Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Somaliland army overpowers surprise attack from militia

LAS ANOD — Heavy fighting between Somaliland troops and a tribal militia broke out early Wednesday morning in the village of Sool-Joogto in Buhoodle region, near the Ethiopian border.

The battle erupted after tribal militia loyal to Somalia’s former Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr, backed by Ethiopia’s Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebel members launched pre-dawn assault on Somaliland military base in the outskirts of Buhoodle town.

Eyewitnesses said the fighting was the heaviest yet in the region and many residents were fleeing from Buhoodle town and the surrounding villages.

The exact number of people injured or killed in the fresh battle is not yet known however Somaliland’s minister of defense Ahmed Hajji Ali Adami said the army killed 20 militants, captured 40 fighters and confiscated 4 battle-wagons. He noted that the Somaliland forces lost at least six soldiers and over ten sustained various injuries.

Eyewitness accounts in the area said that Somaliland army captured as many as 120 fighters from the tribal militia and added 14 were wounded from Somaliland troops.

The latest clash comes day after Ethiopia expelled Ali Khalif Galayr from Addis Ababa where he fled to two weeks ago. It was reported that Ethiopian police stormed a hotel in the Ethiopian capital where Ali Khalif was staying with some of his senior supporters. They added he was forced out of Ethiopia and its not clear where he departed to.

The expulsion follows after President Silanyo met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in which he forwarded his security concerns regarding Ali Khalif and his tribal militia.

PM Zenawi promised he will assist Somaliland in regards to this matter and made it clear his country would not host such group who could destabilize the entire region. President Silanyo welcomed Ethiopia’s commitment to security and reaffirmed that Somaliland was a friend.

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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012

  • Omer Hussein Dualeh

    The army must not retreat anymore, until they finish this thugs all way to their den inside Ethiopia. We have the right to go to wherever they have their base. It's out right to go after these terrorist until we finish it.

    Our President must tell Ethiopians, that you will not rest in Addis Ababa, and we fight with those your 5th Province supporting these thugs.

    • liban
    • Daljirka

      Omer, let me guess, you live in abroad?

      You sound misinformed and disconnected from reality, either by your intent or because of Somaliland websites that write fabricated stories, exaggerated sense of importance, millitary and governmental jargon that convey a real powerful country.

      Here, you are just a victim of your illusion.

  • Khalid

    Enough is enough we must deal with this, if reer Buhoodle wants to fight then let it be.
    As we have seen from Mogadishu no one will win an all out war and it will not be in Hargeisa but Buhoodle where the fighting will take place.

  • AhmedY

    Somaliland has been trying to bring a peaceful solution to this issue for a long time but if these terrorists do not understand that then they have to be dealt with decisively once and for all. Crush them.

    • Daljirka

      There we go again, bluffing until their eyeballs pop out.

      • Abdi

        Are you really so eager for fighting to take place inside your towns? Do you think restraint is a bluff?

        • Daljirka

          No, I am against all fighting unless it is self-defense.

          But, can you explain why would you come to my town to fight in the first place,? You admitted it is my town.

          you need to bring some sense into your mind..think about it.

  • SLWadani

    the buuhoodle militias who are terrorist and tribal maniacs will be whipped out completely, inshalah all the mischieve in land will be cleared.

    • Daljirka

      Now you sound like Ahmedinajad and the Mullahs of Iran. However, the big difference is, you do not have a country.

  • sool

    tell the true we r not kids. what? onlf and alshabab lol

    • SLWadani

      onlf and shabaab or buhoodle militias it don't matter who it is they going get kilt in the long-run.

    • Abdi

      Last I checked Saado Ali and the so-called 'SSC' were helping to raise funds for the ONLF and vis versa so it is very believable they would fight together.

  • Ahmed

    This Report is False men should fight as a man but not lie to the public…. you know who is fighting with you.

    • kaboon

      men should fight man, what the hell is wronge with your english..

  • Khalid

    Any legitimate news report has to have some truth in it even if its piased, whats wrong with Somalilandpress? The article has poor grammar and lacks the truth, Alshabaab and ONLF has nothing to do with whats happening at Buhoodle, SSC rebels are fighting Somaliland army and the army has been unable or unwilling to take over Buhoodle and end the conflict once and for all, my brothers lets not blame others that has nothing to do with this conflict.

