Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2012

ETHIOPIA: Ogaden paramilitary forces execute ten Isaaq

Photo: Refugee women and children in Somaliland who fled their homes in Ethiopia as a result of a “Liyu police” operation, April 2012 (Ben Rawlence/Human Rights Watch).

Investigate Paramilitary Abuses, Permit Access to Closed-Off Somali Region

NAIROBI — An Ethiopian government-backed paramilitary force summarily executed 10 men during a March 2012 operation in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region. Detailed information on the killings and other abuses by the force known as the “Liyu police” only came to light after a Human Rights Watch fact-finding mission to neighboring Somaliland in April.

On March 16 a Liyu police member fatally shot a resident of Raqda village, in the Gashaamo district of Somali region, who was trying to protect a fellow villager. That day, men from Raqda retaliated by killing seven Liyu police members, prompting a reprisal operation by dozens of Liyu police in four villages on March 16 and 17. During this operation the Liyu police force summarily executed at least 10 men who were in their custody, killed at least 9 residents in ensuing gunfights, abducted at least 24 men, and looted dozens of shops and houses.

“The killing of several Liyu police members doesn’t justify the force’s brutal retaliation against the local population,” said Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The Liyu police abuses in Somali region show the urgent need for the Ethiopian government to rein in this lawless force.”

The Ethiopian government should hold those responsible for the killings and other abuses to account and prevent future abuses by the force.

Ethiopian authorities created the Liyu (“special” in Amharic) police in the Somali region in 2007 when an armed conflict between the insurgent Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and the government escalated. By 2008 the Liyu police became a prominent counterinsurgency force recruited and led by the regional security chief at that time, Abdi Mohammed Omar (known as “Abdi Illey”), who is now the president of Somali Regional State.

The Liyu police have been implicated in numerous serious abuses against civilians throughout the Somali region in the context of counterinsurgency operations. The legal status of the force is unclear, but credible sources have informed Human Rights Watch that members have received training, uniforms, arms, and salaries from the Ethiopian government via the regional authorities.

Human Rights Watch spoke to 30 victims, relatives of victims, and witnesses to the March incidents from four villages who had fled across the border to Somaliland and who gave detailed accounts of the events.

Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that on the evening of March 16 the Liyu police returned to Raqda following the clashes with the community earlier in the day that left seven police force members dead. The next morning, March 17, the Liyu police rounded up 23 men in Raqda and put them into a truck heading towards Galka, a neighboringvillage. Along the way the Liyu police stopped the truck, ordered five randomly selected men to descend, and shot them by the roadside. “It was three police who shot them,” a detainee told Human Rights Watch. “They shot them in the forehead and shoulder: three bullets per person.”

Also on March 17, at about 6 a.m., Liyu police in two vehicles opened an assault on the nearby village of Adaada. Survivors of the attack and victims’ relatives described Liyu police members going house to house searching for firearms and dragging men from their homes. The Liyu police also started shooting in the air. Local residents with arms and the Liyu police began fighting and at least four villagers were killed. Many civilians fled the village.

After several hours the Liyu police left but later returned when villagers came back to the village to bury those killed earlier that day. Fighting resumed in the afternoon and at least another five villagers were killed. The Liyu police took another four men from their homes and summarily executed them. A woman whose brother was a veterinarian told Human Rights Watch: “They caught my brother and took him outside. They shot him in the head and then slit his throat.”

For five days Liyu police also deployed outside Langeita, another village in the district, and restricted people’s movement. The Liyu police carried out widespread looting of shops and houses in at least two of the villages, residents said.

Human Rights Watch received an unconfirmed report that following the incidents local authorities arrested three Liyu police members. However it is unclear whether the members have been charged or whether further investigations have taken place.

The Ethiopian government’s response to reports of abuses in the Somali region has been to severely restrict or control access for journalists, aid organizations, human rights groups, and other independent monitors. Ethiopia’s regional and federal government should urgently facilitate access for independent investigations of the events by independent media and human rights investigators, including the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial and summary executions.

“For years the Ethiopian government has jailed and deported journalists for reporting on the Somali region,” Lefkow said. “Donor countries should call on Ethiopia to allow access to the media and rights groups so abuses can’t be hidden away.”

