Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld Congratulates Somaliland on its Independence Day

CHICAGO — A delegation of Somaliland Community leaders of Chicago including Samir Bare Awgab and Awale Warfa Nur met with the former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld this week in the Illinois city as he visited his birth state.

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The leaders briefed the former defense secretary in detail about the situation in Somaliland as the nation marks its 20th anniversary of Independence Day on Wednesday. Mr Rumfeld said he is well informed about Somaliland and has understanding of its political, democratic and security atmosphere.

The former Pentagon official said he knows Somaliland is stable state that is free of terrorism and the maritime piracy that has turned the coast off neighboring Somalia into one of the most dangerous waters in the world. He applaud the last democratic elections in the country and in the manner which the former President Dahir Riyale handed over the power. He sent a message of congratulations to the people of Somaliland and the Diasporas in the United States for their Independence Day.

Finally, Mr. Rumsfeld presented a copy of his “Known and Unknown” book in which he signed with the name of President Ahmed Silanyo to the Somaliland Community leaders. The two leaders promised to deliver Mr. Rumsfeld’s personal account book which refers to the events that followed 9/11 including the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq to President Silanyo.

Mr Awgab and Nur said the meeting with the former U.S. political heavy weight was a success and they plan to lobby Somaliland’s case with high profile U.S. leaders in the White House and the Congress.

Meanwhile the Somaliland representative to the United States has called on Washington to engage more with the Horn of African nation in key areas. Mr. Rashid Nur also requested the U.S. to extend Hargeisa a full diplomatic recognition. The U.S. says it will leave the issue of recognition with the African Union but it will support Somaliland financially and has decided to give direct assistance in recent times. Somaliland delegation met with US Agency for International Development (USAID) last week in Djibouti to discuss a number of programs the U.S. agency is funding in the country.

Somaliland is a former British protectorate that gained independence June 1960. It later unified with the Trust Territory of Somalia (the former Italian Somaliland) forming what became known as the Somali Republic. However the union collapsed in 1991 following two decades of internationally-hidden civil war that left more than 50,000 Somalilanders killed. In May 1991, Somaliland declared the restoration of its sovereignty however it has not managed to regain international recognition.

1932 Born in Evanston, Illinois.

1954 Graduates from Princeton and marries Joyce H Pierson (with whom he has three children).

1954-57 Serves in US navy and then as a captain in the navy reserve until 1975.

1962 Becomes a member of Congress, representing Illinois.

1969 Resigns in his fourth term to serve President Nixon as director of US Office of Economic Opportunity.

1973 Leaves Washington for Brussels to be US ambassador to Nato.

1974 Called back to Congress to serve as transition chairman for President Ford.

1977-2001 Pursues business career. Roles include chairman of GD Searle & Co, the General Instrument Company and Gilead Sciences, a company instrumental in the development of Tamiflu.

1983-4 Serves as President Reagan’s special envoy in Middle East, during which time he has his famous meeting with Saddam Hussein.

1989-2001 Sits on the board of trustees for Gerald R Ford Foundation, National Park Foundation and Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship. He is also a member of the National Academy of Public Administration.

2001 Returns to office as defence secretary under George W Bush.

2006 Resigns following the “generals’ revolt”, when eight retired generals criticise his military strategy.

2007 Appointed distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and starts writing his memoir.

He says: “It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.”

They said: “He’s a ruthless little bastard. You can be sure of that.” Richard Nixon

Somalilandpress & The Guardian | 17 May, 2011

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  1. Abraham says:

    Of all the 300 million plus American people why choose Mr Rumsfeld, who was one of the chief villains behind the destruction of Iraq?

  2. Kayse says:

    The president getting a signed book is rather hillarious but Donald R. is well connected man in Pentagon and in Tel Aviv, he could be the card for Somaliland. He could help Somaliland secure financial and military aid for its Anti-terrorism and piracy forces. He could help unlock doors that Somaliland desperately needs.

    You cant get access nor recognition with the current culture of "choose and beg", Somaliland needs a ruthless, aggressive, non-selective policy and that also means working with Tel Aviv and the Jewish lobby groups in New York and Washington.

