Published On: Tue, May 17th, 2011

Djibouti delegation arrives in Hargeisa

HARGEISA — A delegation from neighboring Djibouti arrived in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa on Tuesday. The aim of this delegation is to take part in the celebration of 20th anniversary of Somaliland’s independent from Somalia that will be held tomorrow the 18th of May. This will be a memorable celebration; the entire country has been getting ready for this occasion for the last two weeks and the Djibouti officials are sharing the euphoria with the Somaliland society wherever they are. Some

The delegation from Djibouti will be the first of its kind that comes to the country to celebrate with the Somalilanders who will be commemorating this very important event all over the world. Sources close to the government have also confirmed to SomalilandPress that other delegations and guests are expected to be coming from the neighboring countries as well.

On another note Somaliland Diaspora community all over the world are expected to hold pro-independence rallies through the world on May 18th marking the 20th anniversary. In Hargeisa and the other regions of the country, the people got ready well for the event. Everybody is dressed with the Somaliland flag. The tailors are very busy with sewing clothes of the Somaliland flag. The cars, particularly the mini cars, have been plastered with stickers of the developer, the current president of Somaliland Ahmed Moh’ed Mohamoud Siilaanyo, the establisher, the first president of Somaliland, Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur, the uniter, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Igal and the implementer, Dahir Rayale Kahin.

According to the head of the arm forces the 18 May celebration is expected to happen in a peaceful and remarkable way. It is intended to leave the hearts of somalilanders happiness, constant remembrance and the feeling to make every other 18 May celebrations the same as this one if not better.

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  1. abdi says:

    welcome home……

  2. Gobaad says:

    Happy 20th anniversary Somaliland, and Somalilanders around the globe! Nabad iyo Caano. Long Live Somaliland!

  3. Bullajami says:

    Long Live Somaliland! A shining beacon for all the Somali people to see!

  4. Boqoljireh says:

    God, the Almighty blesses Somaliland. All Somalilanders in Diasporas and home are celebrating today in a different way all together, but those Somalilanders in the Arabian Gulf, specially Qatar are not doing anything it seems. At least I have not heard anything tangible is going on. It's pity they cannot do anything for their country.

  5. TrueLander says:

    May Allah (SWA) Bless Our Great Nation. May Allah SWA Grant all the fallen Heroes of Somaliland the Men and Women who died in the strugle for freedom the Highest of Jannatt Fardoza Al-Caliyaaa !!!! Ameen. May Allah (SWA) Grant All SNM Soldiers that died to end oppression, tyranny, and Mass Genocide for All the good folks of Somaliland… his highest Jannat SWA. Let us not forget these people's families in the midst of rejoicing on the very day of 18th. Let us move forward in establishing an SNM Fund for fallen Soldiers and there families. A fund that looks after those that were injured during the liberation war. So that we can look after the amputees, and the disabled

  6. nasir says:

    i can't believe it ,,, it is 20 years since we started this journey,, alhamudlilah it was so challenging,,, i wish for all my people and my country 20 smooth and relaxing years to come.

    let us all celebrate and thank god for making us proud winners,, last but not the least may allah reward janah for our fallen mujaahidiin who lost their lives on liberating this country somaliland.

  7. Somalilander says:

    Happy anniversary my follow brothers and sisters, dear brothers and sisters many will tear feeling today a different day, we won we won we won alhamdulillah alhamdullilah i pray next is our recognition from the wold insha Allah thanks to our government and my proud people we all will have peace under our flag.

    Happy day happy day.

  8. Kayse says:

    Happy Independence Day to all Somalilanders wherever you might be. Recognition isn't all that even though its good to have our own voice on the world stage, however recognition will not bring prosperity unless we develop the right foundations, institutions and culture and put our own home in order. A recognized nation is Somalia and look at it.

    We have to continue to be united, be patient, and build this nation step by step. 20 years means, 20 years of self reliance, self sufficient and self determination.

    Today we all celebrate together and its good to have our neighbors for this important occassion.

    Well done Djibouti and to the rest and we equally extend our support for you in where it matters and when it matters most.

    Keep up the spirit and good work.

  9. Nothern Star says:

    To all somalilanders back home or in the rest of the world, happy 20th anniversary, its been a long time coming, i remember when time was very tough for our people eventough i was young and live in Djibouti I still felt the struggle my people went thru.

    I hope peace and prosperity for all the tribes and clans who call Somaliland Home.

    May Allah bless Somaliland,

  10. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    Walaalahayooow, meelkasta ood joogtaanba, ciid wanaagsan !

  11. Abraham says:

    Alxamdulillah. We thank the Almighty Lord for helping defeat the tyrants and stand on our two feet since we declared independence. However, my brothers and sisters, Somaliland needs self organisation, patriotic AND ACTIVE citizens, and visionary leaders more than a mere recognition in order to be successful. We need to fight corruption in all its forms and shapes, end the nepotism which is widespread in our society, treat each other with respect, and bring to account our politicians regardless of their tribes or party colours. Only then can we prosper and achieve our goals. No doubt the international community prefers nations who are self reliant to those who roam the World capitals with a begging bowl.

  12. mohamed says:

    Djibouti delegation is welcome to take part in the SL 18 May happy Anniversary. However it's
    still too early to tell how far the Djibouti leadership will be committed to forge the kind of relationship
    the SL will look forward to flourish between the blood brotherly Nations. Amongst things of concern
    is the SL Passport which's said to be unacceptable in Djibouti. also the diplomatic offices are not
    fully operational why is that? And above all why the Djibouti Govt. is not the first country to recognize
    SL since in both Nations have big numbers of indigenous citizens and unimaginable special
    indivisible coexistence as if one Nation identity is the true reality at stake. Let's see how the one man
    IOG DJ policy show will look like in the future between SL & DJ, as we all know what it was like in yester years.

  13. Said says:

    Happy national day brothers and sisters!!!

    Greetings from Djibouti!

  14. s abdi says:

    lool Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur went back to somalia after estblishing somaliland, becuase he realozed that the whole idea was a mistake.

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