Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2011

Ethiopia:President of the Somali regional set to be impeached

Addis Ababa (Somalilandpress)-According to reports received from top officials in Ethiopia’s Somali Zone,President Abdi Iley has been removed from office and relieved from all duties. It is expected that the official removal of the president from office will be announced early next week. Confidential sources close to Somali Zone say that the president will come before the regional parliament within the coming week in order for his removal from office to be announced officially. The regional Somali central government and the people accuse the president of widespread mismanagement and corruption.There are reports saying that the president is accused of rampant corruption and that he cannot differentiate his personal, state and people’s wealth.The president is also accused of dictatorship and that he does not know the smooth running of government.

According to reports from Regional Somali Zone 5 Central government say that the president had fallout with many officials in the central government and Regional Somali Zone 5 government. Other reports indicate that the president is accused of backwardness of the region and the government does not function quite smoothly. Much harassment against the people of the region and gridlock policies are one of the impeachment that the president is facing. It is not known what the president is about to do after he leaves office. There are reports saying that Regional Somali Central government is seeking the president employment in ministries. It is not also clear who will replace President Abdi Iley. Also Mr.Abdirahman Sheekh Mohamed ‘Gurey’ who is commerce minister on federal level was dismissed from office after he was accused of lack of accomplishment. Many accusations against president Abdi Iley concerning his management style were submitted to the central government for the past couple months. In recent days the goverment of JigJiga and the president has sided with their tribes men after a tribal conflict between two tribes that live together. The goverment sided with their Ogaden tribes men against the Isaaq tribe as they improsen 37 Isaaq nomads.

Somalilandpress | 04 November 2011

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  1. Kayse says:

    I was there (Somali region of Ethiopia) when the so called "New Police" led by sick puppet from the isaq clan called "Ina Dole" took a lot of isaq trucks, civilians and drivers. They beat up a lot of innocent men and women, leaving many with serious injuries.

    Ina dole, who is from the Eidagale clan (Yonis) is one sick dog and made the whole region unstable. The Ethiopians well knew this and were following it. The isaaq people really need to shot ina dole at point blank range or get him arrested.

    The isaaq clans then had enough and went straight to the Addis Ababa government. There is big tribal war in the region instigated by the so called president of Somali Zone and Ina Dole (the dog).

    Ina Dole should either be shot or arrested too.

    I congratulate the Ethiopian government for following up this issue and restoring law and order. The Ethiopians are far better than the so called Somali regional leaders including the New Police. The new police should be dissolved or moved to another region and real Ethiopian army should be placed under the care of the region.

  2. Kayse says:

    The locals, in particular the isaaq clan, have no faith or trust with the New Police, ina Dole or Abdi Iley.

    There is three way war between Isaaqs, Ogadens (New Police) and other Ogadens (ONLF).

    So far the Isaaqs have been restraining and wanted the issue to be solved peacefully but they are on the verge and will soon take arms against the New Police and ONLF.

  3. Kayse says:

    The New Police does not go after the ONLF nor do its intended job, they go to Isaaq towns and villages and terrorise the locals accusing them of false things. If you tell them there is ONLF in the bushes near by, they will either run away or deny it and just make up excuses to flee.

    There New Police and ONLF secretly work together and its time the Ethiopian government dismissed the tribal motivated New Police clan mafia.

    • kismaayo says:

      @Kayse As a matter of fact ONLF and the so called Liyuu Police don't like each other. Liyuu Police is been created by Abdi Iley, the idiot who is in Jigjiga to appease Meles Zenawi, and the only reason Liyuu is been created is to go after and fight ONLF so the Tigre army can take a little break and Ethiopia can show the world that its hands are clean in terms of human rights abuses in the Ogaden region/ Somali region, because lately Ethiopia was under intense pressure from its donor countries mainly USA & UK to improve human rights in the country.
      Liyuu Police consist of young unemployed men, alcoholics from the Somali region, orphans and anyone who can carry guns, their numbers are growing every month, they're however poorly trained and undisciplined but handsomely paid and for money alone everyone joined the fiasco.
      They roam around the villages throughout the region and like you said commit murder and rape, they loot people's property at will and kill anyone who stand up to them, yes, they make fabricated cases of being an ONLF after they killed un-arm innocent villagers; the only person they answer to so far is Abdi Iley. They sometimes fight with ONLF and end up loosing because ONLF is seasoned fighters roaming in the bushes and these Liyuu guys drive around pickup trucks around villages and the border towns.

