Published On: Wed, May 2nd, 2012

Mr. Siilaanyo’s Double Dealing Behaviour Is Destroying Somaliland’s Statehood

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Somaliland the place where many of us proudly called our country has been blessed by Allah SWT with peace and stability and self sufficient democracy for the last two decade, despite the lack of world recognition. And what held us together for that long period while the rest of the world miserably ignored our hard worked success was the will and the determination of our people.

But that powerful will and the determination of gaining the world community’s recognition of our rightful statehood, plus our momentous dream of creating stable democracy that we held for the last two decades are about to be ruined by one politician who sadly seems not to care much about the sacrifices that the people of Somaliland have made over the years in order to succeed and reach their goals. That politician is our president Siilaanyo the man many people trusted and voted for. But Mr. Siilaanyo so far failed to honour that trust which put him in the presidential seat and he is about to sell out bit by bit everything that any Somalilander believes.

He is also making our independence weak in the eyes of those who hate Somaliland sovereignty by compromising our determination to stand as a free country. Today Mr. Siilaanyo seems to be retreating from his insincere decision and his intention to have dialog with the incompetent administration in Mogadishu which hardly runs its affairs independently. However that doesn’t mean Mr Siilaanyo has entirely abandoned from his original position and his insincerity.

And sooner or later if Siilaanyo gets his way Somaliland will be forced to another unwanted reunification with the south Somalia without the consultation with its’ people, and that is Mr. Silaanyo’s irreversible position as it seems. But sadly no one seems to protest against Mr. Siilanyo’s deceptive decision. Even Fasal Ali Waraabe the man who used to display his patriotism during Rayaale’s administration seems coming to term and contemplating this idea of reunification with South Somalia.

Mr. Siilaanyo lacks the honesty and the commitment to honour the oath that he has made for Somaliland people and more importantly the oath which he had made in front of almighty Allah SWT during his inauguration while he promised to safeguard the existence and the continuation of Somaliland‘s independence. Not to mention the promises that he had made before and after the election about the equality/justice and fairness and maintaining the rule of law.

Many people wish to trust Mr. Siilaanyo, after all he is Somaliland’s elected president but how can people trust the man who gave the orders to drag out his fellow party members from the same party that they fought for it together. And how can anyone trust the man who created the tribal mayhem that is destroying our society today. And how can the entire nation trust the man who talks about defending Somaliland’s independence while he is dealing with the people who are claiming day and night that Somaliland is part of their territory.

Some people believe Siilaanyo isn’t the one who is managing Somaliland affairs and we intend to blame his henchmen as the devils pilots who are flying us to unknowing destination. But that is wishful thinking because this giant politician is not someone we can regard as fatigue politician as many people would like to believe and we cannot underestimate his purely deceptive nature that he has shown many times during the short period he has been in power.

Before Siilaanyo came to power as a nation we have created positive belief and in every sense it hard to swallow or to understand the explanation that the current Somaliland government and its lobby groups give in relation to Somaliland and South Somali’s affairs, simply because Somaliland seemed closer to the touch line before Siilanyo’s administration came to power in terms of developing our democracy and gaining our world recognition , and if this rogue administration had not changed the course of the country I believe we would have reached our shores long ago.

Today it sounds bizarre to talk about having dialog with the south Somalia when there is no stable and legitimate government elected by Southern Somalis people which we can have any concrete dialog with now or foreseen future. And in my view even if there is legitimate government in the south, there is nothing to negotiate with them at all for the following historical reasons.

Before British and Italian colonies came to the horn of Africa, all Somalis lived simple tribal live in east Africa and they had tribal boarders where every tribe had its own rule of law. Having said that some different tribes had common values and these tribes coexisted centuries. They also shared land and traditional way of living.

And in that sense the different tribes that reside in every part of what was knowing Somalia before the collapse of this short lived fantasy of (Somaliweyn) can form there own sovereignty States and that is what Somaliland has done.

There has never been coherence group of people that called Somalia which shared identical interest or common values but it was only after British and Italian came to East Africa that we have been formed as one people. So for these short historical explanations there are no obligatory reasons for Somaliland to compromise it’s deserved sovereignty.

