Published On: Mon, Apr 26th, 2010

Chinese delegation returns to Somaliland for investment

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — A business delegation from the People’s Republic of China has arrived in Hargeisa for investment in the country on Sunday for ten-day trip.

The Chinese investors visit follows recent trip to China by the Aviation minister, Mr. Ali Mohamed ‘Waran Adde’ and the mayor of Hargeisa, Hussein Mohamud.
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The minister inked a contract worth undisclosed amount for a Chinese firm to renovate Hargeisa’s aging Egal international airport. They are expected to arrive in the next few weeks according to sources close to the Aviation ministry. They are also expected to rehabilitate Hargeisa’s main roads. The airport is partially closed and Somaliland leaders have been traveling by road to the Ethiopian town of Jigjiga when flying abroad. Some of also been using the almost abandoned airport in the port-town of Berbera.

This is the second time within two months the Chinese business delegation has visited the country. According to the aviation minister, they are interested investing in the country’s petroleum exploration, roads, mineral resources and small factories.

The Chinese delegation will be in the country for ten days and will meet with senior leaders in the government. They will also travel to number of states in the country.

The Chinese have also promised to assist Somaliland in education and a delegation from the Ministry of Education have been invited to Beijing. They are yet to travel however books and other stationary donated by China are expected to arrive.

Photo: 14-member strong Chinese investors and press team meet with President Rayale, Aviation minister and other senior officials in March 2010.

Somalilandpress, 26 April 2010

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  1. nas says:

    Sad and pathetic! Is this what my uncles, cousins and family fought for during the liberation struggle of SNM?

    We Somalis do not NEED these so-called Chinese 'investors' in our country! What wrong with our people, don't we have the intellect and entrepreneurial skills to re-build our nation?

    My fear is that the whole of Somaliland and Somalia will soon be a playground for Gulf Arabs, Chinese and other Asian business elite and who shall dominate our economy and resources!!

    Please Somalis wake! I still cannot believe it that in the last 20 years there is STILL NO suitable road link between Hargeisa and Burao…..!

    • ahmed says:

      We cannot be a closed economy – every country in the world needs to trade with the other. However the diaspora, the people and government need to work together better to make best use of resources.

    • mahmud says:

      Nas in order to develop you need foreign investment. Once somaliland exploit its oil then we will become a great nation. Chinese are better than investors from west. Chinese will give you loan at a very low rate and also will give you grant which you will not pay back. Also on investment or exploring the oil Chinese will give us better deals in terms of share in oil production. I am only worried by this corrupted present government. Do not be afraid of chinese.
      In terms of other businesses Somaliland people are operating them.

    • Bankai says:


  2. O G says:

    Investors is all what we need even more than the said recognition. Our people need jobs, money and infrastructure more than anything else. The government will get the tax from the companies and that everyone will be fine.

    If China can do it everyone else can do it.

    • Ali says:

      Don't be fool by this – these men are no investors and haven't we've seen enough of this over the past 7 years? its just another lying baseless tactics just before the elections.

  3. Abdi says:

    There is no investments here, can you see people how easily manipulated you are. these amateurs running our country are making fools of all of us. every time some chinese or russian or whoever comes to us we are told " oh these are official delegation coming to invest in the country"

    I bet they are laughing at us saying look at these idiots.

    be cynical people. question these people.

  4. Cali Dualeh says:

    China knows that somaliland will in future be invested by western countries, so it better to be there first . They will be around all somaliland and if they find something benefit for them then they will stay to invest.China is looking for resources due to its economy expansion.
    Somaliland should try harder to build its infrastructure by any means and look investors in agriculture sector and small and medium industries which will create jobs.

  5. Suad says:

    We will take them to sool areas for oil exploration.

  6. Kayse says:

    China just wants to get every thing on their hands they can and seems like Somaliland is playing cheap, perfect for China. While we all appreciate the Chinese's fast delivery of services and goods, we shouldnt sell our resources to them.

    We should keep the Chinese strictly on infrustructure development and construction projects including water dams, roads and airports as well as sewage system.