    • Mohamed

      Oh Dear Dervish remnants!
      From now onwards no more of Stick and Carrot Policy of S/L but what's left for S/L is only Preemptive measures to carry on to your senders of Envious thugs of all.
      Somalis as whole are divided in lines of : Talo-ku-nool, Tumis-ku-nool and Tute-ku-nool. what remained in the region is only the Talo-ku-nool and you can join'em if you can defeat'em. Time has come and you are all loosing in every corner of the land, from Kismayo to Tukaraq.

  • Dhugtame

    The Bottom line is Khatumoseeg are terrorist group and they must all be treated as terrorists. Puntland, ONLF, Al-shabaab and others are all involved in this and the Somaliland patience is running thin.

    The USA , UK and other countries must take steps in stopping funds coming to Khatumo group from their countries and must bring to justice all those who support this terrorist groups.

    Terrorism is trying to achieve political ends through the acts of violence and that is what Khatumo and its allies are doing.

    The Somaliland government must understand that it can not fight with its hands on its back, they must deal with Khatumo and the other groups strongly and without mercy both in the war front and equally in the diplomatic front.

    The USA must bring Ali Khalif and other USA citizens involved in this crime to justice on terrorism charges.

    • Daljirka

      Your name should be DHUGMALEH

      Puntland ONLF and Alshabab?

      How do you connect those three, for god's sake, explain it. Dhugtame, you have no brain.

      • Hmmm

        I think I just found me a new hero on this hate filled site!

  • Mohamed

    Buhoodleh is about to be wiped out, no more hideout you bloody coward, cause you asked for and here what is now Buhoodle is ghost town. In Buhoodleh time in this near Duhur Prayer no one is there. You dont need to believe anybody all you have to do is call and no response at all. I just did. Nada!

  • Yusuf

    We all need to come to our sense. Those who are dying on both sides are our boys. We must try our best to bring this to an end as soon as possible. The people who instigated this hostilities in our peaceful country must be brought to justice. Ali Khalif and his group are responsible for all the human lives lost in this unnecessary war, they must be held accountable and must be extradited to Somaliland.

    • Seedigaa

      Why would anyone in their right state of mind, agree to extradite someome to a tribal enclave?
      Come of it now & give it a bloody rest.

      We all know the core issues at hand in North-West of Somalia.

      • Reality

        The core issues are in the failed Somalia and you are trying to hide the issues by taking it out on Somaliland. You're envy, false pride, greed, putrid soul consumes thee to the point you're logical, practical, control, concious and guilt is drowned out.

        The only point you should be considering is one simple one. No Somali let alone a muslim should be finding any reasons to kill another. When you can help it by having imaan, patience, taqwaa and walk away. No point is good enough to harrass other who offered peace. Straight up.

        • Ganas

          That was an honest answer@reality I just hope these folks heard what you had to say

        • Seedigaa

          We are all entitiled to our opinions, however, I am not here to disrespect anyone.

          I can honestly say I am not envy of what the people of SL have achieved, if anything, I am proud of them.

          But man, you just can not force someone based on some borders the british have left behind a century ago…

          If the people of Buuholde agree to be part of the hargeysa administration, thats their call…but you and I both know they dont…so why force the issue?

          of all people, you folks should know what it feels like to be forced to belong to a entity you dont wish to be part of….

          and please spare me the Muxaadaro, there are people who have stated a lot more negative comments than I have, I dont see you preaching them!

  • sool

    when somaliland was defeated in battle they went to cry to the and guess what xashab dont care anymore.

    • soldier

      first off all somaliland and ethiopia are freinds so if a freind helps a friend there is nothing wrong by doin that secendly somaliland do not want to destroy it's own country buuhoodle is in somaliland and the population off buuhoodle are all somalilanders accept a few men who are send from somewere else our army will allways look after buuhoodle people as much as they look after hargaysa burco barbara e.t.c and they will do so as long as it takes. dont forget S.N.M took victory over mohamed Siyaad Bare.

  • garadag40

    it is time for somaliland army to finish this militias once and for all. mr president has to understand that these people do not want peace,so let be war then.
    dear somalilanders it is not enough to talk it is time we support our army .let us start now.

  • bilan

    These Khatumaseeg people are ready for war because they can't stay in peace for few years let them taste the war and the drought and go to hell.

    • sool

      check the news and see how ur army is losing saxeeeb.

  • ComeAgain

    How many times have I told you people we need to settle this once and for all. Playing nice with these people and thinking that they will treat you as a brother is like thinking that siyad barre wouldnt sell his own mother to keep power.

    Once and for all! Money and Life! GO TIME!

  • Geedi

    Man the Somaliland Militia is like Mo Farah they all run the 10000 men hurdle !