Finally Mr. Siilaanyo today is waging a war against Buhoodleh population and other surrounding areas and Somaliland Military as well as the innocent residents in those areas are dying in the name of Somaliland which I and many other Somaliland citizens are part of it. And the war I mentioned it isn’t children’s war-game but is real and real bullets is killing Somalilanders for both sides, while Mr. Siilaanyo is eager to talk about Somali’s reunification.

Mr. Siilaanyo is sticking a knife in the heart of our sovereignty and we seem not to care. Most importantly why Mr Siilaanyo is fighting against the so called Khatumo State while he is doing what they are claiming to fight for is the question I always asked myself. But when ever asked myself that question, then I relies how Mr. President Siilaanyo’s double dealing behaviour is endangering Somaliland’s Statehood.

May God Save Somaliland from Siilaanyo and alike.

Abdale Farah Sigad


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  1. Ifrah says:

    The person who wrote this piece suffers from mental retardation. This website should filter propaganda from its pages unless they share these ridiculous views.

    • Gaadaweyne says:

      Like an uncle, like a niece ! And so is you little girl,just like a parrot you are repeating what is being conversed in your household. وا إذا خاطبهم الجاهلون, قالو سلاما. صدق الله العظيم

    • Mohamed says:

      No,he doesn't. He is truth loving nationalist who shouldn't be abused. Share your own views, comments and analyze the current political situation in our beloved country without hurling abuses or ridiculing others opinions.
      Wake up pal.You're in the globalization era.
      Happy new year!

  2. osman5 says:

    We have to be realistic that tribal affiliation exists in social culture.
    The politicians in Somaliland are old school boys club they understood the ins and outs of the system. Politicians know exactly that audience have a selective hearing in which they’d tuned in to politics if their tribal interests are at stake.
    Thus, I wouldn’t waste a valuable time on trying to figure out how to break up the tribal system in Somaliland or Somalia in matter, as long as we know it’s there we shouldn’t be worried about it, treat as it a structural piece contained with asbestos, and if it doesn’t get distrusted consider it’s harmless.

    Osman Qaal

  3. Musse says:

    i think, Mr Silanyo is old and intelligent enough to understand what you mentioned in this short article.

  4. osman5 says:

    If you would like Sillanyo to be blamed on everything that happens in Somaliland. He requires a superman’s uniform and his magical spider web so he can be called upon for any mishap in the country..Please get real!!!

    Osman Qaal

  5. mohamed cheers says:

    You could do better doing something of face value than puting up this garbage in public.
    disgraceful and disgusting.

  6. Gobaad says:

    I don't understand why somalilandpress has to delete my comment. There wasn't anything offensive about it. Well, this is a trashy and qabiil motivated article and it belongs into the trash bin!

  7. puntland warrior says:

    Dear somalilanders

    the garowe map clearly mentioned article 127 that gives every tribe the right to federal state or statehood within their tribal borders.
    obviously somaliland isnt poor since there are several untapped oil fields around hargeisa.
    so why cant somaliland have independence within their tribal borders? meaning dnt claim Khatumo State or awdal state & you have your independence without question.

    • osman5 says:

      puntland warrior,
      Please,speak for yourself..We don't need you your advice , thank you…

      Osman Qaal

      • puntland warrior says:

        cuz the path your taking won't get you nowhere except more conflict with ur neighbors more bloodshed, more death, more displaced etc.

        • Gobaad says:

          puntland warrior or whatever your name is, you get here for menacing. If you don't have anything positive contribution to offer, take a hike. You are always off topic, offensive, and threatening people. You have to debate here like everybody else and stick to the issues under discussion or take your filthy mouth elsewhere. You are not welcome here!

    • mohamed cheers says:

      You aint seen the big picture of what the Somaliland Nation is all about. Just shut up and keep your fingers crossed till the Turkish ICS due to be held in June 2012. Depending on what comes out of
      that meetings, God willing, many outfront options will present themselves, all of which Garowe
      Article 127 would be in the dustbin. In the Somaliland Nation there's no Khaatumo state but there's
      Awdal state already within the Somaliland Nation Govt states institutions. My guess, Garowe(Puntland)
      would be part of Somalia Mogadiscio. Important talks remain valid between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio
      Govts. If you are still around after the ICS meetings, God willing, would be able to prove to you my
      firm standing position on the issues between Somaliland and Somalia. No other mini-states are
      significant in the Somalia political scene.Meanwhile if the DKMG fails to grasp the importance
      of what Somaliland Nation is all about and stands firm to succeed, then let me hint to you in advance
      that the other option(s) for Somaliland to take would be..oo no..after the ICS!