    No petroleum exploration they will create major environmental disaster and offer only cheap currency no diplomatic advancement for this unrecognized state furthermore Chinese only bring their workers and our people wont learn any thing.

    China need to stop bringing their workers they need to train and work with Africans otherwise dont come.

  7. boqoljireh says:

    I agree fully with Mr.Kayse. There must be a tough negotiation with these people and I believe we don’t have them yet. At least now within this government.

    Whoever comes for investment has to train our youth and should go by the rules of our land.

  8. Nas says:

    Our nation is very, very rich in natural resources and we should begin exporting goods, building/improving our infrastructure i.e. roads, ports, airports etc and being less dependent in the Middle East as our main source of livestock earnings.

    Our government, if it serious in seeking recognition should start becoming more transparent and open, should crack down in corruption and create an open, non-partisan and independent TAX agency that collects taxs from businesses.

    Understand by dear friends that only through exports can a country come out of poverty and Somaliland does not really need to wait for recognition as a independent state for economical grow and development to occur. A classic case study which I advise all Somali(landers & all) to study is Taiwan!

    • Nas says:


      Taiwan is an economic powerhouse – it's one of the four economic tigers of Southeast Asia.

      Its GDP per capita is among the top 30 of the world.

      Taiwan is still not widely recognised in the international community as a sovereign independent state!

      If Taiwan can achieve economic success and so can Somaliland!

  9. Mustafe says:

    China's investment in Somaliland is a step to the right direction. The water they built for Hargeisa is still the only source of water for the nation's capital. China is the emerging economic powerhouse in the world and they need resources, we need infrastructure and investment. Look at Sudan, Angola and Congo to name just a view, these countries have modern roads, airports, hospitals, stadiums etc thanks to China. Only people in the comforts of welfare Western systems would preach cynicism. Somaliland is built with optimism and cooperation with everyone. We need it more than anyone else.

    • Nas says:

      And do you think the Chinese construction firms will employ Somalis? Do you think they will train and teach the Somalis essential skills?

      Please bro, try and speak to the ordinary Angolan or Congolese and ask them whether they benefited from the Chinese firms who built their cities? Also please speak to the local construction and engineering companies and ask whether they financially benefited or were given sub-contracts from the Chinese firms?

      Also how come there is so many Gulf Arab billionaires? One major reason is due to the construction industry in the Gulf States.

      The Gulf States were smart in giving major construction and infrastructure contracts to Arab firms and NOT Chinese! Something the Somalis should learn from!!!

  10. superstar says:

    Somalis are pathetic…….. We need to build our own infrastructure and not employ foreigners to do it…………. Do you think China, U.S., and Europe contracted their contstructions to foreigners? It was Chinese, American, and European companies that build the infrastructures because they depended on themselves for the basic neccessites like roads and bridges………. We need to be self-sufficient!!!!!!…….. Why cant Africans build stadiums and highways by themselves…… Why always depend on foreigners???? If this doesnt change This will only gives more truth that Africans are of lower intellect then the remaining races of the world and cant even build flats and hospitals.

    • Yusuf Colaad says:

      What are you talkin about. You think somaliland have technology or expatriate to build their infrastructure like roads, bridges etc. For your information there are some countries in Africa who have more technology than some european and asia countries, for example south africa they do everything themselves. Dont expect Somaliland to do this for the next 20 yrs after all happened to somalia, beside not recognized 4 since 1991. Even if you can be able to do where will you get the money as we all know it requires money

    • Ede says:

      I agree with u as well superstar. Trade with China is ok,but build your own roads. Open your own trade schools so you can built your own. Skyscrapers and bridges. Africa has the potential to be an economic power second to none. Don't let Europe,China,Russia,Japan or America take advantage of u. If the White man can build a road so can the Africans, believe in yourselfs.

    • Ede says:

      I agree with u as well superstar. Trade with China is ok,but build your own roads. Open your own trade schools so you can built your own. Skyscrapers and bridges. Africa has the potential to be an economic power second to none. Don't let Europe,China,Russia,Japan or America take advantage of u. If the White man can build a road so can the Africans, believe in yourselfs.

