Published On: Sun, Apr 1st, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Somaliland army vanquish surprise attack from militia

LAS ANOD — Heavy fighting between Somaliland troops and a tribal militia broke out early early Sunday morning in the village of Sool-Joogto in Buhoodle region and in the outskirt of Tukaraq village where Somaliland forces are stationed. The battle erupted after tribal militia loyal to Somalia’s former Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr launched pre-dawn surprise assault on Somaliland military bases in the outskirts of Buhoodle town and on the outskirt of Tukaraq Village. The militia attacked Somaliland forces from two different directions in an attempt to over take Somaliland forces current strategic positions, however the army was aware of the militia’s movement in the last couple of days and was able to overpower.

Eyewitnesses who spoke with SomalilandPress reporter Ahmed Hussein based in Buhoodle have confirmed that the fighting was heavy and that residents were fleeing from Buhoodle town and the surrounding villages as Somaliland army was pushing the militia back towards Buhoodle. The exact number of people injured or killed in the fresh battle on both sides is not yet known as the fighting is still going on in the late hours of the evening.

Speaking to the press in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s minister of defense Ahmed Hajji Ali Adami said the army caught the militia’s top commander, the finance minister of the so call Khatoma leadership in the fighting. Also 42 militants, 3 battle wagons and 5 commercial trucks have also been confiscated from the militia.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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  1. osman5 says:

    Somalilander government should not allow a militia group to have a base in Somaliand's territories, period!. We have the rights and obligations to brought to justice any who tries to undermine our peaceful stability of which we worked so for 21 years.

    Somaliander army forces must and have to utilize force where it's due. I'm totally against this buttered up politically correctness horseshit.

    Osman Qaal

    osman Qaal

  2. osman5 says:

    To Somaliandpress,
    my initial comments have been deleted. I'm wondering why.

    Osman Qaal

  3. Freedom says:

    Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Somaliland most stop these aggressive attacks

  4. osman5 says:

    All I said was why Somalilander army forces have to dwell on politically correctness watchdog mode and not let them utilize appropriate rapid deployment, where it's due.

    Osman Qaal

  5. AhmedY says:

    In the long term the very people that these terrorist represent will suffer and pay a heavy price. No schools, no hospitals and no social system. They will be falling behind the rest of the Country, Somaliland

  6. Omollo says:

    If victory means imposing once will on the enemy, do you think now that the militia has suffered defeat they will tow the line? If not then this is just a temporary defeat and this is still raw and unchanging war.Something got to give whether SL has to convince the residents of that area that militia is losing ground or erecting some military buffer zone to help them tender to their daily lives.War is not fan and it never creates anything conducive.I think it is about time SL does some PR on the ground (even a little propaganda helps)

  7. karash says:

    lies on top of lies … the finance mister is in kalabaydh rite now.. safe and sound .. plus u guys should stop hidding the truth from ur people… ciidanka khaatumo are all around lasnood u either hide behind children like u always do or run with no shoes… lool not to mention our ciidan chased u out of cayn region now ur militia are in qurulugud village near burco… its just matter of time since war break out in ceergaabo…… plus reer khaatumo are ready for peace talk but only if u leave our land… and if not we ready to die for our land after all self defend is God given rite… looooool

  8. Omollo says:

    Karash, you want sensible people to believe that an army built to last for the last twenty years was defeated by rag-tag miltia? Your likes must be brave internet warriors chasing armies without their shoes.Your folks must be stealth fighters.

  9. ALI YUSUF says:


  10. karash says:

    well u see the videos, tvs and so on am not trying to convience u anything, but reality… our ciidan are all around lasnood… well what can i say some people were born to be worriers it doesnt mather if u been building for last 20 yrs or last 20 centuries..we always get what we want, consider this just beging … loool no hard feelings thought.. we still share the same blood..

    • osman5 says:

      What are your ultimate goals for advocating a militia group? SSC members are nothing but thugs. they're using those nomadic somalianders in the area as human shields to enrich themselves.
      t's unfortunate, a bunch of expats who couldn't Establish a half decent life in North America and Europe able to manipulate and brainwash an educated fellow like you.

