Four heavily armed Oog hoteliers who on Friday night attacked the compound of an international NGO, Medair, in Ainabo at 2:30am were nabbed when they were accosted by the local security personnel with the support of area residents.
The manager of Safari Hotel, his chief, waiter and a forth hotel workers showered the medair compound with bullets in a attack that is thought to be business oriented.
The culprits who were arrested were yesterday arraigned in court whereupon they were remanded in custody pending further investigations of their motives in the midnight attack.
The local administration led by regional governor and the regional police commander met with the officials of the NGO whom they urged not to panic since the gunmen their weapons and ammunitions plus the vehicle they used, a saloon car, were in custody swiftly soon after their attack.
The car is said to be owned by the brother of the proprietor of the Safari Hotel Mr. Ahmed Ismael Gaane.

By Mohamed egge