in the British Colonial Service and the Foreign Service where he carried out assignments in Ghana (then the Gold Coast) and in Mogadishu (now under British control with the defeat of Italy).

    Former advisor for more 10 years till that regime collapsed than ran way to join immediately into Somaliland institutions. Mr Drysdale worked as an advisor to the Somaliland government under the late President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal for sometime before the Egal's death and subsequently setting up his own land survey NGO.
    Author of Three Books;
    1.Singapore: Struggle for Success is a recommended reading for all young Singaporeans.
    2.Somali the Peninsula
    3.Whatever Happened to Somalia?
    To know more about Drysdale's Biography, please read in here at

  29. Berri says:

    mah maha somaliyaad: Dooqoni mandhiman bee kufanta!!

    Recent history tells all these bravery claims on contrary based below fact of historic evidences.

    1. All wars of Former Somalia staged with Ethiopia and Kenya were defeated and humiliated since it's the independence of 1960's and we all know as of today Kenya and Ethiopia are occupying two regions of southern Somalia up to now.
    2. We should not count or consider a war when they helped Abdullahi Yusuf politically … Ethiopian national security wasn't threaten – it means was not officially declared war, just it was weaken Zone-5 Ogaden Movements from side Ethiopian territories and withdrawn because of USA and International pressure.
    And by far use to be guerrilla war activities, when Ethiopian kill 100's south population and one soldier were killed.

  30. Raggeh says:

    My brother worked with Mr. Drysdale in 1950s in Aware. He is well-respected personality in Somaliland. But Jim miss represented the author and attributed something that the author did not write. The author did wrote that Mr. Drysdale advised the USA administration ,but him commenting about the Kenyan incursions was made-up by Jim.

  31. dkimanthi says:

    If your neighbors house is on fire, it is better to help put it out. Kenya hosts over 20% of Somalis and in as much as the operation is in its interest, Somalia will benefit from a stable country. Somalis are very good in business …I would rather the environment was created for business to prosper there. Even greater business could be attained which would be mutually beneficial. This is humanity, Kenya cannot ignore Somalia like the rest of the international community. We should not give up on Somalia…not even when other countries with bigger military might have lost in the country.

  32. Berri says:

    Part 3: Black hawk down of USA chapter

    Black hawk down of USA chapter was resulted by Restore Hope that the joint UN and USA humanitarian to rescue the people from civil war, famine, terrorism and Aideed warlordism "Orangutan Displayed Like Human-Behavior" when whole south people were dying like pesticides insects in starvation, famine and diseases. It deserves to remember this; the Black hawk down of USA chapter caused the south people millions of deaths as American history tells since 1770 when they kick off the French and British colonial empires from their country.

    So if anyone or country that shed the blood of USA citizens, especially military personnel, they use what known as "revenge hamlet" USA policy and citizens never forgive for minim 20-25 years till millions die and destroy directly or indirectly that country or people who committed for that cause and will enforce them to beg USA for help after that period. Essay on Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocides, Vietnam and Laos.

  33. Kadir says:

    Al Shabab has used the port of Kismayu to run guns into the wider East Africa, they smuggle humans in and out of the area, kidnappings, suicide bombing etc. and the list is long. Kenya has every right to protect its borders and I hope create a buffer zone until there is a givernment in Somalia.

    Guess who has suffered the most? Somalis. Just see the millions scattered even in Yemen of all countries – a bleak country – for goodness sake.
    Yet, there are Somalis who are still living with their heads in teh clouds, dreaming about a greater Somalia. If the actions of Somaliland, of creating their own area and closing out Southern Somalis, is any sign – that is but a pipe dream.
    Somalis of the south unite, you have nothing to lose but Al shabab!!

  34. H Khalif says:

    Kenya is foolish to enter somalia inorder to weaken the savages called al shabab, even though kenya's intention are good, because let's be honest Somalia needs all the help it can get, however Kenya will be hit hard by al shabab's new sucide tactics, as Kenya economy relies on tourism, this makes kenya a vulnerable target. So even though Kenya intentions are kind it hurts it's own interests therefore expanding the premiter of the conflict zone, and make the conflict regional problem

  35. Abdinasiir says:

    Somalia will come back as powerful nation inshaallah.

  36. Diinle says:

    For the Kenyans and Somalians who support the war:

  37. David Mutai says:

    Someone opined that, “Al Shabaab should be wiped out.." Al shabaab as of may 2011 had a membership of 14,426 (Wikipedia). The name 'Al Shabaab' means 'The Youth'[Of Somalia].Wiping out 14,426 ‘youth’ in their country by our army will not only be a tall order but be quite distasteful in the end.

