Published On: Fri, Jul 2nd, 2010

New Somaliland president: ‘The victorious is democracy’

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The newly elected president, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud has issued a press release thanking all his supporters and friends.

“I want to congratulate all the Somaliland people for the orderly way which our election has concluded that took place on June 26,2010″ he said.

The president-elect also sent a message of congratulations to the National Electoral Commission for fulfilling their duty and over coming all obstacles to make the historical vote possible in such a short time.

In his message Mr. Mohammed expressed his deep satisfaction of the long-standing relations of friendship and fruitful cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia. He said Ethiopia is an important ally for Somaliland and specially thanked them for mediating between Somaliland parties during elections delays in 2009. While reaffirming his commitment to strengthen the relations for the good of the two friendly nations, he said: “We are people who return favors,” referring to Ethiopia resolving the 2009-election disputes in the country and during late 1980s when Ethiopia hosted thousands of Somaliland refugees.

The president-elect also thanked EU nations and the United States for their support. He expressed his appreciation for the Republic of Djibouti.

Mr Mohammed expressed his gratitude to the two other political parties; the out-going UDUB party and the second opposition UCID. “I want to thank UDUB and UCID directly and their supporters. I will assure you they will receive total respect and rights in their country. I will be extending them an invitation for consultation,” he said.

The newly democratically elected president finally thanked his supporters and the Somaliland public.

He highlighted that hard work lies ahead. “Remember we will not take our shoes of until all promises we made to our country are fulfilled.”

The out-going President, Mr. Dahir Riyale Kahin also congratulated Mr Mohammed while the second opposition leader, Faisal Ali Warabe has reportedly congratulated the new president at least twice in the past 24 hours. Mr Riyale promised to step down and hand over the responsibilities.

Mr Mohammed hailed his Kulmiy Party victory as great day for democracy. “The victorious is democracy which is the only path for freedom and prosperity,” he said.

Meanwhile members of Somalia’s transitional government led by Minister for Employment, Mr. Mohammed Abdi Hayir held a press conference in Mogadishu praising the elections in Somaliland. They congratulated the people of Somaliland and the new president but urged “to maintain their peace and stability”.

The state-owned television, National Television, also for the first time in it’s history has televised a balanced analysis of the election and referred to the new president as “President” and Mr Riyale as the “former president”. This was major move by the television, just few days ago it was accused of broadcasting only UDUB campaigns.

Mr Mohammed received 49.6 percent of the vote while the outgoing president, Dahir Riyale Kahin, managed 33.2 percent and second opposition party UCID led by Faisal Ali Warabe received 17.2 percent.

Before the NEC announced the final count on Thursday evening, members of the national defense were dispatched to the private home of Mr. Mohammed where they inspected all visitors. It is believed, the NEC informed the leader of Somaliland’s armed forces, Col. Nuh Osman Tani about the results and asked him to provide security for the new president. The army sealed of all roads.

The Supreme Court will endorse the new president in the coming fortnight and Mr Riyale is expected to hand over the presidency within 30 days.

Somalilandpress | 2 July 2010

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  1. Kayse says:

    The vote for Silanyo means change to me and in a democratic society change is crucial because it tests a society's foundation and very core. If the transition or change is smooth then it means we really are strong and we can with stand challenges. I hope Silanyo understands the world is changing, Autumn is followed by Winter, Winter by Spring and these changes are part of life and the planet. These changes must occur for the well being of us and for the natural cycle.

    We also should learn to change from one leader to another, like when winter comes we not comfortable but we get use to it. I was never Silanyo supporter but he is my President today, he has full support.

    It would be interesting to see where he puts Dr Gaboose ( I use to support Qaran Party). Maybe Gaboose should be the Foreign Minister, I think he seems conservative but he is capable and has the network.

    • Abraham says:

      I support Silaanyo, but Dr Gaboose is so power hungry. He will do anything to get power for its sake as if it is what he lives for. So we should be careful about who we support. Also the shameless guys who jumped ship when they felt the wind of change on their face should be left in the cold. They have nothing to offer the people of Somaliland but corruption and an insatiable greed.

  2. Kayse says:

    I am right yet again, few hours ago I said, the TFG in Mogadishu should congratulate Mr Silanyo, well there you go. He also properly received a phone call.

    • Gobaad says:

      Well there you go, Kayse. Isu qushuuc!

      Being friends and neighbours living peacefully side-by-side and inviting them to be part of your life is two different things. There is always a line of communication between governments. And it is a good gesture from Somalia to reach out and congratulate, even if they are not sincere. But then again, that doesn't mean everything is nice and dandy between us . It is far from that. There is a lot of issues to discuss and lots of hurts feels to heal. It is not going to be overnight.

      I don't want them to be part of my life because they proved to me time and again that I don't exist at all unless I am a part and parcel of Somalia. And that is difference between you and me. And I believe most of Somalilanders would agree with me.

