Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2012

Democracy, Civility and Leadership in recent events

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Another event that put the light on the presidency of Ahmed Silanyo. This is the event were a respected politician Abdirahman Abdul Kader was not only publicly humiliated, but also savagely attacked by the Hargaisa Police. Our brother is in London and being treated from the police savage beating. This was a sad day for a country that is pursuing recognition from the international community and claiming it’s adherence to the Democratic principles of peace and human rights as its cornerstone. I do not know the meaning of Democracy in light of the many events and incidents that occurred during this President last 2 year administration. From arrests and incarceration of reporters, police brutality, politicians arrest without clear and explicit expression/statement for the crime, and several other undemocratic actions this administration was involved in.

As we know, one of the most important tenants of Democracy is freedom of speech, especially afforded to the media reporters, Individual right, and more importantly individuals are innocent until proven guilty, etc. These events had shown the office of the Somaliland President inability to deal with this fast moving technology driven by a younger, more educated population than the President generation. In all these events I expected the President to take a leadership role to address, resolve and/or explain, but he was no show and mum. Politicians, like the President, from the 1960s (20th century) had a very limited strategies in their political tool box. Actually, except for very few, their main strategy to hold power were and are to divide and rule, and intimidation. The recent arrests of politicians, arrest and jailing of reporters without any proof of guilt, Abdulrahman Abdul Kadir humiliation and beating is pure intimidation taken from the old school. Another tool of divide and rule this president continuously uses is the unending reshuffling of Ministers in his cabinet. Every one knows these continuous changes are to create loyalty from different groups, and crush the opposition through these appointments. These continuous change and new appointees to important positions is creating a negative outcome to our country. Basic administrative management principles tells us that experience and length of an employee in a position, creates know how and incremental improvements in the process of the job. So, when we have so many changes, where is the inherited knowledge and know how that will help our country to move forward and advance. So, for these misguided strategies, the President is actually unknowingly harming the interest of our beloved Somaliland.

The President, coming from the mid 20the century, need help in understanding how to manage in this fast based, globally connected with a majority population of a younger educated Somalilanders in the 21st century. The President instead of using the outdated 20th century strategies in his limited tool box, he should be engaged, visionary, forward thinking with modern leadership skills. The old politicians of yesteryears thought and acted like kings and managed as dictators and autocrats. According to our constitution, Somaliland is a democratic country, the President was elected by the people, and he is there to serve the people. The President to be successful during the remainder of his tenure should act and think as the leader of a young nation that yearn desperately for a President that is visionary, engaging, and a good steward of the dignity of its people and the position elected to.

Kulmiye Party was also a major part of this ugly incident that involved Abdirahman Abdul kader. Kulmiye Party executives treatment of this respected politician was ugly, barbaric and lacking civility that our country and its people need to emulate. In my opinion, this is the tipping point for Kulmiye Party downward spiral. This party leadership goal of protecting President Silanyo from opposition by any means has rendered it as a narrow minded and marching to an ugly road of exclusivity. This act is so shameful that all decent people with civility and human respect should make their feet, money and intellect do the walking out of Kulmiye Party.
Abdi Hashi Elmi
Connecticut, USA

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  1. amal says:

    I don't know who this politician guy is, but it never occurred to me that a politician could ever be beaten in a democratic gov. What's going on? I thought we've passed the era of humiliating and beating politicians. I wonder what caused this in the first place.

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    This Ina Abdulqadir saga is well-tailored and pre-arranged. He was not beaten but they show him the door. The only unwanted action that happen, as far as I can see in the video, was the Policeman pushing down to sit, and that was very bad, for someone who has back problems. I see the issue was blown out of proportion due to political showdown, between him and his fellow party members. We the people of Somaliland should not make this a big, but try to speak honestly. If we try to put this issue on tribal basis, as it looks to me, because those who spoke so far are from his den, and few friends. I am not with the way he was handled, but let me tell brothers and sisters, Ina Abdulqadir knew what he was doing when he decided to come to that venue. If were him and said what he said before on the press, I woul'nt have gone there, because there is no point of going there, unless you have something else in mind.

  3. Hargeisawi-in-London says:

    @amal, see it for yourself — FF to 14:53

    No beating as such….., but a very ugly scene indeed!

