Published On: Sat, Sep 24th, 2011

Op-Ed:Fake Somali nationalists, please shut up

What a heartening piece of news that the one coming from Hargeisa today. Somaliland people collected seven hundred thousand dollars for their famine stricken brothers in Somalia to be delivered in part by the great Hadraawi. Friends in need are friends indeed and as a native of South Somalia, I would like to commend Somaliland people infinite generosity.

In fact, I am not surprised at all by this act at all. I knew all along that while some claim to be Somali unionists, blue flag worshippers and all Somali loving, Somaliland walk the walk. From the outset of Mogadishu civil war, Somaliland welcomed refugees fleeing the South when Puntland was busy deporting them. When Somali expatriates were deported by Saudi Arabia in 2006, they were subjected to a shameful triage inside the airport of Galkacayo: those hailing from Puntland were allowed in while others were refused entry. And guess what? They were granted entry in Somaliland. And today, when Somaliland delegation is coming with love and aid, Puntland Farole is arriving to give a speech to berate Mogadishu about how awful the capital is looking.
Tribal minded websites like wardheernews and the Puntland media will always present Somaliland as Somali haters gleefully enjoying Mogadishu demise. They will play up and distort Adan Siro talk but completely ignore Somaliland people magnificent gesture. Southerners like Yusuf Garaad will scramble to convey negative news about Somaliland while ignoring the fact that his own mother live peacefully in Hargeisa. Clannish media will invent stories about ethnic cleaning in Hargeisa while ignoring the fact that Southerners own sizeable businesses in Somaliland. Publicity seeking and has been singer Saado Cali will get dressed hypocritically in blue and rant about Somali unity in front of destitute refugees wondering why this lady was coming empty handed to Dadaab.
To my Somaliland brothers, ten thousand times thank you. South Somali know where their true friends are. Where they are allowed in, allowed to raise their kids, safeguard their elders and grow their business. For all these hypocrite flag waving, fake Somali nationalists, please shut

Mohamed Omar
Ottawa, Canada

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  1. Hawa says:

    We walk the walk indeed! I always remind people who try to insinuate Somaliland has done nothing for Somalinimo or hate the south that we gave up our own statehood because we were such hopeless idealists. What has this fake new "state" of Puntland done since its inception but undermine governance in the south and lay out the red carpet for Ethiopians to destroy their so called beloved Mogadishu? Every true and honest southerner knows and will acknowledge this reality. As for the rest of those willfully deluded tribalists who accuse us of hate , they can talk to the hand. Great article!

  2. Yusuf says:

    Thanks brother Omer for the nice words. I wish Somaliland haters will read this great piece and change their wrong views about Somaliland.

  3. mursal says:

    Mr: Mohamed Omar ,Walaal we have no reason to hate our brothers and sisters in Somalia & ofcourse we can't hate Somalis cuz we are somalis and we can't hate our selves !!!__Walaal we have done everything possiple to creat somaliwayn , but it did'nt work so we dicided to walk alone and to start from the zero again , and alxamuliALAH we are doing well .__Mr: Mohamed thanks , Finally we have someone who understand us. may ALLAH help us all.__Good article

  4. barwaaqo says:

    Ma ah markii u horeysay ,todobaad ka hor waxa moqdisho raashin geeyey ururka wadaniga ah ee Taakulo kaas oo ka ambabaxay Hargaysa.

  5. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    We say NO and NEVER to going back to that ill-fated and dubious "union"; but we have never said, " we are not going to help the needy in Somalia".

    The famine tragedy that is unfolding in Somalia has exposed the hypocrisy of the so-called "unionist". Let them shed as much crocodile tears as they want.

  6. Bedria says:

    What a breath of fresh air! I am telling you Puntlanders are parasites, if there werent other somalis to hate these people would die off!

    Its high time Somalia finds this out and decides to go it alone like us, they will only drag you down, you have been warned!

  7. warya says:

    Mashallah! Thanks to the author for his honest and kind words. His words are sad, but true. If Somalia were to be looked at in the old union days, it could be divided into 3 large pieces – Somaliland, Puntland and the South. Furthermore, if one were trying to hypothetically put out a fire 1 section at a time no one in their right mind would try to engulf the best functioning area, Somaliland. In my mind, protecting this rare example of success in Somalia would be a priority, since it represented what Somalis are like at their BEST! And for argument sake, where would all the 4 million Somalis living in the north along with the IDPs go if Somaliland were engulfed in the chaos as some fanatics wish? The south, Puntland, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yeman, Saudi Arabia? No country would take in an entire society!

