Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Ethiopia: what is happening in Haud and Reserve Area

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The Haud and Reserve Area was formerly a part of Somaliland British protectorate but handed over to Ethiopia, during the reign of Emperor Haile Selasie, in 1954, in accordance with the 1897 agreement the British empire made with the Emperor Menilik || without consent of the Haud And Reserve Area population.

The agreement between the colonial power and the Ethiopian government not only confer certain rights and freedoms on the population of this enclave, but also demarcated the international border between Somaliland and Ethiopia. It is the only border officially demarcated between Ethiopia and Somalian republic and is internationally recognised. It Is also a fact that the contracting governments are not in power now. Nevertheless according to international law, the succeeding states are under obligation to to acknowledge  these agreements.  It will not be possible to cherry-pick those provisions that suit one or another. However, Emperor Haile Selasie granted more favourable rights and freedom to the populace of the territory than the international agreement has guaranteed.  On the other hand, the so called democratisation of Ethiopia seems to erode the rights and freedom conferred by the old treaty. The question we have to ask is then if this is a democratisation  or backwardisation.  Ethiopia is now partitioned into ethnically based states. Somali people were categorised as one ethnicity simply because somali people are wrongly or rightly considered as a homogenous, with one language, culture, religion. The reality is, nevertheless, completely different. Somali people are more divided by clans. They have different culture and way of thinking. The miracle answer for the problem of this regional state lies in finding the nexus between this consideration and somali people’s plight.  If Ethiopia wants to make a headway in the conundrum in somali regional state, it has to understand this reality in Crystal clear term, without it I am afraid we will be in conflict in somali regional state for a long time to come.

Almost six months ago, the regional president has visited the isaq inhabited region, formerly known as haud and reserve area. The president talked to inhabitants and they told him a myriad of problems they are encountering since the regional state has been set up. Rather these problems have increased since the current regional president has taken office. As well know, many clashes between the liyu police and the residents had taken place in the past. in many occasions, the regional authority promised that such clashes will not occur and a host of marginalisation    will be addressed. A group of diaspora members visited the regional state and after extensive visit and consultation with the people at the grassroots level, they presented a ten page document to the regional state. As transparency and openness dictate,  the team published this report in several websites.

But according to news coming from the area, the regional state has not yet taken any initiative to address the grievances of the people. Instead the regional state is trying to court some individuals in its attempt to divert the people from being aware of their plight. some of our traditional elders are becoming Trojan horse for the hidden agenda of abdi Ilay.  As well known, the Political, social and economic conundrum in the regional state is not a new phenomenon. There has always been perennial  hostility and animosity between Somali clans and tribes in the regional state. However, these intransigencies  have taken new turns since the Somali regional state was established. The isaq community thought they have achieved their constitutionally  guaranteed  equality and democratic right in the inauguration of  EPRDF led government almost two decades ago. Nevertheless, the people are suffering in worst shapes and forms when compared to the situations that had existed in the former governments that reigned in Ethiopia prior to this current one in power.

Haud and reserve area looks alike a place where no development activities are carried out. Most of the schools built in this area were constructed by either non-governmental organisation, most of them now closed down by the regional government order, and diaspora community cooperation. No proper project to improve the road infrastructure is underway. Rather, the regional government has diverted a federal government sponsored road construction project between hartesheikh and all the way down to Gashamo. Although the regional state has bought a number of deep drilling machineries, they have not deployed in this area except an empty gesture they made around six months ago in which the regional government has started to showcase drilling work in harshiin area. Yet nothing is known whether they have succeeded in drilling proper borehole. As far as communication is concerned, the federal government telecommunication authority has finalised the installation of mobile masts in a numbers of districts and towns in the area. It is not known why the telephone system was not put operational yet. It is believed that the regional government, as it accustomed to do in the past, is misinforming the federal government institution. In the past, they accused the area inhabitants as al alshabab and and anti peace movement. The people of haud and reserve area have always been peace loving and  law abiding citizens. They are well known by the Ethiopian people for their peaceful coexistence. Many people from other Ethiopian regional states who lived in the area due to their work or businesses know well the behaviour of the people.

