Published On: Sat, Mar 5th, 2011

LIBYA: Rebels execute black immigrants while forces kidnap others

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ADDIS ABABA — While much of the world’s attention is focusing on crude oil prices and the Libyan pipelines in the east of the country– human right groups say rebels are committing crimes against humanity.

In east Libya, African hunt began as towns and cities began fall under the control of Libyan rebels, mobs and gangs. They started to detain, insult, rape and even executing black immigrants, students and refugees.

In the past two weeks, more than 100 Africans from various Sub-Sahara states are believed to have been killed by Libyan rebels and their supporters.

According to Somali refugees in Libya, at least five Somalis from Somaliland and Somalia were executed in Tripoli and Benghazi by anti-Gaddafi mobs. Dozens of refugees and immigrants workers from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria, Chad, Mali and Niger have been killed, some of them were led into the desert and stabbed to death. Black Libyan men receiving medical care in hospitals in Benghazi were reportedly abducted by armed rebels. They are part of more than 200 African immigrants held in secret locations by the rebels.

In many disputes involving Libyan residents and black Africans, the Libyans are turning in the Africans as mercenaries.

Thousands more Africans caught up in this mercenary hysteria are terrified. Some barricaded themselves in their homes, while others hid in the desert. Insulted, threatened, beaten, chased and robbed. Their only crime was being black and therefore treated as “mercenaries” of Gaddafi.

Rebels hold a young man at gunpoint between the towns of Brega and Ras Lanuf (Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)

Rebels hold a young man at gunpoint between the towns of Brega and Ras Lanuf (Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)

While the airing of Gaddafi’s so called “black mercenaries” by Western media has ignited the issue, some say an xenophobic attitude towards these refugees and labourers has existed for years. They say the current attacks are racially motivated because the rebels have released many actual Libyan mercenaries and soldiers under a tribal agreement. They believe many Arabs felt their Libyan leader was abandoning them for black Africans ever since he became a “pan-Africanist”. Many immigrants were regularly victims of racism.

In many situations, Gaddafi and his inner circle preferred black Africans and Libyans from the south over Libyans from the east. Now the angry mobs using the revolutionary movement across Arabia and North Africa are hunting down black people.

Mohamed Abdillahi, Somaliland, 25, was sleeping at his home in Zouara, when the mobs arrived. “They knocked on the door around 1 o’clock in the morning. They said get out, we’ll kill you, you are blacks, foreigners, clear.”

The testimonials and are very similar among the thousands of Africans that saw the ugly side of Libya in the past weeks. “They have attacked us, they took everything from us,” said Ali Farah, Somali labourer 29 years.

“They wanted to kill civilians, they beat many of us. To me, they are animals,” says Jamal Hussein, 25 years Sudanese worker.

Many of the fleeing Africans are terrified to tell their stories. At the checkpoint, they do not mingle with others. When asked about their ordeal, they just freeze, “they stopped us many times and said not tell what has happened here, say there are no problems,” Elias Nour from Ethiopia said.

“For the past seven days, my whole family has been holed up at home without any food, running water or electricity, we appeal for urgent intervention,” Mohamed Abdi from Somaliland told local reporters by cellphone.

In the latest reports reaching Somalilandpress from Tripoli, forces loyal to Col. Muammar Gaddafi have reportedly began kidnapping African and Libyan youths from their homes and universities. They are said to be preparing them for a showdown against the rebels. The kidnapped youths include five teenagers from Somaliland.

Many Africans have virtually nothing after years in Libya, many have been looted, robbed, while others saw their living quarters and apartments go in flames. Now they are praying to God to send them home.

While the international leaders are busy drafting resolutions to dismantle Muammar Gaddafi, the African Union has not yet commented on the situation in Libya.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court is said to have started a formal inquiry into possible crimes against humanity in Libya that will investigate the Libyan regime.

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March 4, 2011

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  1. mohamed says:

    Gaddafi has to go. The Libyians with the help of the IC must act to bring the insanity of this criminal
    leader destroying his people for the sake remaining in power against their will must not be accommodated
    indecisively by the responsible world. The sooner he's taken care of the better for a transitional peaceful
    world order.

    • Ursula says:

      Did you read the article? It is the REBELS who are going around executing black people, not Gaddafi's forces. The rebels are thugs and war criminals, they've got to go. Oh, and NATO are thugs, too, this whole war is a war crime by the western forces. It is all about getting Libya's oil, they don't care any more about the Libyan people than they care for the people in Afghanistan or Iraq.

