Published On: Tue, Feb 15th, 2011

First Quranik School in Borama ever Constructed Funded by Muslim Aid UK

Borame (Somalilandpress) Muslim Aid Somaliland launches the ceremony of the first Quranic school(Madarasa) ever build in Borama the city capital of Awdal region.

The launching of the new Madarasa ceremony the was organized professionally and the most of the trendy members in the region was invited including local counsel of Borama, Sheekh Cabdillaahi Ali Jawhar, Sultans regional director Ministers Of Education and secretary of the Governor, both of the prophesiers of Amuod and Eelo universities, regional journalists unit and the representative of Muslim Aid Mr. Sidiiq Mohamoud Gahayr.

The oldest sheikh of Awdal Region, Sheikh Abdilahi Ali Jawhar presented the history of Borama he said it was 1920 and the time that they planed Borama Quranic and Islamic studies (Madarasa) and when it was the first time that they raised and they planed the construction of Quranic School, he said it was 1957 the time of His father Sheikh Ali Jawhar.

Mr Musa Rabiile Goud,Omer Sheekh Hassan,Ibrahim Aamir  was the religious leaders at 1966, as Sheekh abdilahi said he said I was one of the young students who were studying the Quran at stage of the fist Masjid Jama of Borama builded my Father and his colleagues with the support of the Borama Communities. 

Mr. Sidiiq Mohamoud Gahayr the Heard of Muslim Aid Somaliland office was one the people who presented and he emphasised the real meaning of the real Islamic Studies he said Islam Is a peace and he encouraged the local community of Borama the sense of collaboration and the contribution of the public infrastructure.

The contribution of Muslim Aid Was 33% of the cost of the construction he said we are very happy to see the matching funds from the local communities and local companies because together we can build better future, also he mentioned this project isn’t going to be the first and the last but shortly we are launching health programme (PHC) that we are starting this year in the region for five years for two sites.

The principle of the Madarasa express thanks to Muslim Aid the honest way that they are participating the humanitarian activities in this region and as well as the rest of regions of Somaliland country, and he also thanked to local communities/companies and every who one contributed the contribution of the construction. 

Suldan Baade, Suldan Jaama Dhawal, Suldaan Daahir, and the most of the community leaders of Awdal region expressed thanks to Muslim aid and they highly appreciated the humanitarian support that they supported to Awdal community.

All and all Muslim Aid UK Somaliland Office have been implementing in Somaliland long term and short them and seasonal programmes, shortly they are launching new PHC project for five years in Somaliland for 12 MCHs.

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  1. Somaliland wadani says:

    Yes, Borama is educational hub in Somaliland. Its always better to teach, so many fight, due to ignorance.

  2. mohamed says:

    Good for Borama and Somaliland.

  3. middlepath says:

    I love my brothers1 Thats the way to do it!!

    InshAllah, we in the future will give back to the Muslim world and help the poor in need as Allah swt said. May Allah bless them,Ameen.

  4. Gelle says:

    I don't want to sound negative here but the only thing Somaliland is not short of are Madrasssas, Mosques and quranik schools. Why not build a mother & child clinic, a school to train primary healthcare workers, a well an orphange feeding centre? Why would do Muslim Aid UK do for us something we have been doing for ourselves 1,400 years – teach our children Quran?

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