      Osman Qaal

  11. karash says:

    plus the writer has no evidence to back up,,

  12. Moustapha Obock says:


  13. HMObsiye says:

    It is time for Somaliland authority to stop these madness once for all. The so-called katoumo thugs, this anti peace terror groups, have made a habit of hide and strike Somaliland armed forces. In my opinion, the only option Somaliland authority has is to push out this criminals from their bases and never again continue doing what they are doing.

    On many occasions, Somaliland government has tried to make sense with this thugs by inviting them to peace negotiations but this group do not believe in peace they thing they dream that they will remove Somaliland people from Somaliland territory by force and unless their leadership were foolish enough, they should know better this will never happen.There is no way, they can force Somaliland from it's own territory.

    As I am writing this comment, Somaliland president, again today has reached out his hand for peace to this group and I do not think they will accept. So, the only option is to remove this thugs, who cares less for the people of this region to be cleaned from this region.

    • M A SALAH says:

      Rejectors of Somalia and Somali unity continued forays and aggression against Khaatumo State of Somalia- Once again under Silaanyo- the Ethiopian and Western backed stooge, continues his naked aggression and occupation of land which does not belong to his clique/rejectors of Somalinimo and advocates of Somalidiid policy supported by Meles Zenawi and his alliance/cohorts based in Brussels, London and Washington. The rejectors of Somalia and Somali unity- Somaliland against Khaatumo State of Somalia will be expelled and taught a lesson a lasting lesson, God Willing. Allah grants victory to the oppressed when injustice becomes normal practice by the oppressor, history demonstrates and supports this theory.

  14. Omollo says:

    Karash, hope tomorrow you will not come back and tell us different story.You are telling us your sons are the new resurgence of vibrant warriors . I'll extend you the honor of recognizing your children around the Lasacanod.

  15. Issa says:

    Bro no more war plll

  16. mohamed cheers says:

    Anti-Somaliland dhulos militia calling themselves Khaatumo state are increasingly becoming menacingly too dangerous to the National Security and stability. A looming danger is spreading
    its wings threatening the existence of Somaliland and indeed this is a real test for the Silaanyo Government. Naturally the open peace deals by the Govt. are not working. What then?
    It's high time that the Govt. of President Silaanyo explores other tougher measures to deal with
    this nuisance insurgency of its kind and nature. Securing Somaliland International borders from not
    allowing these terrorism is a top priority. This said, I still disapprove the way this newscast has
    been presented…Sort of over-dramatised what has happened in the war zone. More accurate
    reports are on other websites.

    • Awrbogeys Boy says:

      Mohamed I couldn't agree with you more that Khaatumo State of Somalia is a threat to to the self declared government and people of "Somaliland". This is preciously what the intention of the creation of that State was for, furthermore it undermines two points that "Somaliland" proclaims when they're begging the international community for independence. Point 1 that "Somaliland" is and has been peaceful for the 20 some odd year that the rest of Somalia was at war; And that "Somaliland" is clan blind which both are unravelling before the so called "Somalilanders" everywhere.

  17. osman5 says:

    mohamed cheers,

    Our patience is getting thinner by the day. It's a time we should fumigate these thugs once and for all. Our government first and foremost responsibility is to protect and preserve the rights of it's citizens.These thugs are inflicting huge wounds on both sides, somaliland forces and our own locals.. you may say that's their ultimate intent but shouldn't we a few steps ahead of them?

    Osman Qaal

  18. amal says:

    dadkan wax kalaa wata malaa. The borders of Somaliland will not change whether they run around with guns or not or screem khatumo seeg state. Silanyo, don't bother sweet talking to them. They break every peace agreement, nabsi ba helin.

  19. Ahmed says:

    You guys are all missing the point. As long as this guys have place to retreat and come back within few weeks or months it is never ending war. So, Political solution is the best option. I'm
    every familiar with this area that fighting is taken place.

  20. karash says:

    loool since airnt allow to say anything coz admin cant handle the truth am just gona laught my head off… God bless somalia
    and allah khaatumada khayr ha inooga dhigo all of us loool

  21. karash says:

    osman5 am not advocating anything, they airnt terrorist group.. lasnood and ceergaabo anaka ayaa leh somalia inside have no borders…

    u guys should think twice wax badso wax beel bay dhashaa loool

  22. osman5 says:

    You shouldn't let those thugs (ssc militia group) infiltrate into your head for their own self-prophecy purposes. Independently thinking and self reliance are main engineering items for one's freedom.

