Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2011

Ethiopia in farming boom

ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopia earned US$92 million from the export of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the last five months according to the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency.

US$74.5 million was acquired through the export of flowers said Haileselassie Tekie Director General of the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency at a joint consultative workshop organized for the sector.

The revenue earned over the past five months showed a 21.9% increase over what was earned in the same period in the last fiscal year according to Haileselassie.

The agency has a target to raise US$401 million from exports for this fiscal year.

48 representatives of companies engaged in horticulture and floriculture developennt attended the two day work shop. The Ethio-Netherlands Partnership, Jimma University and Ethiopian Airlines were also represented.

Source: Walta

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  1. abdi says:

    Soomaalina way is cunaysaa, oo halbolaha ayey is gooysay!

  2. Abraham says:

    Its unfair abdi. You cannot compare mentally ill people with healthy people. I mean look at the psychos who come to this site just to spout nonsense.

  3. Kayse says:

    It takes Somalia two years to make $100m and it takes few flower growers in Ethiopia just 5 months. No competition.

  4. Jabuuti_Hanoolato says:

    It is called competitive advantage. Go take few courses in Economics and you'd know what I mean. Somalia can't compete with Ethio. in the agricultural sector. Just like one firm has advantage over another firm in cost-structure, technology, training and other proprietary issues, so do countries. Somalia can compete in marine resources, animal husbandry or tourism. Precious Djibouti can outcompete Barbara, hands down, in shipping. Barbara is at least 20 years behind Djibouti according to my estimation in technology, training and other associated costs.

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