The people of haud and reserve area know well that they don’t have to take arms to make sure their democratic freedom and rights are respected. However, they don’t remain silent when their democratic rights are violated. Recently, they have taught  the liyu police a good lesson when they roused up and said enough is enough and stopped the notorious liyu police continue carrying on their atrocity. The somali regional state, instead of treating all its citizens with equality, it is engaged in series of campaigns to simply oppress many somali clans. Isaq is one of these clan currently facing a number of oppressions.

The regional government has introduced or using as a pretext to evict isaq Ethiopian from their ancestral homeland. It is important that all our people understand what these oppression are and devise a way before these oppressions become deep rooted and permanent. The regional government looks alike it stands for one somali clan. It has given all privileges and rights to one clan. Even the other somali clans have now come to be aware of the hidden agenda of the current regional state. All highest regional state military personnel are not only from one clan but also from one sub clan to which the regional state president belongs. The traditional leaders within his own clan were shrugged aside and he is now being advised and courted by his own subclan suldan called Ciro.

The Ethiopian isaq has no any grudge against the Ethiopian somali clan whom they have coexisted in peace and war for the past thousand years. The isaq and Ogaden clan lived in peace and as in any other part of the world sometime fought each other. However, they managed to solve these difficult with prudence and diligence. If I am not exaggerating now there is a high tension between isaq and Ogaden community. It is feared that a  whole scale confrontations  might happen in near future. The regional state is the sole responsible in waging friction between the communities so that there is a major war to convince the Ethiopian federal government to bankroll the militarisation of the somali regional state. The regional liyu police is a means to instabilise the regional state but to protect a clan interest in the regional state. No one oppose the establishment of regional police force. But it will be out of question their vetting, screening, accountability, training and discipline should be given importance as well. Without setting up these conditions, creating a police force will be a recipe for waiting disaster to happen. News coming from the regional state shows that many liyu police members are fleeing in drove because they were confused and lost motives as well as stamina after they were put in process that made them to commit murder, rape, illegal detention and many more atrocities.

I hope the Ethiopian defence force understand that it is a time to use soft force in convincing Ethiopian Somali to actively participate in Ethiopian economic and political development. What we are teaching our children and grand children should be an exemplary one that is not full of contradictions. The message we conveying  should be everyone can  play rightly within the realm of  the law and respect each other. I don’t see a difference between the Amhara people evicted from benishangul-gumiz regional state from the systematic discrimination the ethiopain isaq people are encountering in somali regional state completely usurped by the one man leadership without any intellectual foundation.

Haudland democratic rights and freedom restoration Movement

By Haud land


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  1. Irir Samaale says:

    Ethiopian flag being waved on 1'st of July in Puntland capital Garowe

    • Abdi Nur says:

      somalilandese demostrators in India fail on 1st july in burning Somalia flag lol

    • amal says:

      Irir samale,
      I used to thing u and that hater tellmetruth were the same who only bash SL but I was wrong, you not so bad after all. At least SL makes clear that they don't want to join Somalia and that they take Ethiopia as allies but I don't understand people who sing Somaliwayn yet undermine Somalia and work with the Ethiopians with hidden agenda.

      • Dheere says:

        WAVING Ethiopian flag does not mean anything. the worst is VILLA MORYAAN dividing somalis more then ever befroe on top of that they were responsible destruction of Somalia the last twenty years and continue up to now. good percentage of somalis decided not to share anything folks in Villa Moryaan.

        Will Ethiopia accept one somalis region declare fake independence? the answer is no but they are willing work with any region that is stable.

      • Irir Samaale says:

        @amal : )

        There is nothing i dislike more than a politician on a secessionist stealth mode from Puntland why did your leaders refuse Farooles proposition ugh!.


