HARGEISA –  Somaliland Auditor General Mr. Mohamoud Aw Abdi Ibrahim better known as ‘Dheere’ is set to submit today the outcome of an investigation launched into the Water and Mineral Resources Ministry. The President of Somaliland ordered the auditor to launch an investigation after a rift broke out between the Finance Minister and Mining and Energy Minister over revenues received by the Mining ministry.

According to reliable information that Somalilandpress gathered confirmed that the disagreement came about on 15th December, when Somaliland Council of Ministers held their weekly meeting on Thursday. Somaliland Finance Minister handed in to the President accusations of money embezzled levelled against Mining and Energy minister Mr. Hussien Abdi Du’ale over mining deals that his ministry had signed with International companies.

The Auditor began his search on 11th December and the investigation took four weeks to accomplish. On 22nd December the Finance Minister repeated his allegations against the Minister of Mining and Energy but the President said that he would base his decisions on the Auditor’s findings. President Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo held lengthy meeting with his Mining and Energy Minister Mr. Husein Abdi Du’ale at the Presidential Palace today and the two sides discussed on the differences with the Finance Minister. Reliable sources further told Somalilandpress that Water and Mineral Resources Minister argued that he reserves the right to manage the agreements his ministry signed with foreign firms. On the other hand, the President ordered the Minister to transfer the sum of money estimated to be $500,000  to government account in order the dispute to be brought to an end. The dispute has highlighted ongoing concerns over transparency and procurement contracts.