Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2011

SOMALILAND: Attempt to resolve ‘missing money’ dispute

HARGEISA –  Somaliland Auditor General Mr. Mohamoud Aw Abdi Ibrahim better known as ‘Dheere’ is set to submit today the outcome of an investigation launched into the Water and Mineral Resources Ministry. The President of Somaliland ordered the auditor to launch an investigation after a rift broke out between the Finance Minister and Mining and Energy Minister over revenues received by the Mining ministry.

According to reliable information that Somalilandpress gathered confirmed that the disagreement came about on 15th December, when Somaliland Council of Ministers held their weekly meeting on Thursday. Somaliland Finance Minister handed in to the President accusations of money embezzled levelled against Mining and Energy minister Mr. Hussien Abdi Du’ale over mining deals that his ministry had signed with International companies.

The Auditor began his search on 11th December and the investigation took four weeks to accomplish. On 22nd December the Finance Minister repeated his allegations against the Minister of Mining and Energy but the President said that he would base his decisions on the Auditor’s findings. President Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo held lengthy meeting with his Mining and Energy Minister Mr. Husein Abdi Du’ale at the Presidential Palace today and the two sides discussed on the differences with the Finance Minister. Reliable sources further told Somalilandpress that Water and Mineral Resources Minister argued that he reserves the right to manage the agreements his ministry signed with foreign firms. On the other hand, the President ordered the Minister to transfer the sum of money estimated to be $500,000  to government account in order the dispute to be brought to an end. The dispute has highlighted ongoing concerns over transparency and procurement contracts.


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  1. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I believe we have to put this to rest. It's normal that someone finds something he believes was wrongly done, and that has been resolved now between the President and the two Ministers.

    I believe also that every penny that comes to Somaliland must go straight to the Treasury and not individual ministries accounts. This will enable us to have checks and balance and the transparency we need in this new government. Let us put this behind us, and continue doing what is good for our country.

    • Yusuf says:

      So just to may be Put a light on the case( this Money was for a Land Rental Fee for that was paid by Two Oil Companies whom has an Agreement with Somaliland Gov Repressented by the minstry of Minerals.) Now, what would you suggest should happen to that Money 1. to keep it at the Minstry's Account or 2. to go direct to the Tressury's Account??????????
      I believe the FM has done a great job in fighting corruption and saying NO to It!

  2. Kayse says:

    All money and revenues should go straight into the Treasury and the Treasurer must decide and allocate how much each department receives for its operation or daily tasks. Its unbelievable that every man thinks he is the Finance Minister, running his own account, misplacing money and hiding national revenues like its his own personal account and drying the country.

    We clearly know Mr Hashi is right and this is why Silanyo refused to accept his resignation. The so called Minister of mining is in hot waters and will not last, mark my word.

    If every man runs his own account then thats not a government your exploiting the nation's resources and acting like its yours. This is exactly what Duale is doing.

    President Silanyo has been weak on this matter, he needs to be more assertive and take command after all he is the commander-in-chief. He disappointed us with his weak leadership since he wont put Mr Duale on a leash and bring all the country's resources under the Ministry of Finance.

  3. Abraham says:

    I agree with you Omar. There should be just one account for the whole government to access. Preferably, the Tax Revenues Office should be a non political entity where all the tax revenues and all other income is collected. This department along with the ministry of finance should be totally accountable and transparent to the public. The ministry of finance should then draw money from the Tax Revenue department and distribute that money according to the policies and priorities of the government in power. All the other ministries including the office of the president should be allocated a fixed budget each year by the ministry of finance in accordance with the policy of the government but must never handle any money directly. The expenses by all the other ministries must come from their respective fixed budgets and their bills transferred to the ministry of finance for payment.

  4. Kayse says:

    Somaliland needs a Taxation Office that is the Government's principal revenue collection agency and it should be part of the Treasurer's portfolio. It should collect, manage and shape tax.

    Duale is on drugs, does he think this is his personal account he had in the Diaspora? What a fool!!!