    I like Rumsfeld because like me he knows taking a risk often pays off. Somaliland is not taking any risk at the moment, its the usual cards. The current foreign Minister has to bring a new controversial and risky policy. He has to challenge local culture and taboos.

    Happy Ind. Day to all Landers.

  3. Kayse says:

    When I say culture and taboo, I am speaking of the likes of Abraham above me. Iraq is now better than it was under dictator Saddam, the people of Somaliland fought for democracy against a dictator and I dont see why you should not support Iraq gaining democratic institutions and rights.

    Somaliland paid high price for that and so did the Iraqis. Its up to Iraqis now to choose the right path for their country but just like those in Mogadishu, some of them believe in a culture of guns and oppression. It is going to take time to change their way of thinking.

    Now day you will all thank Donald Rumsfeld.

    • Sahal says:

      I dont see why you support the American invasion of Iraq killing a million of them and committing other atrocities and committing crimes against humanity

    • Khalid says:

      Donald Rumsfeld is a hawkish war criminal and supporter of the Zionist State of Israel, I wish they made a visit to Oprah Winfrey Office i am sure they would get better coverage, what joke that they met with Rumsfeld, this guy is the most hawkish Republican and a liar a war criminal and hates Muslims, The only thing that Rumsfeld wanna hear is that Muslims kill Muslims and he will encourage it and laugh,

  4. Kayse says:

    Abraham I like to remind you that this is a game of who you know it isn't a game of numbers ("300 million"). Donald can help Somaliland take crucial steps in the right direction. If Donald goes on Foxnews tonight and says "America discovered a new world called Somaliland", they will all most likely believe him. America is controlled by few and its mass media.

  5. Somalilander Boy says:


    , have the Issaq leadership worked for Somaliland indepedence since april 1980? was SNM not telling the truth when the said in the 1980s that the were figthing for a United Somalia post-Siad Barre? who was giving money to SNM?

    Long live Somaliland!

    Good indepedence day.

  6. Hawa says:

    Boo! We want independence! Not a cheap gesture of a signed book to our President like Rumsfeld is some rockstar.

  7. mohamed says:

    Samir Bare Awgab iyo Awale Warfa Nur..maxay ahayn maxase ku keelifay inay ninkan
    aan suldad gacanta ku hayn waqtigan xadirka ah kala hadlaan qadiyada SL? Bal waalida xad dhafka ah
    intaa leeg iyo eedeb darada sumcada SL wax udhimaysa maxay tahay. waar ninkan waxba islama haaye
    inaga dhaafa. taa kale xisbiga GOP hada wa mucaarid aan wax isla haayn. Danta SL waxay ku jirta
    demoqradinta Obama ka madax yahay. eebow laba taloba tii roon. eebow ada mahad leh.

  8. mohamed says:

    Kayse na SL siddi weel madhan marba geestu doono ha ula caaryo. Kayse shanba caayn iga dheh
    (MR. Rainbow of controversial colors).

  9. Ali Dheere says:

    "There are known knowns; there are things we know we know.
    We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know. —Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

    Maybe there is something which Mr. Rumsfeld knows he knows vis-a-vis recognition of Somaliland. He is a an asset for lobbying Somaliland's interest. He should be used if the chance arise.

  10. Libax says:

    Known and Unknown…
    What is known.. is that Rumsfeld is a War Criminal who has the blood of thousands of Iraqi women and children on his hands.

    Unknown.. Why would anyone who claims to speak on behalf of Somaliland associate themselves with a War Criminal ?

  11. factman says:

    Kayse what planet are you on?

  12. abrar says:

    kayse is very extreme in a way… we want independence but we dont want the wrath of allah….earn what allah has written for you but dont beg…we dont like rumsfeld coz what happened in his career and i believe he cant do anything

  13. Abdi burco says:

    Allahayow maxaa dad waalan Somaliland u dhashay. Love Somaliland but will never sold to the devil.

