Published On: Sat, Jun 19th, 2010

Fighting in Mogadishu kills 20

MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — Gun fights between Somali government troops and Islamist rebels in the capital Mogadishu has killed 20 people, including more than a dozen civilians, officials said on Saturday.

The clashes took place after heavily-armed, al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgents attacked a government military base in Dharkenley district, south of the capital on Friday. The fighting was over by the end of the day.

“We pushed them back and killed 13 of al Shabaab’s fighters. We are still at our bases,” Abdiazis Ali, a senior Somali military officer, told Reuters.

“Four of our troops died and there are also a few injuries.”

Al Shabaab, seen by Washington as al Qaeda’s proxy in the Horn of Africa region and which controls much of the country and most of the capital, confirmed the offensive.

The group gave no details of any toll but said the attack was part of their plan to seize the rest of Mogadishu.
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Fighting in Somalia has killed at least 21,000 people since the start of 2007 and driven another 1.5 million from their homes, triggering one of the world’s worst humanitarian emergencies.

“We have (a) record of three civilian deaths and 11 wounded in yesterday’s fighting,” Ali Yasin Gedi, deputy chairman of the Elman peace and human rights grou, said on Saturday.

Separately, about 100 Somali government troops, who were trained over the last year by neighbouring Ethiopia, have crossed back into Somalia and joined the rebel ranks, according to local officials and militia fighters in the border town of Balad Hawa.

Somalia has had no effective central government for the last 19 years and Western efforts to install one to steer the country back to stability have been greatly undermined by the al Shabaab, and another smaller group called Hisbul-Islam.

Source: Reuters | Sunday – June 20, 2010

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  1. Kayse says:

    Wow 21 000 people since 2007, thats in three years, so basically 7000 people per year.

    thats too much.

  2. HMObsiye says:

    This is a game the world communities are playing, let "Southern Somalia destroy selves of course with our weapons and finance and let Somaliland people remain unrecognized state. Who cares anyway as long the its neighbor is not effected and enjoying peace and properties from Somali destruction and Somaliland remains unrecognized."

  3. Maalin says:

    Truly said and how sad the reality is, just wondering, why?

  4. Mohamud says:

    What is wrong with world communities keeping quiet in all

  5. Billeh says:

    AU, UN, EU, etc, etc. who am I, will have to work it out!!!!!!!!

  6. Runsheeg says:

    Forget about International Entities, they are after their own interests. Self Reliance is the way to end this. But when a member of a community thinks the problem of his fellow member of the same community is not his, then that community has a major problem. Through out Somalia, the tribalist politicians have managed to convince their irrespective constituencies that the problems of the other clans are not theirs.

    TFG and AMISOM supported militarily, diplomatically and financially by the most powerful countries in the world are fighting against Alshabaab and Hisb Islam supported by international islamists in Mogadishu. They are fighting in Mogadishu because they know that who ever controls Mogadishu, controls Somalia. Remember the UIC. When they defeated the American Funded Warlords, they took control of Mogadishu than every other region easily became under its control. At that time, leaders in the so called Somaliland begin to talk about establishing Sharia, not because of the courts in Mogadishu, but because Islamists in Hargeisa were ready to take over under the leadership of the courts.


    • Mohamed says:

      Burco(Togdheer, is the 2nd Capital of Hargeisa), I do not believe that
      Burco, will go different edirection than Hargeisa.

      By the way, if all 5 Somalis, in the Horn/East Africa want their problems
      to ease, without pointing blames on this or that, whether the outcome
      results in united Somaliweyn or divided Sovereign states, the only
      quick fix, in my judgement, is to campaign under the yoke of the global
      British politics. Why, British, because, the British has the upper hand
      in East Africa politics. Why British, because, the British was the
      mastermind of partitioning of the Somalis into 5 parts, although, I can not
      speculate on what the French, Italians, did to deter the British???
      Again, to Demilitarize & to economize the whole of East African Countries,
      LONDON is a good choice. British Commonwealth is a good choice.

