Published On: Sun, May 13th, 2012

May 18: Somaliland Independence Day – Message from Islamabad

18 May, is the official national day of Somaliland when they celebrate their National Independence annually. The day commemorates when the main part of the territory declared its independence as the Republic of Somaliland on 18 May,1991, from rest the of Somalia. It regarded itself as the successor state to British Somaliland which was independent for some time in 1960.

After declaring independence in 1991, Somaliland formed its own hybrid system of governance consisting of a lower house of elected representatives, and an upper house which incorporated the elders of tribal clans.

Abderahman Ahmed Ali Tuur was the first president of the Republic of Somaliland and Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal was appointed as Tuur’s successor in 1993. During the time there is a good improvement in security and stability of the country. Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal was reappointed in 1997 and remained President until his death on May 3, 2002. The Vice President Dahir Riyale Kahin shortly in 2003 became the first President of Somaliland elected in a Free and Fair Election. Somaliland made its final transition to multi-party democracy with elections in 2003.

Thus with the start of the Government by Dahir Riyaale Kahin various improvement taken place, which includes relations with Foreign countries and have established a Somaliland Embassy in Sweden and appointed/opened representative (liaison)/Trade offices in several countries Djibouti, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , Turin, Italy , London, United Kingdom, Paris, France . Washington D.C., United States of America. And progressing to establish more in other countries including Pakistan.

The Republic of Somaliland has its own flag, national anthem, vehicle number plates, currency and established all Ministries offices working with good governance .

The main export is livestock, with sheep and camels being shipped from Berbera, the country’s largest port. During our visit in November 2009 we personally visited the Berbera port where we witnessed the boarding of livestock for departure to other countries including Saudia Arabia .

I also met a British National who was staying in a hotel at Berbera Port since a long and exploring the sea and on asking that how he find Somaliland, and I remember he was very happy to receive a Pakistani and said it is indeed a very peaceful country. I further asked him that why the Britain’s not recognizing the Republic of Somaliland? and replied that UK will be the second country to recognized the Republic of Somaliland , after any country step forward to recognized Somaliland as a first country. This was promise between us. He seems very enthusiastic and happy.

The currency of Somaliland shilling regulated by the Bank of Somaliland which was established constitutionally in 1994.

The current foreign policy of Somaliland is to try to secure international recognition as a sovereign, stable country, so that international aid can be more readily secured.

A fact finding mission led by African Union which visited The Republic of Somaliland early 2005 published a report that strongly recommended favorable consideration for recognizing Somliland’s independence. And on the Independence day of the Republic of Somaliland I request the United Nations , African Union and the Pakistani Government to look at the example of Eritrea and the fact that Eritrea successfully broke away from Ethiopia and became a recognized country and why not The Republic of Somaliland? The Right of the will of the Somaliland people should be fulfilled. All international and Humanitarian organization should step forward in recognizing this peaceful and stable country.

The Recognition of the Republic of Somaliland should be considered on top priority basis and without further delay.

I also request the Ambassadors of the Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Islamabad Pakistan to look closely this unresolved issue and request their respective Government to act now.

Somaliland’s claims to sovereignty rests on this former status. In addition to this, the fact that the rest of Somalia is in a state of chaos while Somaliland is under stable government also lends credence to its claim. This credit goes to the former and present ruling Government in making Somaliland stable, peaceful and progressing country.

I also request the Government of Pakistan to support us in establishing a Somaliland Trade Office in Islamabad Pakistan (already in process ) so that our goals achieved by trading and improving commercial relations for both Islamic countries. I also hope that Pakistani Government considered the Rights of Recognizing the Republic of Somaliland.

I congratulate to His Excellency Honorable President Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo, , His Excellency Foreign Minister Dr. Mohamed A. Omar, and other Honorable Ministers and on behalf of Honorable Mr. Sheikh Mansoor Ahmed, Deputy Secretary General of the Pakistan Ruling Government for celebrating their National Independence day on 18 May.

