Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

Midnight raid land hoteliers in prison

Four heavily armed Oog hoteliers who on Friday night attacked the compound of an international NGO, Medair, in Ainabo at 2:30am were nabbed when they were accosted by the local security personnel with the support of area residents.
The manager of Safari Hotel, his chief, waiter and a forth hotel workers showered the medair compound with bullets in a attack that is thought to be business oriented.
The culprits who were arrested were yesterday arraigned in court whereupon they were remanded in custody pending further investigations of their motives in the midnight attack.
The local administration led by regional governor and the regional police commander met with the officials of the NGO whom they urged not to panic since the gunmen their weapons and ammunitions plus the vehicle they used, a saloon car, were in custody swiftly soon after their attack.
The car is said to be owned by the brother of the proprietor of the Safari Hotel Mr. Ahmed Ismael Gaane.

By Mohamed egge

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  1. Mohamd says:

    Sounds like a violent case of harassment and intimidation to prop up business for the hotel.

  2. inayuusuf says:

    How deteriorated perception and skewed mind the so-called businessman had. It's beyond my comprehension to hear someone marketing his business by intimidation.

  3. Abraham says:

    Oh its Caynabo again !! Where is Mohamed Cheers? Something must be done about that nasty Town.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Caynabo is the capital and central hq for Berbera Saaxiil Eastern Guban Coastline thru Cerigabo,
      Burco Togdheer Saraar thru Togdheer districts of Haud thru Buhoodle. Caynabo being the central
      nerve of all Habra Xabuush with this marginalized d-block, it's quite natural that Caynabo is uniquely
      a special city!. Abraha, I still remember our last need to repeat it. See you in Caynabo
      sometime for a good feast fiasco!

  4. mohamed cheers says:

    Typo: Caynabo is the Capital of SOOL and central HQ for etc.

  5. mohamed cheers says:

    Guun, stop misleading. Who's who in CAYN Region. Nowadays it's purely Habra Jeclo
    All Inclusive Habra Xabuush with non-D-Block settlements!. In other words, Habra Jeclo Xabuush
    are red carpeted joint land settlements all over W/Bari Saaxiil-East,Burco Togdheer,Sanaag,Sool
    and Togdheer Bohodle Districts.Bohodle is a chicken feed as compared to HJ/HY combined
    Metros. The Capital of Sool is Cayn not Lascanood!. The D-block will be marginally small sizes
    in both Sool and Bohodle metros districts.

    • Guun says:

      Mohamed: if you don't mind, how old are you? Cayn is where I born and grew up and I know well what I'm talking about. The name Caynaba is from Cayn and I don't care who lives there but Cayn has nothing to do with Bohodle. If you're thinking about the so called SSC or in full Sanaag, Sool and Cayn, just forget about it. These are politically motivated names of certain areas for particular purposes. Also see closely what my name is standing for and take what I said here.

      • Abraham says:

        Our boy Mr cheers is immersing himself in the scientific field of clanography, so give him some more time to take in all that knowledge of which Habar or D-Block lives where.
        However, as far as I am concerned, all I care about is that Caynabo is handed down a giant ASBO (Anti-Social Behavioural Order) by Somaliland's supreme court.

        • Guun says:

          I'm very much concerned about Ainaba and what is happening up there. Ainaba is where I started my first quranic alphabets and subsequently began my formal education. Ainaba was always being a flash point but was different Ainaba in every way than it is today.

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