  4. osman5 says:

    Someone is trying to make a mountain out of molehills. Although time will tell, a hidden agenda behind could be behind all this. The story appears a bit suspicious.

    Osman qaal

  5. Gobaad says:

    There is some truth to the topic, but there is no such beating, it was an ugly scene that should have never happened. Yes, Kulmiye Party did not handle the situation well and should have done better. But we have to bury the hatchet and move on.

    It is obvious that some are people are playing the tribal card to make a slight incident seem more like a serious problem. And it is hurting our country reputation and it has to stop because we are only feeding our enemies by airing our dirty laundering.

  6. mohamed cheers says:

    Look folks, this Abdulqader political issues are being reported out of propositions by many
    tribalism narrow-minded bloggers. There's a Judicial system in the Country and if what these
    mind boggling mischief trouble makers have substantial binding evidence, let the matter be
    raised to take legal injections through the Courts. Simply bad mouthing the President and
    painting out false and baseless fabrications through the Media is not going to produce good

  7. mohamed cheers says:

    Typo: Out of proportions ..not propositions..sorry

  8. amal says:

    @ Hargeisawi-in-London

    I had a good faith in Silanyo but he is disappointing us all. No offense to anyone but I believe this is the end of Kulmiye party. Freedom and justice is what we fought for and we expect nothing less in return. In the next election, they will be walking out the door for sure.

    • Hargeisawi-In-London says:

      Amal, don't give up on the old geezer:-)! On a serious note, you are correct — the Kulmiye party has put itself in an unenviable position.

      • amal says:

        No, I didn't give up in our old geezer. Silanyo fought for this country so he should constantly work in bettering the government to keep the support of Somalilanders and should there be any grievance or complaints about how they deal with issues then we expect him to reform and correct their mistakes. Otherwise you will be out the door. He still got couple of years left to proof his effectiveness in running the country. I don't know why people have the need to jump to conclusion and bring clan on the table,secondly what is bad for Kulmiye is bad for the whole country.

  9. Gobaad says:

    I am not condoning how Kulmiye Party behaved and handled the Situation, and I couldn't believe and condemned their actions, but A/rahman A/kader was not any better. He has loose lips and publicly criticizing his own Party. He couldn't have done that. He could have either discussed any shortcomings of the government internally or signed from his position, cross over to another Party of his choice and then criticize the ruling Party and its government as much as he wanted. But he cannot bad mouth his own Party publicly. Even in the real world if you do that you are likely to be expelled from the Party. It was a matter of political immaturity from both the Ruling Party as well as A/rahman. In this incident, Kulmiye Party destroyed his reputation more than they tried to humiliate A/rahman A/kader. It dumb and self-inflicted humiliation. I don't know what they were thinking.

    Mid, mid dhaama maleh. Imikana arrintii faro ka baxday oo qabiil bay surogtay. Sidaasina ma wanaagsana, maxaa yeelay dhacdada Somaliland oo dhan baa cambaaraysay, Somaliland oo dhamina Muse Carre ma wada aha, waxaanay dhaawacaysaa isku duubsanaantay iyo wada jirka Somaliland. Waxan ku talin lahaa dabka la shidayo ha bakhtiiyo. Dalkana uma wanaagsana, danteena mahee.

  10. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Caqliga ha waayin Gobaad. He should'nt have done this way, after all it's the party that he contributed to build and sacrifized for it. As you said, he could have resigned and do whatever he wants to do, if thinks that is what he want. The problem was on the air for quite some time, and the guy who read the judgement at the podium has long back said they will discharge from the party at the first meeting they will hold, and that is what has happened. Anyhow, the chairman of the party [whoever is: Silaano or Ina Biixi] can repair the damage if they want to. I hope they will do, to settle once and for all this saga.

  11. osman5 says:


    I’m not utterly sure if would agree with you but you're all are in the ball park by focusing on the sensitivity of the equation. There’re 2 factors in this incident which need to be looked at equally;

    Firstly, Abdurahman Abdikader acted unprofessionally by resisting an expulsion from his own party. In the hindsight as a mature politician, the very minute he realized his party wasn’t pleased what he said in public he should prepare for himself to face the music and accept their verdict, then dust it off and go after whoever was behind his termination. Hence, obey now, grief later.