Liyu Police Abuses, March 2012

Summary Executions and Killings

Human Rights Watch interviewed witnesses and relatives of the victims who described witnessing at least 10 summary executions by the Liyu police on March 16 and 17. The actual number may be higher.

On March 16 in Raqda, a Liyu police member shot dead Abdiqani Abdillahi Abdi after he intervened to stop the paramilitary from harassing and beating another villager. Several villagers heard the Liyu police member saying to Abdiqani, “What can you do for him?” and then heard the shot.

The shooting ignited a confrontation between the Liyu police and the local community. The nine Liyu police who were deployed in Raqda then left via the road to the neighboring village of Adaada. A number of Raqda residents, including members of Abdiqani’s family, took their weapons, went after the Liyu police, and reportedly killed seven of them in a confrontation that followed.

The next morning, on March 17 at around 11 a.m., the Liyu police selected five men from a group of 23 men they had detained in Raqda and were taking towards Galka village in a truck. The Liyu police forced the five men to sit by the roadside and then shot them. Another detainee described what happened:

In between Galka and Raqda they stopped the truck. There were four other Liyu police vehicles accompanying the truck. This was around 11 a.m. They told five of us to get out of the lorry. They [randomly] ordered five out – none in particular. The man standing near the lorry ordered them to “Kill them, shoot them.” It was three police who shot them. They shot them in the forehead and shoulder: three bullets per person.

Another detainee saw the five being shot in the head and said the Liyu police threatened the remaining detainees, saying, “We will kill you all like this.”

The same day the Liyu police summarily executed four men in Adaada, where they had carried out house-to-house searches that morning. In all four cases multiple witnesses described the victims as unarmed and in custody when they were shot, either in the neck or head, shortly after having been dragged from their homes.

Witnesses described the summary execution of a veterinarian. The Liyu police dragged him from his home and shot him in the head, but when they realized that he was not dead, they slit his throat. The veterinarian’s middle-aged sister told Human Rights Watch:

They entered the home and asked where the man responsible for the home was. There were seven of them. They caught my brother and took him outside. They shot him in the head and then slit his throat. After killing him, they asked my niece where her father’s rifle was, but she could not find the keys and they hit her on the back of the shoulder with the butt of a gun.

Witnesses also told Human Rights Watch that a teenage boy was dragged from his uncle’s home, taken nearby, momentarily interrogated, and then shot. One witness heard him reciting a prayer before being killed. His body was left on the ground near a trash dump. A third victim, an elderly man, was taken from outside his home, interrogated for a short time, and then shot while standing. Several witnesses heard him pleading with the police to spare his life. The fourth victim was also taken from his home and shot shortly after.

At least nine other men were killed by the Liyu police in Adaada, but the circumstances of their deaths are unclear. There was armed resistance to the Liyu police attack, and some of the nine may have been armed. However, according to witnesses, the Liyu police shot several men, in the upper body and head, who were trying to escape. Two men fleeing were reportedly run over by Liyu police vehicles.

Abductions, Torture, and Ill-Treatment

During the house searches in Adaada, the Liyu police abducted a number of village men and tortured and mistreated several people, including at least three women.

An Adaada resident, one of the first to be taken from his home on the morning of March 17, described to Human Rights Watch his treatment by the Liyu police:

They entered and told my wife to shut up. Four men entered the house with four waiting outside. They came over to me and took me. They also took the gun from my house. They hit me with the butt of a gun and took me to a small river near my home. They tied a belt around my neck. I lost consciousness. They threw me in a berket [small water hole] that was 15 meters deep and then they threw branches over me. There was mud in the berket. I managed to climb up when I woke up.

The Liyu police seriously beat at least three women during house searches in Adaada. A young woman said that Liyu police members who had entered her home beat her after she told them that her husband was absent: “They said I was lying, they kicked me and crushed my head with the back of the gun. I had some injuries in my kidney. I lost a tooth.”

Three men who had been abducted in Raqda on March 17 told Human Rights Watch they were each detained for nine days. During the first 24 hours they were without water. For four days the Liyu police drove them around in an open truck between villages and towns in an apparent attempt to hide them from local residents, and possibly also from federal authorities.

During the first four days of their detention they were beaten by the police with sticks and gun butts. On at least two occasions the paramilitaries guarding them threatened to execute them. However, disagreements among the Liyu police on how to proceed apparently saved the men’s lives. One former detainee told Human Rights Watch:

We were driving around different villages and some of the police said they should release us because the federal government will give them problems, they will discipline us, as we have committed a crime. Others said, “Let us kill all 24.” There were different ideas among the police.

