Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

Coca-Cola Recipe Leaked: Alcohol and Anti-Muslim messages

BOSTON — Coca-Cola’s tightly guarded 125-year-old recipe was revealed last week by This American Life, a public radio show based in New York city.

“We think we may have found the original recipe for Coca Cola…and I am not kidding!” host Ira Glass says with excitement. He continues “I am not kidding. One of the most famously guarded trade secrets on the planet– I have it right here and I am going to read it to you. I am going to read it to the world.”

To find the recipe, Ira Glass turned to Charles Salter, a columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Mr Salter originally discovered the Coke ingredients deep deep within the archives of the journal in 1979. Edition 18 of the Atlanta based journal contained a photo depicting a hand-written copy of John Pemberton’s original recipe in a leather-bound recipe book.

John Pemberton, an American pharmacist from Atlanta invented the Coca-Cola recipe in 1886 and has since stayed with family members and close friends. According to the This American Life, only two people know the recipe and they never travel on the same airliner. The radio also claims the recipe is “locked in a vault in Atlanta.”

Here are the recipe ingredients and we know it will definitely shock a lot of Muslims. For a long time, a large number of Muslims considered Coca Cola “Haram”; an Arabic word meaning forbidden. They claim if you hold a mirror next to the famous Coca-Cola trademark, it will reveals “La Mohammad. La Makkah” in Arabic, which literally means “No Mohammad. No Mecca.” This is considered anti-Islamic and a slander.

The Coca Cola company responded through their website: “This claim is not true. The Coca-Cola trademark was created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, at a time and place where there was little knowledge of Arabic.

“The allegation has been brought before a number of senior Muslim clerics in the Middle East who researched it in detail and refuted the rumor outright.

“During the late 1990s, a special committee of authorities in Saudi Arabia, with representatives from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Trade, was formed to review the rumors against the Coca-Cola logo. The committee determined that there is no basis to these false allegations and that the Coca-Cola trademark does not connote anything defamatory to Islam.

“More recently, in May 2000, the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar (the Islamic world’s foremost institute) Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel, said that “the trademark does not injure Islam or Muslims directly or indirectly.” Moreover, he stated that Islam is against ‘the propagation of empty rumors and intended lies that affect either public or private interests.’”

The ingredient includes alcohol and coca (plant that contains the cocaine), which are forbidden by Islamic law. Let’s see how they (Coca Cola Company) explain this one this time. According to Globes, a Muslim-Israeli has already filed a US$330 million class action suit against The Central Bottling Company Group Ltd. – Coca Cola’s Israel franchisee (see Israeli sues Coca Cola for containing alcohol).


1. Fluid extract of coca
2. Citric acid
3. Caffeine
4. Sugar
5. Water
6. Lime juice
7. Vanilla
8. Caramel
9. Alcohol
10. Orange oil
11. Lemon oil
12. Nutmeg oil
13. Coriander oil
14. Neroli oil
15. Cinnamon oil


August 17, 2012


We originally published this article last year but due to an error, the story was accidentally removed. It remains one of our all time biggest stories with over 899,000 links.

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  1. ali ali says:

    COCA-COLA is jewish company,most of The soft drinks goes under coca-cola company including all The Energy drinks.

    Fanta,seven up,red bull,etc.

  2. kaboon says:

    if you don't like it don't purchase it. simples. i don't think it contains alcohol or any other haram stuff as it would have been discovered by other muslims.

  3. Kayse says:

    This is nothing but a childish story. If one believes in every thing we read or hear, then we are not fit mentally. Please, do not believe in very thing we read or hear.

  4. SomaliHumanist says:

    smdh@coca cola being jewish, sounds like the guys who claim tomatos are unIslamic, if this keeps going on you wont have any muslims left cause all your gonna eat is afghan bread and water.

  5. Weelwall says:

    This is an old story.

    I wonder who is pushing it this time.

    I would not ask the Saudis the time of the day if it conflicts with US interests, but Al Mofti Sh Wasel was highly regarded & was sacked by Hosni Mubarak for not toeing the line.

    May be Pepsi is paying for this piece!

  6. COLA=HARAM says:

    coca cola is haram maybe the mirror things can be denied or a coicedence but if it contains alcohol it i haram also the original recipe called for cocaine regardless of law but they chaanged because of the lack of the moneys so coca cola is haram do not drink it if you are muslim if you do you are harming yourself

  7. Cola For Infidels says:

    and if you are not muslim… drink it up… no harm no foul, right?