In the end I pray from the Almighty Allah for real success of the President H.E Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo in achieving the targets of recognizing the Somaliland from the United Nations and the rest of the world during his tenure. I also pray for the shaheed Somalilanders and the Government officials who gave their life while struggling for their beloved country (Ameen) . I also salute to the Arm forces of the Republic of Somaliland who are defending their country from any type of threat or aggression using their own small resources. And of course they have the ability to meet all challenges. I can see that the day is not far away when Republic of Somaliland not only will be a Recognized country but also set example of peace and stability for other countries. I also look forward to visit the Republic of Somaliland again to meet the business community and other Government officials to start the trade between the two bortherly Islamic countries.


Sincerely yours,
Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi

Director (Diplomatic Affairs and PR)
BBC Record

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  1. osman5 says:

    Well done, brother! I guess Somaliland owes the government of Pakistan a thank you note.
    Don't you worry we're known for returning the favor, or at least understand pass it on is another option.

    Osman Qaal

  2. falaah says:

    we will fight resliantl for our rightful re-recognition even if it will take a thousan year from now. Somalia is utterly failed society/ state.

  3. Gobaad says:

    Thank you Qureshi for the good word you put for Somaliland. I would say from your lips to Almighty God's ears. And as we, Muslims, say the that sky is sometimes open to du'a and God accepts it. We have been waiting long enough. So, it is about time.

  4. Saddam says:

    Thank you brother God bless you and your country.

  5. khaatumo citizen says:

    how come eastern regions of north somalia call this day Cleaning Day.. lool no offences thoe

  6. mohamed cheers says:

    The best PR language one could read. If indeed the Govt. of Pakistan could break the iceberg
    as brilliantly displayed, that indeed would trap up the UK Govt not to drag their feet with farther
    excuse(s). down the the road for not recognizing Somaliland since 1991, over (almost 21 years.)
    Even if not Pakistan certainly all it takes is one IC country to break the embargo..which country can take that bold move? The Article is so well written and covers all the aspects in great details, thanks to the PR expert Author for his valuable contribution in this worthy cause and should only hope that favorable response to answer the call would come about pretty sooner than later.

  7. Kayse says:

    Khaatuufmo (spitting) citizen,

    It doesn't matter if the few horsemen call the day National Diapers day and change the diapers of their horses or national clean day to clean the few mud huts, the fact that the day signifies something for the horsemen is enough for us. Shows our influence over you.

    On the other hand, 1st of July is neither spitting nor shaving day for us. Its just another day that comes and goes like today.

    Dont forget to change the diapers of your horse on May 18th. Its good to have a clean horsemen as neighbours at times.

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    June 26 and July 01 1960 signify prior two seperate Govts of de jure status quo in the process
    prior to voluntarily integrated into one Govt union without forced obligations on either side to the other.
    What happened to the Union is all known and well documented. After the collapse of the Union in 1991
    Somaliland is now back on their de jure Independence of June 26 1960 and Somalia is now back on
    their de jure Independence of July 01 1960. What is your problems Khaatumo Citizen. I say you have
    no case.

  9. Barwaaqo says:

    Thank you Mr qureshi for your support and Ameen to your du'a.

  10. Allemagan says:

    If authentic and from a Pakistani citizen, this is indeed a very incredulous plea from Zindabad. Why would a Pakistani national whose country has more problems than you can throw a stone at be beseeching god and the international community to secure recognition for former British Somaliland. Mr. Qureshi should rather write about the scourge of Muslim fundamentalism in his country rather than waste his time dividing other country's citizens.

    It is not wise for the separatists to spend their meagre funds to pay for this poor public relation piece from Mr. Qureshi.

    • osman5 says:

      It isn't wise for taking cheap shots at Somaliland and it's inarguable progress..We see it, the entire world sees it as well but you don't…..go figure…

      Osman Qaal

  11. misslovely says:

    i really i love you cousin you make ma laugh what a man

  12. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    I am not sure to which country you are referring to: Somaliland or Somalia!

    Hmm! As for your advice, if Qurash's "PRP" is so poor , why worry about it?

  13. Khaatumo citizen says:

    misslovely u would like my comment better but too it has been deleted by the administrator loool anyhow, Happy Cleaning Day..