After four days in the truck they were detained for at least another four days out in the sun near the village of Langeita, where they received only minimal food and water. After that the Liyu police took them to Gashaamo, where they were released on March 25 as a result of negotiations between the regional government and clan elders.


Residents of Adaada and Langeita described widespread looting of property, food, and money from shops and houses by the Liyu police. Six villagers who spoke to Human Rights Watch said that their own houses, belongings, and property had been looted on March 17.

A 45-year-old woman from Langeita said that the Liyu police moved around the village in groups of five to seven and entered 10 stores. Two or three would enter a shop and steal shoes, clothes, drinks, and food. Two women said they could not return to their villages because they had lost all their property.

Reports from local authorities in neighbouring Somaliland suggest that discussions have taken place between clan elders from the affected villages and the regional authorities to negotiate a solution to the situation. None of the local residents who spoke with Human Rights Watch had current plans to return to their homes.


Ethiopia’s Somali region has been the site of a low-level insurgency by the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) for more than a decade. The ONLF, an ethnic Somali armed movement largely supported by members of the Ogaden clan, has sought greater political autonomy for the region. Following the ONLF’s April 2007 attack on the oil installation in Obole, which resulted in the deaths of 70 civilians and the capture of several Chinese oil workers, the Ethiopian government carried out a major counterinsurgency campaign in the five zones of the region primarily affected by the conflict.

Human Rights Watch’s June 2008 report of its investigation into abuses in the conflict found that the Ethiopian National Defense Force and the ONLF had committed war crimes between mid-2007 and early 2008, and that the Ethiopian armed forces could be responsible for crimes against humanity based on the patterns of executions, torture, rape, and forced displacement.

These abuses have never been independently investigated. Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry initiated an inquiry in late 2008 in response to the Human Rights Watch report, but that inquiry failed to meet the basic requirements of independence, timeliness, and confidentiality that credible investigations require. The government has repeatedly ignored calls for an independent inquiry into the abuses in the region.

Since the escalation of fighting in 2007 the Ethiopian government has imposed tight controls on access to Somali region for independent journalists and human rights monitors. In July 2011 two Swedish journalists who entered the region to report on the conflict were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 11 years in prison under Ethiopia’s vague and overbroad anti-terrorism law.

Gashaamo district, where the March 2012 events took place, is in Dhagabhur zone, one of the five affected by the conflict. However, it was not an area directly affected by fighting in previous years, and is largely populated by members of the ethnic Somali Isaaq clan, who are not generally perceived to be a source of support for the ONLF.

Human Rights Watch

May 28, 2012

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  1. Gulaid Xirsi says:

    My Fellow Somaliland especially to all the Garxajis tribesmen, The Ogaden wants war, We shall give them just Like 1982 when we drank their Blood… They're looting, raping Our people in Gaashamo… Lets see what they shall get from this

    • kaboon says:

      wallah this is the proplem pasaficsm and being peaceful brings, i say we march and excute their cildren and eat their wifes.

      • Gulaid Xirsi says:

        Not children are you serious?
        Every member of Liyuu Police who did harm to innocent people they shall pay the price, And I guess you already know that Garxajis is biggest tribe in whole Somali Peninsula

    • ali says:

      instead of running towards Ogaden, why dont you deal with ina Dhool who commands all the liyuu police, guess what qabil he is? you wont believe it, his Garxajis…

  2. Joe says:

    They are not all Ogaden but a subclan, Abdi Iley's subclan, They are killing the other Ogaden subclans whom they accuse of being ONLF such as the reer Abdulle.

    These thugs are angry because Isaaqs didn't assist them so now Ethiopia gave them few guns they think they can avenge, its driven by hate and guess what it will not last because tomorrow Meles will remove Abdi Iley and choose a new man and he could be an Edagaale.

    These thugs are all collected from the bush and don't have idea about human rights or anything they really believe government is killing people.

    The Isaaqs should fight back and spread the war and Addis Ababa has no choice but to remove Omar Iley and his Ogaden and let them fight in their original battle field.

    Iley is telling Ethiopians that they are ONLF and Reer Abdulle and not Isaaq.

