Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2012

Djibouti President sends national day greetings to Oman and Lebanon

President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh sent a letter of congratulation to Sultan of Oman His Majesty Qaboos bin Said on the country’s 42nd anniversary of the National Day.

“I am sure we will continue our efforts to strengthen ties and enhance greater prosperity and development between our brotherly people,” the message said.

Mr. Guelleh wished the Sultan robust health and happiness. He equally wished the people of Oman welfare and endless prosperity.

The leader of the tiny African republic took the opportunity to reiterate the Sultan of Oman’s “availability and that of his government to promote and further develop bilateral relations,” recalling the sense that two countries share membership in the Arab League and the OIC.

Oman’s National Day is marked every year on November 18, which celebrates the country’s independence from the Portuguese rule in 1650.

He sent similar national day greetings to the President of Lebanon Michel Suleiman, who marked the 69th anniversary of the country’s independence Thursday with an official ceremony in Beirut. Like Djibouti, Lebanon is a former French colony and it gained its independence in 1943.


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  1. Jabuutawi says:

    Ou est l'argent beni? The main body of the congratulatory statement. LOOOOOOOOOL,

    • Kayse says:

      hahahahahahahahahahaha you got jokes. You dislike IOG just as I dislike warlord Silanyo who is about to die. He is 80+ and lost his memory and relays on Hersi Gaab and Matriarch Amina Tugo Weris.

      They all money lovers. Amina aime l'argent plus que son mari

      • Jabuutawi says:

        Je suis supris que vous ecrivez en francais. On another note, we should not wish death on anyone but wish for these old men running countries would retire soon.

        On yet another note (LOL) what is up with Mo Cheers, the dude quotes the bible a lot. Is he a convert? I sometimes joke by signing off with "Jesus Cheers" or "Moses Cheers". Allow soo hadee niinkani.

        • Kayse says:

          Don't be suprised…they taught me some while I was stuck at the airport :)

          I don't wish Silanyo death, I was just exaggerating and death does not have age discrimination.

          Mo Cheers is cool man. He is the only happy separatists the rest become jinaac as soon as you make fun of their imaginations. You can shoot Mo in the head and he will still say "Cheers".

          We have money motivated fake leaders controlled from foreign bases. Omar Guelleh needs to join Jenny Craig I'm afraid if the forces of opposition storm the palace, he won't get through the door to escape. Roi de l'obésité.

  2. Hornid says:

    Jabutawi steal money is not enough reason to hate ur president. Seriously do u think so called opposition in Djibouti, in reality only tribal opposition, would watch money if they come to power?lol give me a break. IOG did good thing for his country for more 10y and all System is corrupted as Ryale administration in SL not only Big boss. But at least Djibouti economy is improving, just look at how many port built.! I only hate Ina Guelleh while bashing Somaliland and giving too much power to his clan and subclan beside he is a dictator even i though opposition is worst. Pour conclure, sois plus equilibre pour juger ton president! Yes my french is not so bad also lol .

  3. Hamoud says:

    As a Cisse Dir Djiboutien, i am lost and feel hopeless in an artificial port state like mine, i dont want to be isolated from other somalis in somaliweyn, djibouti wont succeed as a one city-state multiethnic society we know only somaliweyn with all 5 places is the solution else nothing else i dont want to share a country with afar foreigners, i want to have one super somali state with all clans e.g. isaaq, darood and hawiye not foreign afar/arab tuug (ps im not a racist just a pan somali nationalist)
    Somalia Weyneed will kill all tribalism, anything else maintains it

  4. isaaq girl says:

    i wouldn't advise you to join the so call somaliweyn my dear dir blood brothers in djibouti learn from your other dir brothers in somaliland from thier mistake they kill over 1 million people of the isaaq dir clan

    • Hamoud says:

      no walaalo isaaq people benefit from somaliweyn too since they are divided into 3(somaliland, ethiopia and djibouti) and ull admit all isaaqis in s/land would love their compatriots in hawd to join them.
      in somaliweyn, no clan will be dominant and this will force everyone to work together as if they are playing football e.g. fc barcelona.
      all somalis regardless of land or clan need one another in unity and we must forgive each other for the sake of pan somali resurgence
      viva somali people

      • amal says:

        Okay let's get realistic. Djibouti walked out on the proposed Somaliweyn, they can bring it back by declaring to be part of Somaliweyn today and then Somaliland will not mind. But Somaliland is rigid to join Somalia because people here only advocate for Somaliland-Somalia union only without Djibouti and the rest. Somaliland did the first step in 1960, this time it's your turn to do the first step. If Djibouti declares today to be part of Somaliweyn, I will be the first to join the Somaliweyn movement, otherwise it's not fair to deny some statehood and allow others. It's dangerous. All Somalis together will have only one common goal which is to be patriotic of their Somali nation and nothing else but djibouti has to pave this path this time. What do you think

        • Kayse says:

          Djibouti didn't walk out. It's case is more complex than that and I think a lot of you are on purpose ignoring the facts and realities as to why Djibouti didn't join the union.

          Djibouti gained its independence in 1977 during a time Somalia was already in a mess and in a huge war with Ethiopia and the Soviets. Esse wanted to join Somalia but the French, Arabs and Afar coalition resisted the union.

          The French argued if DJ joins Somalia, the already Afar minority will become even more minorities and the two were scared together. France feared it DJ joins the union it would lose its bases to Somalia's many bigger potential allies such as the US.

          The Arabs feared their business grip would come under threat with new businesses from Somalia.

          This wasn't a case of Isse saying no.

          Also you people need to learn the difference between Somali Republic and Greater Somalia. Djibouti can voluntarily join the Greater Somalia before or after the liberation of NFD, Somalia West.

