Published On: Sun, Mar 25th, 2012

Op-Ed: Lessons Learned From the Pareto 80–20 Rule Principle

OPINION | March 25, 2012
By: Abdi Y. Xaad

I think many of us heard or studied the Pareto 80–20 rule principle in the best economic studying since today: Pareto developed both concepts in the context of the distribution of national income and wealth among the population.

Who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; he developed also the complementary principle by observing that 20% of the land in Italy was owned by 80% the other rest of population only. That’s means, a huge imbalance burden in the standard of living resulted from rooted chronic corruption and mismanagement of the national resources.

Now, mathematically it has big correlation applications in Somaliland’s today actual phenomena which is 80% of the GNP goes to the (big business group, government officials and well connecting of certain elites) through various revenue incomes without taxation of net profit and potentially huge corruption systems adapted after sacked the most ethical, capable, honesty and integrity former Finance Minister – Mohmmed Hashi who Somaliland never produced like him ever in history.

Out Side World Watchers

Somalia is the world’s most poorest and corrupted nation on the earth according to Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perception Index. The 2010 CPI shows nearly in the index score below a 0 scale from 10 points that perceived to be highly corrupt nation.

Why, Somalia ranked #1 in record corruption and chaotic country in the planet? Simply due to the obvious reasons of chronicle tribalism, all types of corruptions, nepotisms and poor governance systems during and post collapse of the military dictator ruler’s regime of Somalia.

According to the above official world report evidence. The worst conditions of Somalia were inflected for the last 20 years, which is not far from Somaliland BORDERS.

Hence, Somaliland needs adaption of rational mindsets thinking for the future of its population.  To retain and sustain the successful results Somaliland achieved in the same period of 20- plus years,  also, the political advancement   it gained from the London Conference was due to the collective efforts of institutions participations both governmental, opposition parties and civic society and with help of real player leaders like UK and USA.

The following of the international community entrusted to invest in Somaliland through huge direct foreign joint investments mainly in the sectors of Oil & Gas and Infrastructures such Roads, Water Supplies, Berbera Port, Air Ports and Securities Projects.

And according to foreign media releases indicated coming direct huge funds of international development packages some estimated nearly $ 500 million to be spent Somaliland within next two years coming and subject to incremental paces.

With this promised prospectus, there are emerging growth of different corruption by- products signs within Somaliland main governing institutions like executive, judiciary and auditing general systems.  Today, we see new lessons are figure pointing a serious corruption problem to a higher level  by utilizing a new technique of very rarely unpopular tools in Somaliland culture such as blackmailing and character assassinations, harassment to detain top government officials without fair trial.

Other,  episode of  correlation when  unexpected surprises of  the big scale reshuffles fired some of  best national intrepidity and integrity ministers in coincidence with these foreign money flow schemes  and within 72 hours prior to the reshuffles the three top government officials have been  arrested  including the governor of Somaliland capital without given hard evidence or indicted fair trial. The public labeled this act as strange provocations and wondered case scenario that Somaliland never witnessed and it made a shock to many nationals from East to West Regions.

Fabrication and Fake Allegations 

The disturbing feeling is when the three officials shackle- chained and transported in secret tightly secured armed vehicles put them into the confinement l cells immediately without any Attorney General Warrant orders but only verbally accused them for corruption case of donated food misplacements.

Extraneous continuous, when  presidential a decree issued for firing  from their duties even before reaching the detention centers, let alone the conviction trials proper procedures. In Hargesia, there many confirmed rumors pointed out that there were deliberate Fabrication Scheme Allegations plotted within circle and battery limit of presidential palace’s perimeters.

Feeling also says, the original planning was to make these officials as escape goats and then followed of hiring special Ministries in order to take out all obstacles and barriers for free passway for coming huge promised financial foreign fund and Aid Cash Flows to be purred into private and governmental projects investments with NO controlling and accountabilities since the strong Finance Minister has been sacked out.

Nevertheless, actually these politically motivated architectures produced great negativity repercussions feedbacks of miscalculations results.  These poorly planned operations and less intelligent engineering tactics to cover up this entire triangle designed for political gains and illegitimate predicated financial packages- benefits for certain people though giving them business opportunities and new ministerial positions.

Other hot issues, including Berbera Cement Plant Project that monopoly granted to specific politically influential business men without given thought the previously proposed procedures and policies were regarding the national public sharing offers or even a fair competition considerations among the other  public national investors.

These acts entered the whole nation in rampageous and confused mode with great anxieties feelings of aversion in regard to Intra- State insecurity whether the natives are government opponents or exponents due to increasingly imbalance of injustice practices and renewal of corruption smoking signs accelerating speeds.

Word of Warning

As already commented in the internet blogs, the whole society begins widely; the country approaching to slip into extreme depression directions towards lack of wise leadership governance for the country affairs.