        Eat sh!t ask anyone other than your clan who destroyed beautiful Somalia and i guarantee you 110% they will point their finger towards your leaders.

      • Kayse says:


        Isku miid maha. I think Irir is Hawiye while tellmetruth or whatever was Dhulos.

  2. Guh Olow says:

    If Isaq overstayed their Harshin and Hartasheik refugee camp that saved you from siad barre but it is now time to go back to harsh somaliland. The hawd treaty was signed between Ogaaden elders and the British — the reasoning was lets stay with the weak ethiopia as we can kick them out anytime unlike the powerful colonist.
    There are no Amhaara to cry for which Tigre ended decades ago, then Ogaaden took over. Sir the choice is clear either the Liyuu or ONLF or back into yours.. I think liyuu is your nanny friend considering what the other can do to you, remember the trucks

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    Regardless of what this article is talking about, for the most parts, the British who annexed
    the Somaliland Haud reserved areas to Ethiopia in 1954 based on secret treaty in 1897
    without the knowledge of the Sultans of these buffer zones, also entered into another
    treaty with the Sultans of the Haud buffer zones peninsula. These two treaties are now
    under the direct control of the British UK Govt. The administrative authority under certain
    obligations should be handled by the Ethiopian central high Command EPRDF treating
    these Haud annexed areas buffer zones under the agreement of 1954/1897 with the
    British Govt who still has the oversight powers to oversee that the Ethiopian Govt powers
    are controlling the autonomous Haud just right, for if the treaty is violated then the British
    Govt moves in to protect the rights of the Somaliland Haud Reserved areas. The other most
    important is the treaty that the Sultans entered with the British Colonial era which nullifies
    the the Ethio-Anglo treaties of annexations and gives the unilateral rights to Somaliland
    to regain its annexed territories. The writer should not confuse the Haud buffer zones with
    the k5…the two are different regions.

  4. Muqtaar says:

    Irir Samaale project,,,,,,,,,,

    Hargiesa Council they been waving Ethiopian National flag for almost 20 years now. what you see it's not Ethiopian national flag but somali – Ethiopian regional semi-autonomy flag . cut the NONSESE..

  5. Ali says:

    I don't understand why some people don't learn from history and reality. In the history of haud and reserve area, the isaq clan has never been defeated. It is known that even recently its this clan that has put the notorious liyu police at bay. In the 1980, when the Darrod was intoxicated with a few Russian made arms, it was the isaq clan that sent them running for their lives. Ogaden is the cancer of the horn of African. They are creating havoc in all part of the region. The kismayo debacle is one of them. They want to create a war in Somalia as they have done in ethiopian. The united forces of ethiopian somali should stop them from gaining foothold in this port city and give them a free reign to import arms, ammunition to sow their hatred throughout Ethiopia.

  6. Kayse says:

    There is no such thing as reserved area. We are not Red Indians. The Red Indians took that pill and they still don't have their land back to this day. Isaac who want to live like Red Indians but 100x worse can entertain themselves with the "reserved" area thing.

    We have few choices here:

    Fully be part of Ethiopia and close our border to SL.

    Support ONLF and convince them to drop the Cagdheer tag.

    Form our own rebel group and wage war on Addis Ababa, ONLF and Liyu Police. Can be done but who is the true enemy and what do we want to achieve?

    We can do so much but the first step is acknowledging that this is our region and not SL. SL only belongs to those that are from there not "Isaaq".

    We Isaaq Ethiopians should assimilate into Ethiopia and start taking up posts in the Ethiopian government at district, regional and federal levels.

    This means Isaaq must put forward their own Liyu Police because the Ethiopian Federal Government is willing to set up one for them.

    We have to come together and stop entertaining ourselves with SL business.

    • amal says:

      Hi Kayse,
      If we apply your logic, then you are foreigner in Hargeisa lol but I do agree with you Isaaq from hawd are too busy with SL issues that they forgot to safe guard their territory. SNM were cool but now we became caajis

      P.s I doubt Ethiopia will allow any Somali to take any important post at federal level, they just want to own our lands. InshAllah we gonna get it back one day.