    So, why are they kidnapping foreigners in Kenyan soil then? From the same wikipedia source (for luck of a better source) The Al shabaad , which is made up of young Somali militants guided by strict Islamic laws and fighting to overthrow the Somali interim government, ‘allege ulterior motives on the part of international organizations.’ They trust no one. Their fight back for those who venture too close to their territory is the very basic guerrilla tactic of war -kidnap. Should Kenya sit back and do nothing while the Al Shabaab expands its adventures into the Kenyan territory? My answer is a question for you-Will Al Shabaab be ‘wiped out’ by Kenyan Military incursion? Violence and War is a self-feeding beast. Like the green monster, the incredible hulk, the more you feed it with aggression, the more it grows bigger. By entering Somalia as an aggressor, we may be inadvertently stoking a fire that may be too ferocious for us to extinguish.

    Article 132 Subsection 4(e) of the Kenyan constitution provides that the president can only declare war, with the approval of parliament. In the present case, a government minister declared this unconstitutional war.

    As to the legalities, this debate should have been taken to parliament. We would have then realised that Kenya had more than just two options. We have the legislator established for this purpose. The constitution has been enacted to guide us on procedure and away from making mistakes such as the one we are in now.

    To cut it short, my take is that Kenya should remain a mediator in the eyes of the Somali people and we should for now only, beef up our borders. The issues in Somalia are too deep, too sensitive and needs a caring hand and mind and not this. We need to understand the historiography before jumping into because of two kidnapped tourists whom, even the Al Shabaab have denied responsibility.

    I sense an external hand arm-twisting Kenya into breaking the long-term relatively peaceful co-existence with our north-easterly neighbours. We should all resist this.

    – Concerned Kenyan.

  38. magalbi says:

    despite of the provocation by alshabab kenya should not hav sent troops to somalia .i believe the problems in somalia cannot be solved militarily should be a political solution

  39. Elvis says:

    Although Al-shabaab is always quick to brag, even when their terror is as bad as the their latest massacre of civilians in Mogadishu. This time around, they have denied this accusation of kidnaping people from Kenya. We know that at least one Kenyan was arrested in relation to the kidnaping, but no evidence was put forward by the Kenyan government that will justify its incursions into Somalia. Even if the Al-shabaab were responsible for these despicable crimes, the Kenyan government should have that proven beyond doubt and not have taken a hasty decision to attack a neighbouring country. This is simply wrong both legally and morally. Somalia and Kenya will remain neighbours forever and what Kenya did will affect the trust and coexistence between future generations. Therefore, the Kenyan government should have been more level-headed and not listen (as attractive as that could be) to the temptations and pressures from outside forces.

  40. Alaf says:

    Kenya is not after somalis per se but after the Alshabaab militia who have also done great
    havoc not only in kenya but also somali including last weeks bombing at mogadishu that had over 70 students killed. I believe there should be a collaborative measure btn the two countries to tame this group.

  41. Berri says:

    We should focus on title of this article: KENYA MUST NOT PLAY WITH SOMALI FIRE!

    Bravery by definition is winning by objectives such as struggling for liberating to free a country or community from the leadership's Hosni, Gaddafi and Siad Barre with sustainable good governance and for better lives after the struggle.
    In these days, any community achieved that objective with practical skills and mindset, means a proud population or society in any measurements scale.They are Somaliland people who were a headed of Arab Springs with lesser personnel, financial assistants, and equipments or without western help morally and materially and then toppled the styled himself as Jaalle Siyaad ignorant and cruel leader. Ogaden born, his parent died when tens old psychoses childhood and never schooled, except he enrolled in the Italian colonial police as a Zaptie in 1940 and clanism lifestyle believer.
    World characterized his power was by oppressive dictatorial rule and human rights abuser regime, most of times worse than Falling Arab Spring Leaders.
    Proven bravery skills were when SNM broke the Mandhra Jail and freed and rescued 1000' of detainees without being brought to trial and they empted the jail.
    Other piece of bravery fight was when SNM rescued and freed Colonial Abdullahi Asker who under gripe of Gani in tied up in one of the most securely guarded with 80 thousand of military command headquarter in Hargesia. Such dramatic and dynamics bravery skills you wouldn't see anywhere except in James Bond "007" or John Wayne" The Fighting Seabees" movies.
    And we don't forget Aidid was exported by SNM to effect up raised in 1990's of Southern Somalia.

    Other than that, its empty brave and unrealistic truth by psycho's people or sick community doesn't know what want in the planet to live with dignity in their country or community.