    The dudes at the helm for SSC militia group are actually wanted in Canada for terrorism charges.
    the only reason they're creating civil unrest in somaliand is to bolster their own agenda and to gain a sympathy from people like you. In other words they're playing a very dangerous game which they don't give a rat's ass if human casualties occur. Think about that…

    Osman Qaal

    Osman Qaal

  23. mohamed cheers says:


    Political solution will not work. The Mentality of these few pockets of Khaatumo Seeg is
    exactly similar to the Mentalities of Somalia. Look no farther..Somalia!. The Khaatumo leader
    Ali Khalif Galayr who so happens to be the former Arta DKMG Prime Minister whose TFG
    failed b4 the current TFG!. The same Galayr who's US Citizen who has a bad record in
    the affairs of Somaliland is now engaged in destablising Somaliland. However, he should
    know that his district is well represented by the Multiparty SSCD whose top leadership are
    the true constituents from his district. Surely, Khaatumo stands for doomed failure.

  24. ComeAgain says:

    Like I said before every Somali clan knows the deal that these people cannot deal justly with those who have dealt justly with them! They will not want to live with other clans in peace but only if they are in power and that is no way to build a nation. Somalis have not forgotten Siy aad, if the da dood want to keep digging their political grave let them! They were never known for thinking ahead only being greedy.

  25. ComeAgain says:

    Long Live Somaliland, its no longer a time to be mr. nice guy we tried that now its time for all out war, once and for all lets end this.

  26. american boy says:

    Were making ourselves look like pansies! lets go wipe these so called ”militia” off the face of the earth! Why are we on the out skirts in a city with in our own borders? Lets go in there send them to what they want to claim ”somalia” and let the Hawiys play with them as toys since they can't live with there brothers in waqooyi galbeed!

  27. neuteral says:

    the ultimate Somali solution: whenever the going gets tough, start slaughtering each other.

    Somalis do not have the capacity to solve their problems peacefully period. call yourself tribe a ,b or c all the same. everyone knows that Somali tribes are armed to the teeth i do not believe fighting is the

    solution. this "people" will yet again die in vain

  28. M A SALAH says:

    Once again under Silaanyo- the Western stooge, continues his naked aggression and occupation of land which does not belong to his clique/rejectors of Islamniimo iyo Somalinimo. The rejectors of Somalia and Somali unity- Somaliland against Khaatumo State of Somalia. Allah grants victory to the oppressed when injustice becomes normal practice by the oppressor, history demonstrates this theory and this will be the case with the Somalidiid elite in Hergeisa.

  29. Madar says:

    These people are taking advantage of our weakest president ever, unfortunately i have to say it the way i see it. Silanyo has no strategy to deal with this insurgency what so ever, and on top of that he has got rid of our top military man nuux taani who had knowledge of the terrain in Buhoodle.

  30. mustafa says:

    I don’t know why people never understand
    history,well human never learn sool,ceyn
    buuhodle,sanag we know who it belongs to
    somali waxeey tiraah”ninkii dhoof ku yi maada ayey geeridu dhibeysaa” i am sure That khaatuma will liberate her regions,
    The fighters in These regions The soil &
    trees & The people are on Their side, small enclave hargeysa addmin Their days
    are numbered.

  31. mohamed cheers says:

    SSCD VS Khaatumo SEEG.

  32. amal says:

    As far as we care khatumo seeg militia should be kicked out to Mogadishu to learn a lil lesson and to come back to their sense. As for sscd; they shouldn't just represent these region but they should represent the whole country with more generic logo. if the leader of sscd is dhulos his vice should be issak or gedabursi and draw support from other regions of Somaliland; and then they can possibly lead Somaliland.

  33. karash says:

    theres no such as sscd exist in khaatumo state, only hargaysa and burco..

    and am telling u the fight will never come to the end until Las’anod, the base of Khatumo state is liberated from Somaliland”. and then we will talk about ceergaabo loool

  34. karash says:

    Awrbogeys Boy whats ur point.. are u reer khaatumo horta as i can see ur name one of our cities….