      So the assumption they work with ONLF is untrue, because they're bitter enemies. But yes I agree they harass villagers not only Isaaq though, but any tribe, or any family with money, or any family with girls because they rape women constantly, and no one from these rag tag lunatics was ever tried in a court for crimes he committed, that tells you a lot my friend about the Ethiopian government under Meles you seem to be asking for help here; it doesn't deserve to be called a government because its basically a thuggish rule.
      Ethiopia will never dismiss these gangs in my opinion because its doing one thing important for them, and that is, its regular army mostly Tigre is in the barracks relaxing and far from facing ONLF, they developed this policy true Abdi Iley which is let the locals kill each other, and that is what's happening now.

      With the removal of Abdi Iley from power if true, liyuu police might slow down under presumably a new leadership, but the feds will never dismantle the Liyuu as they can use for any purposes including unrest anywhere in Ethiopia.

  4. ali says:

    time has come when we should unite together to root out this cancerous turmor in the regional state before it grows to a point of no return. I do not know why peace and friendship loving people of Horn of Africa never understand the problem they have making by their hand. It was not a couples of decades ago that the same banches of thugs looted and pillaged the Horn of Africa. This time it is Ethiopian turn and I do not think the people of Ethiopia and Federal goverment would let a group of nomad uncivilised individuals let the situation spiral out of control. We have heard a lot about Rwanda and Burdi genocide and ethnic cleansing. We wish this scenario would not be let happen in the somali regional state. But one thing is for sure, there would be a mass mobilisation of people to arm themselves to defend their rights if the government of Ethiopia would not disband this gestap like racist luyu police. Luyu police is a copy cat of ONLF secretely advancing the terrorist organisation of ONLF. One thing is for sure, the people of somali regional state has ran out of patience and they have no other option than taking arms.

    • kismaayo says:

      You're mixing two different groups who don't see eye to eye about anything, simply because they're from same tribe. Well think again, because Liyuu Police consist of every tribe that lives in the Ogaden region/Somali state, so how come someone who does not believe ONLF agenda who happens to be from other tribes can advance ONLF policy of freedom through arm struggle.

      Think hard.

    • Hassan says:

      To Ali: call us what you like, nomad uncivilised, ONLF or New Police but you should know that, no one can change the reality on the ground.we are owners of the Land and will never allow those from Hargeisa to come and kill our own citizens.

  5. Kismaayo says:

    @ Somalilandpress… I was with you and I was really enjoying reading the demise of Abdi Iley, the butcher of Jigjiga until the last paragraph where your true color has come out without any clear evidence.

    Make no mistake any government including yours in Hargeisa stands to uphold the law and arrest anyone who breaks it , i.e crossing the border illegally.
    57 men crossed the border illegally, armed to teeth driving around trucks looking for innocent people to kill. I think you would agree that is a little too much for any authority.
    Abdi Iley was right to respond the way he did including prosecuting the men. That's exactly what Somaliland would have done, lets not kid ourselves here………. The law is the law!!

    • Abraham says:

      Stop lying. The men were from the villages across the border in Ethiopia and were not armed. Their is no real charge aginst them and if the Ogadenis do not stop harassing our villagers then there will be a real crossing of the border.

    • HMObsiye says:

      Sir, you are either with ONLF or Abdi ILLEY, or both .You outright laid when you said the 57 innocent people arrested by Abdi Illey, the man who is a ONLF sleeper cell in Jigjiga were armed to teeth. Shame on you!, there is no truth to this and the Federal authority of Ethiopia is realizing this and this why they are impeaching this dog called Abdi Ey.

      Ethiopia authority has to wake up and differentiate between its enemy and it's supporters for the last 20 years and set free those innocent people.

  6. Ahmed says:

    Abdi Ileey has to evane what IID Dahir did several years ago……it is his duty to bush the SNM back to Hargeisa.

  7. Kayse says:

    Abdi Iley and the mafia in Jigjiga are destabilizing the region because of tribal interest. They are trying to kick the Isaaq clan out from the Haud reserved area which have always been isaaq area. This should not be tolerated by the Somaliland government (which should cut ties with Jigjiga immediately) and the Addis Ababa government (should dismiss the Jigjiga mafia clan).

    The Liyuu Police are terrorising the local nomads and very soon we isaaq people will take dramatic action against them unless things are fixed immediately.

