Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2012

Dr Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan has fallen ill during the President of Rep. Of Somaliland’s Event in London

Dear Somalilanders and friends of Somaliland, it is very distressful for me to announce to you all that the Republic of Somaliland’s State Minister For Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Dr Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan, has fallen ill on the eve of 25th February and during the President of Republic of Somaliland’s Event in London, UK.

The Minister is in intensive care, at the moment, and has been reported to has suffered from brain Haemorrhage. The Doctors at the Hospital, where he is admitted into after the Emergence Services rescued him at the Event, informed family and friends that they are still working hard to assist the Minister to recover.

Dr Mohamed Rasheed is a prominent member of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud’s cabinet Ministers, a veteran Somaliland diplomat and activist for Somaliland’s sovereignty. He is a key figure in Somaliland’s foreign policy and his contributions to the country and to the people of Somaliland are vital. The Minister was the leading force of Somaliland’s campaign to strengthen Somaliland’s independence and preserve Somaliland’s sovereignty prior to the London Conference on Somalia on 22rd February. Dr Mohamed Rasheed has engaged in a fierce campaign to preserve Somaliland’s sovereignty and promote Somaliland, particularly, in this period when the International Community is paying attention to the situation in the Horn of Africa; successes achieved during and after the London Conference on Somalia is to be credited, greatly, onto Dr Mohamed Rasheed. He is, truly, a hero.

The President of Republic of Somaliland, His Excellence, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud accompanied by the First Lady, Amina-Weris Sheikh Mohamed, and the Minister of Higher Education, Samsam Abdi Adan, earlier this evening, visited Minister and Dr, Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan at Hospital, unfortunately, the President, his wife, and the Minister were not able to see Dr Mohamed Rasheed as he still remains in Intensive Care.

Brothers and sisters, please pray for the swift recovery for Minister and Dr, Mohamed Rasheed Sheikh Hassan, who is, at the moment in a critical condition.
May Allah (SW) grant him his health back, ameen.

Salma A Sheikh

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  1. Abdisamad says:

    May Allah (SW) grant him his health back, ameen

  2. HMObsiye says:

    I was sadden to learn about this news.May Allah, help him, his family and Somaliland people and make his recovery 100%? He is a unique individual whose talent can not be replaced by anyone.

    Amin Ya Allah!

  3. amal says:

    May Allah help the Dr regain his health back fast. Somaliland moved very far because of hardwoking people like you.

    I ask Allaah The Supreme, Lord of the magnificent throne to cure you, ameen!

  4. samia says:

    i pray to allah for a fast recovery inshallah

  5. abdi says:


    ameen i hope allah grant him swift recovery inshallah

  6. Gobaad says:

    Speedy recovery Dr. Rashed and hurry back home, Inshaa Allaahay.

  7. Nabadoon says:

    Highly hoping to see your quick recovery , Inshallah. Dr.Rashed.

  8. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    I am very saddened and shocked to hear this tragic news. I wish him a speedy recovery and assure him and his family of the love and respect of all true Somalilanders.

  9. daljecel says:

    speed recovery inshaa allah Dr. Mohamed Rashed Sh. Hassan

  10. Jama says:

    Iam from khatumo state of Somalia, but right now the health of a fellow muslim and somali is more important than politics, I wish dr Rashed to be healed by Allah sw. And my prayers goes to his family in this difficult time. I hope we can show one another the respect and dignity as a human as muslim and as somalis.

  11. AhmedY says:

    My Allah help him regian his health. Amin

  12. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Dr. Mohamed-Rasheed is recovering and has wake up from whatever he has suffered. Doctors told the love ones around him, that a drop of blood is seen in his brain, but that will not affect his health. He is coming around and we should pray for him continuously. He is some who devoted to his country and honest in his endeavour to take his country forward. I personally witnessed when he visited us in Doha in 2011 end.

    Allah the Almighty will give him back his health, and he will make it, for the sake of his country and his people who need him now more than ever. The President is requested to send Dr.Mohamed to Germany, where there is good neurology treatment than Britain.