      • ali ibrahin says:

        If There’s any meeting in june which is still under shadow.

        *Artical 127 it does not belong to garowe it belongs future national goverment & approved by UN.

        *Khaatumo & awdal state will have full representatives within future somali goverment.

        *S/land will also have her representatives not as a country but as a region.

        *If This keep dragging people in The north will have referendum with The presence of UN,AU,EU,Arab league,OIC.

    • mursal jama says:

      @Puntland warrior.
      your right eventually This is where it will end up khaatumo & awdal independent states,put The question is when The republic of is@qland will start & can AU-UN will accept.

  8. Dhugtame says:

    This garbage is written by a former NSS criminal. No comments needed.

  9. MsSomaliland says:

    Mr Sigad, didn't you after Riyaale's defeat join Awdalstate?..In anycase , I think everyone has the right to have their opinions posted as long as it's done in a respectful manner & there's no personal attacks…

  10. Osman says:

    This guy is Paranoid …………… does he know Silaanyo will do reunification with Somalia.

    Doesn't he know that Silaanyo is the guy who tore up Somaliland from Somalia in the first place.

  11. bashir says:

    No freedom deleted within secounds

  12. harago says:

    every think you said is trues brother Abdale way a go
    allah bless somaliland

  13. karash says:

    on behave of reer khaatumo we appreciate for what Ina bureeqo (s'lanyo) done for us now are united more than ever, loool

    more important, you guys lost the support and goodwill of the international community as the true colours of your sham democracy and phoney peace have been shown for they are. For too long, you have fooled the international community about this false picture of a secession supported by all the clans of former British Somaliland and of peace reigning everywhere in contrast to southern Somalia as you had always pointed out to the world as nauseam. Now the truth is out and the world knows better about the crimes you are committing in keeping under duress the unionist clans.

    however being so patients for so long and didnt want the North Somalia to be like Sourth u guys took advantagem the Taleex conference called for peaceful coexistence among the peoples of your enclave and in returen u leave Khaatumo State alone and as we all know Silanyo will never acheive bring the khaatumo state unders his control but rather he will create enmity among clans that in the past enjoyed peace with each other, shared water and grazing, and maintained intertwined relations.

    think about it so far what have u acheived ur clan militia attacting Kalshaale, Mayglaale, Sool Joogto, and Lascanood other than material and human losses and as long as this continues the SSC people of the Khaatumo State will resist this aggression in all ways compatible with national and international law. and this so called former british Sland territory has nothing to do with us since we had we no agreement with them and always faught agaisnt Darwiish history, will also triumph over…

    • Abdi12345 says:

      The Darawiish you are proud of have killed and humiliated your clan more than any other Somali clan and eventually Darawish fanatics were defeated badly and destroyed forever. Now, I see no reason for you to be proud of the criminal and fanatic movement that you humiliated your ancestors. At the moment you have choices either to live in peace in Somaliland, get school, healthcare and self-respect or stay under developed for ever and hold on to your guns. The choice is yours go ahead and make it happen.

      • Mohamed says:

        Dear Abdi.
        Forgive me i mean the opposite direction, just replied to you in error.
        May the Almighty Allah Bless you and Somaliland.
        Good day

    • Mohamed says:

      All those who are claiming a land will get a grave yard instead!

    • Mohamed says:

      All those who are claiming a land within Somali-land will get grave yards instead. Somali Land can not be sold out cheaply. It will always live in our hearts.

  14. Dayeer says:

    It is sad to say, but the majority of commentators demonstrate a superficiality and childishness that rules out reasoned debate and civil exchange of views. This is a very negative reflection on the mentality and wisdom of the Somaliland Diaspora, and makes one grateful that social and political debate inside the country is so much more mature, thoughtful and therefore rewarding.

    With respect to Abdale's article, it is well argued and touches upon important issues that are critical to both Somaliland's current situation and future success. As such, they merit a much better quality of discussion and debate than has been provided here.