  2. Mohahero says:

    As usual from time in memorial arabs are considerd racists ,the innocent blacks in libya are in great danger from the arab thugs

    • boshaiba says:

      here we go again . with the liars and there belivers , as always blame it on racism . as you blamed white people for your misfortunes ( arab- british-french………) we kiked them all out and what happend WE DESTORYED EVERY THING THAT WAS BIULD ( eg. zimbabwe ) even in europe you see ather racis make it successful and faced some racism they do not cry about it like us african . stop talkin like an ID . so we blame arab for our own thugs/killing/wichcroft/killing of the albino children. wake up and smell the homos. if any body go to any ather country to kill people for money (mercenary)deserve it.and who ever wrote the article is full of it.

  3. hassan says:

    i do not understand why they killing black people in their country,,

    • mohammed says:

      hassan we r not killing black people in our country after all our country has black people too, we are all muslims brothers, but we are being attacked by a group of people brought from africa (their gov do not represent them) therefore the people are defending themselves, trust me if they see two young men or whatever on the streets they shoot right away. the media is being played big time around here.

    • god keep gadafi . says:

      because gadafi like`s black people thats why the rebel`s are killing them. people need`s to know the truth gadafi is a good man. the rebel`s are bad pepole.

      • TIME TO WAKE UP says:

        GOD KEEP GADAFI,because you libyan,sure you will need him.

        soon the all arabs will be ruled by americans

        • Strawberry says:

          This is sad and ludacris. These arabs are nothing more then invaders. They are NOT the true indigenous people of that country AND the rest of northern africa anyway so who in the blue hell are they to kill the blacks there?! There asses need to be put to rest. Arabs are no better then the white man himself.

  4. DAN says:

    my sympathy for the Lybian uprising and Arabs in general is eroding. This is atrocious and more henious than what Ghadafi committed… imagine after 9/11 if americans rounded all middle eastern men robbed them of their life saving and executed them in a mob like actions… the whole world would have been outraged…. Where is the African Union? THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      Americans DID do that to middle eastern men btw

      • westerncivisheretostay says:

        Many Muslims are Whites from Russia and the Balkans and Crimea and even the Baltic states and Scandinavia (Tatars). Many Middle Easterners are Christians or Jews or Bahais, the latter victims of genocide in Iran. America has been tolerant to Muslims as long as they follow the law of the land as any other citizen would.

        You fail.

        • Kayse says:

          America is still the world's greatest evil since they began to attack Muslims they becoming decline. Their navy is down, they are in their last leg. They cant even get the job done in Afghanistan what hope do they have against China?

          Thank God they are finished.

      • Guest says:

        Mike the Americans did not do that. Lies like that have no place in a civilized discussion.

      • Mic says:

        Could you show proff of this accusation?

    • Bill says:

      Why would Libyan war crimes against blacks make you lose your sympathy for "Arabs in general?"

      • westerncivisheretostay says:

        What about Berbers? Or are they just "chopped liver", so to speak?

      • dan says:

        Arabs generally do not care when crimes are committed against blacks or non moslems.. like in Darfur or when african refugees who pass through N Africa on their way to Europe or Israel to name few… I also hear horror stories of guest workers in Arabs states who are virtually like slaves.. but f a single Palestinian is harmed suddenly they all rise up to condemn'… btw I do not remember Arabs rising up to condemn the 9/11 massacre of 4,000 innocent civilians, but now the want the world to come to their aide in the time of their need

    • Mahia says:

      Gaddafi is pan-Africanist because Libya is in Africa. This country belonged to Tuaregs and Berbers before the coming of Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula. The Libyan Tuarges of South-West Libya are Libyans, indigenous Libyans. The Arabs are settlers, be they in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria or Egypt. Therefore the Arab racism of Libyan rebels constitute crimes against humanity. As a matter of fact, Gaddafi is more credible with integrity more than the rebels. The other time Gaddafi was the African Union president, something sections of Libyans do not like. Gaddafi's association with Africans must be promoted and the racists should return to Arabia now. Gaddafi should allow African Armies to liberate the country from Arab extremists calling for the neo-colonial intervention of the West. The oil in Libya belongs to Africa, not Arabia. Islam is foreign to Africa!

      • mohamed says:

        you idiot christianity is more of a threat to us who live in africa.christianity is a the idea that if you kill someone you can take what ever they have.

        we africans don't want christians or jesus.they allready caused so much proplems .rwanda,somalia,nigeria,djabuti.and so much more

        • A_READER_ says:

          Pfft and allah the blood lust god, forced on black africans by the arabs for thousands of years is better…yeah.
          Who do you think rounded up all the blacks that were sold into slavery for the new world?
          Learn your real history.
          Arabs have had blacks as slaves for thousands of years now and it's still going on.

        • john says:

          take your jihadist rhetoric and shove it where the sun dont shine. muslims have caused dischord in africa for a thousand years.

        • mic says:

          Your view of Christianity is very VERY wrong, you need to educate yourself by factual sources, right away!

