Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2012

Canada to freeze or cut aid to six African countries

ADDIS ABABA — The Conservative government of Canada this week said it plans to strip back overseas aid worth almost $380 million over the next three years as it tries to balance its books.

Ethiopia is the third-largest recipient of Canadian aid after Haiti and Afghanistan. Just last year Canada spent almost $180 million in the African nation in bilateral programmes that help alleviate hunger, promote education and development.

The office of International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda would not disclose the amount of the cutting backs but under Canada’s financial plans aid for five African countries (Benin, Niger, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe) will disappear all together.

Ms. Oda said funding for official development assistance put forward by Canadian organizations will continue in Ethiopia. She declared that her government plans to cut only in areas where commitment has been met. Furthermore she revealed that Canada channels its aid through international, multilateral and Canadian organizations and not directly to the Ethiopian government. On numerous occasion, Addis Ababa was accused of using foreign aid as political tool to oppress its opponents and opposition groups.

As part of its effort to help produce a budget surplus, Ottawa will scale back further $170 million from the Foreign Affairs department budget.


May 12, 2012

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    What Canada does is her own business.

  2. kabooooooon says:

    good thing, these Africans need to stand on their own two feet. somalia has been in war over 20 years and it is still a better place to live in then some of these African countries.

  3. osman5 says:

    Canada generously gives away the tax payers hard-earned money and gives to nations that don't even have don't respect basic human rights like Mexico, India, Honduras, Chile and Vietnam to name a few.
    That's being said, it's unfortunately to see the Canadian foreign policy is implemented ways of treating vulnerable Africans differently.

    Granted, Canada's pledge funds to under-developed countries should be based on elements such as good governance, economic initiatives, health, education and basic human rights.
    Somaliland has surpassed those areas in very short period with flying colors.

    Somaliland's success has been categorized as the best kept secret in Africa. Strangely enough Canadian government doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge the existence of Somaliland sovereignty let alone promoting it around the world.

    The Canadian conservative government must sharpened it's foreign policies, to begin, by replacing it's current pick and choose mentality with the rejuvenation of the old Canadian values as being peacekeepers and neutral.
    I have to admit that as a proud Canadian/Somalilander I'm very disappointed and dismay in my Canadian government foreign policies towards Africa..

    Osman Qaal

  4. Proud Canadian says:

    My country doesn't own that corrupt African continent a dime nor does it owe them any compassion.

    Let's look after our own people, not foreigners who don't appreciate or have any respect for us.

    These Somaliens commit so much crime here and are all on welfare. Ship them all back to their countries of origin and strip their benefits. Not a dime more for these Africans.

    Good work Harper and God Bless Canada.

  5. osman5 says:

    Proud Canadian,
    It's very unfortunate to sense a hateful sentiment in your comment towards Somalis.
    Granted, there're a lot of Canadians regardless of their ethnicity who constantly cheat on the system.
    but It's unfair to assume all Somalian/Canadians are the sole cheater of the Canadian social benefits. How are we going to stop it? your guess is as good as mine.

    On the other hand, Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world therefore we're obligated to help the nations that are less fortunate than us.

    Osman Qaal

  6. Kayse says:

    Proud Canadian,

    The welfare system in Canada existed long before the Somalis knew Canada even existed and it was always a seem that was exploited. I assume you are one of those Canadians who are stuck on the system and feel Somalis are taking a little from your bank account. My advise for you is get a job and get off the welfare and stop comparing yourself to refugees.

    Canada's cuts are good for Africa, finally Africans can go to their local farmers rather than WFP dumping GM food in their markets just to drive African farmers out off business and keep the continent on the dependency.

    As Somalilander, we don't receive anything from Canada so who cares. Keep your tax payers money at home Canada and keep yourself isolated in that freezing land.

  7. Dhugtame says:

    The begging question is, who is a Canadian? I assume the so-called Proud Canadian is not a native Canadian, therefore, he can not to be more Canadian than the Somali-Canadians. I agree with him though, let us all move back to were we originated from and live Canada for the natives.

    proud Canadian, it sounds you migrated to Canada before the Somalis, so you have to leave first. please let us know if you are living by air or by sea. Somali-Canadian will be able to help you out if you can not afford the ticket.

  8. Burcawii says:

    He is just one racist individual. Just ignore him.

    The Canadian government use to give big lands to european migrants so they can live in and farm, but there is nothing much done for the new migrants now a days. New migrants have to start from the scratch on their own so they can provide a better life for their kids.

    Wallaween, idinkona jojiya caydha badan adoonka aya nogo cebayseen, meel kasta a joogtanba ee. Musiqmaasiqa a mafyada ka barateen iska dhaafa.

  9. Ayuush says:


    I think this 'benefit ' system creates nothing but underclass citizens, Somalis would be far better off without it, we are good in the business field, why not chuck this degrading system for good, wherever we are. We need good Somaliland leaders to show people the right way. Reer Koonfureed have their good points, but they are far too corrupted.

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