  5. Jama Ali Mohamed says:

    I agree with all government finances going to the government treasury and to be included in the national budget. However, the Somaliland system does not work as such. There are a group of MPs who are sucking the blood of Somaliland. These bloodsuckers were powerful during the Riyaale era and are still close to the current corrupt ministers.

    These ministers include Mr. Duur, now interior minister, Mr. Ali Mareexaan, MP and Wabeye MP and few others. These are the fathers of corruption in Somaliland. For instance, they have gone to extreme of collecting bribes from citizens in order to secure them government jobs. They simply go to the corrupt minister and ask him to hire so and so and they pocket the money. Mr. Hersi, the minister and the president of the central Bank are also part of the Mafia.

    Besides Hussein Ali Duale, Somalilanders must search the pockets of the FM who doesn't miss the opportunity to ask for kickbacks from foreign companies that want to invest in our country. the minister of fishers sold our sea, by granting licences to foreign fishers and has strangled our poor fishermen, according to insiders, the minister pockets the money (bribe) from foreign fishers. Berbera port is the mother of all corruptions and someone must wake-up and put this chronic cancer to an end.

    Well if the auditor general and Mr. Haashi are truthful, then they should search the pockets of these corrupt elements in the Government. I think the reason that the auditor general is not doing his job is because he is a member of this corrupt mafia. Somalilanders must not accept such abuses of power and must stand-up for their rights. This mafia would like to divide us into clans and sub clans to hide there tails, but we must speak out against corruption and bring it to an end.

    Allah bless Somaliland.

  6. Jama Ali Mohamed says:

    Correction: these corrupt officials include Duur………

  7. AhmedY says:

    The transfer of the money should be done as quickly as possible as The Minister for Energy, Minerals and Water Resources may do a runner and disappear with the money!

  8. Jama Ali Mohamed says:

    I agree AhmedY, but how about Geeljire, Mohamed Abdillahi, Hersi, Xoorxoor and the others?

    • AhmedY says:

      I agree with you.They are all crooks. The only honest Member of the Cabinet is Mohamed Hashi. Now that he brought the Minister for Energy, Minerals and Water Resoureces under control, his next challenge is how to handle the father of all Musuqmaasaq – Ali Xor Xor. I can wait for it.

  9. Hassan Omer says:

    The funny thing about the above mentioned gang of ministers and MPs is that they have the same roots. they all have one thing in common, which is they all worked and some of them grew-up in Somalia. The majority are from Sablaale and Baidoa. KKKKKKKKK

    • Kayse says:

      I knew they had Southern Somali connections, I was going to loudly say the so called Minister of Mining must have a southern Somali blood—-ninku imaan laa!! He sold his imaan in Baidoa…now it makes sense.

      Silanyo should never hire someone with southern roots they will engulf the little former Morgan hut that they call Presidential Palace with fire.

      Silanyo is really weak…no wonder SNM went no where under his leadership and it only took Tuur few months to liberate the nation.

  10. Weerar says:

    I have always had a deep respect for Mr. Hashi, the Minister of Finance and this is a prime examples of why. It is a high time to let the prejudice, biased clannish positioning and personal vendettas put aside and stand behind those who put the interest of our emerging Mustafeland into the forefront and not at the backburner to advance their morally reprehensible agenda.
    I don't know how that could made a reality, when our President couldn’t even resist placing again the keys of Berbera Port into the hands of weasel Xoor Xoor.
    Mr. President be decisive, Weasel Xoor Xoor is a major setback for your administration, and everybody knew it, to offset that, pleases fire the Minister of Mining and Water resources before he turns “Capacity building plot” fund into Hollywood and Southern California trumpet blast and disappear.
    Long Live Somaliland & prosper

  11. mohamed cheers says:

    Taking things out of context is bad judgement. As far as the $500k amount dispute between the
    two ministers is concerned, my understanding through various media sources, continue to
    believe that based on the instructions from the President issued to the Attorney General to
    investigate, this matter is still under investigation and far from over pending the final outcome of
    the Attorney General after which the President will decide what action to take on the matter.
    There are also other more complicated problems associated with the FM which the Attorney
    General is engaged to investigate. It would seem that a whole host of problems are facing
    the FM, it remains to be seen if he's really the kind who's capable to steer clear or gets smothered
    and caught to go down.