  5. Cawaale says:

    Libya is heading towards SOMALIA. What Next. Pirates, Mass killings, Terrorists, divided country and Poverty!!!!

  6. Tund says:

    Having read testimony after testimony about the maltreatment, rape and murder of black Africans by Libyans, I've lost all sympathy for the plight the ordinary Libyan at the hands of Gaddafi. I understand racism is nothing new in Libya but these acts are despicable.

    Daily, in the news, Europe and America talk of sanctions against Gaddaffi, we hear words such asserts ceasures, crimes against humanity and war crimes in reference to Gaddafi. Now I hope too that while they are at it they remember black Africans being murdered by the so-called Libyan rebels and punish them too.

    • dan says:

      Well said, Arabs are cowards by nature they usually go after the weak and the defenseless… Gadafi has mercenaries from East Europe among others, but I don't hear any Europeans being slaughtered… I am starting to wonder if the world is better off with Arabs ruled by the likes of Sadam, Gadafi and Mubarak…
      Like Shakespear said, choose the "lesser of two evils"….

  7. jewamongyou says:

    There are many many more black Africans than there are Caucasian North Africans and blacks have higher birth rates. If Libyans are kinds to blacks, Libya will eventually become a black country. What would you suggest if they wish to maintain their ethnic identity and not be swamped by blacks? What would your solution be? And don't give me this "we are all the same…" B.S.; that is just like saying "the whole world will be black – and then we will all be the same". I think there is something to be said for diversity and, if the whole world is black, there is less diversity.

    • Sam says:

      You are a racist.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Greetings my fellow racist! :)

    • Saraline says:

      and your solution is genocide, you are a horrible human being and no better than hitler, i no longer feel sorry for you guys. You deserve Gaddafi because you are just as bad as he is.

    • x says:

      Lybia is ablack country. All africa is black country.U se us Africans are good people we let you have our continent and now you kill our people. White man didi it we kicked him ou. whatchout.

      • cok says:

        The real natives of Libya were are whiter than the arabs that live there now. Berbers are most closely related to white people, and they were exterminated by the Arabs when they invaded north africa. Sub saharan africa is black, but the mediterranean north african coast has always been caucasian.

        • Yeah I Said It says:

          North Africa = White? Get your f*n history straight!!! AFRICA (North, South, East, West, Central) was always black from the beginning. In fact, Science suggests the first human DNA was BLACK! The evolution of every other race followed after that depending on the climate conditions one eventually adopted to living in. N. Africa was white? F*ING GIMME A BREAK

      • Middle easterner says:

        It was never your continent. Just because we call a pice of landmass for "Africa" does not mean it belong to Sub-saharans only. North-Africa have always been a crossroads and because the black genes are dominants and the North Africans are MUCH lighter than black-africans we can safely assume that North-Africa have never been a dark-african country. Stop stealing history, land, glory and achievement which does not belong to you.

    • grey goose says:

      You're a despicable, pathetic excuse for a human being. Not only is your attempt to justify ethnic cleansing morally reprehensible, it's also stupid.

      In short, you're a waste of life and you should probably kill yourself.

    • KALTUUN says:


      • jewamongyou says:

        How large are the non-black communities in Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria? Are those non-black communities growing? The flow from black to non-black nations is overwhelmingly one way. It's blacks leaving for greener pastures, not whites/Asian entering black countries in any large numbers. Also, whenever non-blacks do end up in black Africa, every few years, they are purged – as happened with the Asians in East Africa and the Lebanese in West Africa – and the whites in Zimbabwe and now South Africa. The pattern is not difficult to see.

        • donna says:

          So what if your precious country is becoming black, perhaps than you will see the peace. You are a disgrace to mankind, or perhaps you are from another species (Jinn perhaps, or maybe you are a Shaytan) who knows. But your thoughts of killing off another race because you are afraid of your country becoming blow, is evil but your time will come and you will be dealt with by Allah, if you do not repent and change your ways, you just wait. It is because people like you who give Arabs a bad name, you need to just vanish

        • berber says:

          you probably think you are funny, don't you ? if that is your picture next to your name then not only do you sound like a moron but you even look a moron and retarded.
          lets see if we go by your dimwit logic then how do you explain the Caucasian invasion of north n south america or Canada, Australia and new Zeeland all lands which has been over taken by white or Caucasian people, from non Caucasian people. you are a west of space and time, moron.

    • Kemet says:

      Libya is in Afrika, which means it belongs to Black skinned Afrikans ONLY !!
      Not only that, but we will eradicate the entire infestation known as whites, arabs and anyone else who is not Black !!

      Ururu Comrade !!!

    • Getachew says:

      poor man! U R hungry of knowledge. Ur comprehension about humanity is very backward and I have a pitty for your way of thinking. I advise u to watch film Malcom X. Never give up. U may once realize that a person should be measured by his content and not by his/her colour. U can still learn and it is never too late. I hope u do not passaway with this sick mentality. All the bes!

