NAIROBI — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is advising the Somali public to ignore migration scammers following recent complaints about random request for money.

IOM office in Nairobi said Somalis were receiving random phone calls from unknown sources “falsely identifying themselves as IOM staff members in Nairobi.”

The impostor scam involves fraudsters asking Somalis to send money to claim their lottery for relocation. They claim that they can successfully relocate them in the UK,United States,Canada or as far as Australia. They insist the fees are used to process visa related documents and to verify the winner’s identity.

“Please be informed that these telephone calls are scams. IOM has not and does not engage in any form of lottery and wishes to distance itself from these claims,” it said in a letter.

The organization urged Somali communities in Somalia, Kenya and Somaliland to hang up and ignore the fraudsters.

“If you receive such phone calls please ignore them, do not reply to them, and please don’t follow any requests to give anybody your money. Just hang up!,” they said.

Countries like Australia also do not have the visa lottery program.

Finally the IOM statement said people with information about the migration scam or illegal operators are advised to email IOM at:


May 14, 2012