Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2012

IN PICTURES: Mogadishu’s property boom

Photo: Investors and residents are racing to cash in a construction boom in Mogadishu

The Somali capital Mogadishu is witnessing an unlikely boom in properties and construction eight months after Al Qaeda-affiliated insurgents fled from the once elegant Indian Ocean seaside town.

Some local analysts believe if peace is fully restored in the war-ravaged nation, its capital could outgrow neighbouring Nairobi and Addis Ababa in the next 20-50 years. They believe the large Somali Diaspora community, who already channel over a $1 billion annually could contribute to its growth. They also stated that oil-rich Middle-Eastern investors would significantly invest in the Somali town.

Rich Saudis, who said their country was running out of sand due to massive construction boom in the Gulf already expressed interest in the Somali capital. At present Turkey probably has the biggest influence in the town and plans to rebuild famous landmarks as well as roads, hospitals, water systems and schools. Somali students were once sent to the former Soviet Union, today they are flying to Turkey.

Furthermore its strategic location, seaports and airports will help Mogadishu become one of the most important towns in Africa.

Security is not still reliable but Mogadishu is slowly rising from the ashes 21 years after the civil war broke out. Mogadishu still has long way to go to restore its past glory but this could be the beginning. With its Persian, Arab and Italian past before the war Mogadishu was considered one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

Photos by CDR Somalia courtesy of Hiiraan Online.

Video: A snap shot of Mogadishu’s past glory


May 12, 2012

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  1. Kayse says:

    I really like Mogadishu and do plan to visit. The place has something that just catches your heart but I don't know why the residents are so violent. It would be one of the best cities in the region if it knew how to get rid off those warlords.

    Mogadishu residents have a lot of talents unseen in the rest of the east African community but warlords spoil everything.

    I can see myself in Mogadishu, next to the beach with a decent sized house…going down to the fish or tuna bars in the afternoons, going for a swim, jet sky or boat cruising….it would be fantastic lifestyle but security is big problem.

    I hope Mogadishu returns to normal. I am not Somaliweyn fan but I support Xamar Cadey.

  2. Degan Ahmed says:

    Those pictures are probably from the only district that the so called weak TFG control because the terrorist group control most of Somalia at this present. It is beyond unbelievable that the weak TFG and thousands of African troops can not even defeat the Al-shabab. While i always wish peace and prosperity to the innocent Somali people but the true is that the Somali politician are in fact big losers with no brain at all. The only thing that they are united is the destruction of the Republic of Somaliland and nothing else. They don't care about their Somalia nor the innocent women and kids. Somalia will never be in peace until Somaliland is recognized and that is it. Period.

    • garyaqan weyn says:

      no no no we are not united of destroying somalialand or puntland or anyone

      the only country that somalia is united as enemy is ethiopia. it is your own imagination.

      thank you somalilandpress for showing the progress made for last 8 months the somalians will build

      mogadishu in no time we are different. look at monrovial in liberia after 20 years they still havent built their

      capital contrast that to hargeisa in 20 years! with only one tribe living there. somalis are very business minded people no matter whch tribe

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Don't blame Ethiopia for all the Somalia's ills. The onus is squarely Somalian and then ofcourse
        Ethiopian takes advantage of..

        • garyaqan weyn says:

          ok i have to agree is our fault that the country is destroyed but ethiopia made no secret of their animosity towards somali people and they are helping everyone who want destroy somalia their latest tool is alshabab and ahlusunna dont believe they are sicerely fighting shabab

          • saalax qomaal. says:

            you hit The point and you know excatly what it’s going on,i remember when of dugsi teacher in somalia The ethiopain approach him & ask if can be recruite as a informer with small millitia,guess what next day The dugsi techear left The whole area run away.

            Put also The somalis have to do more how to work together as a one people & respect each other.

  3. Kayse says:

    Degan Ahmed,

    Certainly there are groups in Somalia (mainly in North East aka Pirateland, parts of our own eastern regions and central Somalia) who are bent on nothing less than the complete destruction of Somaliland and its population but residents of Mogadishu have nothing against Somaliland. When those radical groups launched their campaign to exterminate the Somaliland population, it was Mogadishu people who came to their aid. Please don't be fooled. More than 80,000 Somalilanders live peacefully in Mogadishu.

