Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2013

Ethiopia: Turkey Preparing to Create an Industrial Zone in Addis Ababa

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Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, speaking at the opening of the African Strategies Sectoral Evaluation Meeting in Ankara on Monday (September 2) is reported to have said Turkey was preparing to create a Turkish industrial zone in Addis Ababa, as part of the African policy which started in 2005.He said Ethiopians were aware that Turkey’s interest in Ethiopia was not passing fancy or mere calculation of temporary profits, adding “we also know that they don’t only offer a business opportunity but that they opened their hearts.” He stressed that between Turkey and Ethiopia there were not only economic but thriving social relations.

He said a Turkish firm invested $50 million in Ethiopia in 2005 and there were now 341 Turkish companies with a total investment of $3 billion in the country. Turkish companies, he said, can now take advantage of numerous opportunities in fields such as construction and trade. And not just in Ethiopia. The Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA) has 30 offices in Africa, and the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade another 25. The number of Turkish ambassadors in Africa has risen to 34 from 12 in 2005.

It has Free Trade Agreements with four African countries, as well as agreements to prevent double taxation and support mutual investments, and has established business councils with 17 African countries. Turkish Airlines flies to 35 African destinations. The amount of Turkish aid to Africa, with Somalia topping the list, has reached US$750 million.

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  1. osman Qaal says:

    From 12 embassies in 2005 to 35 in 2013..that's quite the significant increase of Turkish embassies in Africa over a short period of time. I'm wondering if the same ratio of diplomatic exchange has been granted for the Africans in Turkey as well? Or perhaps is it a usual one way flow? Africans usually get the bad end of the stick when it comes to trades and exchanges….It's a sad reality where an old imperialist like Turkey is trying to exploit African resources.

  2. mohamed cheers says:

    Good for emerging Turkey ecopolitics in the African Continent like all other World Nations.
    The whole World exploits African resources…why not Turkey also, if the Africans are
    incapable of competition. In fact, Turkey is a good reasonable partner.

  3. ciile says:

    All patriotic Somalilanders must be vigilant and very aware of the imperialist agenda of Turkey. which sees Somaliland as mere spoils of the failed state of Somalia. Siilaanyo made very easy for Turkey to regard Somaliland as war ravaged part of Somalia, that Turkey must exploit, dominate, occupy and even own by repeating the illusion of dangerous slogan about Islamic brotherhood. Turkey sees Somaliland as no- mans-land, thanks but no thanks to Siilaanyo restless effort of Siilaanyo to gradually undermine the independence and sovereignity of Somaliland. Turkey must understand that Siilaanyo is commiting national treason by doing so, and that Somaliland is totally different from that of the non-existent Somalia.

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