  15. Ali yare says:

    Mr. Segad has shown neither maturity nor civility in this article and deserves no discussion.

  16. Deeqa says:

    @ Segad

    Just be fair and admit that Mr. Silaanyo has out performed your man in just two years. Can you point to single development project that was completed by Mr. Riyaale in more than eight years of his rein?

    Envy is a serious illness that will eat your soul up! You better congratulate President Silaanyo for all the tangible good work he has done rather than resorting to unfounded allegation for which have no proof at all. I assure you that Mr. Silaanyo and his cabinet are working hard for this nation and have no time for people who filled their tummies with stolen public monies.

  17. Nabadoon says:

    I am hereby strongly suggesting to the webmasters , not to publish such article as it serves no benefits to community and author is a sick individual filled with hatred and dislikings.


  18. puntland warrior says:

    loooooooool Artical 127 doesn't even exist I made it up for attention heh
    but i still believe what i said earlier that as somalis beings please let us respect our tribal borders.
    earlier @Gobaad said that 75 % of somalis are pastoral nomads, which means they will only adhere the law of their tribal elders, seek advice, take orders, die etc.
    even before the europeans colonised somalia it was divided into tribal kingdoms aka majeerteen sultanate, warsangali sultanate, habargidir sultanate, abgaal sultanate etc.
    Let us stop this nonsense war & bickering, both puntland & somaliland has a large untapped oil reserve, southern somalia is rich with its farmlands then again why are we somalis dying?
    cant we not share las anod, hargeisa, bosaso, mogadishu etc? after all regardless of our tribal background we are all somalis & these cities belongs none other than a somali.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Las anod is a small shanty township part of Hargeisa of Somaliland Sovereignty Nation.
      Bosaso is a small port township of Mogadiscio of Somalia Sovereignty Nation.
      True we are all somalis but the fact of the matter is that in the last 50 years or so,
      since Northern Somaliland and Southern Somalia joined into union bloc. back in
      1960, no good governance existed at all and since the collapse of the union in 1991
      to this day around there's no functioning democratically elected civil societies popular
      Govt in Southern Somalia while the breakaway reinstated into pre-existing Colonial
      demarcation border Northern Somaliland embraces democratically elected civil societies
      popular Govts in place and only looking forward to World leading key govts re-recognition
      which case is undeniably viable. This is the true picture MR Puntland Warrior. Let's be real!.

      • hasan ahmed says:

        No such Thing call s/land sovereigty nation it’s northern somalia or somali galbeeb,las-anod it’s part of northern somalia,Bosaso is north east of somalia.good governance exited Puntland not only s/land as you keep repeating all over again,south & north joined 1960 with The approval people in These regions,from 1961 to 1968 civilian elected goverment was runing The country until unfortunately military regime took over every Thing went backward & all somalis started to suffer for This,where is The democracy in s/land not allowed demostration no meeting elders may be This is regional democracy style,rest of somalia They are no longer interesting rejoining with s/land, put our people sool-sanaag-ceyn-awdal will re-unite already process started,s/land let her future decide.

  19. Xarago says:

    Somalia is one nation and will be like that forever inshaAllah.

  20. osman5 says:

    puntland warrior,
    There're always bad apples in every barrel. you're a heck of bad apple among the commenters on this forum…how can we converse with you if you're so hostile towards all somalilanders.

    Gobaad has had dropped enough hints for you to understand Somaliland doesn't want to deal with Puntland nor Somalia., therefore you should be able to think of other alternatives instead of repeating the same line every time in your comment .

    Osman Qaal

    • puntland warrior says:

      jus come out the damn closet You got exposed man we kno that your ethiopian geek whos trying to divide the somalis people in to tiny pieces that will be administered by ur english master.
      stop wasting my time AND urs, one inch of Somalia will not taken do you understand??? & if you wana fight f@@k it bring it on cuz we will fight you man to the END & we will keep our land intact, End Off!!!!

  21. osman5 says:

    puntland warrior,
    Calm down, Pal! You sound like a madman how could you fight me if you can't identify who I am?
    I don't hate you, I just dislike your free style commenting……I wish you had some respect not only for me but for the entire forum..