  11. Suad says:

    People thinks good economy is just importing and exporting goods in and out of the country. Economy of a country is based on many things which i can not explore here, but a country like ours should first be recognised to make things easier. At the moment we are just surviving without making progress but as long it safe place to live that will do for me.

  12. Nas says:

    I think a lot of my fellow S/Landers at home and abroad are suffering from 'recognition syndrome'.

    I categorically did not say "importing" is the key to success but rather and most importantly EXPORTING. If our economy and people gets into the unhealthy habit of importing more goods compared to exporting goods then unfortunately our economy will not develop sufficiently and our currency will be vulnerable to fluctuation and inflation.

    We need to wake up from this ‘recognition syndrome’ that we are suffering from and start thinking of innovative ways of empowering our people and economy. Recognition is not the only route to economical success…..ask Taiwan!!

    p.s. I am already an active member of the Hargeisa Library project in which we will aim to build the largest public modern library in the whole of Somalia and possibly in Africa!

    We will create a centre of learning/education and innovation a key ingredient for economical success without recognition……ask Taiwan!!!

  13. Abdi says:


  14. From China says:

    Dear Somaililanders,it seems some Jakal from western countries is tring to contorl your political and economy,you know what they did in 3RD world.Taiwan want to invest in your country,because they are aly of USA,it’s well known by the world,take care of them

  15. CCP says:

    The road between Hargeisa and Mongadishu was build freely by Chair man Mao.The water system,the hospital,all did by chinese people in 70th last century.That time is the most difficult time of chinese,they also did this.The American followed Taiwan,the Capitalism Taiwan never do this,because the feature of Capitalism is invading and corruption

  16. Ahamed says:

    I agree with chinese brothers,Somalilanders should know,China is the only conutry do not aggresive in the world.But USA and EU and other wolves afraid China to drive them out of Africa,they are in a hurry to confuse you.Take care!

  17. Kayse says:

    China makes sense to me and personally I admire the people of China, they have something Africans dont have and can easily acquire if they observe the Chinese and work with the Chinese and thats self-decipline and determination.

    Also the idea that "China" is cheap and environmentally "not friendly" is Western picture that they put into our heads just like they did that the story of africa is hopelessness and despair.

    I am for a Chinese in Somaliland and I say to them – Nai hao ma.

  18. abdi rahman awill says:

    to hell with the china …only the Jews can get us back what we lost in 1960 ….(*flag)
    and to my intelligent somalilander's ..ins-ted of typing comments help ya government for a change and be a part of the change you seek…
    get into the ministries if u can get an idea that can work on the table then everyone will support you its as simple as that U dig
    viva somaliland Viva Israel

  19. Ahamed says:

    Obviously those agents above who support USA TAIWAN ISRAEL is look down apoun Somalilanders’ IQ.USA and Israel invade musilim world for a long time,we can’t let them get into our country any more.VIVA Somaliland Viva CHINA!

  20. hussain mohamed says:

    It's one step in the right direction, from strategic stand point it gets us in the right path to recognition, China unlike USA and most EU countries is experiencing a huge economcal growth that requires gigantic saurce of energy and raw material and somaliland has all that, but before we rush into putting that ink in the paper, China with it's veto pawer must recognize somaliland that's what I call a deal maker , it's all about how you play your cards

  21. togdheer boy says:

    To all of you. i don´t want to insult your inteligence BUT don´t you know a business man thinks in the first place only about making PROFIT. To me the colour of US, EU,ARABS and CHINES is RED. They give you a dollar and they need from you 100% back. They call that PROFIT.
    Hard decissions are sometimes needed. Somaliland goverment and their private sectors must deal with the rest of the world. No matter Jews, US. EU, Arabs,Chines, Africans or Devils.
    They need PROFIT you need the same NOT more NOT less. ( WIN WIN)..
    I know one thing for sure NONE of them is from TOGDHEER etc………ha ha ha .

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