    • Awrbogeys Boy says:

      Yes i'm proudly from that region, and what the rest of the so called "Somalilanders" as they like called themselves failed to understand is that Khaatumo is precisely doing what it was suppose to do; And that is to destabilize the region of "Somaliland" so that it make it hard gain the independence they seek.

  35. Cawil Sugule says:

    Khatumo seeg is a desperate entity. Sh. Sharif has already reject the ragtag militia, initially they thought that Sharif will be sympathetic to their misguided agenda and grant a recognition. It didn't happen and infact they were told that they are not qualified and do not meet the threshold to be a state. Even pirateland rejected misconceived idea of statehood . I don't know how galaydh reasoned despite being a scholar. A state without basic infrastructure is no state. I'm not trying to be harsh here, but the truth is khatumo seeg is not going anywhere. It was an idea borne out of hatred and jealousy hence it is doomed to fail.

  36. Gobaad says:

    harash, there is no such thing as "khaatumo state" and everybody knows that. Besides, the trouble makers are just few pockets of terrorists who do not represent the majority of th people in the region. And whose main goal is to destablize Somaliland and in their twisted mind think that they can convince the world that there is no stability in Somaliland and that war is raging and they have the illusion that they can really attain success.

    These people are not interest in peace or stability. The only thing that they understand the barrel of a gun. Violation after violation, enough is enough! Somaliland's patience is wearing-off. So, it is about time that President stop stretching the hand of peace and deal with them once and for all with an iron-fist. Saaxiga ha keenaane!

  37. karash says:

    looooooooool Gobad if theres nothing such thing as khaatumo state why ur people dying in our region everyday.. it was only yesterday when u couldnt even take ur dead soldiers..are all those people dying for no reason.

    Cawil Sugule what u talking about khaatumo state is fully recognised by central somali goverment . and the mister who wrote the fake later that khaatumo are not qualified as state was fired few days ago..

  38. karash says:

    amal we know what war is we have been fighting the british for 20 yrs maybe its ur term to learn what realy is..loool

  39. amal says:

    Ok laughing boy karash, you and ur militia need a little karbaash. I'm sure you will then lose that smug off your face. Adigu isga qosol qosol inaabti, waa in gaal ama muslim miduun la idunku daraa

  40. Cawil Sugule says:

    @ karash. I can see you are sweeping the truth under carpet and you seem to be good at peddling falsehood but all the same let me remind you that even your immediate brother Majeerten has rejected and denounce khatumo seeg. Sh. Sharif initially approved your wild ambitions but later on he categorically revoked and humiliated khatumo seeg by saying it does not fit to be an autonomous state. Your dream is not achievable and is pure waste of time. Mogadishu has nothing to offer, it is a failed capital city of a failed state so add yourself there and the equation becomes super failure. I'm well aware of dhulos raising funds wherever they are inorder to buy ammunitions and sustain Ssc, why can't you guys raise money to build schools? You are only subjecting your people to more hardship than good. Galaydh lacks wisdom and vision, so come back to your senses and refuse to be led by someone incompetent whose agenda is to destroy lives. Smart dhulos who know what peace and development is, are working with Somaliland but it unfortunate that the diaspora ones are so ignorant,short sighted and hell bent out to destroy poor ones. So bro stop misusing and tossing your people left,right,centre. Truth be told.

  41. karash says:

    @cawil u guys are the only one whos dying for no reason and creating hate between dad walalo ah… we defending our land and somali unity.. if u dont want be part of somalia fine then move to zimbawe but hargaysa and lasnood will always be part of somalia… plus we dont need mjs help we dhulos can handle this and shiekh shariif fully recognised khaatumo and fired the mister who wrote fake later…the days hiding behind british somaliland territory is over..

    amal anabti let me see what ur president can do believe me that will make us unite more and more

    • inayuusuf says:

      @ karash. You repeatedly kept saying the minister who issued the humiliating "rejection letter" was fired. But you are fooling yourself at the best. It was Abbdil Weli who really rejected you in issued the letter but as usual behind the scene. Typical malicious (but in this case friend of SLand) Majert**n behavior. It’s clear to everyone, they don’t want you to share the quota for Dar**d in the upcoming parliament and the ensuing non-TFG. So what business Kastuumo is doing really and what vision they have for Dhulos? Please comment.
      We are offering you to stay in the resourceful country and share our resources while your kin is rejecting you because you reside in a resource-barren region that offers nothing except delusional pride.
      Somaliland is building you schools and universities whilst you are bent on killing your people and leading your own region to destruction and developmental retardation.
      Let me offer you this brotherly and sincere advise before it’s too late…come to your sense and let us build our shared and beloved country and help our people who are below the poverty line.