    Secondly, the folks on the helm at Kulmiye should have seen his anger and approached in better way. Merely having arranged a behind closed door meeting with him to avoid a risk of humiliation on either side could have a better outcome.

    You touched on perhaps a potential a civil war, we have to be realistic, Please don’t even let it to cross your mind remotely in million years.

    Somalilander politics can get a little bit murky from time to time but it will not get to point to forecast a civil war in the horizon.

    Osman Qaal

  12. Gobaad says:

    osman5, thank you for getting my name right for the first. I do agree with your first three paragraphs of your comments, but I didn't mean that there is (as you said) a potential civil war is looming on the horizon and it never crossed my mind. What I meant was that there individuals in the media that are exaggerating this isolcated incident and trying to bring a "clan card" into equation. I watched some of the videos and read articles blindly playing the card and by saysing: haddaanno Garxajis nahay wixii dhacay waanno ka muraaradilaacsan nahay! Excuse me? And it is really very annoying to hear such things.

    Arrintan Somalilander oo dhan baa ka xumaaday, Gaxajisna gooni umay ahayn ee Somalilander oo dhamina Garxajis oo keli maha, HY oo keli maha, Muse Carre kelina maha. Waxaa soo kale inay ku hadlaan maha. Hadhaw marka codaynta la gaadho, codkaaga ku ciilbax, laakiin qabiilka meesha ka saar.

  13. amal says:


    You are a wise lady horta who loves Somaliland as whole and wants the best for the country. Secondly I don't think this issue is about garxajis but merely the government acting silly, unexplained expulsion, constant embarrassment and they are keep shooting themselves in the leg. I hate how Somalis bring clan to every issue. But one thing I know for sure is that a government to be effective and successful they have to have the backing and support of the people and when you sway away from what suppose to be democracy or bring about autocratism, people will bound to dislike you. Kulmiye is trying to do the best in building the country but they should be sensitive to how the people view them and be vigiliant to what can weaken the government or cause division. This is not about HY or grxjis walalo, but such incidents not only embarrass the government, it embarrasses the whole country. Somaliland suppose to be the example of democracy in the horn and we want to uphold our image and keep our people united. It is the unity that we came this far.

    ps. civil war will never cross the mind of any Somalilander Audubillah, we are not in the era where members of one family will fight over silly thing.

  14. osman5 says:

    Gobaat/Amal, You're awesome ladies , I wish all somalilanders would have used your common sense.
    It bothers me where a tribal card is played because there're lot of uneducated folks out there who'd only react if the issue concerns about tribes otherwise don't care about it regardless of it's merit.

    Our media is particularly good at how to used the tribal card as an effective fuel.
    They choose exactly which story to broadcast so a few will it then misinterpret to a large number of illiterates to have a critical mass to discredit our administration..

    Gobaat, Please accept my sincere apology for misspelling your name repeatedly, you should of correct me though the first time when you realized I misspelled your name. By the way Gobaat is a unique name indeed…

    Osman Qaal

  15. amal says:


    Thanks brother, you are one educated Lander too. We have one common goal and aspiration and that is to make Somaliland success. I hate when people associate certain political party with certain clans. That should be eliminated. And nowadays Somaliland has this thing with xusbis (reer kastaba xusbi yarbu la cararaya lol) Secondly our government should work to be the best government and not shoot themselves in the leg by angering its citizen because that will just destroy them.

    Every one, every clan, every sub clan represent Somaliland and with their support you can be strong in running a successful country. And with strong and effective government we won’t have the need to look for another party and we’ll throw our support behind them. And now in this difficult phase of our history we want a strong inclusive government in place.

    Also the media and reporters need to be given a warning. Because, they have a bad habit of exaggerating everything. For example Somalilanders was very appalled by this incident but there was no need to use words like ‘BEATEN’ what the hell, I imagined some flying punches and kicks lol. You don’t need to worsen it to cause even more fitnah.

    BTW you are still misspelling Gobaad’s name lol :)
    It's with a 'd' not 't' hehe

    • osman5 says:

      mohamed cheers,
      Qaal is my surname not Gaal, I'm not solomadow either and I don't usually limit myself to one tribe.
      Nevertheless, to justify your curiosity I'm product of HJ and HY, 50/50 if you wish but am proud 100% Somalilander.