Predication of at least 50% tax revenue reduction in the year…..

The public have pretty terrifying dreams since after the reshuffles, financially, socially and economically. The Institutions Bankruptcy can be a very big of another nightmare and when salaries couldn’t pay on time to the government employees and the forces that will make again the people’s life harder not easier… Then guest what??? Backward devastations and destructions will follow similar to Somalia!!


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  1. Gaade says:

    What I find funny is that every time one disagrees with the policies of the government, they predict the disintegration of the country and similar problems to Somalia occurring. These folks are confused internal policy problems/mismanagement (if there are any) with nationhood. It's like Somaliland is a house that you can send bulldozers to break it into pieces any time you fancy. Why can't they bloody write about the defects of the policies or the corruption if they have evidence without putting the entity of Somaliland a question mark? These people need to wise up as much as the people in government that they are complaining about. Do some training for gods sake before you take the pens!

  2. osman5 says:

    This is another baseless accusations against the current administration of Somaliland manufactured in a very vicious way by our enemy no.1.
    It's obviously a trap so, we shouldn't fall for it.

    Osman Qaal

  3. Abdi1234 says:

    The author and his friends must cough-up some evidence or they must shut the hell up! If you continue in this outrageous path than there will be no Somaliland to talk about., it will be destroyed with your malevolence.

  4. Gobaad says:

    This is another diabolical and devilsh article riddled with baseless accusations and attacks against the government based on a pessimistic view of disgruntled individuals whose outlook on things is scornful and outlandish trying to derail the government off its tracks.

  5. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    It's amazing and absert that people of no vision, but hate of some sort, comes out of blue and write discusted and unfounded allegations and miss information about Somaliland and the current government. They do not differentiate between the country of Somaliland who has many enemies within and out side, and the trivial hurdles that comes and goes. They talk as there is nothing positive in Somaliland.

    Another thing I don't understand is why the government is not talking to those who elected and explain whatever concern their public has? It's important that the President breaks the silence and speaks with his people. Another issue is that there is election coming, and the current political outcry will not be good for the ruling party if not checked the rght time, unless their ambition was for one go.

  6. hirse says:

    the com mentors are simply Guulwadayaal/ yes-men bootlickers or mentally retard. why u the government with telling anything tangible to disapprove the version of the author. it upsets me so much when I see such type of morons. grateful to the author who invested his time to divulge the ongoing corruption to the poor masses.

  7. A did says:

    Again I don't like the "dahabshiil regime"

  8. HMObsiye says:

    This is nothing but accusation by those who either have relative arrested for corruption or those whose income was stopped by the current regime, because the income they receive all these years was not from well-earned but from crooked corrupt ways.

    The author is referring to 80% to 20% income differences in Somaliland, did he forgot the most advanced Country in the world, the USA has the ratio of 1% controlling 99% of the wealth?

    Somaliland existed without Mohamed Hanshi, for over 20 years and it will continue to exist for ever. So please, stop bashing your own country for selfishness or for primitive clan affiliation.

  9. I Jama says:

    Most of you are falling into the trap of mis interpretation. Eng M Haashi situation is being used by your enemies. So don't keep bashing him just because some are using him to get you're reaction. Just advice to you

  10. I Jama says:

    As for the distribution of wealth. We are not USA nor do we have the population or the power of USA. The people of Somaliland are very poor. So trying to tailor another countries wealth to them is just wrong. Lastly, the Dahabshiil problem against Berbera people is a question of fairness. Berbera port has been the maintain income for our people and privatisation of our wealth in that region is deterimental to us all especially towards any form of continued Independency we wish. Some have worked out that Berbera is important so they wish to cause it unrest. So if you are Somalilander you will be against disruption of this magnititude even if it is for profit.

  11. I Jama says:

    In my view the core elamianets that support Somalilands people are under attach. The diapora sending remittances are being challenged and disrupted. Berbera is being targeted. Also, In the London conference our President advised he would welcome Somaliland Development Corporation which is a london based private entity run by the Diaspora incollaboration with British proffessionals to build the development of the country. Whilst the British Government talked of supporting private diaspora lead companies to support development through them. This all leads me to believe Somaliland goverment is being diluted and the people privitaised instead of recognising its Independent Government. They wish to strengthen the private few. This isn't what we want?

  12. I Jama says:

    BTW, Dahabshiil could easily invest in many other less politically damaging like Biodiesel and green energy. Somaliland is a great place to profit the world and itself by supporting the green energy potential it has. So I don't quiet believe they are for Somalilanders since their core business depends on all Somalis hence why they are best candidiate to corrupt our country for profit. Greedy people will give up all that Somaliland has buillt.