    • ThinkFirst says:

      Your a true monster!

    • Tim says:

      Generally I like your opinion for being frank and honest, though do not agree with it.

      Every people are responsible for their destiny first and utmost. We cannot blame Black/Asian/etc people for what we are doing to ourselves. Our faults, like laziness, stupidity and self-forgiveness – what is to blame here.
      From what I can see, Feminism, that is stemming from above mentioned, result of ever sprawling acquiescence of our politics, is mostly responsible for all these devastating demographic shifts.

      Unfortunately, aggression is a mob's most common behavior in that kind of situations, like amassing fault after fault.

      In this context it's interesting to see how Germany was able to escape of being part of this unpopular, saying the least, intervention.

    • stew says:

      Very good argument.

    • Abbas AlKhargi says:

      How backward and ignorant is your statement. Caucasian North Africans whether Berber or Arab have a history amongst blacks check your history Hajar the mother of the Arabs was a Black African her husband Abraham the father of jews and arabs was a chaldean who were descendents of Ham another black person. North African identity is full of Black African influences.

    • dps says:

      Don't allow your lighter skin to confuse you…you are not caucasian. When I look past your ignorance I pity you. Europeans feel the same about your race and your religion, you are a DOG in their eyes, only fit to wipe the WHITE MANS BUTT!

    • rasheed salam says:

      sound like a racist to me that should be stoned i thought liybia was Muslim country you would think they would have better morals ish Allah the blacks will fight and over come we don't stay down history has shown that

    • Charles Green says:

      If it meant eliminating racists putz's like you, that would be a worthy goal!

    • Strawberry says:

      Listen jewamon…blacks have higher birth rates because caucasiods like you are more mutant then the real thing. Don't hate, congradulate. You A-rabs are nothing more then the basterd offsprings of YOUR black ancestors. You people never was the TRUE inhibiters of NORTERN AFRICA …OK?! Do your research and get along with your black brotheren. Kapish!

    • Andrew Muyabi says:

      In Ugandan during Idi Amin Dada's ERA we chased away Indians and Arabs, and Uganda remained as we wanted it indigenous,very African. Now who did you Arab people displace, you displaced Black Africans who lived there, so do not give us that bullshit about ethnic purity, you Arabs for centuries castrated Black Africans you slaved them on the Indian and Mediterranean ocean you murdered them, you demonized them you dehumanised them, so do not give us that crapp.You used them as work machines and fodder,Nannys maides Labourers!!! Now you people want Israel to be fair to your brothers in what you call Palestine bullshit. That is Israely land, land of Judea, not Palestine. If we go by your reasoning you should go back to Yemen and Oman where all the original Arabs belong stay the hell out of Africa.
      Beware there are Libyans in Sub saharan Africa we will meet out the same treatment on your brothers do not take our hospitality of your people in our places also, we will also avenge the death of our Black Africans, because we have many of your Arabs especially Libyans doing business here in our parts, Beware stand warned.
      We did it in Uganda we will do it again in the rest of Africa, for the sake of indeginization, do not feel to comfortable even in Italy and France they are tired of you flocking there shores in droves…

    • Lauren says:

      You explanation to this situation is so idiotically simplistic that it's difficult to truly be insulted. There is no possibility of the whole world becoming black. As long as human beings continue to have choice then you will always have a diverse race of humans. You need to not give in to your fears of the black man's powerful presence and try to focus on humanity. Your fears have your emotions bordering onto a hatefilled insanity. You say swamped by black making clear your fears but can you imagine if the whole world started to feel the same about the Arab nations especially since you have all begun spreading not only your phyical presence around the world but your very stron religious principles as well. Can you imagine if the world turned on you all and decided to just erase all evidence of you from this planet. This is not the way to maintain diversity. The only way to do that is through love, understanding and peaceful residence alongside each other. The koran, The bible, The Torah and all major holy books advocate peace not murder.

    • Bernell says:

      I would suggest get out of Africa and move to Arabia. You can retain ethnic identity without being racist. I know that sounds really strange to a racist but just suppose we Blacks all over the world suddenly decided were tired of whites , Arabs or anyone else destroying us and decided enough was enough, whites would become extinct. Whites should thank God, or science or whatever you believe in that we have Faith in God…

    • Ashley says:

      In reply to all the people who replied to this (sorry jewamongyou, you're really not worth talking to, this is just easier than replying to the 30 people who've replied to you so far).

      Why are you wasting your time (as, i admit, i am technically doing myself at the moment) replying to this?

      Don't let the guy get to you. The -77 thumbs up/down rating he's currently got says more than any words could as to what the readers of this his post think of his "thoughts" on the matter. Give him another thumbs down and forget about him.