  42. karash says:

    too bad ur president doesnt know that war is not the answer and there can never be peace as long as guns are still loaded loool tomorrow we will hear war break out in ceergabo…

    • Gobaad says:

      karash, nabad over gun, ciddaad wax ka qaadaan hala arko. Ninkii soo joog laga waayo, soo jiif baa laga helaa. Bring it on! Let us see whose demise this war is going to be.

  43. Cawil Sugule says:

    Galaydh had one thing in mind when he hijacked taleh meeting and that was, to create a state, then draft aid proposals which in turn will be submitted to NGO's & UN to solicit funds. Khatumo seeg concept revolved around greed and dissatifaction. Having looted the public coffers when he was a minister of former dictatorial regime and subsequent TFG, galaydh amassed considerable wealth. A tainted and corrupt galaydh is trying to make in roads but unfortunately his past can not easily erode. His khatumo cash project has failed miserably.

  44. osman5 says:


    Gobad is right there's no such a state called Khatumo within Somalilad, it's all in your head. You have to get grip on yourself and realize the facts. Somaliand isn't fighting against it's own people actually it's the other way around.
    A hand full of outlaw groups are using the locals in Khatumo and Buhodle not only to get a popularity but also to have a sustainable income. As long as a civil disturbance continues in somaliand this group will thrive because that's how they generate their revenue. if somaliand of government gets a bit decisive and stops them quickly they'll vanish in the thin air in few weeks, they probably would starve to death.

    Let's face it , if this Khatumo commotion ends and they can't come back to their welfare life in North America what other options do you think they would have? zero!. That's why they want your sympathy as well as you money to survive.

    Thus, to be honest with you, this group is already in trouble so, don't let them drag you into the mess they've created for themselves. As I said before SSC malitia group is wanted in Canada and U.S.A. they're under very careful watch. You can inform your fiends and relatives as well how much trouble those guys are in…

    Osman Qaal

  45. karash says:

    he knows somalia will never be devided so he just seeking revange of what siyyad barre did to hargaysa and burco loool me myself half reer burco.. so whatever happens is gona be lose lose situation…

  46. karash says:

    i have nothing to say live in dreams theres two things u should know. khaatumo will succeed without any doubt and somalia will never be devided… and i dont blame u, ur people have been brainwashing u for last 20 yrs..khaatumo is ur wake up call…

  47. karash says:

    i have nothing to say live in ur dreams theres two things u should know. khaatumo will succeed without any doubt and somalia will never be devided… and i dont blame u, ur people have been brainwashing u for last 20 yrs..khaatumo is ur wake up call..

  48. m.ali says:

    @ Karash, you have been writing articles without any facts. One thing you nned to know all anti Somaliland is the decision by the International community was clear, Somali government was told to have an election and elect a government by August this year. Once they form the government then they will have to sit down to talk to Somaliland. The international community knows Somaliland and Somalia. That was the conference resolution attended by 50 countries including UN. The President of Somaliland was invited to attend the conference on Somalia. He participated like many other leaders. Nothing was discussed about Puntland or Galmudug or even the dereamless state of Khatumo. The militia thinks that they can defeat Somaliland Army that is wishful thinking. When you comments you need to have facts and not mere talks like the other Somali Wen who have become a failed state. Somaliland borders willl never change, and we will not allow a tribal states. Every Somaliland citizens have the right to live anywhere in Somal;iland. There are lot of Dulbahantes living in Hargeisa who are loyal to the government. Again there is inter marriage between diffrent tribes. Stop fooling yourself, there is no khatumo state but only Somaliland. God bless Somaliland

  49. osman5 says:

    You can stay that way if you wish nothing I can do about it but I hate to see it though an educated individual like you is being brainwashed by a bunch of outlaws.