  14. hawiye boy says:

    I hope all the success to Somaliland. As a person from Hiiraan, I hope Somaliland all the wealth and prosperity. I support Somaliland indepedence as well as millions of Hawiye. Some Hawiye are not for Somaliland independence not over jealously but over love and brotherhood but we realized love and brotherhood also means listening to the concerns of others. We are not the Puntlanders who are against Somaliland because of jealously and they wanting control over you. But people like me have understood over time that the people of Somaliland want independence so we must support their cause.I wish Somaliland a Happy 18 Independence Day and I will be at the Toronto Somaliland Party celebrating with Somalilanders and praying for your indepedence. Hopefully Somaliland will one day become the economic, political and social giant not only in Africa but all over the World.

    Somaliland haa nolaato! Rising against all the evil-doers and the enemies!!!!

  15. togdheerboy says:

    It is always good to have a faith but my fellow somalilanders listen carefully: NEVER dream and Never expect from some one to built a palace for you. STOP that idiot way of thinking. "DO IT BY YOURSELF".

    Simply because politices has no moral value and the mother of politices is INTEREST. Somaliland has to be openminded and must deal with rest of the world. Even with every devil. America, Iran, israel, north korea etc.

    I gain my independence from Great Britain on 26 june 1960 when there were only few independent courtries in whole continent(africa) and the nigger loosers want to deny my strugle, blood and existence.. Where is the commen sence…POLITICES= INTEREST.
    Keyse and the rest of you must encourage the nation to be progressive other wise stop visiting this web site.

  16. Boqoljireh says:

    Why you guys blame Kayse? Muslim religion has nothing to do with our endeavor to have the right to statehood, and we shall knock every door. Rumsfield and alike, if they can do something for Somaliland we must engage them. What Muslims did for Somaliland for the last 20 years? Please do not mix up things. We are Muslims, but when it comes to Somaliland, we must deal with Israel and whoever can support our right. Mr. Kayse is right and I support him. He is someone who has a vision and not CADIFIYAD. Keep up Mr. Kayse and we shall reach our goal soon. Let those who are against your opinion ask Mr. Althawahiri to help. We are a nation who needs to deal with those in this world, who can pull some strings to our advantage.

  17. Kayse says:

    hahahaha Boqoljireh, well sxb first of all they are entitled to their opinion but we are not on the same league, we are not all born thinkers nor strategists. Some live by old ways, old cultures and expect change to arrive from the heavens…while others change the way they think and learn to control emotions and think outside the box.

    Those people will always flip-flop, when they see a man like Rumsfeld they will jump on the "Muslim bandwagon" but in his absence its all "we don't want Somalia, no Arabs we democrats".

    They have to decide.

    Luckily Somaliland has people like me who stick to their guns. The way forward is forward and forward is about adaptation and staying connected.

    Dr Mohamed A Omar has to come up with new Foreign Policy, he has to leave his name, he has to leave behind a mark, at such a young age, you will either succeed or fail. He has to gamble.

    He will be forgotten like the former Foreign Minister if he doesn't bring a new controversial, aggressive foreign policy.

    That means saying Shalom to Tel Aviv, that means getting the powerful Jewish lobby groups in the U.S. on the Somaliland side. You celebrate when you see a Somaliland article on New York Times but what you don't know is, its owned by Jewish groups and it is the single most powerful newspaper. Here is another fact; 20% of the professors of the leading universities in the U.S., 40% of law firms in New York and Washington (Somaliland desperately needs a law firm to present its case in New York and Washington), 30% of the leading journalists and publishers (befriending will only highlight Somaliland's case in the international stage), basically Jewish people are the media, lawyers and eductators.

    That's what Somaliland needs, first to promote our case (media), then to lobby it in Washington and New York (UN) [Lawyers] then we need professors that educate the American public about Somaliland and its tranquility, a place for everyone.

    Donald Rumfelds is connected to all those people.