    الأخ العزيز محمد رشيد،

    نتمنى لك الشفاء العاجل بإذن الله تعالى. وسلامتك الف سلامة

  13. Abdullatif says:

    I am very shocked to hear the news that Dr. Mohamed-Rashid is very sick and in intensive care. May Allah give him instant, full recovery, amen. He is a true patriot and a role model for us all.

  14. Dhugtame says:

    Alxamdu Li Laah. I am very happy to learn that Dr. Mohamed Rashid is rapidly recovering. I also thank Mr. Omer Hussein Dualeh for passing this encouraging news to us.

    May Allah give a rapid recovery to Brother Mohamed Rashiid, we all love him and we must all pray for his recovery and remember him in all our prayers.

  15. rashid says:

    prayers to the all mitty God that he is recovering and our hearts go out to his loved ones

    may Allah bring you back to full health.


  16. Berri says:

    Almighty requesting your kinkness to give Mohmmed Rashid swift recovery from this critical healthy condition and replace for him quickest good healthily condition back.Ya Allah, ameen ya Allah

  17. Abdul says:

    I pray to the almighty that Mohamed Rashid makes a speedy and swift recovery… Ameen…

  18. Fowzi Kamal says:

    It’s with Allah’s will that Dr Mohamed R. Sheikh Hassan’s health is improving and Alhamdulillah. May Allah, The All Mighty, bring back his strength and health.
    Dr Mohamed Rashid was always a man of principle, someone who dedicated most of his live for the betterment of his follow Somalilanders. I personally saddened when I heard the news from the conference that he was rushed to the hospital. When I met him two weeks ago in Nairobi, he worked tirelessly with commitment and sincerity with the international community to make the London Conference a summit that benefits Somaliland the most. The outcome of the conference and the communiqué that followed, the Protest in front of 10 Downing Street, and the establishment of Somaliland Development Corporation would not have been so successful without his skillful diplomacy and contribution.
    May Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate speedup his recovery and bestow him an excellent health. Amin, Amin, Amin.ofu

  19. idil mohamed rashid says:

    To My Dear follow Somalilanders and to the friends of my father world wide I thank you so much for the encouraging words and support. It has made the pain the family is feeling right now so much easier to bear to know my father is loved by many people in his country and outside

    Thank you again

    idil mohamed rashid

    • Adan Cayanshe says:

      I Wish you father a fast recovery. He truly is a loved statsman of The republic of Somaliland. Dear Idil please give him our warmest greetings and let him know that we his family members and Friends are thinking of him and hoping for a good and Fast recovery for him.

      Adan Cayanshe.

  20. Berri says:

    Please feed us about your beloved father's current health status regularly and hoping him quick recovery Insh'allah

  21. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Mrs.IDIL, we love him because he is a true patriot and good person. Anyone who falls in his category will also be liked and loved by our people. Dr.Mohamed has done so much for his country during this period of time, that the London Conference was in the making, and that is the reason he had fallen sick, due to the stress and long hours and days that he was working for our country. God, bless him and he will be OK in few days time, Insha Allaah. Brother Hassan told me yesterday he left the ICU and even stood up from the bed, and that is very encouraging news.

    I am glad he was rushed to the Hospital a good one, on time.

  22. Gobaad says:

    @Idil, we concern about him and we are all praying for his speedy recovery and that may God bless him and grant him his health. Keep briefing us how he is doing. I can see Omer's comment that he is out of danger now and left ICU.

  23. Qurusdoon says:

    Idil the daughter of Mohamed Rashiid that all Somalilanders at home and abroad feel that they are parying time and again that your father should be given speedy and swift recovery from the sustainer of the world.
    all our hearts really go out with your family and most of all your father whose health is so concerned to us.

  24. Abdisalan Muse says:

    Thank you for your kindness and generosity that you have afforded for my beloved uncle. A humbled, principled and self less individual who dedicated his entire life for the betterment of all Somaliland people hailing from diverse walks of lives.

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