Approximately six months have gone since Somaliland election took place which brought the current Kulmiye government to power, however observing things from outside political arena, it is not clear yet where Somaliland will be in two or five years time, and only Allah SWT (the almighty) and the creator of the universe knows what the future holds for Somaliland and its people. Indeed we can be as optimistic as we wish or pessimistic as one can be but only time will tell the fate of the Somalilanders and their country’s destiny.
Having said, it is only humans’ nature that we have to debate amongst ourselves or to have opinions about the things that concern us. It is also our nature as human intelligent species to differ one another on the bases of political believes, which is healthy if handled in an appropriate and civilise manner.
But above all it is the core of democracy to have diversity political opinions in a democratic country, and without oppressing the views of one another we Somalilanders must allow each other to share our political judgments in relation to the ways in which we want to see our country’s affairs to be managed.
Also it is extremely important that along with our strong conviction of different political believes, we should bear in mind that at least we as society owe to ourselves and to the democracy that many great men have invented in Somaliland ‘which by the way’ isn’t perfect but is the best thing we can get at present time, to express our opinion in the most appropriate way without the fear of revolution and intimidation.
Nevertheless coming  back to the point I am trying to raise,  in the current status of Somaliland politics since Kulmiye party came to power, it is perhaps fair to say the absence of alternative political venues and the incompetent of the two Somaliland’s official opposition parties Ucid/Udub, are  forcing many people to detach themselves from the believes of patriotism and the healthy political engagement that would have been taken place within the mainstream political parties which at moment seem to be nonexistent, thanks to the disarray of the two main opposition parties I have mentioned in this piece.   
Without exaggerating the facts, the political vacuum that came out from the defeat of Udub Party and the ineffectiveness of the third political party Ucid which in my humble opinion has committed tragically a political redundancy by keeping the same old habit of unnecessary impartiality , plus Kulmiy’s appetite of greater supreme power and  the lack of accountability for the current administration which slowly marching towards the path of autocratic system rather than governing the county in  the boundaries of democracy which put them in power in the first place,  all these scenarios I have mentioned will categorically drive many people especially those people who have strong conviction of disliking the current administration to seek any other ways to get revenge on  their archenemies.
One of the scenarios that can be created by the unbalanced political situation in Somaliland is the exploitation of extremism and in no time we may have to deal with the most unpleasant forces of Alshabaab who could take advantage of our differences, and there is no doubt that there are many people in our cities and towns who already share Alshabaab’s evil philosophy and although I cannot stand Kulmiy’s dreadful administration and its backwards political ideas, I cannot see myself sharing a land with the most malevolence forces that violate women’s privacy by intervening their female nature and scrutinizing  them in public places when even Allah SWT has excused them with his great mercy.
This is not something that I am accusing the evil forces of Alshabaab but it is one of many dreadful and maltreatments stories that I heard from the people who unfortunately have relatives and families in Alshabaab’s territories.
 Besides like any peace loving human being hearing these stories make me worry for simple reason which is dreading to see or feel the pain of my precious two feet being accused to walk on a foreign soil when I return to my hometown since I live in a foreign country. And without a doubt what I have heard about Alshabaab I do not think they will have any trouble if they succeed to rule Somaliland ‘God forbid’ to invent such inconceivable offence which then they will need to implement some sort of punishment for it.
So to defeat those evil forces of Alshabab or other dark forces we need to have capable opposition parties and they should hold the government to account for its day to day dealings if we don’t succeed this, the lack of viable Political Opposition Parties may endanger Somaliland’s stability
 Cabdale Farah Sigad