    • Hodo says:

      salam Kayse,

      I must say i totally agree with you bro. Rumfeld is a war criminal no doubt but has the Arab brothers done for us? They were the ones supporting Siyad Bare financially and also supplying weapons. Israel is a no go area but then again in this world its about who you know. They were the first country that recognised us. Fair enough they aint the best of people ( i mean they are the most hated country on earth now as in government) every people have good and bad. I'd say lets go for it. Lets not allow them to interfer in out affairs, interally and externally. That also includes the rest of the Muslim world not hating us.

  18. Kayse says:

    You guys are just shortsighted and make decisions based on emotions, culture and habits rather than strategy, interest, the bigger goal. When you become a nation and a member of the world, you have to work with all kinds of people because recognition means accepting others for who they are. That means you have to see beyond Muslims and approach all humanity in planet earth.

    Enjoy your independence day.

    Israelis and other Jewish communities, Somaliland looks forward to working with you and together overcoming this Arab propaganda, that Muslims and the people of the Torah can't get along.

  19. Abraham says:

    @ Kayse
    You forgot to mention that the US Congress is the second Knesset and the Federal Reserve is basically their synagogue. Your idea is a sound one Mr Kayse, however you have to remember that as Muslims we have to stand for justice and support whoever is treated unjustly- Muslim or non-Muslim. At the moment it is the powerful Zionist groups you have mentioned who are mistreating the Palestinians. So as Almighty God demands we must oppose their injustices. I am not saying we should avoid all Jews as obviously not all Jews are supporters of Israeli oppression. By all means we should engage with and do business with Israel and its Zionist supporters and also welcome and support the righteous Jews but we should never associate politically or align ourselves with the oppressors whoever they may be.

  20. Ali says:

    Keysa is a proud Somalilander. As much as I like him, I disagree with him in this topic. Rumesfeld is the wrong person to shake hands.

  21. Boqoljireh says:

    As I said earlier, please do not mix religion with Somaliland cause. We are willing to engage whoever can help us, regardless of who he is. You are forgetting that most of the Arab Muslims have relations directly or indirectly with State of Israel. Why we are different? People of Israel always help those oppressed, but the issue of Palestine is different. The land is historically shared by Arabs and Jewish people. The fight is their, but we Somalilanders are now fighting a different war. We blame Mr.Rumsfield is against Muslim. Why we don't see when Muslims were seeing when Siyaad was killing us? They helping him to kill us, and believed that the people of Somaliland are jewish descendents. Afweyne told them this, and they believed. There are those who still believe this, and that is the reason that certain Arabs do not support our right.

  22. mohamed says:

    A rolling stone gathers no moss. You folks talk about too many things that gives me hiccups
    and discontents. I would rather prefer to take matters from wider perspective. Simply exposing too
    many funny things will not help the Somaliland issue. Somaliland and Somalia are African Arab
    countries and form an important organ within this camp or sphere. I have no objection for Somaliland
    seeking relations with the Israelis, Mr. Rumsfield or for their interest any where within the IC.
    I have also no objection if the Somaliland chooses not have relations with Nations who do not
    support their interests be that the Arabs or Ajamis etc. Politics are based on Camps and interests.
    For those of you who are like flying space crafts better watch out.

  23. Gobaad says:

    We are certainly differ this issue, my Somalilanders. Do you remember Abu Ghraib toture, prisoners abuse, rape, sodomy, the indecent exposure naked bodies tied up to get to their faith and sense of decency in order to break them down. Remember the young woman holding a leach attached to a prisoner who is helpless lying on the floor. All these and more were the orders of Mr. Rumsfeld. In addition to million of Iraqis they killed. It is not a matter of Muslims, non-Muslims or faith, Arabs or non-Arabs, it is a matter of basic human rights and nobody deserves that kind of treatment. What happened to the saying: Never hit a man when he is down! These kind of horrific treatment and indecent images will never fade away.

    Sorry folks, I am not in favour of a man with that kind of criminal record and that much blood on his hand ,of people, to lobby for Somliland.

  24. Tutut says:

    Let me ask you couple of questions that might put certain events in context for all of us. How come you Isaaq people never weared or showcased the Somali flag during the 30 years you were supposedly part of Somalia? Was secession always in your mind all along?.

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