    These photos are not the few blocks red lip Sharifa and his gang control but Mogadishu returning to normality. Please dont be shortsighted and be blinded by arrogance and hatred.

    I am more comfortable going to Mogadishu than Bosasso, Las Anod, Jigjiga and even Djibouti.

    I am happy for the people of Mogadishu and I hope this peace becomes permanent and the boom continues forever.

    Hargeisa and Mogadishu have political disagreement but the two people share unbreakable bonds. Fa9ash nor fake Somalilanders or fake Hamaris can ever harm that.

    Congratulations Mogadishu!!!

  4. Somali says:

    This is a glimpse of hope to all Somalis. I feel nostalgia to see Mogadisho, which was a turning point of my life.

  5. Baxarsamaad says:

    Thanks Somalilandpress for this special moment for reminding everyone of our past wonderful days and reigniting the Somalinimo flame.

    Thanks I had tears today.

  6. Baxarsamaad says:

    I cant wait till Mogadishu is fully liberated from the crazy al suiciders (shabab) and Somali people regain their dignity and rediscover their real identity as peace lovers.

    I salute you Somalilandpress and please show the good sides of Somali people.

  7. Allemagan says:

    Well done Kayse! You said it all and I have nothing to add to your beautiful comment.

  8. slander says:

    stop sending us some pic that was taken in the front of bulding like the turkish representation. mogadisho is still detroyed in 90%.

  9. MsSomaliland says:

    Muqdishu no doubt is the most beautiful SOMALI CITY, no other city compares or comes close. It's a shame such a beauty & historical city has fallen, Southern Somalies need to get their act togather & resurrect the beauty that was Muqdishu…

    • baydhabo-mandem says:

      hargaisa and sheekh are actualy the most beautiful city and town in the whole of africa, berbera is the most stragetic place on earth

      • amal says:

        InshAllah all Somali cities in somaliland and Somalia will enjoy an absolute peace, prosperity and economic boom and outdo Ethiopia who see Somalis as a threat. Long live the Somali spirit and power.

  10. Dhugtame says:

    No Somalilander has problem seeing Mogadishu and Somalia in peace, it is the people of Somalia , who hate to see progress in Somaliland. We wish them well and will not hesitate to help them rebuild their institutions, which are by far more important than cement and sand – that is if they quit hating us.

  11. amal says:

    Simply amazing!
    Long live Somali power!

  12. Ali1 says:

    Let's all hope that they restore the beautiful ancient Arabian houses, Italian villas and palm trees! Mogadishu is certainly the pearl of Africa!!!

  13. Kayse says:

    I'm glad Somalilandpress has given Somalis in Mogadishu something positive because they can finally stop flooding this website with garbage.

    I discovered Somalilanders can be more civil and debate but the South will flood, curse and insult women, call everyone names, etc.

    Today we see different side of them and I want to give them thumbs up. We have no problem with them coming to us as long as they have their virtual visa to Somaliland websites :)

    Welcome ya Walaweyn and don't worry I will be in Mogadishu way before many of you.

    Mr Baydhabo

    Ariireey ma fayda?

    What's up with Baydhabians and Hargeisa? I have lots of Maay friends with houses in H-town. I met a lot of them in Hargeisa too. I asked them do you guys get stereotyped or picked on….surprisingly their answer was NO and that they love Hargeisa.

    I couldnt believe it. I used to think Hargeisawis were racist to Maay people because Hargeisawis misunderstood Maay people. A lot of them think Maay people are Bantu because the Bantus do speak Maay but they are not Maay people. Siad Bare only used to bring Baantus to Hargeisa and people who spoke Af Helledi. I do wish to learn Maaymaay some day for now I will keep it simple "ariireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ma fayda?"

    • saalax qomaal. says:

      Taking a note some part of your comment people flooding bad comment.

      The logic of chemistry,every action has a equal and opposite reaction it also represent human way.