  3. cimraan says:

    This is Ethiopia for you. The gov of Somaliland notified the Ethiopian gov about what is happening in the Ogaden and the Liyu Police abuses. And Nothing is being done. Ethiopia is responsible for the liyu police. Whatever atrocities they commit ultimately they are responsible for it.

  4. Jabuutawi says:

    So these thugs are Og@deen killing other Og@deen and Is@@q. If they are not all Og@deen, who are the rest of these thugs? Ethiopians sure know how to divide Somalis. The question is, do Somalis know they are being played?

    All I know is this murderous action would not be tolerated in a certain zone that begins with Sh…. and certain city that begins with Dira D…!!!!!!! We will put these "special" force flat on their behinds.

  5. Joe says:

    They are also attacking Sheekhaal, Gadsan, Gadabursi and Essa. They burnt the Sheekhaal town of Raaso to the ground.

    You can read the Sheekhaal elders letter to Meles:

  6. stepdownmeles says:

    an obvious failure of the Ethiopian Government. why don't it just stop ruling because it's not getting anywhere.

  7. Wadani says:

    FYI: reer somaliland, this liyuu police has every Somali qabil in it and its being sponsored by the ethiopian regime, and liyuu police have been killing Ogaden people systematically since 2007, this is by design, and Isaaq people are being targeted today because they said no to joining liyuu police, so wallalayaal, stop blaming poor innocent Ogaden people that are themselves fighting for their survival, blame the ethiopian dictator that is causing all this in the mission to ethnically cleanse Somali people off the land.. Know Thy Enemy and its Meles Zanawi.

  8. ayanle says:

    Wallahi if we do not do noting now our next war will be with ethiopia again they went to take all the land from our people may allah help us cause we somalis are not one any more and we can not help each other any more we live in hate for each other while others kill us and distroy us.

  9. abdi says:

    The Ethiopian government is behind the killing and genocide being systematically waged against all the Somali peoples of that land, stop making this about qabil, this is bigger than qabil, this is a deliberate campaign to divide the Somali people and liyuu police does not represent Ogaden or any other reer for that matter, in no shape or form, their bunch of thugs given impunity to rob, kill, rape and do whatever they want by Meles Zanawi and his regime, and zanawi and his regime will be accountable and responsible for the genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity taking place in this region.

  10. Abdi says:

    cinwaanka Sheekada aad u samayseen Waa Qalad waxayna ila tahay inaydaan waxba ka dheefayn dhibka iyo Nacayka Ogaden ama beesha ogaden, Ciidan ama maleeshiyadan way dilaan Ogaadeenka maalin iyo habeen walba. waa mid loo samaystay inay wax dilaan, sidaas darteed ma ahan sheekadu Ogaadeen Isaaq Dilaya ama Isaaq Ogaadeen dilaya.

  11. Muluc says:

    Abdi Ileey is a known Tigray stooge who only serves them and their Church. Lets see how far he goes because we have seen stooges kill, used, abused and then thrown to the hyenas. Its how Ethiopians operate, they have same policies as North Koreans if not worse.

    No one can access the Somali region and nothing can be kept together by force.

  12. Abraham says:

    The large Ogaden clan has nothing to do with this barbaric so called Liyu police. They suffer at the hands of these criminals as much as we do. This mafia organisation is the brainchild of the Ethiopian government to suppress the Somali people in the Kililka 5naad to submission. It is designed to divide and rule the Somali people in that region and exploit their land and resources before ultimately displacing them entirely. The Ethiopian government already sold a large chunk of farming land to India and Saudi Arabia expelling more than 150000 Somali people without offering them any compensation. The food will go straight to those two countries and the money to the Ethiopian regime where it will be used to further develop the Amhara and Tigrey regions.

  13. Kayse says:

    They (Liyuu police) wanted to kill me last year when I visited the region and all because I was from overseas however thanks to the smart Tigray boss who dispersed them and told them "there's millions of Ethiopians living abroad so what?".

    Those guys are literally uneducated and think law enforcement is committing atrocities, raping and looting.

    The perpetrator name is called Ina Dool and he is Isaaq from the Eidagale subclan and of Yoonis in particular. If the UN captures this man and others I am happy to justify against him in the court of law. I have witnessed them beat, abuse and take elders away for no reason.

