Dear Somalilanders and friends of Somaliland, it is very distressful for me to announce to you all that the Republic of Somaliland’s State Minister For Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Dr Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan, has fallen ill on the eve of 25th February and during the President of Republic of Somaliland’s Event in London, UK.

The Minister is in intensive care, at the moment, and has been reported to has suffered from brain Haemorrhage. The Doctors at the Hospital, where he is admitted into after the Emergence Services rescued him at the Event, informed family and friends that they are still working hard to assist the Minister to recover.

Dr Mohamed Rasheed is a prominent member of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud’s cabinet Ministers, a veteran Somaliland diplomat and activist for Somaliland’s sovereignty. He is a key figure in Somaliland’s foreign policy and his contributions to the country and to the people of Somaliland are vital. The Minister was the leading force of Somaliland’s campaign to strengthen Somaliland’s independence and preserve Somaliland’s sovereignty prior to the London Conference on Somalia on 22rd February. Dr Mohamed Rasheed has engaged in a fierce campaign to preserve Somaliland’s sovereignty and promote Somaliland, particularly, in this period when the International Community is paying attention to the situation in the Horn of Africa; successes achieved during and after the London Conference on Somalia is to be credited, greatly, onto Dr Mohamed Rasheed. He is, truly, a hero.

The President of Republic of Somaliland, His Excellence, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud accompanied by the First Lady, Amina-Weris Sheikh Mohamed, and the Minister of Higher Education, Samsam Abdi Adan, earlier this evening, visited Minister and Dr, Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan at Hospital, unfortunately, the President, his wife, and the Minister were not able to see Dr Mohamed Rasheed as he still remains in Intensive Care.

Brothers and sisters, please pray for the swift recovery for Minister and Dr, Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan, who is, at the moment in a critical condition.
May Allah (SW) grant him his health back, ameen.

Salma A Sheikh