  12. Mohamoud says:

    I will be totally satisfied when the money is transferred to the treasury as it should have been. There is however the president's role. He should settle the internal cabinet matters before they explode in his face like this one. complacency is no excuse. Also all the ministers that have voted for Duale to keep this money should be reprimanded. If I remember correctly it was only the minister of finance who voted against.
    This shows you how corrupt the cabinet is and how they are conspiring against the honest minister of finance by voting in a block may be the minister of mining has promised them a kick back. Who knows why they voted in unanimity.
    Lastly the Berbera port issue. If you remember the minister of finance has fought through tooth and nail to put all port income in the treasury. After a long and arduous negitaions the decision was made to let Berbera port authorities to keep some of the money for their day to day operation. For your information that was the presidents decision for purely political reasons. The finance minister was not part of it. He abided by the presidents decision as he should be.

  13. abdi says:

    i believe the president hims self was part of the corruption ring and aware of the mining minister's fraud actions.

    Mr. president is claiming masters degree of economics and simply could't figure it out that all national funds should go into the national treasury account,, i think he was deliberately accepting the corruption scandal .

    • Ilyaas says:


      I respectfully disagree with you, the president was not once accused in corruption in his entire political life that extends over half a century. If anyone disagrees with me please come forward with a proof. Having said that, I would like to see the president making the fight against corruption a priority.

  14. AhmedY says:

    Hello every body

    Please let us stick to and use a decent language. And please no personal vendetta in here guys. All we want is serious discussions about the future of our dear land.

  15. AhmedY says:

    Hi All

    Has any one of you read's article regarding the issue of the money misappropriated by the Ministry of Minerals & enerhy?

    That website is deliberately misleading the public. They have written such as rubish. They have deliberately punctuated their writing so badly so that no body can understand it. I know that they can write good Somali language but this time they have a hidden agenda.

    The whole thing now looks to me very fishy.

    Alla ha u sahlo Somaliland.

  16. Deria says:

    The findings of the audit will be very interesting indeed. The ministry of finance and ministry of water and natural resource are both under investigation, let us hope for the better and wait for the results. My observation is that all the cabinet members can not be wrong and Mohamed Hashi can not be the only righteous person in that meeting. This normally doesn't happen, unless Mohamed Hashi is claiming to be prophet. There are rough ministers, but saying that there is only one morally straight in the whole cabinet is just impossible and beyond comprehension. We know Mr. Haashi was cabinet minister until Riyaale fired him and I will not be surprised if he finds himself in that same situation and his judgement will remain in question. Do not get me wrong I am against corruption and do not give a rat's tail who is found guilty or innocent in this case. I am against all forms of corruption not only financial, but also against administrative corruption and nepotism and blackmailing tactics of the corrupt MPs lead by Ali Marehaan and Wabeye.

    • Mohamoud says:

      I am sorry to say that you are wrong and you are defending the indefensible. In other words you are hiding some thing.
      For your information Mr. Hashi was never fired he resigned after he found out the corruption that was going on in the Rraile regime and I sorry to say he might resiugn now for the same resign.
      We always correlate corruption with the previous administration. How about this one. Are they not the same.
      Where is honesty and integrity, where is transparency and accountability, where is good governance, where is the government we died for. Were are the people who died for the freedom we have now. Why are people spoiling the fruit we have saw and why we are not honest to our people instead of a mighty dollar.

  17. Jirdeh says:

    The minister of Water and Natural resources is absolutely wrong not to deposit the funds in the Government treasury. Minister of Finance is absolutely right to demand the funds to be immediately and without any delay to come to the national treasury. Ministers siding with and supporting the minister of water in the connection are not only condoning,but are outright encouraging corruption of the worst kind and are very wrong. The president should have first and foremost demanded the immediate transfer of the funds to the treasury and if the minister of water and natural resources fails to make the transfer ordered his arrest and investigation. This whole thing smacks serious corruption and cover up and will most definitely reflect badly on the president.