  8. Haji Qabiil says:

    ignorant – Pepsi and other harmful sodas have Arabic inscriptions on them – does that make it halaal? Listen, soda is harmful to your health and the health of your children – stop killing yourself with these products! In the developing world – soda is as expensive as food – and the locals can't even afford….that's besides the point – it is not healthy period! And has no nutritional value – teach this to the masses rather than cheap religious propaganda and blaming the Jews for everything – at least the Jews have water and technology and the Muslim world cannot afford the basics. I liked the comment about about Afghan bread – I would add free dates from Saudi royals, ahahaha!!!

    • Muslims have Oil says:

      Haji Qabiil – you really make me laugh at you because you saidjews have water and technology,now we all know the jews took the land from muslims,water from muslims and technology has been given by the US terrorists. Muslims have Oil, if they stop Oil there will be no Israel and no US.

    • DagnyTaggart says:

      Coca Cola is owned by the Mormons. It is a very harmful drink and should not be consumed by anyone! It it very very harmful to your body. Don't drink it! I

    • Unionist says:

      typical issaqs. jes and habashi lovers.

  9. NO WAY says:

    The cocaine is removed from the coca plant and used for medical research. The alcohol is used in preparation for mixing the oils and such. The end product has no cocaine or alcohol. Do some independent research. Piss poor journalism.

  10. perth rsa says:

    I think, if it comes about religious beliefs, every person has the right to know that what are the ingredients of the food or drink he/she consuming. Cola is not a medicine of a life-threatening disease so that we can avoid the ingredients.

    perth rsa

  11. website says:

    When I was in early “recovery”, I would go to 12 step meetings and judge
    people as being either moderate drinkers, hard drinkers or “real
    alcoholics”. I took pride in convincing you I was a “real hardcore”
    alcoholic/addict, saying things like, “You’re not addicted. Let me tell
    you about being addicted!” and then share my worst (or best) war stories
    to convince you of how I was different from you.

  12. savroop hir says:

    how dare they.

  13. kazim says:

    It depends for example pepsi n USA its not the same taste as UAE because there is no alcohol in pepsi tht pple drink n UAE or the muslim contries so it depends on the country you live

  14. pakistani123 says:

    coco cola is everybody life

  15. blackglass says:

    Child by i find it to be true. Everyone drinks coke is addicted. Coke kills every year. Coke is a very strong drink.

  16. Sarauniya says:

    Wallahi kan, If there is an alcaholic inside Allah ya isa

  17. wayne says:

    Unbelievable, muslims won’t drink alcohol or pork. Yet they smoke and call it ” Mikru”, a sin that is allowed by God? I live with Muslims, they fail to understand that they originated from Jews and live with far too much hatred in them.

    • Khadija says:

      Ignorant! Who told you it is allowed by God? Every sin Muslims commit should not be attributed to God.

      • HASSAN SHAFEEQ says:

        That's right. there is no kind of sin which is allowed by almighty ALLAH because sin is harmful for us,not for GOD our almighty ALLAH told us to avoid many things and their is a solid scientific reason

    • Ghassan says:

      Muslims are originated from Jews !!! that's so funny it seems like you know nothing about Islam or Muslims other than what u see around you, the hatred your talking about goes both ways and it didn't come from nothing, even though not all Jews nor all Muslims hate each other .
      as for smoking its not "haram " forbidden by the religious rules, alcohol and pork are strictly forbidden and it's in Qoran, the book of god for Muslims

    • Zaida says:

      Muslims originated from Abraham's son ismael not issac,therefore they did not originate from Jews.also makruh means doubtful,so it should be avoided,but it is not a sin allowed by is something that could be harmful and not good for you.

      • Raage says:

        Correction, Zaida….NOT at all that Muslims orginate from Ismael, the son of Abraham. Islam is NOT a bloodline, it is a religion, and those who believe in Islam originate from all different bloodlines – Asians (Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Iranians, Koreans, Malays….etc.), Caucasian, Blacks. So get your facts straight befoe posting.

        • HASSAN SHAFEEQ says:

          Hazrat muhammad mustafa (SAW) is the last prophet of Allah and now we have to follow Him this is the main point and important 1 it dose'nt matter we orginate from jews or abraham. if a person wants to adop islam so its not matter what he was its matter what he is NOW>>>>>

    • Winni says:

      Idiot hhhh you're an idiot hhhhh you must be living in thailand or somewhere you think it's a muslim country hhhh

    • Sky says:

      Yeah I really don't like to drink pork either…

    • Truth says:

      yes ur correct Muslims call smoking makru when it is haraam according to Qur'an surah baqarah verse 195
      "And spend in the cause of Allah and do not throw yourselves in to destruction, and do good. Truly, Allah loves the good-doers (Al-Muhsinun)" this verse indirectly points smoking to be haraam while the quaraan doesn't address smoking directly. However, we did not originate form Jews cause Ibrahim (Abraham) was not a Jew we come from Ismaeel (Ishmael). And do you believe Jews (as a whole, not individual) don't hate Muslims, verily they are one of those who are the strongest in enmity. But, that does not give Muslims the right to kill Jews (except in battlefield, in a war situation), and Muslims are the ones who are supposed to be aware of the Jews hatred.