  14. Ahmed A says:

    Mogadishu needs generations to respect Human Rights – I don't know any other place of my teenage years but I wish all the best for a decent city and a decent livelihood for its people.

  15. garasho says:

    thank you somaliland press

    i think somaliland need to learn to be nice to each us and maybe we will allow you soma autonomy like zanzibar:(

    • slander says:

      try to get al shabab outside of ur so called ruined, detroyed somalia and after u will get business with us . after 20 years u still have mental problem damn people of somalia. u are so obsess with somaliland and their people, we didnt comment or visit ur blog and website so dont waste ur time, we are bulding our future.

    • Warfa says:

      Sheekadu meel wanaagsan bay maraysey ee sow adigaa qaribey!! Walaweynis will never learn how to behave.

      • samadoon says:

        Please, be noted that some people passing their comments here are not even Somalis! I noticed that on various Somali forums including this one, many Ethiopians and Kenyans some of whom are paid by their own governments for doing so by assuming Somali names pass comments they hope to pit the Somalis against each other, You, Somalis, need to grow up to be watchful not to walk to the traps of your enemies.

    • Gobaad says:

      garasho, "… maybe we will allow you soma autonomy like zanzibar." Excuse me? You cannot control the capital of Mogadisho or even villa Mogadisho. What jurisdiction you think you have over the Rpublic of Somaliland?

      • garasho says:

        jurisdiction may have to be divided in to two which are the legal right and power to enforce. i believe that Somalia have the legal right to administer over its territory but right now as you boasted it does not have the power to enforce but that can change and as a federal country we don't need to force puntland or galmudug or somaland to anything

  16. misslovely says:

    are you sure you are not that abdi haybe laanbad dude your comment is so funny walaahi i laugh everytime i read your comments keep it up man

  17. khaatumo citizen says:

    just beautiful Masha'allah, i have never been to sourth or puntland but i will insh'allah some day..

  18. khaatumo citizen says:

    kayse quote… I am more comfortable going to Mogadishu than Bosasso, Las Anod, Jigjiga and even Djibouti. that just shows ur hatred towards D-blocks..

    so let me ask u this if not comfortable going to Las-anod than why u claiming to be part of ur fairytile..

    and whats walaweynis horta i keep seeing that somaliland pages??.

    • Warfa says:

      Khaatumo citizen
      Is Djibouti D-block? Forget about what kayse says he is a funny guy but Lasanod is loved by every Somalilander as much as they love every other piece of Somaliland.

      Regarding your question of walaweynis – the people who hail from Somalia are called Walaweynis. Walaweyn is a small village which locates 90kms west of Mogadishu and that name came into being in 1961 when the first constitutional referendum was held and the gov't in Mogadishu at that time rigged the vote and declared over 900,000 people voted in Walaweyn all in favor of the constitution while the people in the North (Somaliland) voted against it. In fact, this is exactly what they are doing today in Mogadishu.

  19. misslovely says:


  20. mohamed cheers says:

    Two Sovereign Govts..Jsl iyo Jsia. wixi kaleba iska ilaawa.

    • slander says:

      @mohamed cheers

      good speech

      • amal says:

        True say, But we can be two and still ressurect the Somali glory if we learn to work together. At the end of the day no one gives a damn about Somalis unless they wake up, move on and learn to work together. So hope to see good relation for Hargeisa-Mogadishu and for all Somalis.

  21. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    I wish the people of Muqadisho well, but my friends have my permission to shoot me if I set foot in Xamar Xaaray.

    • amal says:


      We got no issues against xamar except being a seperate state so I wish good Somaliland-Somalia relation. There are many xamaries in Hargeisa and I'm sure many Somalilanders would want to live in Mogadishu too once peace is restored (very prety city with profound scenery for what I've seen)

      Mogadishu needs a little break from all the negativity the international world attaches to them and such positiveness is a glimps of HOPE for people who never seen peace for more than 20 years and inshAllah peace is coming back to Somalia. God bless Somalihood :)

    • Gobaad says:

      Hargeisawi-In-London, and I agree and that makes two of us!