    We isaaq inhabitants of Haud region want to see Ethiopia to deploy natural police force from other regions of Ethiopia. We will not deal with the Ogaden mafia that Abdi Iley has created in the last few years.

    All isaaqs have to be aware there is huge tribal war in our reserved Haud region and its time to fight back and not only reclaim our land but also push it deep to the south till we chase those mafia to Moyale and beyond Kismayo.

    The New (Liyuu) police is sympathetic to the ONLF and their real motives are now clear. Its time Ethiopian government took action against them.

  8. Kayse says:

    Make no mistake the Liyuu police is reinvented version of the ONLF with the same tribal agenda. It is now clear to both isaaq locals and the Ethiopian Federal government.

    Abdi Iley has been hiding his real intentions for a long time. Busted and dismissed. He should be thrown in that notorious prison in Jigjiga.

    • macalin says:

      you are dreaming get real be a man you need in cashar laguu dhigo, a class of critical and logical thinking. what kind of action you can take, in the first place you are cursed by the world. onlf agreed with ethiopia and ogadenians are ruling since the are the majority of the region as you are ruling Hargeisa. get real stop dreaming.

  9. ComeAgain says:

    I am all for defending Somaliland but you lost me at "lets take war to kismanyo". I say we stay in our borders and help our nomads that do venture into the Haud and work with Ethiopia to make sure that we have a military presence there to protect anyone that claims descent from Somaliland no matter the tribe.

    Aside from that I dont support willy nilly fighting and going into Somalia two different countries.

  10. Mohamd says:

    Siyad Barre use to employ the worst Isaaqs so he would misrepresent us with people who had nothing in common. This Tigre mafiosi is doing the same to the Somali speaking people from that region. It is a good sign that they have given up on the Somali region, the next step should be Somalis uniting to put their interests of security first before another Illeys and people like him are employed, but this is almost impossible to happen. So they will continue to be subjugated.

  11. Abraham says:

    Why do the Isaaqs always allow others to mistreat them? They allowed the Faq@sh in Somalia to dominate the military, the police, and every other state institution which were eventually used against them and now it seems history is repeating itself in Ethiopia. How could the Isaaqs in Ethiopia allow the Ogaden tribe to dominate the security forces and state government and not demand their fair share in everything? Or were they all busy with the useless politics in Somaliland? Nothing like this would have happened if the Isaaqs in Ethiopia acted in unison and fought for their rights and interest in every government department and state institution from Jigjiga to Addis Ababa. Only the fools are taken advantage off. Shame on the Isaaqs, you should certainly learn a thing or two about political engagement from the Jewish people.

  12. amal says:

    I don't understand what's wrong with crazy Somalis whoes region is under brutal Ethiopia yet hostile to their own kind. Kin and kith ogadenies and issaqs need to have peaceful negotiation and agreements because the killing of innocent issaq nomad villagers will NOT be tolerated. Not only issaq and Ogaden but all the Somali tribes in the region need to unite and have one voice and share the governent and police. Kilinka shanaad is for all Somalis and unfortunately this region K5 is under brutal Meles control

  13. PuntlandGeezer says:

    why are somali men always fighting over stupid qabil? we slaughter each other while our enemies rapes our somali woman.
    Ps issaqs don't they know there are somalis? its always issaq v majerteen, issaq v ogaden, issaq v mareexaan, issaq v warsangali or issaq v dhulbahante. why always issaq?

    • mohamed cheers says:

      PS When you stop fingering the Isaaqs then there will be real peace…Eid Aladha Mubarak.
      Take care Puntlandgeezer your Lascanod in SL is going no where else.

      • PuntlandGeezer says:

        I can't figure it out, plz you tell since ur issaq. im majerteen and at moment im in northern somalia(somaliland).
        i dnt hate issags folks since they are me family. but why you issaqs hate as? i understand.

      • PuntlandGeezer says:

        why dont you use ur dumb brain, why do you think dhulbahanteare are really piss with as puntlanders? well cuz puntland made a fake promise of recapuring lascanod, but the fact iz we dnt need that part cuz its dry, thers no oil, Puntland controls the oil part of SSC & puntland has already started drilling the oil. In the meantime somaliland are circled in las anod by the mighty SSC rebels.

        • amal says:

          Puntland is nothing more than annoying child

        • mohamed cheers says:

          What's the real meaning of Puntlandgeezer!. The word geezer is bad. Beginning to discover
          you aint a Puntlander. Who are you. The fact iz Looks like you some kind of snoopy crab.
          The fact iz Somalis like you are tribal minded but thank goodness the Isaaqs have managed to
          swim thru and operate on higher oversight grounds and with the Lords help Somaliland is by far in better shape than the other Somalis. True or false Geezer lol.

