President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh sent a letter of congratulation to Sultan of Oman His Majesty Qaboos bin Said on the country’s 42nd anniversary of the National Day.

“I am sure we will continue our efforts to strengthen ties and enhance greater prosperity and development between our brotherly people,” the message said.

Mr. Guelleh wished the Sultan robust health and happiness. He equally wished the people of Oman welfare and endless prosperity.

The leader of the tiny African republic took the opportunity to reiterate the Sultan of Oman’s “availability and that of his government to promote and further develop bilateral relations,” recalling the sense that two countries share membership in the Arab League and the OIC.

Oman’s National Day is marked every year on November 18, which celebrates the country’s independence from the Portuguese rule in 1650.

He sent similar national day greetings to the President of Lebanon Michel Suleiman, who marked the 69th anniversary of the country’s independence Thursday with an official ceremony in Beirut. Like Djibouti, Lebanon is a former French colony and it gained its independence in 1943.