  22. Ali1 says:

    Let's hope peace remains in Mogadishu but I'm sepectible and doubtful that this artificial peace, with over 12,000 AMISOM troops (at the cost of US$12,000 per AMISOM troop per year!!) will last. The only solution is within us Somalis and 2006 Islamic Courts rule is such an example in restoring peace in Mogadishu, south-central Somalia and tackling/ending Somali piracy….Somali piracy which is now costing the international community over US$6-12 billion per year!!!

    • mohamed cheers says:

      My conviction, Mogadishu would beyond all reasonable doubts become peaceful the day TFG
      is out of power. I mean. the same failed of Arta+TFG(TFG expiring in August 2012),the same
      failed warlords shouldn't come back to power in another poorly re-arranged Roadmaps 1+2
      which would be another long time despotic uncertainity, more so hopelessly hapless.
      Arguably might be said that such event would pave the way for Alshabab. That's not the case
      cuz Alshabab would transform into UIC strong powerhouse whose non-extremism would centre
      on Mogadishu as the Capital City for all inclusive Somalia Roadmaps 1+2 Signatories.
      Arguably might say, Under Islamic rule..well that choice is for the Somalis and not the IC business.
      However, I would caution that in such likelihood, it would be better for Somalia to adopt the
      secular Islamic structure type Govt exactly like Somaliland.

  23. Gobaad says:

    Going through the comments posted by Somalilanders, I don't see any thing negative about Mogadisho in contrast to what they post when the see any positive thing about Somaliland. And I can see those who always bash, criticize, denying the existence of Somaliland and hurle insults are ironically today encouraging and loving Somaliland. That is the difference between us.

    Despite, what happened to Somalilanders we still want the best for all Somalis to build better future for their children, to put the gun and to create peace, stability and live in harmony among themselves and start nation building to benefit all.

    • osman5 says:

      concur. I guess you've closed up the book for the chapter's ending. Well said as always..

      Osman Qaal

    • Ahmed says:

      Gobaad, not ALL of us are that way. You shouldn't generalize all of us into one group and paint with a broad brush. I'm Somali from Somalia and I love you Somaliland. Keep making us proud.

  24. F.A. says:

    We need to stop hating on each other. OMG we are all muslims, and we are all somalis. I am from Somaliland and I love Somalia, Djibouti and all other places were Somalis lives. We need to stop hating on eachother for no reason. I DONT HATE Somalia in fact I hope that brothers and sisters in the south have the peace that we enjoy in Somaliland. Somaliland and Somalia should seperate and than work with each other intensievely to restor the Somali pride. Mogadishu is indeed very beautifull obviously. I love the beach :) .. And I hope that it becames on of the best places in earth. Somaliland, Somalia and even the Somali province in Ethipia has allot of oil and gas. Why dont we use it and stay strong next to each other, next to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the middel east, turkey, malasia, indonesia, pakistan, afghanistan, north afrika and stay strong against the powers who are hurting islam daily. We have a bigger things to think about that fighting among ouselves. Viva Mogadisho, Viva Hargaisa, Viva All Somalis, Viva All Muslims everywhere. I LOVE YOU ALL

    • amal says:

      Good post as always. Thanks brother/sister, Somalilanders only get annoyed when insults are added to injuries.But inshAllah I hope one day Somalis will learn to work together as sister states. The sooner the south understand that Somaliland and Somalia cannot share government the sooner we can move on. khair for all

  25. cimran says:

    I pray piece for all Muslims in Somalia and Somaliland. But, I won't forget the 50,000 + tropes – the entire army of Somalia going through Somaliland to kill and maim a peaceful Somali population. Weren't we Somalis then! where was the Somali brotherhood then! only one man from the south who saw what the other were doing and he landed his plane in Djibouti. Those of you who today who giving me all this crab about being united in one Somalia are yesterdays haters. Brothers let us be brothers but separately. We are not going to give you a second chance to eradicate our population. Somalia as we new it is no more.

  26. Gobaad says:

    cimran, I read there two men from th south and both Abgaal. The one who dumped the weapon in the sea and landed his plane in Djibouti and the other was working in the Presidency archives. He leak the " Letter of Death" that Siyaad Barre regime was planning to poison the water storages, eliminating Somaliland businesses, freeze the their monies, seize their cars and businesses and eventually committed the heinous crime that seized the minds and emotions of our populace. They are that kind of people and we still have grudge and wish them the best.