  18. Jirdeh says:

    The minister of Water and Natural resources is absolutely wrong not to deposit the funds into the Government treasury. Minister of Finance is absolutely right to demand the funds to be immediately and without any delay transferred to the national treasury. Ministers siding with and supporting the minister of water in this connection are not only condoning,but are outright encouraging corruption of the worst kind and are very wrong. The president should have first and foremost demanded the immediate transfer of the funds to the treasury and if the minister of water and natural resources fails to make the transfer ordered his arrest and investigation. This whole thing smacks serious corruption and cover up and will most definitely reflect badly on the president

  19. Abdiweli2- Awdal boy says:

    The minister of Finance needs to open to his eyes wide by eliminating most of the crooks inside the current movement, particularly for those people named by Jama Ali Mohamed. In the current dispute between the two minsters, Mr Duale put the money into account opened for the ministry of Mineral and Water by the Central Bank of Somaliland as it was aimed to spend on several projects according to the deal between the government and the concerned organisations. This money was visible and everybody was aware of it and this was what made the minister of Finance easier to claim for it. However, there are number of crooks within this government and they use a very sophisticated tactics compare to those worked with Riyaale Government which made it difficult for the current minister to detect them. I am urging the current minister to continue fighting with corruption but he needs to brush off his current detective method.
    Guuul Somaliland

  20. Deria says:

    Mr. jirrdeh,

    You are trying to blind fold Somalilanders, but that rubbish of yours will not work with us. We have been told over and over again that the ministry of Water and natural resources has deposited 500K in an account in the Central Bank in Hargeisa, but not in a private personal. The Minister did not claim that the money belonged to him personally, but said it was meant to go for upgrading and training of the ministry's stuff. Although, I disagree with his methodology, I can not call him corrupt, if he was corrupt he wouldn't disclose this funds to anyone. Tell me, if it is OK for Berbera port mangers to deposit funds in their accounts and without accountability, why is it sinful for the ministers to create their own accounts? I think all should be equal under the law.

    Please be fair and talk about the corruption of your friends Geeljire, Mohamed A Omer, Ooday , Zamzam, Xamarji, Xoorxoor and the wide-spread corruption and favouritism that is going on in Berbera as we speak. Stop this hypocrisy and let us fight all forms of corruption not only financial but also administrative based on nepotism.

    I applaud all Somalilanders that fight for justice and equality and would like the clannish personalities like Jirrdeh to put their feet in their mouths and stop being so one-eyed.

    • ali says:

      so in conclusion,, every one in s'lanyo government is corrupt,, therefore this government is corrupt's government somaliland ever had. am i wrong?

      • Deria says:

        I did not say that, but I have named names of corrupt officials. The difference between this government and the previous ones is we couldn't name names of former corrupt officials, because everyone was corrupt including the presidents. UNDERSTOOD?

        I want all the corrupt personalities to leave and go to hell, whoever they might be, end of story. Unlike others I do not condone corruption when it is committed by my clan members and condemn when it is committed by other clan members.

    • Jirdeh says:

      You better control your emotions and think rationally while trying to respond in order to maintain your honesty objectivity or else you err and will make fool of yourself and become the laughing stock.
      Let ask you how on earth have you come to the conclusion that I am clannish? How have you come to the conclusion that I am friends with friends Geeljire, Mohamed A Omer, Ooday , Zamzam, Xamarji, Xoorxoor and what is the corruption and favoritism in Berbera got to do with me? Are you not little crazy? Now who is clannish you or I?