      Osman Qaal

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Yes indeed a thorough bred. Kayse and Amal are using hehe these days what does that tell
        the bloggers of the 50/50s and proud 100% and others!. Am still combating
        with Mohahaha,Hahaha,gahahaha! Amal Concludes Kayse and m.cheers are Dameer
        Dabadeed Yaal. is tt justified. Ka waran Abraham iyo Amal hadaynu Cayn ama garadag ku
        caasumno labadaba dambarka geela dhalay ka dhergino markay sakhramaan maxa ka filaysa kkkkkk.

        • osman5 says:

          It would be a better idea if we send them an invitation for Burao, Togdher, where we're both familiar with. what do you think?

          Osman Qaal

          • mohamed cheers says:

            No Burao,Togdheer..I want these two to go the Mogadiscio xalaane typical
            Cayn or Garadag Regions, is like seeing real nomadic wild splendour. Abraham will
            have the chance to visit the incidental sites of those Gabooye ilks Amal hehe should have special lessons to contend of GAhaha not hehe kkkkkkkk

          • osman5 says:

            Perhaps we should leave that up to them to decide their choice of destination.
            My preferred vacation city in Somaliland, Buroa tops the list, then Shiekh seconds my list.
            I wouldn't want the vehicles I'll be driving headlights face the South, I'd like to head West where hiking and fishing are possible.
            I like rough adventurous trips but not keen on hunting.
            Don't get me wrong I'd hunt and consume anythings that moves if I have to. I even went on a trip once for bear hunting In the Canadian wilderness, we did not find any bears but the experience was quite intriguing. The idea was to build a cabin on a tree for protection because you wouldn't want agitate/wound a bear then stay on the ground where it can charge at you of which you could become the hunted not the hunter. black/grizzly bears can climb up on trees but they' are't smart enough to know where the bullet is coming from. Their smell can knock you out if you aren't prepared for. Some hunters eat the bear meat some do it for fun.

            Anyway aside the personal protection, you'd have to protege food and personal belongings up to the tree. The process takes about 6-8 hrs then you sit in the cabin and wait till your prey shows up. After a day the bears did come out of the woods so I told my buddies it's time to go home.

            Osman Qaal

          • amal says:

            Mohamed Cheers, I think you are high on some dodgy strong thing man.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Amal dear, is tt you. How r u Amal, u okay?

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Tks for the chats. Leave you to your fantasy World. Got to run now.

  16. Gobaad says:

    Thanks folks. Yeah, and so I heard that Gobaad is a unique name although it is also a she-camel's name too. Yeah, of course, we all want the same thing and debating about the same and we all want the best for our country. And as Amal indicated, the incident reflects bad on the ruling Part and is an embarrassment for the image of our Country around the globe, big time.

    I got so mad and could believe the ill-advised, and grandstanding way they chose humiliate A/rahman and used to call unwanted attention to themselves instead of the man they were trying to expel and humiliate. With all the media cameras and microphones directed at them you can hear a man yelling and saying you are not going to speak. Shut up and down to A/rahman. What an embarrassing moment for Kulmiye Part! What was he thinking?! Furthermore, Kulmiye chose to ignore that outrage of the Somalilanders which was another mistake they made. They could have come out to address the issue in order to quell the outcry of the public. But then against, we should avoid the use of tribal affiliation card at all times which some individuals are resorting to.

    • amal says:

      Yes you are right. They are disappointing us all when they act like that. I know you became bit too concern but this is never about garxajis sister, trust me. It concerns all Somalilanders, who want to see democracy, justice and expect much better. So hope they reform themselves otherwise they are definitely throwing themselves out the window in the next election. Personally I didn’t expect that from the party that I’ve been supporting wholeheartedly. And whenever people question them they are labelled clannish. There has been a lot of complaints recently so they need to address them and not keep their mouth ‘shut’ ignoring it and like I said before only the people make up a strong gov and Silanyo should know this better.