    • Abraham says:

      Good question: why always Isaaq? Why do some Somali tribes hate the Isaaq? We have committed no crimes against no one, yet all the hate and trouble?

  14. I Jama says:

    Isaaq does not pretend to not want foreign relations or trade like others who feel it necessary to lie to themselves.

    Sorry but the truth hurts and other Somalis just aren't aware of their own history. They somehow convinced themselves that foreign relations and trade means their country will be taken over by them.

    Do they not know S Barre relied heavily on communist countries and then US. It still baffles me when the Somalis are all to happy to take money for nothing but when it comes to trade they get all possessive and paranoid.

    All governments have support and consultations from other trading partners. These allies do come with compromises but why the denial in Somali politics.

    It become a big taboo. It is laughable when Djibouti is evidently run and allied with foreign countries. Yet no Somalis say that it is only Isaaq that are ridiculed for not fighting foreign relations. Is it because they do not wish progress for them and they wish them oppressed .

    It is evident Isaaq are not liked because they can bring progress and development unlike the others who cause more harm to world relations then positive.

    • migil says:

      It looks you are feeling guilty, because this could be the only reason which can make you admit other somalis hate Isaaq. from my point of view I dont think other somalis like Ciise dont really hate Isaaq but there is a kind of gap which should be filled. when you look into the current situation in Somali region they even need to be allies, what is missing is the way and method of becoming so.
      I know Isaaq they are really brilliant and progress making people but they can go further without the help of there Ciise brothers, so please come and let us get together for progress.

      • I Jama says:

        What I see is people trying to make Isaaq guilty. I don't feel they have anything to feel guilty about. Especially since Isaaq do make efforts to keep good relations with all.

        If anything all this is about some who believe it is only Isaaq who are mostly behind Somalilands Independence. As such some are point at them whenever they can find the smallest way they could disturb their decisions. However, they forget this only stirr but not solves anything.

        • someone says:

          I don't think other Somalis hate issaq, I just think only darood or sub-clan daroods really hate issaq. And ciise ppl are peaceful ppl, I believe we need each-other. Somali ppl need each-other in this region for the common good and progress making.

    • Mohamd says:

      The majority of self styled Somalis are bestial people not worthy of impressing them. The only people they like are no good no hope losers as if they get some gratification seeing people do worse. Now I ignore the majority of them and get on with my life. SL does exactly that and is not for turning.

      Just look at the people the UN employs in their so called Haram "TFG"; they are all rapists, murderers, cowards and worse. Yet such people were all sent by their tribes to represent them.

      As a result, southerners confuse the word "criminal" with "Somali". Never enter anything with them in the name of "Somalinimo/Criminality". That is how much they have abused the culture and the word.

  15. Gobaad says:

    PuntlandGeezer, please take your venomous comments and hatred against Somaliland and stop point finger at Isaaq. Our patience is wearing thin and one of these days you will get doses of your own medicine. Isaaq are building their country and don't have time for these barking dogs, like you. Darood are the problem not Isaaq. Go and do some positive with your time.

  16. Ahmed says:

    Isaaq should differentiate between qabiil and nationality, I am very surprised the impact caused to Somaliland what happened inside Ethiopia. Ethiopia Somali region is there best. Isaaq tribes beyond Ethiopia region should trust there nationality and participate the development.

  17. kham dam ram says:

    i agree with some very open minded and intelligent persons here..who said some thing wise .. but most of others are just showing hatred to some trips which is not the sign of civilized human… thing i should clarify is that there is nothing called ''NEW POLICE'' its '' LIYU POLISE'' which is amharic word meaning ''SPECIAL POLICE''…..u should now wht u r commenting about and plz qabiilka iska dhaafa hala mid noqnina raga qoryaha isuhaystee duurka isku laynayee … .am ogaden and i dont support any kind of fighting ..

    • Abdulreahman says:

      well spoken im from isaaq (ciddagale) and althought people have some regonal prejeducies and sterotypes like ogden are stupid an this an that. this new police or woot eva a 20k issaq and i forgot how many are og, my point there thugs and walahi my tribe smoked them wen they try come round so they dont.

      but as somalis we should all think progressively especially the educated and not get boged down by NOMADIC tribe mantality, look beyond into the future an plan . take some share inthe regional wealth goodness.