    He is notorious criminal and the international criminal court and Interpol must investigate and hunt him down.

    I can find out his full name and document all the crimes he committed include dates, places.

  14. Marwo says:

    For ya’ll information, the man who is the general of the liyuu police, his not even Ogaden, his one of your people, his Eidagale, Garxajis, all the troops come under his control so why are u guys blaming Ogaden people.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Who's tt dirty ciigaale Liyuu police Chief..Kayse u have a good case him hunt him down
      and bring him to public criminal code justice. If he's ciidgaale he's a shameful rascal and should be routed
      out of service straight to jail.

  15. Kayse says:

    Ina Dool is no Ogaden and he is the one running the ragtag forces and he is killing people for many silly reasons. First of all he does not like educated people, he hates telephones and cameras so they can hide atrocities.

    He claims food is contraband and so are clothes and essential materials. In his head he really thinks he is an Ethiopian and people should buy goods from Ethiopia's over inflated market, where food costs twice as much as Hargeisa.

    They force the people of their lorries in many places but in particular the villages of Gosayga, Daroor, Bariiqo, Dekada, Gashaamo..

    Last time while I was there the ONLF attacked them in Dekada and looted the whole village, these Liyuu police fled and took their frustrations on Isaaq nomads in nearby villages.

    They are scared of the ONLF and their agenda is to recruit Isaaaq fighters against the ONLF but the Isaaq inhabitants insist ONLF-Ethiopia war is not they war and they will not fight for Tigray government in Addis or Abdi Illey in Jigjiga.

    While addressing the locals ina dool said: "You (Isaaaqs) bring shame both to your country (Ethiopia) and your tribe (Isaaq), you choice to ally yourselves with terrorists and gave your name for mere $150". He claim ONLF bribed Isaaq truck drivers for $150 to smuggle solar batteries and mobiles for them.

    "We are aware that they have stored items in Hargeisa supermarkets, Ethiopia has eyes every where, do not try to fool us" he said.

    "We caught two ladies with wheelbarrows smuggling ammunition for ONLF in which they used dates to hid the arms, what do you think women would be doing with a wheelbarrow in the bush?"

    There was no proof of his claims, he did not provide any of the things he said they confiscated.

    "We followed two truck drivers and asked them kindly to hand in their items, they refused and after following them home, beating them, kicking them, we made the cough up all the items," he told bunch of elders with all fears in their eyes.

    Ina Dool is a known criminal who operates the gang abusing the civilians in that part of the world under Abdi Omar illey.

    I traveled with him and some other Isaaq members and one Tigray officer from the village of Aware to Jigjiga…they tried to interrogate me but the Tigray officer dismissed their agenda.

    He uses the Liyuu police to create fear and to create war between Isaaq and Ogadens which makes his Meles Sanawi boss happy "divide and conquer".

    Ina Dool needs to be apprehended. He made Isaaqs turn against Ogaden, Sheeqal against Ogaden, Ogaden against Ogaden, Eidagale against Eidagale for example most lorries they confiscated belong to Reer Ugaadh of Eidagale and Isaxaaq of HY. The Ugaadh were waiting for Yoonis people to kill but they figured the game out.

    • salaax says:

      where are They ethiopain ingirey STOOGES.The game is just starting now This new campaing Agianst somalis in kilil5,to dismantle displace destory grab Their land Avencually shift Them to different parts of ethiopia once That happen Than slow conversion.That’s Exactly what happen to OROMO.
      previously One of The reason ethiopia never had real campaing against somalis in ethiopia was somalis use have strong goverment.put unfortunately That went out of The door,somalis in ethiopia should stay together respect each other not to kill each,There will be always lose dogs informers.

  16. ali says:

    Thank You Mr. Kayse for telling the truth, Most Reer Shiekh Isaaq don’t know the reality and the game that is being played in ethiopia. Walalayaal support the halgan, this is the only way we can have freedom, We Ogaden are not against Somaliland or reer Shiekh Isaaq, this is what ethiopia wants you to believe, Ogaden have businesses in Somaliland, we have greatly benefited from the peace and prosperity of Somaliland, and we would never jeopardize our long standing relationship both ancestral, economic, and social. Ogaden people support the existence of Somaliland and we love reer Sheikh Isaaq, so stop the animosity and the hatred you guys have for Ogaden people. Ina ilay and liyuu police are not Ogaden nor are they even Somali, they are all controlled by tigrey and amhara.