    • Sara says:

      Well said people in the west don't see this they are so blind soon england will be a black country there's to many blacks! and I'm not racist!….

  8. One God, One Race, One Aim, One Destiny. says:

    Does anyone know the history of North Africa? Does anyone know that Arabs are not the natives? Does anyone know that Arabs arrived in Egypt in 8 AD?

    It would be ironic when the truth comes out and the natives take back all of North Africa and also Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

    How will Arabs feel when they realize that there were but nomads and not the original natives of these lands they now call Arab lands.

    But one first must understand weather patterns and 25,000 years of civilization. The region history , true history goes beyond the 7,000 years the Arabs can recollect in their entire existence as a race and a civilization anywhere.

    This is but the beginning of something much greater to come.

    The biggest lie told is that there is one black race. The truth be told Chinese are not related to Japanese. There are various black races and various brown races also called black.

    The original humans with the worlds oldest DNA are of brown skin located North of South Africa call the San Bushmen.

    Black and white are extremes of the original colour which is brown and dark brown.

  9. jhonatan says:

    Libyans are the most racist nations in the world. Stop killing black people you morons!!!!!!!!

    Please join this group on facebook. Stop!!Killing Black people in Libya!

  10. Mahia says:

    Why are you afraid of Blacks? You are racist. Why did your ancestors move from the Arabian peninsula to Africa, a land of Black people. Tuaregs and Berbers of north Africa were being exterminated by Arabs in the name of Islam. African do not need Islam in order not to be called slaves. The colour of one's skin does not make him or her a slave of Arabs. Now Arab Libyan rebels are calling for Western intervention in order to wipe out Blacks from Libya. Libya is not homogeneous, not pure Arab! They are fighting for the oil, wealth, and the promotion of racism against Africans. At UN Gaddafi speach reiterated his is African. He actually said "we Africans are not animals" and that includes all people born and raised up on the African continent, including ethnic Arabs. If you deny your Africanity by virtue of your residence or birth in the African continent, why don't you go back to Arabia? Libyan rebels should end their racism otherwise Africans will continue to support Gaddafi, the pan-Africanist.

  11. john says:

    native north africans were not black prior to the Arab invasions. if anything North africans are darker today than they were in the past…just look at pictures from the Roman era in N.Africa, the folks were lighter there. Arabs darkened them up via rape. also, Somalians…look up Somali DNA on the internet…you will see that you and Ethiopians have HEAVY ammounts of Caucasian DNA, that is why you folks dont look like typical negros [like Bantus].

    • Maath says:

      Osiris, Isis were like typical negros [like Bantus].

    • teddy says:

      Indigenous north africans were black, before arab migration occur to north africa in 649 ad. You got it backward, not surprising. Early East african people( somail , ethiopians) migrate to south arabian pennisula thousands of years. This, with out of africa migrations ( at least 3 , according to scientists) . You really need to study genetics, ethiopians, somali are genetically black ( indigenous to africa), we are the first ( I am ethiopian). Remember phenotype are not genotype. It is the genotype that defines people race. The bantus (typical negroes) and ethiopians have the narrowest distance in subclades in our haplotypes ( mitochondrial) , thus are very relative. You really need to educate yourself

    • Kemet says:

      One day soon all Blacks will unite and reclaim the entire Afrikan continent. We built all of the Pyramids in Egypt (and Latin America) and we are the superior people, Period.

      • tit says:

        Some ancient Egyptians were black but the majority were caucasian. and claiming that blacks built pyramids in Latin America is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

    • fez says:

      John, you sound very uneducated. What determines the colour of individual's skin is a pigment called melanin. This pigment protects from the harmful effects of sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. There is plenty of sunshine in Africa; that is why nature deemed it fit for native Africans to have the gene for that pigment. This is clearly an adaptive measure.

      Anatomically, the only difference between 'white skin' and 'black skin' is the absence or presence of melanin. Caucasians have a different climatic condition and so do not have the pigment. That is why they require to apply sun creams in summer to protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV rays. I hope this little explanation helps you to look beyond the colour of a man's skin.

      Finally, if you remove the melanin pigment from the skins of typical negros [like Bantus] as you mentioned, you will be amazed their skins will look exactly the same as that of 'caucasians'. If fortunately you are made to have the pigment, John I am afraid you will look like the Bantus.

    • Abbas AlKhargi says:

      John Caucasian and Negro is a dated idea about race based on colonialists racist views about superiority. Blacks do not and never had one phenotype they had evolved various features long before they left the continent. Talking of Libya the oldest remains found in Libya were of a black stereotypical black boy who is also the earliest example of mummification. You can read about it online. European archeologists were baffled as like you they want to beleive that North Africa was a land of southern Caucasions. The Garamantees of Gharma in southern Libya the original inhabitants of the Sahara were the same as the sub saharan populations who moved south as the sahara dried up and Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs pushed them south.