    Somaliland's declaration as an independent nation including Khadumo and Buhodle in 21 years ago did come by an accident. We'll do whatever takes to keep it that way.

    Osman qaal

    • saalax ali says:

      Well historty will repeat it self cuase
      people have short memory,NO one can keep
      other people wishes you need to understand That,forget british border marcation cuase british They do where ever They been on This planet,so it’s not relevant,khaatumo They will have Their state by not asking any one,The real war starts now.

  50. Cawil Sugule says:

    @ karash for the sake of argument suppose we let you off the hook and join somali, what would you take to sharif's table? It pains me to see you humiliated and degraded despite falling in love with somalia. Your presence or absence is not felt by sharif, you are not accorded any special treatment despite being Somaliland rebel (which i guess you guys thought will give you some credit or leverage), you are always considered as an intruder and above all you are under the mercy of sharif because you are uninvited guest. What a pity ??? What a shame??? Khatumo is a classical example of a kid being warned by his father not to play with fire for it will burn???? Not just burn but leaves behind huge scars. Watch out and be careful of what you wish for??

    • saalax ali says:

      You did not get The point,it has nothing
      to do with sharifow or TFG or naso hablod addmin READ LIPS OF KHATUMO STATE
      khaatumo want self rule semi autonomous
      within somali states,They will get There by any means necessary,They have enough population to run Their regions.
      so forget The scenarios in your mind if This if That happen.

  51. puntland warrior says:

    since january somaliland forces lost almost 300 hundred men, for what? at least Khadumo folks are dying for a good cause.

    • Gobaad says:

      puntland warrior, hmm … 300 men lost, first of all that is a joke and over exaggerated! And the Khaatumo folks are not dying for cause, they are blind id**ts being used and pushed to take up arms by interest group like so-called Khaamto terrorists and tribal affiliated, pirates, human traffickers like Puntland who are using innocent people to kill and be killed in the name of qabiil.

      • saalax ali says:

        @Gobaad or Go,doon.
        folk’s in khaatumo They are dying on Their soil,how about people from naso hablood addmin well They are dying for NOTHING zero,accept small dream That They been having for The last 20 years which was “recognition which it’s not in sight”,well terrorist is when some one try to steal someone Their land That
        what i call terrorist,well tribesim originated from naso hablood addminTHhat
        is The fact.

        • Gobaad says:

          saalax ali, the terrorists of Khaatumo seeg are dying because of a sheer stupidity and for self-interest, taking with them innocent people and Somaliland will do everything in their power to defend its territorial integrity and its citzens from any type of aggression against its border no matter who is behind it.

          • saalax says:

            Gobaad,what border you mean english made
            border remember That was demolish by The
            international community including The british,… your having dementia,people in These regions They are defending Their land, aggression is when someone attacks not defending,if naso hablood Think This war will confine in These areas They are making grave mistake it will spread all over somali north,some people are walking long distance all The
            way from howd in ethopia to join of course khatumo side,time will tell, if The soil belongs to you no one can stop you This’s what khatumo state doing.

  52. osman5 says:

    Somaliand has never lost 300 soldiers stop lying to yourself. You're probably trying to be smart by picking up a number out of the blue so you'd know how many men and women in uniform are in the area. remember we're Somalilanders and you're a Somali, got my drift?

    I don't know if you could recall it but all our educators and intellectuals were transferred to Somalia in the early 1960's to educate you guys so you could catch up to us. We're still way, way ahead of you.

    Osman Qaal

  53. karash says:

    its time u see our bad side. plus we happen to be the bridge between former british somaliland and italian somaliland and only us can devide somalia no body else.. is about what we want and what rest of somalis want… majority rules..

    puntland worrier oh is more than 300 is about 600 i can show the evidence.. loool not that am glad somali people dying for no reason but i just dont get what are they fighting for.

