Published On: Thu, Jul 1st, 2010

Kulmiye party wins Somaliland election

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Opposition leader, Ahmed Mohamed Siilanyo has been declared the winner of Somaliland’s historical presidential elections with 49.6 percent of the vote.

During a press conference held in Mansoor Hotel in the capital, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the final results declaring Kulmiye (Unity) party the winner. NEC chairman, Mr. Essa Yusuf Mohammed said Kulmiye party received 49.6% of the vote while the party of president Dahir Rayale Kahin (UDUB party), managed just 33.1 per cent. Second opposition party, UCID (Justice and Welfare party) finished third scoring 17.2 per cent of the vote.

Mr. Essa Mohamed urged the public and the political parties to support the new leadership. “I am once again confirming Kulmiye Party to be the winner of the election when all the votes were counted,” he said.

Somalilanders who were frustrated with the old regime wanted to see change, a change that might bring more respect and perhaps international recognition for the rest of the world.

The defeated president congratulated the opposition and the NEC and said he will step down “democratically”.

There are great excitement and jubilation in the streets of Hargeisa.

“I voted for change in this historical day, it’s 50 years later when our nation gained it’s independence from Great Britain, today we are voting again,” Hassan Yusuf said.

NEC announces the winner (Barkhad Kariye)

More than one million registered to vote in Somaliland and in the final count 538,000 valid votes were registered. The Surpreme Court will have to endorse the new president within the next fifteen days and out-going President Rayale has 30 days to handover the power.

Votes that each party has won (final count).
Kulimye: 266906 | 49.6%
UDUB: 178881 | 33.1%
UCID: 92439 | 17.2%

Source:SomalilandPress| Thursday July 01 2010
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  1. Caydarus Yusuf says:

    Time to take us to that promise land, can anyone tell me any African nation that democratically elected the opposition peacefully it's rare to say the least and I can't think of one at the moment. They only swap the ruling party candidates  viva Somaliland 

    It's 3AM and I am still awake with excitement

    Congratz to all my people wherever they are.

    Guusha kulmiyoo qudha Malaha ee Somaliland oo Shan baa leg. The new president is the most deserving for the post as he has secured it with the blessing of all us. As a young man today is truly my very own 1960

  2. batalaale says:

    the change has come to somaliland

  3. Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    Well done Somaliland, may this change bring us peace and prosperity.

  4. hussein says:

    congratulations Kulmiye May Allah guide you the right way to lead t his nation. amiin.

  5. Ubax says:

    Allaahu Akbar, Maaashaaa alllaaaaaah, Salaadda badiya dadyahaow oo Ilaahay u shukri celiya kii hir galiyey arrintan Alxamdulillaaaah. Soamaalilaand ha goblamin

  6. Faisal says:

    Change is here and somaliland will soon get recognition……wait and see.. there is Somalia= chaos, Ethiopia = dictator, Djibouti=dictator and Somaliland= democracy. Somaliland wil get what it deserve…

  7. Shankarooni says:

    Congratulations KULMIYE
    Congratulations to all somaliland.

    May Allah bless this country

  8. Ahmednasir says:

    Congrats to Somaliland, Kulmiye, UCID and UDUB for well fought campaign.
    Also for Somalilandpress for doing an exceptional work.

  9. Idil says:

    Congratulations to all of us, and a great Alhamdulillah to our creator, Allah. This is an amazing moment that will remain in our minds for ever. How beautiful that on the 50th anniversary of our independence from the British on the 26/06/1960, we succeeded in leaping into the new and bright future.

    Now, that Kulmiey won, we the women of Somaliland demand an equal share in the decision making process.

  10. Gobaad says:

    Alxamdu Lillaah, a sigh of relieve to a cliff-hanger and nail-biting situations that stopped everything else in the Nation into a complete halt.

    Congratulations Kulmiye Party and Somalilanders across the globe. And thank you Mr. Riyaale for conceding in dignity and pride. But most of all, special thanks to NEC for commanding the voting process in less idyllic situation; and the Military forces and police who worked hard tirelessly and impartially this time. Indeed, overall it is a job well done.

    Today, we are proud Somalilanders and will stand tall on the world stage soon Inshaa Allaa. Allaa mahad leh!

  11. Faisal says:

    Maybe we can go down there now and get the Somaliland passport with out paying bribes 2 all the ministers before you can get 1…..

  12. hodan says:

    congratulations to the people of somaliland. May Allah bless somaliland and its people. Kulmiye I hope you bring change and take us forward. Mabrook____qarbosh

  13. Faysal says:

    Congratulations to the people of Somaliland and congrats to Kulmiye. People stood in lines to cast their votes, the votes have been counts, and now it is for the other parties to accept defeat graciously.

  14. alaa says:

    CoNgRrAtuLati0n to all Somaliland ppl and I hope to Somaliland to be better and better and better inshallah>>luv my country <3

  15. samira says:

    From a very proud Somalilander to the people of Somaliland worldwide.