      • mohamed cheers says:

        I have known MR. Deria thru this SLDpress quite a long time and always respected his writings
        as impartial and purposeful. If at all he fights a lot for Somaliland against antisomaliland and
        never disagreed with his genuine researches of goodwill intentions. If I may say so you are clannish
        when MR. Deria isn't and you know what he is just right about this issue and you are dead wrong.
        Am 100% with MR. Deria so man just take a hike and fade away kkkkkkk

        • Robleh says:


          I have known you for a long time and you are just making a fool of yourself. You have pretended to support Kulmiye for too long, but you keep gradually exposing yourself and everybody knows that you're an ignorant hypocrite nothing less and nothing more.

          Now listen to what the auditor general has to say about the investigation :

          Tell me how you feel now. Is ina Xaashi still your hero? He better be fired, because he is good for nothing, self centered psychopath.

  21. Kayse says:

    Ignore the fake "Kayse(s)" those are the few fa9ash I virtually knocked over the last few days.

    If is beating the drums for Silanyo and the Mining Minister then it proves that Silanyo was involved in the fraud and he was happily happy to sell this nation for $500,000 (2.5%). We know is maintained by the in-law of Silanyo from London which also runs

    Dont trust them nor should you trust Qarannews they are the Somaliland vision of Mooryaan's waagacusub/SunaTimes/Somalilander/ aideed and Dayniile.

    Somaliland people were thinking the corruption will come to an end with Riyale but we can now say Kulmiye is far more corrupted than UDUB and Hashi is the only honest man and maybe he should reunite with his former friend Gabose and revive the Qaran Party before the window of opportunity (creation of so many parties) shuts down.

    Silanyo you have been busted old man, game over!

    • Osman Hassan says:


      Stop hiding behind false names you are nothing but the mouth-piece of qarannews, not only that you ignorant, emotionally unstable and filthy by nature. You do not belong here, because all you do cheapen the discourse, please go back to Qudhunnews, where you can spite your venom in all direction.

      You are exposed now disappear!

      • Kayse says:

        Adeer the topic is about the inter-fight between Silanyo's corrupted cabinet and Somaliland hero Hashi. This is not about me stop stalking me dee.

        Everyone knows my views on Qarannews the old handicap man in UK and his out-dated Joomla website, he cant even update the software nin yahow I'm above that league.

        I am taking easy on you because we have same views on Qarannews the Somaliland mooryaan version of Waagacusub and Dahir Calool weyne Calasow.

        Sxb I bet your related to Dahir Calool Weyne Calasow because all he does is get all sensitive and emotional and launch fadhi ku diiriir behind the screen.

        ***steps over Osman Hassan……..kapeesh?

  22. Kayse says:

    Can't believe this weak clueless and corrupted crooks are fighting with the Minister of Finance of a mere $500,000 and wish to auction us all for 2.5%

    We can not accept this and how Silanyo reinstated the former Executive Chairman of Berbera Port Authority (Mr XoorXoor), a well known and established crook and fraudster, as the Executive Chairman of Berbera Port Authority AGAIN!!!

    This shows Silanyo's weakness and how he is willing to bend to all demands by few individuals. How the hell do you bring back someone you fired months ago over financial mismanagement and incompetence.

    I guess weak Silanyo though things ran smooth like in London but once he took office he discovered how to make quick cash by surrounding himself with crooks. You have became another UDUB party, congratulations Mr Silanyo.

  23. Kaynan Hassan says:

    This minister of water and minerals is obviously corrupted and he was trying to loot the nation. He respects no financial procedures and regulations of this nation. It is very clear that he was misusing the ministry budget in past too. He should be audited and and sentenced him to payback to the nation whatever he misused or steeled from the nation in the past.

  24. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    The minister of water and minerals is absolutely wrong an want to loot the bribe money from the foreign company. He is selling cheap the national resources. This proved that he is corrupted and steeling money from the nation. Audit him and if he cheated more from his department make him to pay the money back to the ministry then sentence to jail time. This society need accountability and transparence.