  • Ali Dhuux

    I would like the Khatumo supporter to stop and reflect on this for a second:

    The people in Buuhoodle were living in peace before the arrival of Ali Khalif and his enrage in Taleex. They ignited hatred and ran for their lives. My question is, was it worthy to lose the lives of their love ones for the sake of Ali Khalif and cohorts. Look what is going on, Ali Khalif and his gang fled the region and all they left behind is death and distraction, are we stupid enough to lose everything for the sake of people who will run away, when the real truth is faced? We have wasted more than 30 years people who didn't have our interest at heart from Siyaad Barre to Ali Khalif, what did we gain from this? Look at Awdal region, look what they have achieved in just two decades. Let us just act as humans for once and not act as primates.

    • ABdi

      Runta sheeg

  • Shukri

    Buuhoodle Bilaa caqli they like going backwards where the rest of the world like going forward.

    • soldier

      tru said shukri

  • Gobaad

    Somaliland has to go after Ali Khalif and cohorts wherever they go and bring them to justice. Departing them somewhere is not the answer. Ethiopian should have handed them over to Somaliland.

  • Ceelaabe

    I dont know what is wrong with S/L Press.I Have been reading your articles/news items.But it has now become clear for everbody that your are very bised in your publication.That is because u ONLY publish items that are in support of your Isaaq tribe dominated Somaliland.Your dont promote healthy debate and discussions of readers.Instead,you encourage dictatorship,tribalism and civil war.
    As for this article,it just another piece of S/L propaganda telling lies to the world that S/L is fighting terrorist Militias such as Alshabab,ONLF and so forth.Please stop these kind of falsehood.

    • Abdi

      So called Khatumo raises money with ONLF supporters in America, there are videos all over youtube, is that fabricated too?

      • Daljirka

        give us the link of the videos so we can verify your claim. please!

  • HMObsiye

    The so called NSPU thugs, with their few supporters in Buhoodle have decided to wage a war against the peace-loving people of Somaliland. They want the world to think they are being massacred by Issak clan. They will continue this war, as long as they can hold on to make Somaliland look bad in the eyes of the world.
    As long this terror groups, the SSC, the Alshabab and the ONLF are allowed to roam around with their weapons in Somaliland territory, these thugs, will not stop their war against Somaliland. Somaliland government and people have shows restraint and stretched the hand of peace on many occasions to no positive response from this thugs. In my opinion, the only option now left for Somaliland is total war with this terror group until they are out of Somaliland territory

  • abdi

    Let me repeat one more time As long as Buuhoodle city is under the control of terrorist groups like ONF/SSC/Khatumoseeg/Alshabab,, somaliland will be under a real threat ,,, we will hear many surprise attacks from these militia,,

    • Yuusuf

      Abdi Buuhoodle is not a city not even a town it's a tuulo in the jungle (hawd) on the border between Somaliland and Ethopia.

  • hassan

    waa Yaab! aad iyo aad Yaab! War Qoyskii Somaliyeed ee Qoyskale Weeraraaba maxuu ONLF U eedeeyaan?? tooloow ma Ethiopia wax kaga helbaa u jeedadu mise waa Ogaaden Nacayb? waxkasta ooy tahayba Ethiopia knows whos fighting among.

  • Gacayte12

    Darod is the enemy of Somaliland !

  • Mohammud

    I sincerely I cannot understand how low Somaliland Press can stoop to paint a bad picture of Somaliland's adversaries. I'm completely flabbergasted by the you ply your reporting. I cannot stand the level of your mediocrity and lies that you are peddling. You seriously need to do better.

    • aw faarax

      What a dump lies ,I have never seen such unfounded allegations, if you can defeat that small village and few young men around buuhoolle why do you calling the mighty onlf. Habarti dhali wayday aleelo ku waalatay.

      • Abdi

        What negatives would those be? The fact that a tribal militia has decided to fight and bring death where yesterday there was peace

  • Abdi123

    Good news: All those attending the up coming Khatumoseeg fund raising in London will be closely monitored and may be charged with terrorism.

    • M H Dirie

      Naive comments.

      • Abdi123

        Well, well, it is your choice , if you don't believe me go there and make a big donations to the terrorists.

  • Ali Sharif

    Ethiopia has proptected the people of Somaliland from 1981 to 1991 from the dictatorship of Siyad Bare
    and supported it to bring peace and stability in our state. We will never allow our country to become
    the philistine of East Africa . Nolf , Puntland and other groups from Kenya will not be able to create
    a rift between Ethopia and Somaliland . Please stop the old fashioned politics

    • Daljirka

      Ali, you need a recent history lesson. The current Ethiopian PM was in Mogadishu during the years you mentioned sipping tea with your enemy Siyad Barre. Ethiopians are smart, they know that in the long term, Somalia is where its interest lies, not this unrecognized enclave.