      But don’t worry, the issue is not something big that will cause division in the country, never! But it will damage the gov reputation really badly unless they sort it out.
      Hope its sorted soon :)

  17. mohamed cheers says:

    To round up this monotonous subject of Abdulqader, in all its aspects whatever that might
    contain, is a Police case and falls under the Ministry of Interior and the Courts have to deal
    with the insinuated doubts through Media propaganda. Those tribalism minded Somalilanders
    should abstain from biased reports knowingly or unknowingly to dramatize or heighten this incident
    to unnecessary proportions portraying conspirant mischief or similar evil intentions to destablize
    the country's stability and wellbeing.

  18. Gobaad says:

    mohamed cheers and osman5, seems to be off topic, and off-track, speaking in a language only they can understanding and I am lost. What happened guys, are you okay?

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Hello Gobaad nothing that serious just pretending to act amusingly bit boyish tt's hard
      feelings..u know.

      • Gobaad says:

        mohamed cheers, this is the second time you mentioned Abraham's clan here on a public website and to tell you the truth, I am very uncomfortable and sure Abraham may be too. We Isaaqs are bullies, umaddu waxaasay innagu neceenna waa waxxas. We have to be sensitive to people among us. Abraham is very hard core Somalilander and we don't want to alienate him and the likes.

      • Gobaad says:

        mohamed cheers, this is the 2nd time I heard you mentioned Abraham's clan on public website. Please stop doing that because Abraham is a hard core Somalilander and always vigorously defends Somaliland. We don't want to alienate him or other people among us.

      • Gobaad says:

        … it makes me uncomfortable and it must makes him uncomfortable too.

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Gobaad, Abraham isn't what you think. He's a hard nutshell and a ticking bombshell.
          Imisa gorbu intu i dhumalaystay intu soo haf yirii anigo isla burud la igu habsamay.
          Gobaadaaay ninku ciyaar mahaa wa finaka cadu bilaah samada lagsoo hindhisay'e
          yuu ku dhumaan kkkkkkk.

    • osman5 says:

      You're right, we got slightly off topic. I thought we're all on the same page as far as A/Rahman A/kader was concerned by concluded one made a bad throw and other fumbled the ball therefore both parties we're at fault. In other words the Kulmiye party did not handle the situation properly on the same token Mr. A/Kader himself did not behave professionally as he should. Mr. A/Kader is one of the great politicians in Somaliland that should be setting good examples for the future generations to follow. Now, after the dust settles down and people resume their own daily activities our court system will take upon the case and decide whom to lay charges.

      mohamed cheers insinuated a trip of a lite time experience to our motherland. Thus, I was trying to let him know I could be handful since he thought out on a trip in the wilderness of Somaliland which would't keep me busy more a day or 2, then what.
      If May I ask what would be your ultimate trip? are you adventurous or Cinderella girls?

      Osman Qaal

      • mohamed cheers says:

        What means qaal?

        • osman5 says:

          I was told it meant the one who listens carefully during conversations in the old days…
          I believe, I inherited some of at least..I listen then respond with vengeance.

          Osman Qaal

          • Gobaad says:

            osman5, you got it all wrong. Qaal is an Arabic word which means: he said.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            TT's wat I thought. It makes sense also as qa'al meaning friendly in Somali,
            if my guess is correct. Gobaad means rich in bounty…Yea?..greetings, highest
            regards Gobaad.

          • Gobaad says:

            Sorry Cheers, about the double posting above about Abraham, the first was deleted and then I posted the second. I think they decided to release it, again.

          • Gobaad says:

            mohamed cheers, from what I heard, Gobaad is the essence of a person or essential qualities of a person. In Somaliland it means … Gob as in qofkaasi waa Gob or has a good nature .. etc.

          • osman5 says:

            Thanks, I don't believe the person told me spoke Arabic. Anyway I'll take yours into account.

            Osman Qaal

  19. Dhugtame says:

    Let us not mix things up, but go straight to the core of the matter.

    1. the author is a close relative of Mr. Abdulkadir and I understand his emotional deliberation, but he should have been more careful and fairer than this. painting Somaliland as rogue nation is incorrect,shameful and immoral.

    2.Mr. Abdulqadir was disruptive and did not listen to the chairman, when he was asked to stop shouting, therefore, he deserved to be shown the door.