  25. mohamed cheers says:

    Out of all these amigos of the FM you are more logical and fairly so in your assumptions of
    what's going on between the two ministers and also by the same token levels in many other cases
    all in the hands of the Attorney General under on-going investigation. There's no doubt that he alone
    can not outsmart the whole Kulmiye Cabinet Ministers and treat them as scapegoats!. There's no
    doubt that he maintains the same attitude when he was the FM to Rayaale's Udub Govt. where he
    used the same tactics which put him out on the cold. Let me tell without prejudice that the FM if nothing else is too extreme, cruel, mean, unpragmatic, uncompromising, mindset my way or the highway,
    too old and sick, incompetent to control the ins/outs of the Ministry's affairs and above all a no1
    racist full of hatred discrimination which in some ways carries more anmosities for particular clans
    than others of his own clans. As far as I can see the FM is in for bad haul to contend with.

  26. mohamed cheers says:

    The Amigos of the FM are losers with him. Read my lips amigos. The Energy and Mining Minister
    is more educated than the FM and also is A US Citizen. You touch him and you are in deep trouble
    with the Obama USA Worldwide Super power. Be careful Amigos!.

    • Weerar says:

      Brother Mohamed,

      We are not talking about the level of Education of somebody or his dual Citizenship. We were simple talking about transparency and accountability in this eye opening episode. The endemic corruption that is going on in Somaliland for so long is unbearable. So Mohamed without saying further, I suggest for you to take a deep breath and have nice rest from these thread for the next three days. I really do care about you, you are a genuine Somalilander. This time I will say it for you… Cheeeeeeers
      In those three days, please ponder about the Poem: Smell of Fish
      A Smell of Fish filled the Valley.
      And all the seagulls came inland.
      Cats run everywhere, sniffing.
      Men checked the level of the sea.
      Some could be heard hammering.
      Churches filled to pray for the wind.
      (By Matthew Sweeney)
      Peace & Milk

    • Abraham says:

      How old are you dear Mohamed cheers?

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Why do you ask and does it matter, if I say as old as you are!. Am beginning to measure your kind
        who only cares to look for a window of opportunity to try to catch some game out of anything
        without looking back on the reputation at stake. OH, but ofcourse the majority are of that class. Tell you what, I have been around this website for a number of years now contributing like many others.
        If you or other bloggers don't understand who's who, what's what and which's which, then so be it.
        Amigo Abraham keep your distance and stay away from me and amigo we will have a tug of wars over
        the gabooye issues! kkkkk.

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Correction: Amigo Abraham keep your distance and stay away from personal attacks or amigo we will be forced to have a tug of wars over the gabooye issues!. However you are at full liberty to talk about issues. No traps okay.

  27. ComeAgain says:

    The Finance minister is doing his job, dont know about the other guy and like kayse said any reer konfureed are suspect all they know is boob what do you expect

  28. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    We were not expecting to see or witness Kulmiye party leadership or cabinet doing these mess and causing all these disgraces by looting and fighting over a small handout from a foreign company. Were are those promises you made in your election campaign days to the people of Somaliland and country?

  29. Hassan Ismail says:

    Hussein Abdi Duale born in Aden. Late 1960s his family returned to Somaliland where he restarted his schooling in Burao and subsequently he went to Sheikh and finished his secondary education there in 1974 /1975. Sometime between 1976 and 1977 he emigrated to saudi Arabia. During his stay in Saudi Arabia, we worked together with same Company and in 1979 Mr.Hussein flew to the US for studying. So, this guy had never been to Welaweyn country or worked in Somalia.

  30. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    He married walawayn and spent most of his abroad higher education with walawayn and also, he was Adani with Arabian corrupted non Somali mentality. He was greedy and selfish even when he was younger.

  31. Mohamoud says:

    Let me say that this issue has raised the conscious of Somalilnaders. We care and we respect our follow citizens. However we do not like to be cheated of our achievements by expatriates who think they know better. We know what is good for us we fought for it. We have seen colonial powers come and go. We have seen dictators come and go we have seen corrupt government come and go. We have also seen honest people with good intention come and go. At end of the day we are left alone and we have to contemplate what to do next. Nobody has the ultimate solution but we have to criticize to make it better. We all aspiring to make Somaliand a beacon of hope and opportunity and peaceful place to live.
    All our criticism is for a good cause and it shows we are mature and move on.
    We all mean to make Somaliland great and nobody is trying to rock the boat. The only reason Somaliland is the way it is because our people know that it is better to talk than fight. It is better to listen than than to kill and it better to disagree then to take ask arms kill each other for no reason. God gave that wisdom and I hope we will keep it.