    • Gobaad says:

      Sorry, folks think I wasn't concentrating and I normally don't bother to proof read my comments. I can see that there are some typing errors on my comment to cimran. such as two men from th, reads the south… also, … He leak the " Letter of Death" reads he leaked

    • Nuura says:

      Gobaad, please don't spread rumors that yo were not witness to. We Somalis/landers have one weakness called ignorance. We talk as if were witness to history. I myself am a Somalilander and I am sick of seeing people like you blaming Somali-weyn what very few corrupt dictators did. We had representatives in the fallen regime, yet we blame all hell on vast majority of Southerners. I hate any type of hatred, and we are the haters now. All we do is cry about ancient history while the rest of the world are building their countries. We don't even have any decent airport, sanitary water, local roads and highways. We are still begging other countries for help. Why do we need even recognition we should shut up mind our business and wish our other peace and love. Instead we poke their wound and say Mac sonkor waadigii ii tudhi waayey, baga. It was Siyad's regime not the whole South. Aynu u ducayno oo aynu nacabka ka acuudu bilaysano.

  27. Gobaad says:

    … we still have no grudge, that is.

  28. Jabuutawi says:

    What a view! It reminds me of "Guudka" in Djibouti.

  29. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    How do you know they are not Somalis and that they are being paid for their comments?

    • Samadoon says:

      Hi Hargeisawi-In-London,

      To cut a long story short, both governments' intelligence agencies attempted to hire me for doing exactly the same thing. I asked them to let me have time to think about the offer, and I just decided to disappear from their sight. I have no doubt that those two countries bordering with Somalia will do everything in their power to erase Somalia from the face of earth by pitting the Somalis against each other and and infecting their children and women with deadly diseases that will eventually wipe them all out. I understand it may be too hard for you to believe me, but you better believe me, look around and take precaution now rather than later when everything I said will become clear to you but too late to do something about it. I am giving you an insider information!

      Good luck with the Somalis

      • cabdujibaar says:


        Your intelligent person.

      • Hargeisawi-In-London says:

        "…. both governments' intelligence agencies attempted to hire me for doing exactly the same thing…"

        Really! Next time they get in touch with you, please pass my details to them so they can contact me.

        • Samodoon says:

          Dear Hargeisawi-In-London,

          That is exactly what I was trying to warn you against. Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher who lived between 1788 and 1860, was once quoted as saying that the truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. But I want you to know that you cannot afford to ridicule the truth I shared with you. Seriously speaking, if you and the rest of Somalia do not pay heed to the information I shared with you from primary sources, I fear you may die with a lot of regret. Haven't you pondered over or given a little thought to the reality beyond your eyesight? I wish you cared about yourself as much I am concerned about what the enemy has in box for all the Somalis regardless their individual political affiliations.

          With respect,

          • abdi says:

            ur a scaremongering syco and somalialnd can see everything we will do what we have to peacefully. and intact.

  30. amal says:

    There is nothing happening in eastern Somaliland except few misbehaving brain dead horsemen living in cave times running around with guns. Khatumo seeg, you come under Somaliland and this discussion is about Somaliland-Somalia relation.

  31. alsmalls says:

    I dont think the city will be anywhere near Nairobis size anytime soon. Ethiopia probably has oil, and dont forget Ethiopia has a huge population (twice kenyas) so if Ethiopia keeps on doing a great job with their economy then the natural trend will make them the biggest economy in East Africa. I think what messes ethiopia is their authoritanian Govt and poor education system.
    Also don't forget Kenya probably now has comemrcial oil deposits so that changes the equation. Also Kenya has a huge diaspora population too.

    Wish you all the best Somali bothers and sisters. Kenyans would also love you guys to completely end your war, so that millions of your Somali bothers & sisters in Kenya can go back home to rebuild your home country.

