Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2012

BBC: Live from Somaliland

HARGEISA — The presenter of BBC’s popular World Update, Dan Damon and BBC Africa Editor Mary Harper were this week in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, to present World Have Your Say (WHYS) programme at the university of Hargeisa (UoH).

Broadcasted over 200 FM stations across the United States, East Africa and the Middle East, the programme focuses on business, technology and stories that are making news. In addition World Update presents in-depth information and analysis of international issues by speaking to experts and ordinary people to hear first hand accounts.

Dan and Mary were joined by their Somali colleagues, BBC Somali correspondent (Hargeisa), Mr. Ahmed Said Egeh and Mr. Abdulrisak Hajji Mohamed Sirad as well as students from UoH.

The programme was broadcasted live from Hargeisa’s FM radio waves on Thursday from 1 PM to 2 PM and drew large audience across the country as well as internationally which saw many Somali expatriates have their say. Here in Hargeisa, those who took part included the CEO of Dahabshiil Company, the largest remittance company in Africa, Mr. Abdulrashid Mohamed Said Duale and four students.

Muna Mohamed, a bio-chemistry student from UoH, told Mr. Damon that there was a hope for her to find a career in Somaliland in the medical industry once she graduates. Other students also expressed optimism while others indicated they would go abroad to further their education.

Mr. Damon and the BBC team explored and traveled around Hargeisa by foot without any armed escorts and later met with President Ahmed Silanyo for an interview. While in downtown, he took pictures and talked to money exchangers often stacking piles of cash in wheelbarrows. At one point he asked: “Are you not worried someone will steal it?” “Not here, we trust everyone,” the money exchanger replied.

You can listen to part of the programme below.

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Photo: World Update are in Somaliland – and their presenter Dan Damon present World Have Your Say at a university in Hargeisa.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

  • Joe

    Excellent programme thanks BBC and Dan Damon, very much enjoyed the views of our intelligent students. As you can all see we might not be regarded as a country but we are far more intelligent than those regarded as a country like "Somalia".

    Just listen to our students. All we need is access to loans to develop the infrastructure of this country and it will be fantastic country to live and visit.

    We hope the British government takes note and reconsiders its view on Somaliland and gives Somaliland a better platform for the upcoming conference.

    If this was Mogadishu, the British gov would now be worried about paying ransom for Dan Damon and Mary Harper.

  • Joe

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    • kaboon


  • Boqoljireh

    It is a good program, but the only thing I did not like it was the interview Dan Damon gave to Mr. Yussuf Garad of BBC, who is anti Somaliland. He said the AU is not allowing the colonel boundaries to be changed, while forgetting that the Somaliland has not changed anything, and is within that colonial boundary.

    He is against Somaliland from the day he started working BBC, and this kind of person should not be given chance to comment about Somaliland while such program is aired from Hargeisa. He is someone who always try to discourage international community to understand my country. He is the enemy number one of Somaliland.

  • Muluc

    Yussuf Garad is former warlord who killed many people in Galkaayo, its well known fact.

  • misslovely

    nin cadi war la'aa yaa u sheega inuu maydkii reer somaliland isdhaafayo ilaa bohoodle ilaa burco

    • garadag40

      waxaad doonaysaan waad heli doontaan insha allahu. weli dhulbaahante qaarkood waxaa ku jira qabyaalad ay eedi doonaan bi idni laah. dear misslovely move on try to build your homes instead of showing hate toward people who want better live for everyone in somaliland.

  • mohumed

    This is forum for exchanging healthy debate but we are not here for getting war mongering and rumors as well flying information that no one can confirm. what we are after is to have clean stomachs full of piety .
    that is why Somalilandpress provided this forum. I think you don't belong to this group and that you are lost in the jungle please I will advise that if you are travelling at night carry big bright torch.

  • mohumed

    Somaliland is not turning its back and will not listen to those barking dogs that are shouting at the top of there voice and we are for peace, stability and prosperity. that is what we are busy with.
    we have put the past behind us and said time and again that we must move forward in order to do the necessary progress for our beloved nation no matter what Challenges we are faced with but a determination of educating lifes, providing shelter and provision to our citizens and leave legacy for our upcoming generations. that is what we stand. hate it or love it.



  • luminous boy

    I really surprised wht the people are talking about!you are using somalia's indentitdy card then u r cheating on your ownselves,ablind someone can also see wht u r talking abt on the media it's better to be a shamed u guys!

  • anisa

    Why are somalilanders who appose independence not allowed to express their views?. Why are they arrested?.

  • Cabdi

    Ma soomaalinimo? mise wax uu yidhi nin cadi?
    *Hdaay tahay soomaalinimo dad iyo diin baa inagadhaxaaysa kuligeen
    *Hadaay tahay wax uu yidhi nin cadiy wax wee ye googeeyn ta aay doonayaan in aay googooyaan dhulka soomaalida.imikana kuuma naxariisanayaan horena inoo gu maay naxariisanjirin

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