    Congratulation to Mr.President Silanyo may Allah continue to bless Somaliland Amin. I can finally say I am proud of the great achievement that the people of Somaliland accomplished throughout the years. May we continue our hard work, determination of rebuilding and investing in our country. God bless you all!

  16. Gobaad says:

    What we expect now fogivenness, thankgiving-du"co and smooth transition of power. And then the government get on with the work of the country and to heal the nation.

    And for the other parties who lost the election to concede gracefully, refflect back, regroup and see what went with how they campaigned and move on. They should be proud and should not take this as a defeat but as an experience and to right what went wrong and to get ready for next election, Inshaa Allaa.

    Waxase ila guboon inaynnu horta du"caysanno oo aynnu iswada cafinnno, Illaahayna u mahadnaqno. Wa Billaahay Tawfiiq!

  17. Faisel.A.Warsama says:

    I welcome the Somaliland President-Elect. Mr Mohamoud Silanyo you had our vote, had our support and had our unyielding hope towards this campaign, I wish you could elevate us to the highest place, make the Somaliland dream come true – I believe that more job is awaitng you – more challenges and more change is on the verge of your administration – but I believe also as long as you have the people of Somaliland with you – you will not get failed on those tasks, so lets change Somaliland and change AFRICA.

  18. Ahmed says:

    Well-done All Somalilanders

    highly appreciated…. New president , former president, and Eng Faysal Our beloved hereos

  19. mawliid says:

    congratulations to all somaliland people and our great plotical leaders, many thanks to our beloved out-going president mr riyaale u show us how great leader and honest person u are u show us that u love somaliland the way u conduct ur self. Congratulation to our new elected president may allah bless u.

  20. Xaashi says:

    President Rayaale, IS a great leader. A great example for all of african leaders, from Kibaki to Mugabe.

  21. Musa Jama Mohamed says:

    Congratulation to all Somaliland for making political change of leadership.
    This is a clear warning for all politicians that everyone can be thrown out of
    that golden chair, if they do'nt do their duty properly at any given time. This
    is really a historical election for that little land and its unrecognized people.
    May God bless all Somalilanders.

  22. Ayanle says:

    Congratulation to Kulmiye for winning the election same to Udub who accept the results. Now we wait the changes Kulmiye was speaking for long time also Siranyo is first speach wasn't kind of speaches uniter leader should have given. It was divisive speach anywaycongratulation to Kulmiye.

  23. Ahmed Shawky says:

    Congratulations. Finally we are celebrating for the change we were seeking for many years. I am proud of the free and fair elections we have gone through and the responsibility we have shown. My message to you all is that we must obey our leaders as our religion orders. Mr Riyale has done sth and it is written whatever it is, so we hope the new president will make us better. Insha Allah. Thank you all.

  24. Hurguf says:

    Congratulations to one and all, new President and Vice-President elect, Out going President, Vice-President, government, members of the NEC, all three poltical parties, and most of all to the people of Somaliland. Irrespective of who we voted for and supported, it is now time to get behind the new government. It is time to show the world, that Somaliland is a beacon of peace, hope and democracy.

    Congratulations President Elect, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud, now begins the hard work.

  25. Maxamuud Aadan says:

    Allhamdullilah! Now the hard work of building our nation begins.

    I would like to see the new administration investigate the abuses of the Riyale era so the stooges will be barred from public office and brought to justice.

    It is a wonderful day for democracy, a wonderful day Somaliland!

    Allah Madad Leh

  26. Maaydhaane says:

    Congratulations Honourable President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo.

    Allahu Akhbaar !

  27. Hassan says:


  28. Mohamed says:

    Am delighted a change of party leadership from long term Udub Dictatorial rule since 1993 has finally come to an end, with the opposition party winning in very difficult elections campaigning contests. This could not come about without the wonderful peoples of Somaliland coming together to vote for what they imagined would be the urge and yield necessary to implement towards progress and prosperity. But first & foremost congratulations to the winning party. Hopefully, Udub will not go crazy over its loss., and in grace and dignity conceed and congrats the winning party in reciprocal terms of the 2003 elections. Now with Kulmiye in power for Somaliland, Somalilanders will be facing the discussions of a new ERA not only for Somaliland but for Somalia as well??? Remember my – The British Commonwealth proposal like the Rwanda type role Model??? or even to extend the same to Djibouti like Somaliland, Somalia, djibouti like the Canada role model??? With these 3 somalis joining the British Commonwealth Countries, whats left is NFD(kenya Already C/W country) and 5th Province

  29. Mohamed says:

    con't :
    Somali Ethiopia – a country that can not defy the British yoke power base around the Horn/East Africa as a whole issue).??? But of course there must be different ways to engage prirorities as related to the Occupied two. Of course. these ideas is upto the British, but my point is to end the clumsy rivalries, results of abject failures and so forth. Cheers.

  30. AHMED SAMATAR says:

    Congratulations President Elect, Kulmiye party and Somaliland,

  31. moe says:

    Congratulations to Somalilanders.

  32. be happy says:

    The Horn of Africa is not a hotbed of democracy – one party rule in Eritrea; anarchy in Somalia; dictatorship in Ethiopia. But Somaliland has just pulled off its second free and fair election since declaring independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991.