    1)Bravery doesn't mean my father killed your father or tribe/clan. These ancient days gone from civilized World, witnessed and suffered from such mentalities.
    2)Bravery doesn't mean bellowing up 100's of students going for scholarship and read Quran revelation to praise the killers this month in Mogadishu.
    3) Bravery doesn't mean that bombing ministry of education to kill professors and graduates in last year in Mogadishu.
    4)For the last 20 years millions of South Somali refugees were in Kenya-hosting camps while fleeing from their own home country by (brave fighters in Mogadishu?). Up now experiencing one of the worst human rights psychological intimidation, robbery, humiliations and continuous rapes.

  42. moha egal says:

    First of all, lets keep the comments clean n be respectful to each other. I disagree with the author of some key issues while i also agree with him on some. IMO kenya seams to have made the decision to attacj long before anyone of the tourists were kidnapped so i have my questions on that. For instance the Azania project to create a self governing mini state is counter productive n undermining to the TFG which kenya is supposedly helping, also somalis see it thru the clan lens and the project is not looking to good as kenya's move will undoubtedly install and empower some clan affiliated power hungry entities who are not very popular with the populous as people have seen the effects of clan affiliated militias & warloads. Lastly i must say that the days of shabaab are sure numbered o matter how one looks at it must the author is right that foreign invasion seems to empower them by providing a rallying cause n popular support. One thing i notice however is that too many somalis are not fervently discussing or moved by the Kenyan intervention simply because unlike Ethiopia, kenya is not considered an enemy by somalis due to a genuine lack of historical strife n hate btw the parties.

  43. Berri says:

    Part 4: Somalilandpress Specialty In Question?

    Congratulations Somalilandpress about gaining popularity in International Media presents and ranks remarkably in Big Search Engines such Google, Yahoo and Bing picks up and crawling all Somaliland news from your website first time in the last months and ignored almost all other sources including Growie online.
    However, in my honest opinion, Somalilndpress is locally gaining bad images at same time by irritating Somaliland readers because by mixing Somaliland with Somalia affairs. "Somali Wayeen Lovers" who easily forgot the distraction resulted from the post unification of 1960.

    Causing of exhausting all energy, time, ideologies, vision and goals of Somaliland's people when opening and allowing to discus crabbing, empty articles/topics which not benefiting what so ever Somlliland by exchanging views such as " our brothers of Somalia vs. our brother of Somaliland filling up pages and contents. I personally believe free expression of opinions but must be beneficial and relative as the name of this website implies "Somalilandpress" which should encourage future visions of economical, political and social developments …

    I hope this respected platform, will not follow to the same path of HCTV-Satellite which now hated by Somliland audience because it becomes day by day too cheap commercialized instrumental media when airs laughable piece of news "car accident occurred in Bullo Hawa of south Somalia city where two old women died in that accident". While it never told the big accident killed more 15 people in location far from Hargesia 10 kilo distance. This TV-Station forgets the conscious

  44. Xassan says:

    Kenya failed to secure its own borders from criminal bandits.. so they've now jumped to conclusion that these few criminals were part of Al Shabab. If all criminal bandits in Somalia are Al Shabab why aren't all pirates charged for being part of terror group when they are jailed in USA ? This is a joke and a convenient lie Kenya is using due to Western pressure especially from France and USA who are both indiscriminately bombing innocent civilians in Southern Somalia with drones and jets.

    Kenya, without any intelligence on Al Shabab.. other than the fact they control majority of the region have ventured into Somalia without backing from TFG which is extremely dangerous move for them and for both Somali and Kenyan civilians.

    Piracy and kidnappings are not an epidemic linked to Al Shabab ..these are outcomes of lawlessness which wont change even if Al shabab is defeated!! This is what Kenyans need to understand. AL SHABAB DID NOT MOLD SOMALIA TO WHAT IT IS TODAY…THEY CAME AFTER 2006 INVASION BY ETHIOPIA.. WARLORDS AND LAWLESSNESS IS WHAT BREADS CRIME AND KIDNAPPINGS AND THIS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL SOMALIA IS STABLE….so protect your borders…and join AU and TFG the proper way if you will..but going in alone with help from colonial powers is occupation and we will not allow this to happen.

  45. Dhugtame says:

    To all,
    Its too obvious that the author is doing something right when the Kenyans agree with him while people from Somalia disagree with him, becomes the people of Kenya are more sober these days than those from Somalia, in the old days it used to be inverse. loool

  46. JMo says:

    Its only the Somalis who can clean up their country, other countries can only help. But Somalis themselves must lead from the front by first getting rid any terrorists in their midst, ending clan feuding, setting up governance structures that are all inclusive and understanding that sacrifices have to be made for the benefit of the common good.

  47. JMo says:

    Its only the Somalis who can clean up their house,other countries can only help.But Somalis themselves must lead from the front by first getting rid any terrorists in their midst, ending clan feuding,setting up governance structures that are all inclusive and understanding that sacrifices have to be made for the benefit of the common good.

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