  14. amal says:

    Keep wailing khaatuf calyk

  15. cimran says:

    Khaaatumow means it's the end for those spoilers from the welfare bands of Europe and America who for the past 20 years doing nothing else but flaming the fire of war appealing to the worse denomination of humans in Somaliland. Their motives are trible and hate towards their fellow citizens. They reached the point of calling for help from Daffleh the original starter of the Somali civil war. That shows you how desperate they become. The result of their activities is this part of Somaliland is becoming backward with no development of any sort.It is a war zone. Aren't they care for their brothers.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Granted. Btw the name Cimran signifies certain Tribe within the Habra Habush Jeclo camp. Do you
      mean to say that you belong to that Cimran Tribe. In any case. it would be nice if you could use
      something else to avoid disrespecting tribal name(s).

  16. howd&nugaal says:

    cimran keep lying to urself ssc just started in 2010 .. 20 yrs ago kulah sland wouldnt be exist at all if we been fighting u all this time lol… plus theres no fire without smoke.. as soon as ex warlord sii'lanyo came into power he attacked kalshale followed by ceergabo, then yagoori, buuhodle sooljogto, maygagle then lasconod.. it wasnt whole Dhloz until the formation of khaatumo state which now they are united expect few dhabodhilifs ofcourse… we are peaceful folks and we were nothing but patients last 20 yrs untill u proveked us… but ask u self what has changed since 2010? how cum never start fighting for whole these years??
    khaatumo means possitive ending we tired of ur evil tricks.. please Daffleh is well respected men unlike some people…

  17. Libanski Yasin says:

    Guyz HATING ON ONE ANOTHER WONT HELP BUT CAUSE MORE HAM…somaliland deserve to be independent should rather be recognized by the world…calling names and cursing is not an option for the intellectuals like us..we should discuss and at least come to an understanding…We are all brotherz and sisterz..we sure should start acting like it…

  18. Yousaf hussein says:

    Mr. Qureshi very well done….I remember you visit us in 2009. Muslim countries should help each
    other. I recommend Mr. Qureshi name as Ambasador of Somaliland in Pakistan. He is really a
    practical and bold person and the Government of Somaliland needs guys like this… and not the cows who are doing nothing…..

  19. misslovely says:

    ceerigaabo ma abahaa afweynaad ka dhaxashay yaa fooqal faqash ceerigaabo is own by isaaq whether you like it or not

  20. khaatumo citizen says:

    looool guys calm down lets not curse the died… plus the word of faqash isnot an unsult and issak communities used to called the somali militery and they were all different tribes..

    and misslovely our beautiful city ceerigaabo doesnt belong to one tribe but many… and the first person oo dhagax dhigay waan ka dheregsanhay, so why cant we all share it

  21. Abdus Salam says:

    The somaliland Government should atleast thankx to Mr. Qureshy and the Pak Government. Our problem is alwys the remain same. Our Government only attracted and concern to America and European peopleto collect money as help and loan….thats the reason the english people playing with muslim countries because muslim government and leaders are very greedy just like somaliland government. The main reason for our failure is not identifying our real friends….i guess you got my feelings..

  22. Razzaq says:

    I do agree….the richest government and the poorest nation without map on earth

  23. Albert says:

    Conozco a este tipo Qureshi, él es el hombre de palabras …… por favor venga otra vez a somaliland los somallilander dan la bienvenida a usted.

  24. Jorgen Ismail says:

    As Somaliland word erken as wat die regering sal doen ….. En hulle hou nie van die mense wat sukkel om vir Somaliland erkenning

  25. Jibran says:

    My goody comments for lovely pakistan cousins have been deleted byu the administrator i did not like this because free media means dare to listen truth and not to hide the truth

  26. Jibran says:

    it is true that no one want relations with somaliland because we are situatted guld of aden sorrouded by somali pirates. And these pirates captured two time pakistan persons and pakistani goody cousins payed big money to somali pirates to releaze ther nationls. But they never complain anything with somaliland government. and the somaliland government should write them sorry letter.

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