  54. karash says:

    now tell me guys…. are u gona deal with us for the next coming centuries or u gona go to the world begging for recognition telling people how peacefull the region is … loool

    little bit of history do u guys know how long we been fighting against the British 20 yrs and we were the first african state ever used airplanes.. i mean if we are so weak then Britain wouldnt be using airplanes to crash Talex… u dont know what u getting into urselves … watch out the game is just beginning

    • saalax ali says:

      @bro karash
      Whey you were fighting The british They were wipping british asses,my friend This’s your land keep fighting until last drop of your blood,The whole world
      knows What’s happening in This regions..
      Khamuto is here to stay”new revolution”

  55. puntland warrior says:

    sxb knowing the fact that somaliland doesn't even exist, those somaliland soldiers should think pretty hard before they reach their coffin, they should ask themselves questions like what are we dying for? is it worth? etc.

  56. osman5 says:

    We're not playing games with you we see as a child who wants to be with foster parents instead of his own parents..

    Osman Qaal

  57. Gobaad says:

    osman5, harash is a child like. I don't believe he knows anything about the history of Somaliland or Somalia for that matter, or even what is currently happening and that they are playing with. Besides, he is not up to the debate, he just one of these wailers and hecklers mixing apples and oranges to derail the flow of the discussion. Ignore him and the likes.

  58. karash says:

    puntland warrior lool I couldn't have said it better myself , isnt like somalia will ever gona devide,, over my dead body.. let em dream all they want soon kids will know that santa doesnt exist

    Gobad what history?? north somalia has no history other than greate darwiish history..

    • saalax ali says:

      @bro karash

      Keep fighting REMEMEBER This’s your land
      it does not belong to naso hablood addmi
      or Puntland,if needed we will send reinforcement you should start The fight
      long time,you should go There & crash some of These lose animals,i could see your name is karash.

  59. mohamed cheers says:

    SScd vs Khaatumo Seeg

  60. furqaan says:

    Sacred to death the manager of this site,they stop all comments that will till the truths.

  61. inayuusuf says:

    @karash others,
    regardless of the false numbers you have quoted, what cause are Glay dh loyalists dying for? Their real motive is revolving, as you alluded to, on nullifying the piece that had been prevalent in the Somaliland since 21 years and thus denying Somaliland from securing recognition. Don’t you know that the world of politics is far from logic and goodwill but based on strategic interests? For your info the “piece and democracy” issue is our overt message but we do have hidden deals.
    In any sense, bushing your people to a war, if you are cognizant of what consequences a war will have on livelihood of your people and development of your region, for the sake of showing the world that Somaliland is not peaceful is an unwarranted absurd.
    And that is the very reason Somaliland Army is determined to get those misled Buuh**dle inhabitants back to their sense. After all, they are Somalilanders and the army is responsible for protecting them.

  62. inayuusuf says:

    @karash others,
    regardless of the false numbers you have quoted, what cause are Glay dh loyalists dying for? Their real motive is revolving, as you alluded to, on nullifying the piece that had been prevalent in the Somaliland since 21 years and thus denying Somaliland from securing recognition. Don’t you know that the world of politics is far from logic and goodwill but based on strategic interests? For your info the “piece and democracy” issue is our overt message but we do have hidden deals.
    In any sense, bushing your people to a war, if you are cognizant of what consequences a war will have on livelihood of your people and development of your region, for the sake of showing the world that Somaliland is not peaceful is an unwarranted absur d.
    And that is the very reason Somaliland Army is determined to get those misled Buuh**dle inhabitants back to their sense. After all, they are Somalilanders and the army is responsible for protecting them.

  63. inayuusuf says:

    My apology for double posting. it was no intended.

  64. puntland warrior says:


    if you care bout somaliland that much then why don't go there & participate the war. but i guess you dnt want that, cuz life is important to you. you rather want to sit in ur western comfort house & send theses poor orphans from hargeisa to their coffins.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Puntland falls under the jurisdiction of Somalia…Puntland is secessionist and de facto of
      Somalia…stop meddling with the internal integral affairs of Somaliland. What's happening
      inside Somaliland International borders is entirely internal affairs for the Govt of SLD to deal with
      without outside flagrant interferences!. That said, the troubled SL Regions by Khaatumo
      SEEG spearheaded by the fugitive Ali Khalif Galayr and his followers are badly battered and on the run.
      There's no way they stand a chance to destablize Somaliland and get away with it.

  65. somaliland youth party says:

    Only the next step is to takeover buuhoodle and force them to surrender and to inssure our country’s safety we should kick off oromo and other etopians citizens

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