    Osman Qaal

    • puntland warrior says:

      that's not what I meant to say, what I really meant to say was i know the enemy bases.
      i know las anod inside & outside, police Hq, minister's office's etc.
      at the basement of my house in boosaaso is full of weapons, i got more weapons than al shabaab, automatic guns, submachine guns, Ak 47 rifles, rocket launcher, hand grenades etc.
      i'm like a true rambo, i can cause chaos without being caught.

  22. Gobaad says:

    osman5, don't bother to engage. He is a low life, ciyaal gudaaf from Xamar and one of those gar*ac left by Siyaad Barre Regime. Just give him the thumb down!

  23. puntland warrior says:


    first of all plz lets not tk bout dead people cuz its haram & ur committing a sin every time you mention a dead person, rem at dugsi you were told theres two angels on ur shoulder which record ur good & bad deeds? obviously i kno im not perfect but neither are you.

    Ps lyk i said millions of times I grew up in London i have no links to the ex faqqash regime you have been falsely accusing me of or the pirates or the human smugglers or even the wahabi al shabaab terrorists.
    i'm just ur typically normal somali brother who works hard, respect his family etc.

    lyk i said i have no hidden agenda other than to see my fellow somalis bro/sis in peace.

    • muqtaar ahmed says:

      Your not real Puntland warrior, go & get life for your self,don’t be softy to id@@r people They are animals.

    • Gobaad says:

      puntland warrior or should I say puntland geezer and many other names you use here.

      Oh! So, now overnight you turn a religious person preaching what is Xaraam and Xalaal?!! Go and re-read your comments and listen to yourself. Spare me your crocodile tears! You are here for heckling, insulting, menacing and mischief. You have nothing to contribute to this forum whatsoever. A word of advice, go use one these chatrooms open for Walaweyn to bash Somalilanders. This is a Somaliland website anybody who has a valid argument or positive thing to contribute is welcome. We don't need childish mentality, Is** q basking and insults. And if you don't change your attitude, you will be banned. I will make sure of that. We know you keep changing your email address but eventually you will run out of email address. Just keep that in mind.

      • Dhugtame says:


        Please ignore these ignorant people and just give them thumbs down that is all they deserve. All Somalis know the trade mark of people who hail from one specific clan that becomes religious , when the political going gets tough for them and they run out of deceptive ideas. This ignorant guy is not different from his fellow tribesmen. Let him bark cheaply forever and do not give him the honor of responding to, because he deserves no response.

  24. Yusuf says:

    Our king Silaanyo has done so well up too know compare to the loser before & we all clans are very proud of him !!! He will be in our history for the man who fought our enemy’s & made our country something that we thought we won’t imagine !!!! So thank u very much kulmiie & Silaanyo !!!! Love u very much ! Plz stop thd hate
    & envy ! Not good for the imaan & heart .

  25. karash says:

    gobaad or should i say Garoob u got so much hatred in u girl.. and it doesnt how many comments u post everyday or promote division among somali people somalia will always be ONE

  26. Gobaad says:

    Be one with Somalia if you like and leave Somaliland out of it. We are not interested.

  27. amal says:

    Riyale may not have done much for Somaliland but you can't just dismiss him as a loser (as many do all the time). He was the president and he used to work hard to uphold Somaliland's peace and unity which is something to acknowledge at least.

    But this article is very bias and before I thought the author hails from ssc since it's only them that have a thing against Silanyo and constantly spread propaganda.

  28. karash says:

    gobaad u can take ur two little villages burco and hargaisa am not intersted but khaatumo and awdal are part of somalia and will always be…

  29. Marwaan Hassan says:

    I completely agree with author’s comments regarding Sylanyo’s dishonesty. Look at the latest crisis he put us in when only 3 parties were selected by his committee illegally. Since they have his support, they now appear on TV sticking to their ugly lies and blaming party leaders for their deceitful and fraudulent actions.

    Look at the scandal that this has caused us. What about the peaceful demonstrators Sylanyo and his commanders ordered to be jailed? What have they done except planning to do peaceful demonstrations and ask for their constitutional rights? This was an assault on our democracy and he should be ashamed of it.

  30. karash says:

    looool @gobaad wlc to somalia inaabti these fairytale is about to end God bless khaatumo they showed the world what Sland really is

  31. Mohamed says:

    fairytale ha? Like khaatumo land eh?

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