    • Mohamed says:

      In fact, I would not be surprised, if the Israeli Palestinian problem could
      also be guaranteed under London British Commonwealth, if no other
      good solution is found. That way, Palestine becomes member of the
      british Commonwealth, and that way, Israel security is guaranteed, and
      that way, everybody is happy ending. Man, what am I saying???

  7. Runsheeg says:

    The point I want to make is that Islamists are connected and they are in every where in Somalia. In fact, their biggest base has been and still is in Burco; and what is going on in Mogadishu is a international war and the venue is Horn of Africa, not only Somalia. It will affect every Somali no matter where he or she lives. The best way to approach this problem is to unite all Somali efforts. If the Somali who lives in Hargeisa continues to think the problem in Mogadishu is not his, then we have a problem.

  8. Runsheeg says:

    i meant an international war.

  9. Ali Qab says:

    Don't understand what this is all about….as long as
    somebody thinks that Hargeisa, etc. is its puppy and
    has to trail in all in its footsteps than it will never clean its
    house…yes, the grass is greener on the other side and
    some folks like to take ours down when their ship is
    sinking even though they are trying to be saved…wake
    up and take care of your affairs, Somaliland is long gone
    and is not looking back. AMISOM, etc…waste of taxpayers
    money, high time all open their eyes.

  10. Anisa says:

    Insha Allah Somalia will see peace someday… Insha Allah.. at the end of the day they are our people too..Everyone deserve peace and we need to believe that their is hope in Somalia and everywhere in Africa. So people make dua for the people of Somalia and Somaliland ….


  11. E3 2010 says:

    Runsheeg, did you know that blackwater/xe are in Somalia. for any of you who never watch the news and know nothing around the world, well, let me help you. Blackwater are a secret private organisation based in the USA, they get pay by anyone who have the money (US goverment) to do dirty stuff, like suicide bombing in Iraq. they are known to be in Somalia and thay are doing bomb plots.

    Don't always blame Al shabab, Somalia was quite safe in 2006, but the US and Ethiopia said they are using sharia law and stirred up trouble themselves.
    remember don't trust the Galla (not the Oromos)

  12. Mohamed says:


    In fact, I would not be surprised, if the Israeli Palestinian problem could
    also be guaranteed under London British Commonwealth, if no other
    good solution is found. That way, Palestine becomes member of the
    british Commonwealth, and that way, Israel security is guaranteed, and
    that way, everybody is happy ending. Man, what am I saying???

  13. E3 2010 says:

    giving all the aid to the southern Somalis and none to the north (Somaliland and Puntland), and still they expect Somaliland to be part of Somalia. double standards ay?. obviously I want peace to all my Somali brothers, but that does not mean we Somalis from Somaliland will be willing to join you. All the west and the Arab want is trouble for Somalia. The west having support the Ethiopian invasion, and the Arabs want to be a proxy for just there own needs. firstly Egypt wants Somalia to keep on fighting with Ethiopia for the Nile, and the middle east hate Somaliland for stupid reasons, and ban the Somali livestock, because of rift valley disease, infact there were none of that!. there just being weak. If the south hates Somaliland and expect the West and the Arabs to bottle feed them, let them do it.

    • Mohamed says:

      E3 2010,

      Giving all the Aid to the Southern Somalis and none to the north
      (Somaliland and Puntland), ISN'T Puntland part of Somalia, why
      are you confusing it with Somaliland????

      Say Somaliland & Somalia, okay???


  14. Mustafe says:

    This is why Somaliland should takeover failed stateless Somalia.

  15. Kayse says:

    I think Somalia is sad case and they will never see peace until dooms day. No hope there. The question now is how do we keep their lawlessness within their borders? I wish we never shared border.

  16. Nur says:

    You are an Uncle Tom Kayse, why are saying that stuff, aslong as were not effected, we should have sympthay for them. and we have peace nothing will happen to use. you are hard headed like us northners and a pain aswell.

  17. Nur says:

    Inshallah It will claim down in the near future, we pray for our neighbours for the best and to hope this mess is over any time soon.

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