  32. Mohamoud says:

    There is a gentleman who said what is $500,000 it is a small amount of money. You do know what you can do that amount of money in Somaliland. Think about it. If you can embezzler $500,000 when the oil industry have not even started. What is next the whole oil revenue goes to to the accounts of individual persons. We will be like Nigeria god forbid. We do not want the oil resources to be a curse we hop it is a blessing for all Somlilnaders. Please do not misunderstand me $1 misappropriated is as bad as $1000,000,000 . Be vigilant and be honest. There is no free ride in Somaliland.

    • Abraham says:

      You are a wise man Mohamoud!!!

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Good statesman's talk but you have not addressed the root causes of the issue. Can I refer you sir to
      the commentaries by a MR. Deria and Abdiweli2-Awdalboy; unlike other bloggers, these two have given solid fair judgements to address the matter. Sir, I like your expertise in the English language and agree
      with all that you said but disagree as you are not being fair in your judgement on the subject matter
      between the two Ministers. Somehow you are biased and wrong to blame the Minister of Water and Natural resources as if the $500k went to his personal use which's not the case. It would also seem that you and other FM amigos are singling out this Minister out of a whole host of other similar or more
      dimensional degrees centred hovering over the head of the FM are not being criticised alongwith.
      Suffice to say that the FM is in for a good investigation by the Attorney General's office under the
      directives of the President. Do I make commonsense here Amigo?.

  33. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    Watch him he will scale to Yemen soon with what he looted from type country.

  34. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    Watch him he will escape to Yemen soon with what he had looted from the country. Most of his kin of people have heart for their countries because they have multiple nationalities. They are not think Somalis, live like Somalis, and in their houses they do not dress like Somalia or even speak like Somalis.

  35. Elmi Farah Barkhad says:

    I was just reading this tread for while and I thought the supporters Of Mr. Haashi, were genuine anticorruption Somalilanders, but reading back all this tread I found out that most of these people except for AhmedY, Deria , Jama and Awdal Boy are biased bigots, who attack Mr. Duale for who he is not what he does. I will give the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Haashi who appears to have leaked this affair to the media and say that Mr. Duale has deposited the money in his ministry's account. I think he was wrong in doing so, but let us wait and hear what he has to say. The issue I have with Mr. Haashi is that he is clinging to FM portfolio, yet he is leaking the top-secret cabinet meeting. Well, if he had a drop of integrity he should have resigned immediately and not went to the president begging him not to be fired on the next morning. Mr. Hashi behaves like a 4 year-old and has no more room to grow-up politically. He did not have the courage to face the nation and sit in front of the TV screen telling us how corrupt this administration was, but instead he choose to hide behind irresponsible and unprofessional reporters and resorted to leaking is distorted story in order to make himself the hero that he will never be. Shame on Haashi, Somalilanders were right when they gave him a single vote, when he ran for a president. Shame on all those who are clan motivated and are attacking Mr. Duale because of rumors spread by Mr. Haashi.

    • Xirse says:

      Elmi Farah shame on you. Your statement here is nothing but a complete lie and a fabrication. You are trying to help a thief and whoever helps a thief is nothing but a thief.

    • Somalilander says:

      What are you smoking bro? Do you even KNOW who Eng. Mohamed Xaashi Elmi is? Go back and do some research yungin, cause if it weren't for him, you'd probably be reading right now…

  36. isse says:

    The old man in the so called presidency is INCOMPETENT, what are we discussing here?

  37. Abraham says:

    I like this thread !! Please keep exposing your rival clan's crooks, fruadisters, Ali Babas, despots, cockroaches and rats so that at the end of the day nin walba beeshiisa lafaha engegan ee qolka ugu jira ee ay sidafiican u qariyeen ayaa dibadda lugusoo qubayaa.