    • kawsar says:

      any sins committed by any religion's people are not allowed by god,okay.but yet they smoke,then that is their problem not, mind your own business.and learn to respect others and their religions.

    • waj says:

      some muslims say that its not haraam to smoke and some say it is. it all depends on what type of muslim u are

    • Saira says:

      As a muslim girl i do shame people who smoke of my own religion or anyone for that matter and id like to point out that i to have no idea why majority of muslims have such aggro with each other but what you said could have been put in a nicer manner.

    • HASSAN SHAFEEQ says:

      if u ever read and understand our HOLY QURAN u will never speak like that. 1st research then speak

  18. Bob says:

    Well cocain is not bad people add it with chemicals to make it a drug so therefore the coca in is no bad

  19. rockstar17 says:

    I think the problem isnt , “hey now you know it then, dont drink” however i feel it is more of, “damn, Ive been drinking this drink for all my life and I do not know it is against my religion” honestly, I am a muslim. And i am sad about this fact. Real or not, right now is controversy. Lets say it is a fact that it is true, dont you feel like youve betrayed your religion? It shows the lack of respect to your faith. It is disheartening to know it contains this. But im too blamed too for not going an extra mile to actually find out abt what contains in that drink. Though it is highly impossible since i cant just break into a vault in atlanta. Hah. But i wouldve appreciate if they actually state not meant for muslims or something. Just a little precaution will do and we will keep on practicing the abstinence we have towards alcoholic beverage.

  20. ali says:

    It's all about your faith and belive. If you don't tust yourself then you "ll be confused for everything.

  21. Jimlad007 says:

    No Way is correct. There is no alcohol or cocaine in Coca Cola. Alcohol is used to extract essential oils from fruit peel, in the same way it has been used by the perfume industry for years. Coca Cola does, however, contain a lot of sugar and caffiene, neither of which are good in excess.

  22. faizan biag says:

    dunya ma coke ke 200 sa above product ha.pakistan ka iilawa degar mumalik ma coke ma ALCHOL hoti ha and pakistan ma jo coke ha is ko CCI means coca cola icecesick jo ka TURKI ke compny ha control kar raha ha

  23. Azher says:

    I just checked with coke , it's says clearly
    No Alcohol . I don't understand this

    • Andrew Turvey says:

      This article publishes the original list of ingredients that went into the very first recipe for coke. They haven't used coca or alcohol for many many years.

  24. arshad khan says:

    coca cola and pepsi they contain o.10% of alcohol but orange juice also contain 0.10% of alcohol is because of sugar and other component react each other and make some amount of alcohol.there are so many things which contain alcohol so do not worry it is safe i am also muslim

  25. kawsar says:

    it is not mentioned that coca cola contains pork

  26. Not sure how they can prove any of that. Especially if they keep the logo there and don't change it, they obviously didn't mean for that fact to happen regarding the arabic!

    <a href:"">Howard J Davidson

  27. calikhamrijecle says:

    I cannot believe this ridicolous story is still on going. Look, alcohol is more expensive that sugar, water and colouring which is the normal coca cola contents. so why add a far more expensive product to a cheaper one and sell it at the prices of the latter? It makes no sense. Besides Coca Cola is a hero in Somaliland for becoming the first Multinational to invest in the place.

    Why do religious folks think they are so important everybody is somehow out to get them? Chillax folks nobody cares about your beliefs. No on is out to change you. it si you that try to ram your faith down others' throats not the other way round.

    So get some Coke. get some decent chilled white wine. Lakum dinakum walitya din.

  28. Somaliland says:

    Another somali media outlet shooting itself in the foot by spreading urban legends as news.

    RIP SP

  29. Frankie says:

    How is this recipe different from the Classic Coke and the New Coke? Also, is Alcohol correct? If so, what type?

  30. jorenmathew says:

    Good to know the recipe of coco-cola and pepsi.It's help to aware the people in easy way.If you have any query, now you can read this article and instantly get more information about this issues.thanks for sharing great info.:)Birthday Cards for kids

  31. katie says:

    Oh yes its not ok for muslims to drink alcohal etc—but Its so ok to KILL the infidel…….after all Allah will forgive the Man and present him with all thosre virgins(that's how those young red blooded youths are primed for suicide bombings). The Woman is a mere chattel for man on earth……….:-) she Has NOsoul.
    And no I'm not a muslim ….Thanks be to God!