  33. Hibaq says:

    Congrats KULMIYE Party… We’r looking forward to see a new era in the history of not only Somaliland but of the whole of the African continent!!…

    May Allah guide u to MAke A Positive change….

  34. Kayse says:

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Democracy, Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo and to our voters.

    BIG BIG BIG thank you to the NEC in particular Mr Essa who had shown how capable he is as a leader and as statesman. The real hero in this election is Mr Essa (NEC chairman).

    All African nations need to learn from Essa Hamari how its done!

    I am happy to see changes, I use to be UDUB supporter but got tired of their lies and doing nothing, then I joined UCID and still an UCID supporter but Thank you KULMIYE for the change!

  35. Daud says:

    We did it….Kulmiye all the way.

  36. Mustafe says:

    Agreed. NEC chairman Isse Hamari is the real hero here

  37. Kayse says:

    Oh my poor UCID came last and this is because UCID is honest and runs it's campaigns like Western style so this does not really appeal to Somalilanders back home because they never been to the West (well majority of them). It's still a country where the loudest the one that plays his tribe cards right wins. UCID is perfect the way it is. Its time will come when people understand like UDUB, Kulmiye is just another all talk party unless Silanyo now makes dramatic changes and also reaches out to UCID supporters.

    Also the vote shows that the Somaliland diaspora and the ones back home agree with each others. The online polls by Somalilandpress, Hadhwanaag news all showed Kulmiye leading at 54% inline with the final result.

    In the future we should not ignore online polls etc.

  38. Runsheeg says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Siilaanyo and congratulations to Kulmiye supporters. We all knew this was coming and it came. Let us not let our emotions carry us away and take our focus off the goal. Now, what is next?

    1.The Goal is to bring peace and stability to our people and we cannot achieve this with the continuation of the policy of the last 18 years: secessionism that led to isolation of our people from the rest of Somalis. Remember, we are Somalis and Somalis are tribal society. Let us make sure we are not categorized as SOMALI DIID.

  39. Runsheeg says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Siilaanyo and congratulations to Kulmiye supporters. We all knew this was coming and it came. Let us not let our emotions carry us away and take our focus off the goal. Now, what is next?

    1.The Goal is to bring peace and stability to our people and we cannot achieve this with the continuation of the isolationist policy of the last 18 years. Let us make sure we are not categorized as SOMALI DIID.

  40. Runsheeg says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Siiilaanyo and congratulations to Kulmiye supporters. We all knew this was coming and it came. Let us not let our emotions carry us away and take our focus off the goal. Now, what is next?

    1.The Goal is to bring peace and stability to our people and we cannot achieve this with the continuation of the isolationist policy of the last 18 years. Let us make sure we are not categorized as SOMALI -DIID.

  41. Runsheeg says:

    2.Mr. Siiilaanyo is an army man who sworn to defend the Somali people in the Horn from any threats. He has opportunity to leave legacy and seek finding solution to Somalia’s CLAN PREDICAMENT while maintaining the Unity of Somali Republic.
    3.Make sure the democratic process is expanded to the rest of Somalia to counter EXTREMSISTS AND THEIR AFFILIATES.
    4.Stay away from Ethiopia. It is befriending Somaliland because it wants to see divided Somalis it can manipulate as it wishes.
    5.Establish relationship with the likeminded Somali organizations to establish their base in Hargeisa and seek the formation of Somali National Party that seeks to lead the nation out of this mess.
    6.Put our past behind and look for better future for all Somalis.

  42. Mustafe says:

    Pray beensheeg I hope god have mercy on your pirate land I know the new SNM wont

  43. Abdillah Hussein Mohamed - USA says:

    I am extremely happy, elated and proud of what Somaliland has just done. This is huge and is undeniably a major leap forward for the future of our country. There should be no doubt in any one’s mind and specially in the minds of those who hate Somaliland, that there will be no turning back. Fiftly years of lost identity, of supression, humiliation and complete loss of respect for us and for our country. They robbed us, wasted our independence, wasted our freedom, wasted our time, destroyed our country (how can we ever forget what they did to Radio Hargeisa?), and klled our best, brightest and the bravest. But, throughout it all, there is one thing that indured and came out unscathed: the indelible, and God given love and respect we have for our country, for our people and above all, for the rule of law. 50 years! It was long time coming and way over due. Through it all though, today, we are all proud and happy and I must say, let’s all celebrate and in unison sing our best freedom song: waa mahad Allee mugdigii ilays lagu miiri yoo…..waa mahad Allee madaxeen bananan…..

    My heart felt congratulations to the president-elect, to our Somaliland, and to All of us. Above all, thanks to the out going president who, particularly in his very final days, clearly paved the way and exercised undeniably wise judgement and dignity.

  44. Maalin says:

    I would like to thank outgoing President Riyale, Eng. Faisal and
    their team for conceding defeat peacefully and wish them well in
    their future endeavours and also to congratulate President-elect,
    Mr. Ahmed M.M. Silanyo and the new Administration.

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