    Finally, if Somaliland ever falls it would be the end of all Somalia and this statement shouldn't be misconstrued as arrogance. A high legal official (judge I believe) in Kenya has already proposed the idea of invading Somalia and dividing it amongst itself and Ethiopia by forcing the then conquered Somalis to sign over their nation at the barrel of a gun. Google it!…..So, if Somaliland fell what do you think Ethiopia, a long time enemy of Somalia, would do with such a large group of Somalis running around its borders with guns?
    And if that doesn't paint the right picture then take for as a certainty that the US would bomb us all to hell while justifying to their own citizens that we were somehow all in bed with Al Qaeda.

  8. M.H.Buraleh says:

    Donations that SNM receive from any donors or Tax collected from Berbera Port belong to all Somali people. Somalia will remain one wrapping SNM flag with few Dollars is not new Awdal,SSC & Makhir at the front or other Somalis want buy it.

    • Yusuf says:

      I respect your primate instincts, but you must realize that we live in a civilized society and not in the prehistoric era.
      Wake-up and smell the coffee! Siyaad Barre was badly defeated and he is not coming back, you have to adopt to the new reality and forget Afweyne's failed empty slogans.

    • Yusuf says:

      @ Burraleh

      I know you are bothered by anything positive that comes in the way of Somalis, because you were a big time parasite during the Siyaad Barre times. Now it is about time for you to quit this nonsense and get on with the program..

    • mursal says:

      ILAAHAY cuqdada kaa buuxda ha kaa saaro oo caafimaad ha kuugu bedelo…..AAMIIN

    • Abraham says:

      Its the pirate ransom which belongs to the sea faring businesses of the World. Fear Allah and give it back.

  9. Skinny says:

    Warya, Buraleh, why don't you go and sell your Garaba…we know who you are Mr. Somali Express! Your cousin IOG will be kicked out soon and you will be a refugee in Hargeisa so you should wish well for your future home.

  10. mohamed cheers says:

    This folk M.H.Buraleh; Is he really from Djibouti and a Cousin of Ismail Omar Gellee (Dj. President)
    if so he should be reported to the Djibouti intelligence for taking action against this sick individual
    who's always engaged in interferring and spreading mischief in the Somaliland political affairs.
    If this folk is really a Djiboutien citizen as some bloggers claim, then the Somaliland Intelligence
    must take action to report him to the Djibouti Intelligence to do something conducive to legal action
    against this sick vogabond mentality and put him behind bars where he belongs to put an end to his mischiefs.

  11. puntland says:

    This is clearly a cheap shot by somaliladers, having failed the recognition of somaliland now they are implementing Plan B which iz a sympathy for hawiyas. hawiyas wer once strong, but weak as ever now
    the TFG is an puntland-created puppet entity that serves puntland interests.
    puntland iz somalia & somalia is puntland.

    • mohamed cheers says:


      Say whatever you like to say but one thing is certain: Puntland is the home base for MJ Clan which as
      you put it is part of Somalia. BTW Somalia is not only for MJ and Hawiye. You are insulting all the other
      Somalia clans. Any Mischief from Puntland to Somaliland or Somalia will never work. True that Puntland is
      expert in fitna conspiracies but never succeeds for obvious strong currents surrounding such fitnas.
      These strong currents are Somaliland and Somalia. All the stupid fitnas of the past did not work.
      I Just can not understand what other fitnas Puntland can try out which could be helpful.

      • warya says:

        Dear brother,

        Do not bother replying to his person calling himself Puntland. Firstly, he is a low life who frequently blogs under various alias. Secondly, he is what I would call a Somali reject. He neither has principles or any particular views. He flip flops back and forth depending on his mood swings. Some days he preaches clan warfare and others he talks unity. In his mind, Somali unity means his clan must dominate and rule the country, but he tries to hide it most days. You might believe that this individual hates simply the Isaaq, but in reality he HATES all no MJs including other Darood tribes….wierdo!

        My honest opinion on this dude would be that is he probably one of those typical Somali high school or college drop outs who is both jobless and miserable. His personal life is too sad deal with and so he prefers to lash out against any form of good news or manifestations of success – people building, working, marrying, striving etc.

  12. Abdiweli says:

    I am glad Somaliland made a contribution towards the war on saving llives for Southern Somalis a long side with Europe and America.
    Well done

  13. Adan Somalilander says:

    Walikeey waa markii uu horeeysteey oo aan arkeey nin reer konfuriaan oo ruunttii qureey . Waxaan haallkunn kugu hambaleeyaa Maxamed Omar oo aan kuu taageeryaa qooreylkaa . Illaahey Somaliland Caqoonsigaa haq ah siyoo konfuriyaa nabad kaa deego.

  14. HMObsiye says:

    I have nothing else to add, but to say thank you, to Mohamed Omar, the writer of this article, you hit the truth and I hope people like you will speak up and tell these garbage who calls it selves, unionist to stop lying under the cover of the blue flag. Deep down, every Somali from Somaliland to South Somali knows what exactly they stand for.
    Again, thank you and keep on the good work.

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