    • Ubah Ali says:

      Now you are thanking God not to be Muslim when u go to hell fire you will be sorry you said that. And wish you can go back and be a Muslim. For you information we Muslim women has more freedom and rights than your so call western women who are sold in the Superbowl and commercials. What freedom are you talking about still women in america earn less than a man.

      • anon says:

        You're not god. You don't know who's going to hell or heaven. But this girl is pretty stupid to talk about something that she has such a huge misconception about.

    • Fatima says:

      I'm sorry Katie, but I have to disagree with you. I'm a Muslim woman and what you said up there is wrong. That's not how it is, that's what media taught you.. We don't kill people, we just defense ourselves..!! Do me a favor and educate yourself please(Don't listing to fake media).

      Check this:

      Thank you,
      May Allah forgive you.

      PS: Allah means God in Arabic. Peace.

      • M2k says:

        I do apologize for saying to all three of you… you all only speak what is shown to you without the real meaning of knowledge… it doesn't matter if you are muslim or christian… all three are passing judgement towards each other… and you all forget we all defend ours selves for our believes but we all also forget we must still respect our brothers and sisters believes without arguments and FIGHTING… GOD is ONE and we all came from GOD… HE is our FATHER and we all are brother and sisters…

    • unknown says:

      I dare you to listen to this and not to cry

    • critical thinker says:

      dont be naive dear.. those so called "terrorists" are funded by rich elites, the same ones that are running the U.S. and exploiting all their rights from the first amendment, 2nd, 4th and so on.. youtube aaron russo, theyve killed him, youtube jesse ventura, micheal moore, youtube ron paul! for the sake of argument lets say that there are real terrorist, they represent 0.001% of the muslim population so ask yourself this, if we all believe were goin got be rewarded then how come more than 1.7 billion muslims arent doing it? we condemn such acts.. listen to the higher sheikhs writing a 600 pages fatwa condemning everyone who kills an innocent soul.. its all written in our holy quraan but the corrupt media that are in control of your perception empowers these so called terrorists.. read our Quran to see for yourself,, surat al mai'dah, verse 5:32
      "Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors."

    • maani says:

      i think your thoughts on cocacola are actually really racist :(

    • Saira says:

      I think u r being a bit stereotypical but that is ur opinion.I am a muslim girl but i also know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • HASSAN SHAFEEQ says:

      HAHA… you talks like a clown because you did not know anything and come to speak some rubbish 1st of all we did not kill any innocient people ok american army is in afghanistan and killing innocient muslims children did we come to your country and kill any one no… you start that all we are just defending our family our children our self from the evils kind of you who kill us and then cry like we kill you bluidy snakes

  32. Teacup Pigs says:

    Still need to know the ratio of ingredients. No micro ingredients.

  33. Arief,MD says:

    Is it true??if it is untrue,then u have a great sin by sharing fake news.
    Anyway,as a moslem and a human being,it is much better to be aware of our health, Im talkin bout the alcohol and the sugar contained in coca. If u re not a moslem and ure ok with alcohol,then u shoud concern about the sugar in coca.besides, post-menopause women are advised not to consume coca,pepsi,etc

  34. ali says:

    if it tru then ….. is there any chemist who can put things together and make coca cola

  35. i rally like the coca cola commercials like eat healthy feel better drink coca cola

  36. Nasra says:

    Coca-Cola is also the #1 reason for tooth wear

  37. @TrueNews4 says:

    Islam and Muslims should be considered ENEMY OF THE STATE by the U.S. Government. But they will never do it. WHY? The terrorists of Islam have told government officials from around the world the following: If you go against the Islamic Religion we will go after your spouses and children. That is why all these American politicians kiss the azz of Alah and the Prohet, in fear of death to their families.

  38. eelii disoza says:

    sms gateway

    I always like to read a quality content having accurate information regarding the subject and the same thing I found in this post like Coca-Cola Recipe Leaked: Alcohol and Anti-Muslim messages. Nice work.keep it up

  39. Fair Game says:

    No merit. only propaganda for muslims against coke Maybe Pepco , the public enemy of coke, has came up with this nonsense.

  40. ONIMISI HASSAN says:


  41. Usman says:

    this recipe belongs to Israel but not to Pakistan or any other muslim country every country has his manufacturer like coke Pakistan its recipe is different and its great prove is that its taste is not the same to other manufacturer

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