Published On: Fri, May 25th, 2012

Leaders are made, they are not born

OPINION | MAY 25, 2012

Leadership is the energetic process of getting other people fully and willingly committed to a new course of action. The visible signs of leadership are expressed ultimately in its practice and performance. Leadership is lifting a person’s visions to higher sights, building a personality beyond its normal limitations.

All great leaders know that their prime irresponsibility is cultivating their own discipline and personal growth. A belief and a condition of the heart plus a learned behavior, within the grasp of many, and not just few, are the essential components. To a leader both compassion and passion go hand in hand. .

There are many things a leader has to do. First, he must determine the main goals and visions and take the lead in communicating them to others. He must motivate people. He must take personal responsibility for all major actions or decisions that profoundly affect the nation, the society, organization, peer and so on. It is thus about having a unique vision, making strategic choices and designing and enabling an organization to get the job done. We call this leadership process, the 4 E”S


Leadership starts with having a vision, then developing a plan to achieve. It is a noble challenge. In all cases, a vision of the future is the key to getting started as a leader.


Leadership means creating enabling mechanisms to encourage the right kind of action. This entails choosing the right people to the right positions at the right time.


Empowering the people is very essential to a leader. The leader must give his staff the freedom to take responsibility for getting the job done and hold them mutually accountable.


A leader must energize the people to act. This usually involves expressing the visions in the a “plan”, wihich builds understanding and the desire for actions. A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires the people with confidence in themselves.

Effective leadership

This includes the following traits.

* A leader must have courage. The majority of leaders fail to achieve the quality of leadership they seek because they are shackled by their own fears. Courage is the will to take actions and make decisions, not only at easy times but even at hard times, in order to turn crises into opportunities.

* Confidence is the unshakable belief in oneself. It is the self-doubt that limits the weak leader; it is his reaction to that self-doubt. Confidence allows a leader to keep trying until he performs better.

* A leader should have the capacity for intense concentration. The two parts of concentration are – persistence, the most important determining factor in in a leader’s success, and focus or the ability to stay on track.

* A leader should have passion for what he does and what he believes in. He should be consistently enthusiastic, upbeat, pragmatic, optimistic,and articulate. .

* A leader must have a strong sense of value if he is to succeed in the long run.Values help one determine who he can count on, how people will react in given situations and whom he wants as sage counsel.

The moral of this article is that Silaanyo does not have any of above qualities. His political approaches are the mechanical movements of hit-and-miss management, coupled with bias and prejudices. The wonderment is how could a man with no noble qualities lead a nation aright. Silaanyo does not even have the capacity to grow, for age is ailing him.

By Jama Falaag

Jeddah, Saudi arabia

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    In all fairness and to a certain degree level, the moral of this article could well be said to complementing
    the leadership qualities. But saying Silaanyo does not have any of the leadership qualities described by
    the Author is absolutely false and only add to his previous unethical nuisances and mischief. In fact and without exaggeration and/or prejudice President Silaanyo complements perfectly well with the kind of any
    good leadership any good quality leader would aspire to possess. His age factor is not a problem
    for as long as he's capable of managing and running the show of the highest office with the expedient
    aids to run the nations affairs in good faith and confidence together. MR Falaag, I doubt you have a
    real case here..You have already been identified as a useless wailer.

    • fadal ahmed says:

      First for most nothing wrong with This artical.journalist or people write Their opinion “freedom of speech it’s not what you want to hear all The time put what other people Think also”.so stop jumping on some bandwogan.

  2. amal says:

    What's up with all this personal attacks directed at the president. It's true Somalis don't know anything about constructive criticism.

    "Silaanyo does not even have the capacity to grow" Basically that even denies him the opportunity to learn and better himself cajiib

    • Geezer4rmPuntland says:

      abyoo its better if you just dnt get involved in this never ending sub clan council war.
      just come to bari i will personally welcome you lyk a president. you gotta see my farm which is quiet bigger than the typical small village of hargeisa, actually you could even carve out a separate amal tribal state just through my farm but instead of Silanyo you ave camels, dogs, sheeps, goats, chicken etc.
      oh for a little treat i will teach how to ride my pony horse!!!!