    • Deeq says:

      Agreed. This going to be wonderful, let us expose them all. Please give us the names as soon as possible and let me begin with Berbera port management. This is rated # 1 in the corruption chart, followed by the ministry of finance and the fishers in #2 position.

      I am just giving an example here let us form an unbiased anticorruption organisation that rates the Somaliland institutions.

  38. Elmi Farah Barkhad says:

    I would like to refer concerned Somaliland citizens to listen to the first sentence of Ms. Samsam, the minister of Education.

    This is the double standard I was talking about right from the beginning of this affair. If it is OK for Samsam to manage the monies she receives from different resources than the budget, why is Mr. Haashi making fuss about Mr. Duale and not scrutinizing Samsam?

    Why did he leak the cabinet meeting if was not clan motivated? Why is he still in the cabinet if he really has integrity?

  39. Elmi Farah Barkhad says:

    To make a clarification Ms. Samsam admitted that funds she receives from international sources is not included in the budget, but is managed by her. Now it is up to you to make your own unbiased judgement.

    Let us put all the cards on the table. I blame the head of national security, the auditor general, the minister of planning and the minister of finance for not bringing this mess to the attention of the president. They all need to be replaced with more competent people. All the various presidential advisors must be sacked effective from this minute.

  40. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    If we read more comments we will be sick because every where there is corruption look now Samsam is corrupted too and that is why we could not build new roads. Every money donated to Somaliland a government officer is looting. Is this Samsam a walawayne or from Yemen too?

  41. AhmedY says:

    HI All

    As far as I am concerned, this issue has now been dealt with. The Auditor General has shown that there is no misappropraited money.
    However, this is to say that I approve what the Minister for Minerals, Water Resources and Energy has done. It is just that it's gone on for too long. Now it is time to move on to another burning issue.

    My dear brothers and sisters, let us now put all our efforts on the Auditor General to make Ali Xor Xor accountable. Berbera Port is the most important source of income for Solailand and we should not let one of most corrupt individuals in the country to run it as if he owns it for that is what he did in the past.

    I propose that we write a petition to Mohamoud Dheere, The Auditor General, and let him know about our concern.

    Just and idea. Please comment on it.

  42. Berri says:

    First thanks SomalilandPress for its great an important rolls always plays and reliable reporting … I will come back more for that later on, but check out below….

    Folks, this is a First Minister's Statements Upon His Hiring in June Last Year For This Important Ministerial Position, Kindly Read This Carefully , Full Details at here

    His Own Words….the government of Mogadishu ran by Dictator Mohamed Siad Bare used whatever resources to oppress Somalilanders. It was sort of like African holocaust!
    And at same time what hell he is doing now???

    "Somaliland`s annual government budget is 50 million dollars – half of the value of the contracts Dualeh managed for Metro. The capital Hargeisa is a dust bowl, where goats pick through rubbish littering the side of the bumpy dirt roads and makeshift huts housing displaced people far outnumber the few big houses erected by the diaspora.

    It's a far cry from Los Angeles.

    'It's a sacrifice. I was making a six-figure salary and drove a Merc, but dropped it all to come here,' says Dualeh, who has left his family behind in California. 'I want to see if I can help the country of my birth."'

    Some samples of famous Business Cheating Quotes about Fraud & Saying
    > The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself about Fraud
    > You already got caught lying! Stop being fake and try being real for once in your life.
    > Some day you'll cry for me like I cried for you, Some day you'll miss me like I missed you, Some day you'll need me like I needed you, Some day you'll love me but I won't love you.
    > Don't cry over someone that won't cry over you.

  43. Berri says:

    Emphasis here is " 'It's a sacrifice. I was making a six-figure salary and drove a Merc"

    His personal money maniac ultimate goal was to make six figures ( means thousands and thousandth of of Dollars prior to his departure from USA out of what he called bumpy dirt road and huts housing displace people ( see above his own words)

  44. Bare says:

    Mohamed Hashi must resign

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