  • Daljirka

    Here is what does not make sense about this rubbish article.

    it alleges that ONLF is partaking in this war, when Ali Khalif was invited in Jigjiga by the president of the Killil5 few days ago and he was also in Addis Ababa. Therefore, that allegation is completely absurd and laughable. But, honestly what do you expect from this website other than fabrications and pandering to Ethiopia.

    And the gossip that Ali Khalif is deported from Ethiopia is equally farce. There is no evidence of that anywhere, I understand Somaliland websites reported that he was in jail, that was false too.

  • zac

    Somali land press. please call this terrorist what they are instead of calling them "tribal militia" We all know what they are and the group of terrorist they are associated with i.e. Al shabab, al qaida and onlf. This are terrorist who want to distabilise the horn of africa. If you call them tribal militia you are doing them a favor.

    • Daljirka

      wow, smart, now go back to your cave.

      • Abdi

        Daljirka, What cave do you live in? Your advocating for tribalism in the 21st century!

  • Ahmed

    I sincerely feel that this militia group must be dealt with seriously. We undermining them. It is time to upgrade our security strategy. Why not take over the Buuhoodle, the source of all this nonsense and violent Militia . Why are watching them commit such crimes time after time.

  • Abraham

    I feel sorry for the people of Buuhoodle and Taleex who were fooled by a gang of warlords whose families are living a peaceful, luxurious life in the West to go into unnecessary war with their fellow Somalilanders and put the lives and future of their children in jeopardy. Shame on them.

  • Allemagan

    Man, how many times can one man be imprisoned or expelled? SomalilandPress and other pro-Somaliland media have been reporting one version or another of Ali Khalif Galaydh being imprisoned or expelled by Ethiopia or by other entity for the last two weeks. Reporting must be objective, verifiable and informative. A reporter is required not to write what they would like to have happened but must also be able to slant their story both ways to show impartiality.

  • Jasmine

    Yeah ,at first i thought that that kind of war the killer and the one who get killed in it will go to Hell but now it matter of self defence

    • Daljirka

      You are wrong!

      Actually, it is the other way around. The people of Buuhoodle and Sooljoogto are defending their homes, families, territory and property. Do not pervert your faith in order to justify aggression and condone terror.

      How can armed men from Hargiesa, Buruo and as far as Berbera claim self-defence while those who resisting them are in their homes and traditional territory?

      You need to learn your faith, so you do not repeat these absurd comments.

      • garadag40

        those fighting came from not only people from buuhoodle. they are melitias from almost all daarood tribes

        • Daljirka

          Ok, so this a new propaganda?

          It use to be " they are delusional youngsters" and then they morphed into Eritrea agents before they veered back to ONLF, and then strangely the propaganda took a surprising turn into " they are Alshabaab fighters, Puntland fighting side by side.

          Honestly, Somaliland media should have one coherent explanation, because it is laughable allegation.

  • Abdi

    What about your tribal leaders who decided to start all this non-sense with people who were living side by side yesterday, do you not have any criticism for them? or are they holyer than thou?

  • Daljirka

    if you not suffering from amnesia this has started now. It has started with the occupation of Las Anod.

    Then came the Kalshaale provocations that resulted few skirmishes.

    people can live side by side, it has been that way for centuries, what is new now is the fact Somaliland wants to subjugate and force the people of SSC against their will in order to gain recognition.

    That violated living side by side peacefully.

  • Daljirka

    If I am banned from making a good debate here, I say Adios to the same flocks of birds singing the same tune, out of touch with reality and that their are eagles and snakes.

    so, if your cousins ban me here, one advice I give you is, ,,KEEP UP PLAYING THE KUMBAYA, if that does not happen (I will be surprised), I will point to the inaccuracies, fallacies, and speak my mind honesly.

  • Dirane

    Guys, don’t rush to the end result, it is going to happen soon, but we have to show the world that we are for peace and are under attack from armed gangs from all over Somalia and Kililka 5aad.

    When time is right, we will with them and they will find no sympathy from anywhere, that is going to be outcome of Mr Galaydh’s miscalculated mission.

  • Darwiish

    The people getting crushed is your forces.

  • Berri

    This website is always hiding the quality and national oriented articles, locking them in their emails to use them for self references and publishes somalia associated publications and bias media.

  • Haykal1


  • Daljirka1


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