    • Andrew Muyabi says:

      The Somalis and Ethiopians are not caucasian whatever your wishful thinking. There are other races or ethnicities in East Africa. The Somalis are Cushitic not caucasoid they have a cushitic DNA the Ethiopians are Hamitic or Hamites and possess slight degrees of semitic Genes. Bantus are not Negroid either. There is even a contrasting difference in appearance with Bantu people and Negroid people. Bantu people are browner than Negroid people and possess slightly different prognasis and cranial characteristics, and limb lengths. So please do not lecture on what you do not know about Africa. Negroid people in habits certain parts of West Africa and are related to the black Americans only slightly, so your loose term of negroid should, be used carefully please!!!

  12. Badway D K says:

    Life is just round what is done yesterday will happen today and tomorrow,People talk of America as if they don't know America,be Africa ,Europe,Asia what goes by comes bye all this continent's will test what is happening to the poor today,if not by war then we have the netural one like earth quake sunami fload allah is watching

  13. Fareed Musa Fataki says:

    The Politics of blacks, white or coloured must sieze to be debated. the focus should be on humanity. let the be gones be bygones. in any case, the current leadreship and most infleuntial pple in America are not the indeginouse there but they are claiming to be rulling the world. why is such talks not targetted to America and many of such areas. changing or attempting to change the status quo now is a recipe for desaster. As a Sudanese national iam talking from expereince. the most possible we could do as Sudanese is to divide the country through systematic stages that has just seen the Southerners through sucessful referundum attainning a new country in Africa. the past does not matter now but we believe having self rule is the best alternate for protecting and promoting the rule of law and Humanity at large. let us stop engaging in cheap talks but rather we should focus a great deal of attention to the peoples well being.

  14. El Diablo Negro says:

    I'm sure that Ghadafi is no cupcake but I have no sympathy whatsoever for Libyan insurgents. They're nothing but murderous, chauvinistic scum.

  15. Richard Putnam says:

    Obama has chosen to side with the rebels…against black Africans. what else is there to say?

  16. farhanodow says:

    lipiya insurgents shouldn't be suport becouse we see who they are and what they bleive they are pure racist who hate black african and yet they want our suport, most of arab people like saudi arabia treat african as sub human but lipya reble is purly racist they should go to hell not get any asistance from african countreis ……all balck african be ageinst this racist rebels

  17. mercy4all says:

    obama is taking the rebel`s side because their all aparte of the illuminati . they `ll hate any body that`s not wiling to prase the devil like them . may the almighty keep all good people safe from the devil praser`s.

  18. MadeleineT says:

    Why are blacks treated this way even in places they come from? I dont' understand how a whole race of people could be this unwelcome everywhere they go. They are human beingas and as such they have a right to live like anyone else. Here in America they complain about everything, everyone is racist everyone is against them, they say this from our Governments pulpit, our President is a half black man, they should spend a week in Libya so they can appreciatye the rights they have here . We all have rights as human beings and if Libya wants to start ethnic cleansing that will just strip them of any sympathy will get from the rest of the world. A lot of peole sympathize with Gadaffi right now, if this continues he will not even have that small faction in his corner.

  19. merghani says:

    that is discusting rebels whom being helped by the international community discreminate and toucher black african? this prove aren't true and honest freedom fighters- afterall libya offered work for most of the word and now what? wake up world regardless of unjust!

  20. patrick A. says:

    Since when White nations looked out for Africans killing one another.
    We all know know that is about stealing Libya,s OIL.
    The same method they used for Centuries,Divide and Conquer.
    Bunch of Filthy thieves

    • akila says:

      it's all about oil why they don't go to avory cost

    • Yeah I Said It says:

      Very well said! The sad part about it though is that people are too simplistic to really take note and digest what the Libyan war is really about. If NATO cared so much about the African people (besides oil, obviously) then whatever happened to Somalia?! DIVIDE AND CONQUER all the way and the world falls for it, arrghh

  21. Goforit says:

    I would like an answer, yes or no.

    Are the Libyan rebels executing prisoners of war?

    • Roger says:

      absolutely!!! Search you tube. One captured government soldier, hung upside down, decapitated and mutilated.
      8 soldiers and civilians (mostly black African), questioned on camera, then filmed, all dead with gunshots to the head. Disgusting!
      Cameron, Hague, Obama and Sakozy truly are war criminals. The final insult is a Telegraph piece, interviewing a senior rebel who is also a senior Al Qaida figure, admitting fighting NATO in Afghanistan along with most of his present rebel unit. Not one word on BBC, Guardian, CNN, New York Times

    • Noah says:

      Yes, there are reports that the rebels are executing prisoners of war. Truth be told, I don't support this intervention in Libya

  22. rashida amahtullah says:

    i agree with you keith…join me on facbeook bro?