  7. halyey says:

    The people of Isaaq in their homeland of Hawd and reserve area (Isaaq-land) need to take the following steps in order to to finally succeed in liberating their god-geven Isaaq-land regions in Ethiopia from the expansionist Ogaadeen Cagdheer: 1. Creat a political movement similar to the SNM that defeated the Faqash forces and militas of Siyaad Barre. 2. The political wing must establish good relations with the central government of Ethiopia in order to advance the cause of Isaaq-land people by making clear to the central government that the Isaaq-land people want their regions to be recognised by the central government on their own and not part of the regions inhabited ny the ogadeen tribes. Foreign relations with the international community must promote the cause of Isaaq-land people to high light the atrocities and genocides commited by Ogaadeen tribes against the people of Isaaq-land in Ethiopia.

  8. Abdislam says:

    tribal enclaves of khat addicts of dusty cities of Hargeisa , Burca, and Barbara have been reduced to puppet of Ethiopian regime. I remember when prime Minster of Ethiopia mentioned in his speech the Parliament that Ethiopia would defend the dusty cities against any outside aggression as if Ethiopia would differentiate among Somalia, or could care less about the khat addicts . Khat addicts jumped up and down to cheer for Ethiopian fascist's remark. This was an illustration how much the addicts been brained washed and manipulated in the name of diplomatic recognition to believe the lies of Ethiopia.
    May God have a mercy on the dusty cities

  9. Nabad says:

    I though Regional government has taken a keen step to fulfill the promises which the president entered during his Samawada visit to areas in question. First he gave strong cabinet minister position (Minister of Livestock Crop and Rural Development Bureau) to a decedent from Gashamo, and being a member of executive committee of the ruling party, it is very likely that the minister will take step forward to respond the needs of pastoralists in this area. As to my knowledge, in various occasions, elders from the areas are thanking the regional president for fulfilling almost the promises he made during his visit.

    Since, this is reality on the ground, misguided information like this one, is just a fart and propaganda of the region's bad wishers .
    Somali Regional State people are united behind its leader, Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omar which is the only presidents that brought justice, development and security to the people in the region for the first time since the establishment of Kilil 5.

  10. OG4LIFE says:

    Long Live Ogadenia, Puntland, Khaatumo State, Makhir State, Jubaland, & NFD… The Chosen People (D@@rood) will rule Africa once again…

  11. OG4LIFE says:

    the refugee camps of Harshin and Gaashamo doesn't mean you own the land, this is Absame territory and has always been, keep crying like u people always do, u people need to get over your inferiority complex always crying about Beesha Darood

    • Ali says:


      You are sicko you need to get treatment for you hereditary ailment. I don't know when you and you folk act like foolish always. You have destroyed the Somalia government in 80s. Recently you are trying to destabilise kismayo. You created havoc in Ethiopia. Is this related to your moron genetic trait. The most foolish person in somali used to be Igal shidad. And he was ogaden. It is also rumoured that some ogaden folk put a sack of sugar into the webishable river thinking all Ogaden will be drinking. This is the mentality within this try and I am not surprised if they talk like this. They are bloody parasite and blood suckedrs

  12. Allemagan says:

    Hello Kayse,

    Good to see you once again buddy.

  13. Ahmed says:


    PLS stop insulting our intelligence, we know Allemagan+Kayse= same person, also Amal uses many many names. it's time to come clean somali politics it is changed now.


  14. Ali says:

    I wonder why some people day-dream. It is more than 40 years since the moron head darood attempted to wipe out the Isaq clan from the Horn of Africa. Now they are doing the same. They will keep on trying to destroy us. However, I am one thing sure. That is Isaq will never sleep one second until this pig head understand the reality at the ground.

  15. Kayse says:


    Likewise sxb and thank you.

  16. Amal says:

    Help me I'm lost in the woods

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