  17. cimraan says:

    Habashi, bassas. alian . I don’t know what else to call you except Faasiq.

  18. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    somalis are nomads who travel with their camels & sleep on top of their camels & the camels are dumb animals not even smart enough to tell the difference between a predator & a camel.
    there are just some stupid people lyk @Gulaid Xirsi who declared a war against our fellow oppressed somalis who live under the tyranny of habesha empire & fully admitted the crimes committed by the ethiopian stooge SNM against the unarmed civilians who wer butchered to death in hargeisa.

    ethiopian is not our friend, never was our friend & always never be our friends, they come to you disguised as sheep, but in their hearts they are vicious wolves.
    the somalis men ave turned their weapons against each other, while we kill each other, the ethiopians are quietly going through the back door of our homes raping our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, & our wives.

    all those self-proclaimed mini-state in somalia SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • inayuusuf says:

      Boowe Budlaan boy, Melez was fostered in Mogadishu by your uncle (Afweyne). Somali Galbeed is given away to Ethiopia by your uncle (Afweyne). NFD was given away by your uncle (Afweyne).Clan-based mini states are coined by your uncle (Cabdillaahi Yuusuf). Then you are shamelessly talking about soomalinimo, midnimo, dadnimo. BS.

      • khaatumo citizen says:

        inayuusuf how can Afwayne be Puntland Geezer's uncle am guessing he's MJ while Said Barre were Mareex@@n, we not like Issaks MJ and MR are like two different nation..

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Warlord Criminal leaders of MJ & MR C/laahi Yusuf and Afweyne primarily and many others who
          collaborated with these two are the top criminals in the genocides and chaotic predicaments of all
          the 5 Somalis in the H.A. They committed the most heinous crimes in the entire Somalis history.
          Highest treason. What you mean by MJ and MR two different Nation..aint they Darod.
          Issak, Da"rod,Ha"wiye,R/wa"ne,J"Wa'yne etc. and others smaller Somalis/Arabs etc.

          • khaatumo citizen says:

            @cheers thats not how we D-blocks roll … i have seen H/A and H/J calling each other inadeer. but i cant see myself calling MR or OG person inadeer maybe is something to do with being the largest tribe in the of H.A… loool
            MJ, Dhuloz and Warooz those may call each other inadeer and stuff.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            The old days, dhuloz and OG were the two vulnerable body guards for the MR where
            MJ was pro and anti to the powers of the MR. The warooz were shallow underdogs
            like other small sized dar'odism. BTW r u tommy Soolgirl? who hates Issak too much?

          • mohamed cheers says:

            And sis pse forget that Dar'od is the largest tribe amongst Somalis 5 stars.
            That trick lost its real face value. Somali way isbaratay sis. kasoco fekrada qaldan.

      • abdirizaq says:

        inayuusuf or ina sick your probably realised from psychiatric hospital.i have no clue whether you know somali history or not let me give you quick intensive crash course somali history.Afweyne never give away somali galbeed to ethiopia he fought to liberate put unfortunately can’t fight agains soviet & cuba which They back Them up ethiop,he sing cease fire not border demarcation. 1962 NFD Afweyne his was not president put second man in charge somali arm forces The two gentelman who sing agreement with The british to keep temperley NFD part of kenya were president Adan cade & pm Egal.meles he was rebel leader use to live mogadishu it was politics not realy to help The Ethiopains,put once They took over power They started governing Their country,visa versa what happen in somalia when usc-snm took control instead of governing The people & The country started Ethnic cleansing more disruction.

    • Gulaid Xirsi says:

      Ogaden people are two faced thats the sad truth my friend, Why do they Kill Isaaqs who lives there especially Garxajis tribesmen, Remember the recent conflicts 24 people lost their lives because they attacked un armed civilians, I can write down their names as well as their subclans so who are you to say You're myfriend while your fellow Daroods killing my people, And for your Info Garxajis is biggest populated tribe in the whole Somali Peninsula.

    • cimraan says:

      the shame is on you. Everything you say shows who you’re. I know your type I have seen them at work. The evil that befallen on Somalia you were behind it. And you’re talking about Union! Have some shame

    • Mohamd says:

      lol, this buqlaangeezer is acusing people everything that he is. How ignoble of you :)

      Do as I say, and not as I do eh?