  23. genusdenus says:

    Oh they're not wanted there either!

  24. Ahmed says:

    I wonder how 1 can pray to the almighty and yet discriminate against gods creatures. Nationalism and racism was one of the things the prophet (pbuh) warned against in his last speach. God (Allah) tells us that he might forgive u if you wronged him but you won't be forgiven if you wrong a human being. How can 1 love the creator and at the same token hate his creation. Islam tells us that all the muslims are brothers and sisters but these ignorant berbers created their own religion which they will have 2 account for in the hereafter. Wa billaahi tawfiiq.

  25. Garth says:

    jewa ur an idiot, so do u justify ethnic cleansing of other countries? places like serbia etc where they killed all the muslems? i hope u sir get caught up in the cross fire for the sake of humanity!

    i love culture and i love race and language but u are pathetic

  26. lebu says:

    M.Khadafi n´est pas un africain, il est un bedouin araba des Beni Hillal qui ont envahi l´Afrique au XII siècle. Il a étè toujours contre les Imazighen, berbers libyens parlant le tamazight. Ses amis étaient les dictateur tunisien et égyptien et syrien. Les libyens du CNT ne sont pas racistes, ce racisme a étè inventé par les serv ices d´information de Tripoli.Selon dernières nouvelles Khadafi prepare partir au Venezuela chez son ami Chaves.

  27. Akli says:

    Mouamar Khedafi must return in Yemen, his old country of arabs, he is not un african.

  28. Dahir says:

    Folks, the fool is not Libyan, He is from the US or Europe perhaps David Duke himself.
    As for Libyans they are black/brown, it is a shame they can't see that. they will realize this fact once the reach the shores of Europe or the US.

  29. M.H. says:

    It's one thing not to want foreigners in your country and try get them to migrate, but it's another to kill them.
    For you to agree with what's going on in Libya at the moment is disgusting, whatever your reasons may be, they aren't enough to justify the killings that are going on.

  30. One says:

    Its written when he "the opressed gets restless he will break the opresser yoke from off his neck

  31. One says:

    God the only true God the God of Abraham, Issac ,Jospha who name is Yawah will deliver his people all calling on that name with faith. He is control and will act on the part of his people.

  32. Hud Smith says:

    Peace and Blessings, I think the true point is being missed here! The rebels, who are Muslims, are killing Muslim both Arab and black. The International Union, Western powers, are helping the Rebels to achieve there goal for a secular state(Gog and Magog). Allah will have the last word so keep waiting, we too will be waiting. the Sun is going down and Mehdi, may peace be on him, will soon be on the scene. That which u doubted will surly come to pass. Allah has all things in his knowledge, so away with the evil doers.

  33. elange. says:

    lybian rebels will loose in this conflict because Allah is not on their side. They are a greedy bunch of criminals and terorist racist, worst than al qaeda. Very their imperialist backers will abandon them, and colonel gaddafy will prevail. The Lybian people are aware of the fact that a few greedy racist from the east are trying to sell their country to imperialist foreigners for their own selfish gains and in exchange of being allowed to kill every black man. Even enemies of gaddafy are fighting alongside him to safe the country. I am not a lybian but i deeply feel for that country.

  34. LiberalsRinsane says:

    Nobody likes blacks lol

  35. WHAT says:

    Blacks treat each other so much worse in Africa than they get treated by white people in the United States. Thats a fact.

  36. hassan says:

    Lybians are arabs and arabs are racists period. I think that Somaliland should altogether sign a military alliance with Israel and nuke them.

  37. Wes says:

    Obama, Where are you!!

  38. webZian says:

    There seems to be a disproportionate number of black men being detained and killed as 'Gaddafi forces'. This is a sad indictment of the racism that has been highlighted in the past by some Arab Libyans. Are we meant to believe that the majority of Gaddafi supporters were black? This didnt seem to be the case before the revolution when I watched crowds of Gaddafi supporters.Hope Libya doesn't come out of this 'spring' with neighbors who do not trust each other. Suspicions will lead to mistrust if the soul of the revolution is stained with innocent blood and Libyans will never be truly free whatever the lightness or darkness of their skin.

  39. peace says:

    I hate libyan rebel, are animals west only want your oil if you dont know the help you cause of oil, so you rebel dont kill our black, gaddfi has go but you rebel never peace in libya. InshaAllah

  40. Narucraze says:

    first of all north of Africa was not always Arab, i don't know where you get the idea of Arabs being indigenous to the north of Africa, if you want to see the true natives of Libya type in the tauregs in Google before spewing nonsense of racial replacement. north africa was genetically e1b1b1 which originates in ethiopia, learn the genetic map of Africa before showing your ignorance on here based on what you have seen in the news and come to believe to be true. Africa is very diverse and will remain so, its only a recent phenomena in Europe.