  13. mohamed cheers says:

    Reading the first two lines and coming to the sacked Finance Minister M.Xaashi etc. I understood
    the usual conspiracies fantasies lay ahead and then diverted my energies to more important
    things. Let me say in simple terms, if the Govt. softens to these Berbera vulgar clandestine
    philosophy with the envious intentions of denying Dahabshiil to go ahead with the Berbera
    Cement Factory, then the Govts. powers will become scapegoated and more and more problems will
    arise to haunt the Govt's powers to function properly. Dahabshiil was given the permit by the
    competent Govt and that's final. No more unscruplous empty vessels make much noises by the
    Berbera KKK rednecks Bridage..

  14. mohamed cheers says:

    Correction..Brigade i/i bridage

  15. dumar says:

    M Obsiye
    C/O 178 Jarvis St Toronto ON M5B2K7 Canada
    (416) XXXXX69 Privacy

    Nothing but Truth!!!! Love your enemies… it pisses you off and Stupidity.

    The Real Sarcastic Quotes
    You are not as bad as people say, you are much, much worse.
    Now we know why some animals eat their own children.
    Please, keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.

    What are This Laughable and Unfair Comparison Somaliland ($600 per capita) with Richest Nation on Earth!!!!!
    1) USA is 360 million population nation, if take X 1% = 3.5m Richest people.. Equal to Somalilnd population.

    2) The only 10 richest people in USA like: Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison … Their wealth combined is estimated $ 400 Billion and they retained only 30% from their hard earned money and the rest of 70% already given to the world poorest people. Bill Gates Changes the World with Vaccines eradication projects. Bill Clinton's biggest private charity foundation is out of the list.

    Please tell the WORLD much how much money your incompetent and corruption officials, Ibrahim Dhareh, Dheegshiil, others and your Riyaale's Companies do give back to their neighborhoods charities houses, let alone ZERO participation in country's development projects but DHeegshiil does in Somalia. For the people they looted with the government power and illegitimate collection wealth.

    How come that you are fadelessly denying the basic rights of your immediately families suffering at back home? While you're selfishly living and enjoying in North America with sub-sided basic foods.

    For M. Hashi's history, I leave for the others and going to have busy days

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Mother nature can you understand what yawning Dumar is all about? HMObsiye, though I don't
      know the dude, is highly profiled, uses perfect English, well behaved and never seen him using
      obstinate, abusive, insolent languages. He remains one of the few top bloggers Sldpress could be
      proud of. Like mme Gobaad asserted How shameful for Dumar to publicly disclose HMObsiye's
      privacy address on a Public Website which's a human Privacy rights flagrant violation. I hope
      your dirty actions will be addressed and put you into real trouble. You digging your own grave.

      • HMObsiye says:

        Thanks Mohamed Cheers,

        Though, I personally do not know this person called Dumar, she has made a habit of attacking me on many occasions, but believe me, it doesn't bother me one beat. As I have stated in some of my previous comment, I am a diehard Somalilander, and no clannish minded individual will ever shake my believe at all.

        Oh! one more thing, Brother do not worry, she will never find my address!

  16. Adam says:

    I dont like the 'dahabshill influenced government' but lets hope people power wins

  17. Gobaad says:

    dumar, you are way out of line to disclose somebody else's location and home address on a public website. You could be in trouble for doing that.

  18. dumar says:

    mohamed cheers ·

    I know simply what's matters you when every said that you aren't belonging to here and I'm still repeating to you: these matters concerns about our people and our nation. Go to Basher Goth and Ali Galidh to joint them for Somalia maters. This is not social network to discuss you are ugly, my is matter beautiful, you 're speaking good ??? but it's exclusively our national serious business.

    Not disclosed any privacy except where any civilized body lives in Google Map in connection with the topic. To find out that is very hard for depressed , life hated and ignorant person!. Read other human concern expressions in the lines of comment body and forget about the addresses already in the Google Map public library.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Bashir Goth and Ali Galaydh are both Somalilanders but to compare the two is savagely
      wrong. Bashir Goth's not criminal while Ali Galaydh is Khaatumo Seeg Criminal. Get this record
      straight Dumar Khaatumo Seeg.

  19. Yusuf says:

    I do not know if you understand this but you are in deep deep trouble for the disclosed address. Worst of luck, you cheap shot!

  20. ComeAgain says:

    If your going to talk about the 80-20 rule then stay on topic and make sure you reference it with regards to Somaliland affairs instead of just writing an article that doesnt in anyway tie to your main point! Did this guy take English comp? First rule state what you're going to discuss and the main points of your article/essay in the first paragraph!

    People wont take you seriously if you dont take yourself seriously!

  21. Dorothy says:

    Waw that was an amazing trip, I just to cocrert some part of your speech you said Ten dollars in Somaliland’s currency is 170,000 Somaliland Shillings which isn’t true 10 dollar is eqaul to 60,000 somaliland shilling again you said I had to take plastic bags full of money just to buy a cup of tea, plz watch what yo are saying.thanks

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