    • tasfu ibrahim says:


      i am mix of eitho and kenyan,somalis are more sophisticated people when it comes to business & adventuring,i believe if somalis stablish elected goverment & free market all Their cities will become better Than johannesburg,look what They done in kenya very well building The best shopping centres in east africa & competitive prices,before The kenyan all use to go indian shops with higher prices now The somalis open Their eyes, THO i never believe investing country which does not belong to you.i wonder why somalis never invest eitho sometimes people could understand long history between Them & in ethiopia not democrtly elected goverment.

      • alsmalls says:

        You are giving yourself too much credit. Whats there to be proud of in Eastleigh apart from too many somalis, businesses selling fake goods and not paying tax. As if Kenyans have been sleeping or didnt have any business before we let your starving and escaping folks into Kenya?
        Eastliegh is not even 0.5 % of Kenyas economy.
        I think you guys should focus on helping your one million plus brothers and sisters at Daadab, and Kakuma plus the million plus illegals in Kenya. Kenyans did business and had stalls and supermarkets even before Somalia collapsed.

        The Kenyan Govt gives you guys free will to do business and now you think you are smarter than kenyans?

        If you guys were any smarter you would be investing in your country instead of Kenya. Kenyans are the smarter ones for allowing you to invest your money in kenya, because we know Kenya will benefit one way or the other. Also most of your folks and kids now live or have grown up in Kenya, gone to Kenyan schools, have Kenyan mannerisms and speak Swahili so it's like colonialism of the mind. Figure whos smarter now?

        • alsmalls says:

          Plus alot of the money that your folks send you from the diaspora comes through Kenya and gets spent in Kenya. + the Pirate money gets invested in Kenya too.

  32. Isse says:

    Why would a random person from Mogadishu have the time to say any insults to Somaliland or call for its destruction?

    We have bigger things to worry about. Stop the lies.

    People in Mogadishu are not all evil, gun-wielding al-Shabab terrorists who want to kill any anti-Somaliweyn person. Stop portraying them like filth. You justify the actions of a few to a whole people.

    The hate has to end. Why don't you take a look at the people who will come to your local May 18 celebrations in your city in the next few days? You will see a lot of them are in fact reer Mogadishu cheering and celebrating with you.

    • Gobaad says:

      Isse, we know that people from the south were part of the propaganda campaign to discredit Somalilanders in the beginning, but they seem to have toned down lately because they see the reality on the ground. And the majority of the people stopped bashing Somalilanders, unlike those you know who! Xaydha jecli beerka jecli, confused and see-sawing between the two countries. I hope that the a new government will soon establish peace and stability in the south and everything will turn out right for them.

    • osman5 says:

      good point..

  33. Ahmed says:

    Maasha Allah Xamar I miss you and the beautiful Liido beach. Mogadisho used to be one of Africa's most beautiful, cleanest and safest capitals :-( May ALLAHMay Allah bring peace and hermoney to somalia and reconciliation among our people.

    May Allah take us all to janatul-fardoos amiiiiiiiin May Allah forgive us all amiiiiiiiiin May Allah help us amiiiin May Allah help the muslim umah amiiiiin

  34. Kayse says:


    Around the world it is well known Somalis are the most entrepreneurial Africans and now they are learning the art of franchising, shares and joint ventures and are building some powerful economic business centers in Africa and the Middle East as well as the West.

    I don't know any Africans involved in property development in the oil-rich Gulf other than Somalis. Now Somalis are developing their own hotels and apartments across the Gulf as well as Africa in places such as Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and even Mozambique.

    Just few days ago, a Somali woman invest $25 million in Kampala to develop a shopping Mall.

    Once Mogadishu returns back to normal we will coordinate our business centers in Africa, Middle East, Asia and the West.

    Most Africans rely on Somalis to import them goods across the continent.

    One reason we dont invest in Ethiopia is because of our history and few other reasons.

    Just consider the fact that Somalia even though a failed state still enjoys the cheapest telephone calls in Africa, in all more than 15 Somali companies are in the telecom compared to Ethiopia which only has one…Kenya not even 5…

    One reason Somalia is failed state is because Somalis entrepreneurial spirit which is not taking order from another boss but been a boss of your own…this killed Somalis at the same time, its their best and worst asset.