  3. cimraan says:

    I believe mr.Falaag should in all objectivity let himself known to us readers. who is he. what is his qualification and what basis he makes his conclusions. And basically show us who is behind the mask. I read his other article and it was full of the same nonsense. I believe it is the people who make collective judgement as to whether an elected official is capable of managing his duties or not. The people of Somaliland will do that soon and will pass their judgement on the President. Not one who hide behind an assumed name and afraid of his own shadow. that is not leadership but cowardice. Mr.Silanyo the president of Somaliland show his leadership and courage when lead this country from jaws of destruction and Mayhem twice. and where were you then mr know it all.
    In my book You have no right to judge this man

  4. osman5 says:

    This so-called writer is a very judgmental and quasi writer. He should provide legit references including his own career and academic achievements so we can compare his personal successes with Silayo's..

    Osman Qaal

  5. Geezer4rmPuntland says:

    abyoo its better if you just dnt get involved in this never ending sub clan council war.
    just come to bari i will personally welcome you lyk a president. you gotta see my farm which is quiet bigger than the typical small village of hargeisa, actually you could even carve out a separate amal tribal state just through my farm but instead of Silanyo you ave camels, dogs, sheeps, goats, chicken etc.
    oh for a little treat i will teach how to ride my pony horse!!!!

  6. Gobaad says:

    @ Mr. Jama Falaag

    Do you think that people don't read books or the internet. Do not plagiarize other people writings and claim it as your own. Check this website as well as other internet stuff. When you take stuff written by other people you should give them a credit. You quote them and commend them for their work. Otherwise, that is stealing! So, what good qualities do you think you have stealing other writers work and claiming as your own!

  7. Jabuutawi says:

    The pitfalls of an open forum. However, I recommend that the site editor take no action as bloggers would eventually self-regulate anyone who gets out of line. Freedom of speech and expression do come with, at times, unintended consequences as the case may be here.

  8. amal says:

    @ Geezer4rmPuntland

    Pirate boy, you are already fed with one sub-clan council garbage. No wonder why all the ciyal kudaaf are filling up our site thinking Somaliland and its gov will fall apart. You are nothing but duqsi (flies and wasp) i.e lowly and shameful people that could do no harm. Keep braying donkey.

  9. Mario says:


    Come to daddy, all that your mother told you is not true, I'm your real father. I'm waiting to see you in Rome leave that pirate guy he is not your biological father.

  10. Ina Dhugtame says:

    "You can not give what you do not possess" goes an old Arabic proverb. The author is not gifted with common sense, how could he give judgement on Mr. Silaanyo's leadership qualities?

    Mr. Falaag, you have no talent, no courage and no common sense. I grant you the diploma of the third most obnoxious person after Keyse and Allemegan. You all share the following qualities, you do not have the courage to expose your real names, make no sense at all and yet believe that you are gifted and important.

  11. Feysal says:

    I suggest SomalilandPress take this article down, not because of his rant against Silanyo (that is freedom of speech), but because the author committed plagiarism – an ultimate sin in academics. To appear smart with borrowed words is the lowest form of lack of self-esteem.

  12. khaatumo citizen says:

    and here come all the sectionist attacking the author….
    Sii'lanyo xuu ceebeyay title ka maxwaynenimo

    i would definitely vote for Feysal cali Waraabe unlike sii'lanyo he's honest..

  13. Gobaad says:

    khaatumo citizen, whether you vote for Feysal cali Waraabe or anybody else you are still voting for a Somalilander. Secondly, afkaaga wanaajiso because you don't know anything about the President of Somaliland Republic's honesty. Besides, it has nothing to do with the topic we are debating here. And if you are just coming to bad mouth our Administration, keep in mind you are a fair game too. So, let us play, hon!

    Furthermore, the author is thief and needs to be put in his place. What qualities does he has? He is plagiarizing somebody else writings and making it his own; and shamelessly attacking the President of Somaliland's leadership qualities. What a fool!

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