          The Somali Republic (British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland) are married forever and nothing can divorce the two and doesn't depend on Greater Somalia.

          Somalia (Somali Republic) is the only country that existed and will exist, the British territory is long gone that many of you seem to be stuck on and keep using Siad as an excuse.

          • amal says:

            The "Somali Republic" was only a path way to greater Somalia? That was the intention behind it and that's why we made a flag with 5 star on it.
            Looks like the marriage between the two states is a failed marriage then. And people like Kayse help to kill it even more.

    • libbaan says:

      wallalo we Dir Ciisa want United Soomaaliyeed country and insha allah we will get it

  5. yufle says:

    Is this really worth publishing? This is the dregs. SLP sounds like Xiddigta October, perhaps the worst newspaper ever produced which used to publish exactly this kind of drivel.

    Next time you have space to fill leave it blank. Much more interesting that way.

  6. Buuxiye says:

    IRonic how a Jaboutian can even talk to us about Somaliweyn!!! In 1977 WhenDJibouti had the chance to join it refused to join somaliweyn. Had djibouti joined Somaliweyn might have been a different political entity today.

    Sorry if i pity you and you nightmares at the prospects of being ruled by AFAR one day, insha'allah that will become reality in my life time.

    In fact I personally support any AFAR Movement to liberate their country from the dictatorship of Geeelwase who changed Constitution of djibouti for his personal gain to remain in power till he died. I wouldn't be surprised if his Daughter is preparing to take his place once he dies.

    I hear Ina Geelwase has done a lot for his people??? ok but compared to who djibouti has only had 2 Presidents and they are both same family.

    It is like saying Siyad barre is the Best Dictator of Somali-republic WELL DUH! he has to be since there was only ever one dictator and nobody else to compare with him. Ina Geelwase is a parasite and he will be replaced by the end of this term insha'allah.

    • Hamoud says:

      why u bitter brother isaaq is somali not habashi all somalis must be united otherwise we will all be poor and weak at the mercy of our enemies e.g. the amhara/tigray/afar/oromo axis of evil

    • Jabuutawi says:

      @ Buufiso

      Disabuse the notion from yourself that Afars will rule us. Afars will rule under the context of multiparty, multi-ethnic membership of said parties. You see, you are the kind of Isx@q I can NOT deal with, clannish to the core who believes he has the inalienable right to rule north Somalia. In American politics people use code words to exclude others. In your speak when you talk about Somaliland, you actually mean Is@qland. You are not fooling the rest of us, especially Somalis from the north. As much as I disagree with IOG's politics, I do not resort to (unlike you) name callings. It goes to show your intellectual impotence, perhaps taking a mental Viagra or two would do wonders for your social life.

      • Hornid says:

        Jabutawi i am suprized when u say i cannot deal with clannish that's big joke. What does it mean ''Afar Will never rule us'' Isse rule country since independence, it's not enough yet? Afar are djiboutian and they have rigth to be president! Needless to add most Isse think Issaq, Samaron and Arab are not ''really djiboutian'' even themselve immigrate recently! Just check where u 2 president come from.! In reality Djibouti is worst tribal state comparing to Somaliland, Somalia. The day i hear Ur president is not from Isse clan, i am ready to send u on spot 1000 dollars via Dahabshill but i am not worried becoz it Will never happen! More and more people are piss of about ur clan domination and ur unity is at out!

    • Jabuutawi says:

      Afars will never rule us. Unfortunately rest of my comments are censored by your H@bro management.

  7. Hamoud says:

    when greater somalia inevitably comes along, the cancer that is clanism shall be finally buried and the great somali people as a whole shall be free from clan worshipping and will hold hands in a new dawn
    civic unionist nationalists like me will lead our nation to a bright future as the powerhouse of the so-called third world
    viva somalia weyneed from djibouti city to garissa, from jigjiga to hargeisa to xamar and beyond
    allahu akbar

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks, IOG and Ato Silaanyo are nowadays buddies? Remember that red carpet magic treat by
    big old real time IOG? Ever since Ato Silaanyo becomes lyk Riyaale Djiboutien? Recently
    some high bred horses were sent across as gift to IOG? Looks lyk these two Hashimite
    oldies are courting together in policies and politics of the Horn-East Africa and beyond?
    Both leaders are friendly with Addis Ababa and Kenya? Both leaders are friendly with
    London and Paris and the IC Western World? Both leaders are friendly with the AU/UN and
    the Arabs(Arab League) and the OIC World? What's more, IOG is already committed helping
    Somalia and should be able to facilitate the Somaliland and Somalia talks to reach peaceful
    conclusion to settle their differences asap? IOG has the best role to act?

    • Hornid says:

      Mo cheers if u think Ina Guelleh is Best man to facilitate talk between Somalia and Somaliland, it show u know nothing about Djibouti politics. Take a flight and ask Isse from Djibouti, u will realize most of them dont want Somaliland as sovereign state only for tribal reason. They prefer Xamar instead of their Dir brothers. Remenber in 87 ,Former president Gouled gathered in his country Syad Barre and Mengistu to covince Ethiopia to give up assistance for SNM. Guelleh is our enemy!

      • Jabuutawi says:


        In your previous post you were praising IOG, gal you'd make a great politician! I want you to run my campaign should I run for office. I bestow you with the title of Chief of Staff. First Lady position is still available…qix,qix,qix.

  9. Jabuutawi says:

    In addressing Buux!so I got this message:

    "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

    If you are censoring non-isa@q contributors to your site please explicitly state in your mission statement page.

    Thank you.

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