      • Kayse says:

        I think you have too much hate and you have hard time differentiating your own emotional search and politics. Keep those emotions in your heart and open up your mind. The reason Somaliland voted out Rayale is because he confined himself to the Presidential compound.

        It's time to test the waters in Somalia and with Siranyo leading he will do a little tip-toe and see how if they are settle.

        It's simple foreign policy, if you have no policy on Somalia, no party policy like UDUB then you will be voted out. Staying in the villa, telling people we signed fake contracts with foreign firms while ignoring the neighbor (Somalia) not only means your like a house wife with some issues but also for the international community they not sure how you will deal with Somalia.

        The international community wants a leader in the region not someone locked themselves inside and leading means playing role in the conflict in Mogadishu.

        I know Siranyo is wise man and he will set up a committee to advice him and study on how to deal with Somalia in particular the displaced people, conflict and where we stand with them.

        The international community wants to see if Somaliland can act like a mature nation not with emotions "oh they killed us ohh bombed us bla bla". The whole world bombed each others and Mogadishu didnt create the first bomb, people move on and find a solution without giving up on your sovereignty.

        Emotions have no place in modern politics. We need strong foreign policy and if we cant exercise it with Somalia — then who?

        • Gobaad says:

          Are you really okay Kayse, because much of what you are saying is irrelevant and unimportant to us. You seem to be confused. You know you share a lot with Faisal Ali Waraaba. Sorry, Abti. No focus or direction or guiding principles. Kolba meel fooda saar.

          FYI, we are a Sovereign Nation and moved on long time ago.

  3. Muriyye says:

    Congrats to the newly elected President and his vice. in Somaliland all Government agencies are there including securty forces, the army(a well diciplined army ) which is something that can be remembered the Rayaale adminstration. So this newly elected government should focus on DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT and DEVELOPMENT. Health and Education, in this they will not get things wrong. on Forieng afairs: Somaliland’s status in search for recognition as a state is in reach, this election has proven that its no longer a legal issue but a political one. I am confident that Silanyo will play a leading role in search of the recognition of Somaliland as a brand new state.

  4. Hassan says:

    Congratulations for the President-elect and his Vice President.

    I am sending one clear message to them – and that's;
    "Dear Mr. Silanyo – the people who voted for you and who voted for the other two candidates are both united now and are all closely watching your first move, the quality of your new cabnet, and what you will do about the widespread luck of social infrastracture, Education, Health and most importantly how you will engage about the jobless hundreds of thousands of Somalilanders".



  5. Gobaad says:

    Well Somaliland needs change and Somalilanders voted for change, but if Kulmiye Party could deliver what they promised is yet to be seen.

    I hope that first and foremost, the President-elect will surround himself with highly educated and competent staff, the best of the best he can get. But then again: he has to be careful whom he chooses. Choose your staff by merit and in their fields of expertise and/or experience. Not by any counts.

    There should be a Ministry of employment or Human Resources to take the task of hiring and firing for the Government. There had to be policy and procedures of employment to balance the employment among the reigions so that no region feels that they are left behind. Hiring had to be fair and by merit.

    There should employee background check especially for all the people we want to hire for higher positions. There had to be a probation period to supervise if the person is capable doing the job as required. Illaahayna waxa haydinla qabto.

    • Gobaad says:

      What want to add is that the President-elect has a lot of healings to do. He has to convince the nation that he is the President of all Somalilanders from coast to coast, and for those who voted for him and those who didn't alike and that he would do everything he possibly can to development and rebuild all the regions to the best of his ability.

  6. Mahad says:

    It was a great day yesterday JULY 1 (Canada Day, Somali Day or KULMIYE Day). Congrats to all three parties for being respectful and I'm truly looking forward to what Somaliland has to bring in the future (INSHA ALLAH).

  7. Fahmi says:

    realy i am not suporter Kumiye and i do not vote him but to day he,s my president realy i saw to day it,s activities becouse he give a pateant people food more and more realy i ll hope to do this country more
    but i am sorry wat UDUB party made nw dys becouse they take oll the cars of goverment and they cut number of GT OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mohamed says:

    There's no doubt that the problems and challenges facing the new
    Kulmiye party Governance inherited from the out going ousted UDUB
    Party are tremendously huge, and it is my earnest hope that, the new
    change will be mindful about the needs of both the interior as well
    as the exterior demands, a small well selected Govt, filling the best of
    the best on all the cabinet posts., Judicial Supreme Courts., Governors/Mayors.,
    giving special attention to the loopholes of the Constitution, highest law of
    the country., to secure the Somaliland borders, Sool Sanaag.,to identify
    and deal with who is the real Somaliland foe or friend in the surrounding
    East African countries, including Somalia and Djibouti and Igad/AU and
    all beyond big/small world bodies???.