  18. someone says:

    Somalis are going wild with each other. God help them all

  19. someone says:

    Ogadenians are not even the majority when all other Somalis are combined Issaq, ciise, gedabursi and many more in fact they will become minority. Other Somalis who inhabit the region will fight for their rights. Both the liyuu police and the rasta ONLF are working together. Ogadenians is just one of the many tribes who own the land whether they like it or not. taking advantage of unarmed issaq villagers will not take you anywhere

  20. mohamed cheers says:

    The Big Million $question is: What the Ethiopian Regime engine power should be doing about
    these lawless provocations being engaged by the Ethiopian Police of the Somali Galbeed k/5ad
    against the Civil nomadic Somalis domicile territories of the annexed reserved areas in 1953 along the
    Somali Western Ethiopian borders. Inorder to bring about peaceful solutions the two Govts. of
    Somaliland and Ethiopia must take immediate steps to address these troubling provocations from the
    Ethiopian border police and Onlf insurgency working together against the poor nomadic
    settlements along the border straits peninsular of the two countries.

  21. Abraham says:

    I see you have got a new job as a prison warden for the Tigre responsible for keeping your Cagdheer nomads behind bars. And it also seems you have been given another part-time volunteer job as a nacamleeye for your Tigre masters in order to thank them for your full-time prison warden job. Keep working.

  22. migil says:

    We know the history and we know that Ogadens are those who put Somalia into what it is in for more than 20 years. again you come to other peace-full somalis and want to do the same thing! I think somalis are now ready to live in peace so we Ethiopian Somalis ( non- Ogadens) and the neighboring Somalilanders will not let you Ogadens to do it.
    you may talk about that other somalis like xabashida (gaalada), we have seen that ogadens are the most Xabashi liking somalis… when you want a support from other somalis you tell that you hate xabashi and fight them, and now you are telling us that "Ogadeni Ethiopians are holding hands with their Tigrey, Amhara….."
    the history will write many things …….

  23. Ogadeniya says:

    who would call himself "Ethiopian Somali" ??? either you guys are HIV-Ethios pretending to be Somali or you guys are insane! I have never in my life seen a single Somali from Somali Galbeed referring him/herself as " Ethiopian Somali"

  24. Ahmed says:

    Read this article, its your answer
    Reer Somaliland Daandaansi badanaa Dulqaadna yaraa

  25. ali says:

    og cry as you like theres no kilil or somali zone
    we are ethiopian ogaden

  26. Ogadeniya says:

    That was for " Ali " the Ethio

  27. Kaka says:

    For your information Liyuu police killed more ogaden than any other tribe living in the region.and nobody can deny that the ogadens hate the liyuu police for their brutal and indiscrimently killing and i can honestly say that the only time they acted according to the law is when they captured and prosecuted few people who illegaly crossed the border and killed innocent you started parking and insulted tribe for your comments its clear that this is nt al bout liyuu police but deeply hatred towards ogaden and the entire darood.its high time our goverment close the border and the few isaaq who residing the country illegaly deported back to and ties cut with the self confessed break away from the somalia and cancel all the scholarship given to this unthankful tribalist people bt instead given to the students from other part of somalia viva kilil5 viva

  28. professor jaamac says:

    allahayow soomaalida kasaar cudurka xun ee ku jira ee ah qabiilka * a viral disease that has no treatment* i am an ogadenian guy who is professor in addis ababa university we are beging from allah to give us apeaceful, just and properous somali state that all of the somali peaple are happy with

  29. abdirahman says:

    well im from sland parts of my clan live in k5. I think those working for the state need educating in aproach people the issaq who actually do not have a united front but reer hebel v rer hebel mantality an even bring that to hareisa majlises or evn burco should be told to go an creat just institutions on ur major cities and somalis should side together inside k5 and make educated reforms. and professor jamac ur the audions im talking to brother ur educated help create institutions. and educate.

  30. Some body says:

    I think that Somali regional administration in Ethiopia should not be sided with ant tribe. how come does it represent the entire ethnic clans inhabiting the region. that is gonna be ridiculous and it is a big shame for the president who is now facing an impeachment from the regional parliament. Do you know that Abdi Iley has been called to come to Addis in order to speak with Ethiopian premiere.
    Equal justice under the law. I hope that justice will prevail. never ever to hear such an act of violation of Somali zone constitution.

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