    3. The method used by the police to usher him out was not appropriate and this boils down to the lack of police training and nothing else.

    4. This incident has nothing to do with the President, because he didn't order the man handling and was not even in that meeting hall when the incident took place.

    5. I am looking forward to the electronic release of Mr. Abdilkadir's previous and current MRI images. This can now be downloaded as an email attachments and only then we will be able to know the extent of Abdilkadir's damage if any.

    6. If Mr. Abdilkadir does not release the MRI images then we will known that the whole injury story was fake and he was only seeking the sympathy of the public.

    8. Mr. Abdulkadir was not beaten as the author alleges, but was man-handled the Somaliland way.

    9. This should be a wake-up call to the Somaliland police chief and his officers must be trained appropriately. I have seen them beat 5-10 year-old with sticks in the Hargeisa town center and no body appeared to be disturbed by this police action.

  20. Gobaad says:

    Dhugtame, we all know that police are rough at times, but you can't down play what happened and try to shift the blame. There is no winners or losers in this incident. Everybody was at fault. It was very unprofessional by both sides and very much so by Kulmiye Party and it gave Somaliland a black eye and attention we don't want.

    "… This incident has nothing to do with the President, because he didn't order the man handling and was not even in that meeting hall when the incident took place …" I disagree with you on this statement because whether the President was there or not, order A/rahman out or not, he too did not handled the situation properly, the puck stops with him and he could have rectified situation to stop from escalating to the point it has reached.. They say: silence is a consent. He has seen and heard the public outcry, but did nothing. He could have come out and addressed the public and aplogoy for the way things was handled. But it seems raali ahaada Somalida waa ku dirqi. Overall, it was a bad situation and who paid the price? In the end Somaliland's image was tainted!

  21. Abdi H. says:

    It is really shameful to compare what happened to Mr. Abdul Kader to the police beating of 5 -10 years old with a stick. This act mobilized Somaliland people around the world and displayed their disgust about the police, Kulmiye Party and especially the lack of leadership by the President in this situation. It was the duty and responsibility of the President to take a leadership role to calm the situation. But, so far the silence is deafening from the President office.
    I hope this incident to be a learning moment for our nation, political leaders and our judicial system. Democracy does mean anything without the respect of the individual citizen rights, freedom of speech and the idea that no one is above the law.

  22. Gobaad says:

    This is a video A/Rahman's version of what happened., what you guys think?

  23. Dhugtame says:

    I fully disagree with you Mr. Haashi, beating and traumatizing little children is more serious than roughing-up and escorting out a misbehaving politician. I'm not here to defend what happened to Mr. Abdulkadir, it was inappropriate, but let us not magnify it to the extent of throwing the baby with the bath water.

    Gobaad, we do not know what went behind the scenes, therefore, let us not jump the guns and we must find out who did what. I agree, in the short term on PR terms both the president and Somaliland failed badly and Mr. Abdulkadir is the winner, but let us see if Abdulkadir proves the injuries he allegedly sustained during this incident, if there were no injuries then he will be the ultimate loser.

    I think it is the best interest of all to bring this unfortunate incident to a close as soon as possible and to move on.

  24. Gobaad says:

    Dhugtame, I totally, agree with this statement "I think it is the best interest of all to bring this unfortunate incident to a close as soon as possible and to move on." People are blowing it out of proportion by dragging on the incident and not letting it to rest.

  25. Dhugtame says:


    Thanks for agreeing with me, it is Mr. Abdulkadir who is losing the support he got in the early days of the incident. It is his enemies who are shooting him on the foot. The poor guy is disorientated to know which direction he is heading to. He shouldn't be listening to those who refused to vote for him in the last parliamentary elections and refused to contribute money when he had the accident together with the late Ali Marshaal (may Allah grant him paradise) and was flown to London for treatment. How can he be so naive to be taken advantage of by those useless people?

    The poor guy must stop being victimized by the opposition media and the opportunistic anti-Somaliland folks. I am not belittling the way he was treated by the Somaliland police and I agree the puck stops with the president, but I squarely blame Mr. Muse Biixi for the mismanagement of the entire process from the beginning to the end, but he seems to scape without a scratch.

  26. hargeysawi says:


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