    Finally, the Kulmiye party is blessed with abundance of pools of highly
    educated/experienced both men and women, and hopefully, should not
    be a problem for the party to form his first capable government , without

  9. Mustafe says:

    I welcome the outcome of this election,and i fully support the new president Mr siilaanyo. What non of you failed to mention is that he should include his cabinet, at least, two members of the marginalised groups such Gabooye group. He should also include a female minister. This will be a justice for gabooye and women as well. Justice means that all citizens have the equal chance of been selected in terms of employment.

  10. Mohamed says:


    By the way also, history reminds that the new president a scion veteran
    of the SNM Struggle ERA against the Siad Barre's Brutal Regime, he was
    also responsible to form the USC struggle headed by Gen Aideed of
    the South, SNM/USC together defeating that ill fated brutal Regime.

    My point here is that, now that Mr. Silanyo is again in power, maybe, theres
    a window of opportunity for Somaliland Somalia to sort out their differences.

    But of course logistically, theres is tremendous work to be worked out to
    settle the huge diiferences of both countries.

  11. Mohamed says:


    However, whatever happens, the wishes and aspirations of the majority of
    the people of Somaliland must be taken into full account and honored in
    any govt. decision taking with the Somaliland Somalia issues.

  12. Kayse says:

    Mohamed I agree. That's what I'm talking about. Siranyo was responsible for the creation of USC and he even convinced the Ethiopian government to train and host the militia of Farah Aideed when he was in India as Somali Ambassador.

    However, I don't think Siranyo and Meles are that close because remember, Silanyo worked well with Mengustu Halle Mariam, I dont think there is beef between Silanyo and Meles. But it is worth remembering, the two were both rebel leaders in those days, Meles was in Somalia waging war on Ethiopian government, Silanyo was in Ethiopia waging war on the Somali government.

    Silanyo is smart politician and he knew the power of the Hawiye nation, he knew if he brought them on his side that was the end of Siad Bare and the Somali government. Today again, he will do exactly what he said to do many years ago. Repay the hawiye, you people failed to read between the lines, he said: “We are people who return favors,”

    So it's clear he will deal with Ethiopia openly and with Mogadishu and might even revive old USC leaders such as Osman Ali Aato, General Qaybadiid, etc..

    Once again Mr Kayse is right!

    • Jay says:

      Silanyo and Meles are actually close friends.

    • Mohamed says:

      MR. Kayse,

      You tend to be missing a whole part of the stories of SNM/USC.

      Although MR. Silaanyo was instrumental in establishing USC WING
      under Gen. Farah Aideed (AHN), you tend to be jumping from the fact
      that Mr. Silanyo was ousted by MR. Abdurrahman Tuur, before the
      liberations of Somaliland Somalia. What happened in Somaliland
      and Somalia when the Brutal Regime was defeated/ousted were
      between (SNM/USC) M/s Abdurrahan Tuur/Gen. Farah Aideed (ahn).

  13. Mohamed says:

    1) In Mog. Usc/Gen. Aideed was hijacked and deprived by
    Ali Mahdi & Party. Entirely different situation in Mog???

    2) SNM Chairman Tuur, did not know what to do then. Furthermore,
    the Snm Somaliland not only angered about what the brutal Regime
    did to them, but also saw that Usc struggle was hijacked.
    Thats how the SNM somaliland go alone issue was created.

    3) Even a high level delegation headed by Saleban Gaal was sent to Mog
    in the aftermath which produced negative results.

    So MR. kayse please get your records straightened, and avoid inflamatory
    misleading allegations/accusations which will only deteriorate matters
    of great importances.

    • Kayse says:

      You make no sense what so ever, you stated few facts but failed to state where you are going with this?

      What was your whole argument? We all know USC was two factions, USC-Roma and USC-Mogadishu.

      USC -Rome headed by Dr Jimcale Osoble was the financial body of the movement, it always insisted it elected Ali Mahdi to carry out the ground battle however Aideed disputed and said he was the head.

      With the sudden death of Dr Jimcale, the USC ran into total disarray. The only reason Aideed and Abdirahman Tur were on the same side is because Aideed disapproved the transitional government headed by Ali Mahdi and Omar Arteh Ghalib. They insisted no armed group (either USC, SNM, SSNM or SPU) were present and it was illegal.

      Abdirahman Tur flew a plane loaded of ammunition to Aideed and the rest is history.

      • Kayse says:

        Dr Jimcale was to become the president of Somalia after Siad Bare was ousted but he died all of sudden some people say he was assisinated or poisoned by no other than men who were close to Ali Mahdi (they used the Italian mafia in return Ali Mahdi allowed the Italian mafia to dump chemical waste in Somalia).

  14. M.A.Salah says:

    I wonder what Ahmed Abdi Ow Mohamud Godane thinks of Democracy in Somaliland? Well Im sure he has his valid opinions. Democracy is incompatible with Shariah, period.

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