    Business good, governing not so good.

      • alsmalls says:

        Nonesense i dont know any non Somali who uses Somalis to export or import goods to Kenya.
        You guys are delusional you think you now control Kenya, yet you only control a small part of Nairobi. Most of you guys are enjoying the freedom to do whatever you want in Kenya unlike in Somalia where alshabab would kill you guys.

        Nobody mentions Somalia telcom companies and how much money they are making. Look at any Africa It mag nowadays you cant miss a mention of Safaricom.

        I agree Somalis are entreprenuerial and work well in large investment groups, but many kenyans do business too. Infact there are more businessmen in Kenya from other tribes than Somalis many times over, and no one brags about it..

      • alsmalls says:

        Also many young well educated Kenyans are doing thousands of businesses, and no one brags about it.

    • Kiasersosa365 says:

      That is the problem right there, Somalis are good at building other Countries but their own. When you stop tribalism then you will be able to build Somalia. Until then continue building in other Countries since your Qabil problems is absent over there. Good luck and i pray that you come back to Islam and think of actions.

  35. Degan Ahmed says:

    I totally reject the idea of all Somalis being entrepreneurs. Somalilanders and only Slanders are the smartest entrepreneurs in the continent. Somalilanders started their business through Africa a long time ago, like centuries ago. For example my great-grandfather used to export clothes to east African countries for live stock in exchange for the clothes and then he used to resell the livestock at the higher price. South Somalia or Somalia was exactly like other African countries until Somaliland joined them and it was the time that Somalilanders taught south Somalis the business sector. South Somalis were farmers and they were extremely undereducated with no little religion. As I heard from history Somalia was a place of full haram things and the collapse of their country is the cause of the ignorance.

    • samodoon says:

      Dear Degan,

      I cannon imagine anything better than learning good manners and professionalism from role model and more educated brother or sister.

      I would also like you to teach all the Somalis the following:

      "O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" (Quran 49:13).

      Prophet of Islam, Mohammed (peace be upon him), was narrated to have said, "There are indeed people who boast of their dead ancestors; but in the sight of God they are more contemptible than the black beetle that rolls a piece of dung with its nose. Behold, God has removed from you the arrogance of the Time of Jahiliyyah (Ignorance) with its boast of ancestral glories. Man is but a God-fearing believer or an unfortunate sinner. All people are the children of Adam, and Adam was created out of dust." narrated by At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud.

      Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was also quoted to have said in his last famous Farewell Sermon, "O people, Remember that your Lord is One. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a black has no superiority over white, nor a white has any superiority over black, except by piety and good action (Taqwa). Indeed the best among you is the one with the best character."

      With best regards,

  36. Allemagan says:

    I agree with you. Emotional outbursts have no place in a civilized exchange. Some people start their discussion with "we are surrounded by enemies" meaning Somalis. These folks will in the same breath tell you that they don't hate Somalis but others hate them. How sad! A Somali proverb says "an elephant cannot see the flees on itself but can always see the one on the other elephant".

    Only god knows what is in your bosoms hide but your sentiments rather than your words betray and show your true feelings.

    • Allemagan says:

      Only god knows what do your bosoms hide but your sentiments rather than your words petray and show your true feelings – that is

      • osman5 says:

        I think you're the one who's too emotional here. If your younger brother is more successful than you should't be jealous about it, you should rather be congratulating to him for his success. Somaliland is showing a signs of brighter and prosperous future and Somalia is going further down the drain by the day…that is the sheer truth….. take it or leave it..

        Osman Qaal

        • ahmed cade says:

          Allemagan he was relying to This person degan ahmed which he should not to, who has no clue what is he talking about at all and out of control vomating all over The place.

          Osman5, put your feet on The ground There no jealousy here or anything like That be more civiliaze,stop This sort of nonsense like teenage i have better shoes Than your similer to That,people should debate something This’s contructive

  37. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    Logical fallacy at its finest — English people claim English people hate them. Hmm! Who hates whom, here?

  38. adam brown matt says:

    am beging god to make mogdisho the way it was

  39. muhaajin says:

    Mogadishu The Pearl of Africa.

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