  19. mohamed cheers says:

    Magic. All you folks are now showing certain sentiments of understanding your real enemies.
    I just want you do the next good sentiment..simply recognize Somaliland Republic as fully Sovereignty
    State based on the de jure gained post Independence of 1960….you all embrace that and suddenly
    all Somalis in the Horn of Africa will have a positive futuristic prospective with all those surrounding hostile
    environment changing to real peace, stability and progress into multilateral peaceful co-exitence for all
    to share in civilized timely manners.

    • mahad ali says:

      @mohamed cheeeers d jure 1960.
      people are mourning here what happen in Ethiopia.d jure 1960 Thing it has nothing to do with somalis it’s upto IC.even The ethiopian worest enemy to somalis not intereted seeing fully functional independent somali regions her main aim is keep Them off balance.

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Am trying to explain if you want real peace and freedom for all your crisis predicaments, mayhem
        would suddenly phase out and change into positive transformations if/when Somaliland gains
        their legit IC full recognition. This Liyuu police and all other problems would take a different direction(s)
        from bad to good. The choice is clear. Otherwise keep suffering and mourning. The ways things are
        brewing you wouldn't be able to see the true moonlight and perfect sunshine and twinkling stars kkkkk.

        • mahad ali says:

          mr/miss d jure 1960.
          no FAKE independent insight soooon or in That matter ever,you need to refresh your little brain liyuu police is backed ethiopia so somalis can butcher each other.i suggest you come back to reality kkkk.

  20. abdi says:

    This boils my blood and axara and tigry jews who are hartless animals were ever they will gety the due I say walahi they will I hope they get nuked.

  21. abdi says:

    I hope they die of a horndous dease

  22. amal says:

    We should cut relation with Ethiopia if they can't even control these devil liyu police. Where is so call Abulaziz Al-mutari who claims to be 'expert' of Somali region of Ethiopia. What does that show you.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Good point indeed Amal, aint we all hungry to hear from Abdulaziz AL-Mutari and missing his expertise inputs
      about the Somalis affairs. If he's really around, would certainly appreciate his usual articulated affluency?
      Amal you score a+ on this one, how did you remember this Kuwaiti dignitary gentleman? Thumbs up.

      • amal says:

        Thanks walalo, when I read his articles I always get suspicious and you know he will never talk about what Liyu police do instead only ONLF is doing this and that. xabashibu u shaqaynaya dee lol but just kidding only God knows

  23. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    @khaatumo citizen
    abyoo dnt mind these folks wallahi they being possessed by the devil, cuz wen i was in hargeisa my neighbours were rude to me, used to look me up & down & the next minute they were all kool, inviting me for a game in the wood, acually i rem this game way back in xamar wen i was bout three years old, used to play with me dad & mum & it was a popular game bk then. i think its called jumping from the fire.
    anwaiz the next day they were rude to me again, soz i was getting a bit confused ere, so i did a little bit of research, i knew for sure all of my neighbours were disapperaring each night, i was a bit curious what they up to, so one night i follow them, as i was following them it felt like a really long walk, they cross villages, dir roads till i saw this huge funny looking plane, i had no clue what it was, or who put this plane in the middle of the street. as time progressed i realized that these people were mourning for the dead & the plane was a memorial service for the dead. to be honest i feel lucky to be alive cuz especially the game in the wood i played with these people aka jumping from the fire.

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      GeezerFrmPuntland loool am half blood rememba reer hargeisa they really nice and friendly once u get to know them.. but i warn u if u ever go back to hargeisa dont go anywhere near to that plane.. the fact is something to do with Morgan…

    • Abraham says:

      Next time you should come up with a little more sophisticated story than this one to make your lies look credible. If you have to lie, at least be a good liar.

  24. GeezerFrmPuntland says:


    We should cut relation with Ethiopia??? whos we? ethiopian is not the problem, we shouldnt blame ethiopian every somali crisis. we have only ourselves to blame for everything that's gone bad for somali people & that disease is called qabil & qabil is what ruined somalis.
    even today (YOU) promote the idea of qabil STATE.


  25. Ali Baba says:

    How does recognizing your Bantustan help the Somali people?

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