  41. Reg says:

    I´m from Ireland and we´ve had lots of Africans come into our country in the last 10 years. They are completely unwanted. I cannot understand why people would go to a country where they are hated.

    I know the answer. Africans (Blacks and Browns, there are no whites as Arabs are NOT white) inteligence levels are too low to form stable societies. Due to this they move to any country where high intelligence whites live. Our governments in white countries have been infiltrated by Marxists and are working against us. Europeans are starting to awaken. If I was non white I´d start to figure out how to leave quickly when the fighting starts.

    There will be fighting on the streets in Europe in the years to come. The fighting will be Europeans against all outsiders. So my guess is people better get used to this type of thing cause there is more of it coming.

  42. Anthony McCourin says:

    I am reading these comments and all i can tell is almost all of the commenters are idiots that don't have a clue.

    Racism has nothing to do with killing black people. Racism is a general idea that different races have different qualities. Whether it's true or false remains to be seen, however any sort of research on that matter is always sabotaged by anti-racism groups and the likes. Think what you want, but i genuinely would like to know why black people have an advantage in physique (best athletes in the world are black) and maybe – just maybe, they might also have a natural disadvantage, just like we, white people, do with regards to physique. Now, racial discrimination is another topic, which is sorta what we have here.

    However, what we really have here is not racial discrimination per se. These rebels don't generally hate blacks. They are just violent animals and savages, who think that they can do what they want. Naturally, they fall into hatred, just to prove themselves that they are all powerful and no one can stop them. And in this case it just happens that their wraith had fallen on black immigrants.

    Also, have a look around the internet. These rebels don't only kill blacks. They kill whenever they please. They hang and behead libyan soldiers. They torture children. They rape and murder women. They cut out entire tribes for daring to refuse to support them. Now, Gaddafi wasn't an angel, but what these guys do is beyond anything you could ever imagine – this is just mass murder for no reason. Even Nazis were selective of who they kill.

  43. Tolu says:

    I think one thing has too be said about the black race.

    "We are too kind and we let people trample on our rights too much".

    Can you imagine? After letting Arabs stay on our continent, they now feel it's their birthright and this is how they repay us?

    Blacks are native to Africa and they also built the pyramids and now because we allowed Arabs to come they and stay, they feel they can trample on the rights of their hosts.

    It is not their fault. How contradictory with their "Islam is Peace".

  44. Tolu says:

    I think one thing has too be said about the black race.

    "We are too kind and we let people trample on our rights too much".

    Can you imagine? After letting Arabs stay on our continent, they now feel it's their birthright and this is how they repay us?

    Blacks are native to Africa and they also built the pyramids and now because we allowed Arabs to come stay, they feel they can trample on the rights of their hosts.

    It is not their fault. How contradictory with their "Islam is Peace".

  45. Ahmed MOHAMED says:

    Black People must unite in all continents of the world condemning these madness

  46. Ordinary Nigerian says:

    Sad, but no army, no force in the world will stop the Libyan women from loving and wanting the black sugar stick. And by jove they are gonna have it and they'll be making many pretty black babies.

  47. Jokernose says:

    I'm confused here, i thought Africa was the black man's homeland. Arabs are foreigners there, they introduced the slave trade to the white man. When they forced islam on africans the mosques were segregated just like in the american south. Blacks went to one mosque and arabs went to another mosque. Attention black folks: arabs are not our friends, they will never let a black muslim man marry their daughters, they are racists

  48. stevefakeballmer says:

    Arab slavery of blacks in africa is common!

  49. Ali says:

    Let us be frank here, we are all Africans- that is were humanity began like it or leave it you moron!

  50. Skip says:

    We are witnessing Horror above all ever committed upon a Race of people?
    Bon ki moon remains Silent as do the Media as to the Atrocities happening inside Libya Even the Vatican say nothing now we see they are involved with the Elite!So whatever comes out of the Vatican is Bias
    No Geneva Convention at the hands of these Rats!
    Under these circumstances neither should they if caught.

  51. Aster says:

    What is worse White ppl trying to pretend they know so much about Africa (you don't so STFU) or White colonialism/oppression/domination/slavery/violence (in the past and present) ??

  52. Ahmed says:

    see now your pointing the finger at the wrong people sure there are sick individuals that hate blacks or others which are plain racist but there also good people everywhere notably where i come from that is Tunisia i rarely see anyone looking down on blacks and as we speak many Tunisians near the borders are helping everyone for the sake of nothing more than solidarity and brotherhood but i dont deny the existence of racists its sadly the way of the world and its the same for arabs pretty much everywhere

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