Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2012

At London Conference on Somalia, President of Somaliland calls on the international community to recognize his country

London, 23 February 2012– The President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo, today attended the London Conference on Somalia. The Conference included political leaders from over 50 countries and international organizations, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
In his statement to the Conference, the President said that peace and stability in Somalia “will not be achieved by the top-down imposition of a re-created centralized state,” noting the tendency of the international community to focus on approaches that over-emphasize the role of central government institutions in Mogadishu. He instead laid out his views on a bottom-up process to building peace and stability in Somalia, drawing lessons from what worked successfully in Somaliland in the early 1990s.
President Silanyo said that he also firmly believed “that supporting and recognizing Somaliland would help to promote stability and recovery in Somalia.” He referred to Somaliland’s own experience of building “peace through an indigenous bottom-up process, drawing on traditional conflict resolution methods and Islam.”
Somaliland rejects the view that Somalia should be reconstituted within the boundaries that existed up to 1991. In his statement, the President said that “[t]he people of Somaliland chose the path of independence more than 20 years ago and we cannot turn back. To do so would be to deny our recent history, our achievements, and our political reality.” He added that “[a]s a democratically elected government, we must respect our people’s wishes.” The President also called for “an inclusive international discussion about the future of Somaliland, launching a process leading to the recognition of our state.”
Somaliland is a former British protectorate. It declared independence from Somalia in 1991 and has since enjoyed relative stability. It has held a series of democratic elections which have been deemed free and fair by international observers. Despite its impressive achievements, Somaliland has not been recognized internationally.
For further information or to request an interview with President Silanyo, please contact
Paul Whiteway at +44-20-7489-2118.

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  1. yusuf abdi says:

    Clinton: "We believe in a unified Somalia, how Somalis define that is up to themselves. They could consider something like a federation of states we have." GET THAT……..NO "SOMALILAND"!! Forget it, your fantasy dream is GONE.

    • Somaliland Forever says:

      “the people of Somaliland chose the path of independence more than 20 years ago and we cannot turn back. To do so would be to deny our recent history, our achievements, and our political reality.”

      Yusuf, saxiib maybe you don't fully comprehend but let me echo what the president said "WE CAN'T TURN BACK." We will be the little engine that could and keep on plugin away till that day.

      • yusuf abdi says:

        you guys are utterly delusional. half of "somaliland" is disputed territory who want nothing to do with your clan based state. you have ZERO support from the international community. clinton, the secretary and top diplomat of the most powerful nation on earth, categorically rejected any notion of support for any secessionist movements . Britain is increasing its military support to Somalia and the arms embargo will inshallah soon be lifted and the regions of sool, ceyn and sanaag will soon be LIBERATED by FORCE.

    • Saeed says:

      I think you should be more concerned about the sovereignty of your country, who appear to have agreed to hand over all aspects of finance to the so-called "JFMB" Joint financial monitoring board.

      Scope of the Board:
      • Internal revenue includes domestic financial flows that are or should be
      characterized as public resources, including what are or should be
      national or public assets.
      • External assistance includes all donor funds sent to or intended for
      Somalia whether multilateral or bilateral and whether given to an institution
      or individual holder of public office.

    • Gobaad says:

      Kaalay naga xoog haddii aad awood haysid!

  2. barwaaqo says:

    Somaliland+Somalia= Republic of Somalia. Clinton only mentioned Somalia.

    • Gobaad says:

      barwaaqo, get a life and clean up your house instead chasing a false perception that will never materialize.
      Qudhaanjow ku quuso! I guess this was your last hope that the International Community will shove Somalia into Somaliland's throat. Sorry, but it is a different outcome.

    • Jambazi says:

      Articles six of the conference communique states that, "the international community supports any future discussion between TFG or its successor to discuss what their future relationship". This statement clearly mentions two seperate entity have to discuss their future relation, this is one issue. Another issue is, Somaliland indipendence is driven by the people and the international community knows that, and they cannot force Somaliland to go back to a unity which they dont want and they are unwilling to be united with somalia.

    • casho says:

      omg steady talking about somaliland u need to make peace ur stupid country first girl somaliland dont neeed ur low class cammong or federal whatevery u calling that need to maker cabuulo girl

    • ABDI says:

      barwaaqo, i cant see the logic behind joinng the burning most failed state in the world when i have peace and prosperity. i mean its very simple. somalia = burning home. somaliland = developing country. why on earth would i ever want to join you??!!! i believe that if u spend the time u spend bashing somaliland on actually helping out your somali afairs, you would have being in a better place by now. what a shame.

  3. ComeAgain says:

    The unification was NEVER RATIFIED also a referendum was held after it and the majority ruled against unity but like the Mafia that Somalia is they ignored this and infact continued with their mafia ways since well now!

    The truth stings! Somaliland is free, was free and will ALWAYS REMAIN FREE OF SOMALIA! Allah has ordained it so. He made sure it was never ratified, Allah made sure we beat Siyaad and he is gradually laying the frame work for our independence!

    • amal says:

      well said ComeAgain,
      We beat Siyad barre, alhamdulilah we are in a good condition and no one can destroy us, not Somalia nor few terrorist khatumo seeg. Recognition will soon come so long as the people of somaliland stand firm.

  4. Warsame says:

    Please keep in mind Clinton my run Somalia, but at the end of the day the wishes of the Somaliland people will prevail. Somaliland is an independent state that runs its own affairs. I have never been more proud to call my self one.

  5. Ali says:

    Since Hillary Clinton calls the TFG to go in August or else Somalia will be handed over to the United Nations in secrecy and Somaliland will be recognized fully. Ka naxoow cirka qabo!

  6. AAmm says:

    Somaliland is here to stay

    We don't really give an ounce of consideration to your hateful thought. We made it clear to you like or not and to the rest of the world that we will never be part of your corrupt system, we have made that mistake half century ago. Never again.

    So sxb hit the road and stop wasting your precious time on my case, convert all this negative energy you have for Somaliland into positive and build your sorry life. Go away

  7. somalilandblood says:


  8. Raage says:

    The most glaring fact in this discussion is that, Somaliland and its people made an awful error in 1960 by joining Somalia as a union, and that we decided to secede from that union. The kicker is Somalia is still hallucinating that we will once again repeat that awful error of 1960 with the help of the international community. The one issue that anyone hallucinating should know is that we will not throw away 20+ years of progress, and that no one can force us to do so……those of hoping for such an outcome, you should shut up and clean your own backyard.

  9. Gobaad says:

    somalilandblood, who cares whether they accept of not. Let them crying the river. It is not because they love us. It is because of envy, hate, and vindictivness! Simply, because they couldn't do what we did and how we resurrected from the ashes and the world is singin our praises.

    In badan baa caaw wadnuhu istaagay baan u malaynayaa! Because they were expecting a different outcome.

    • somalilandblood says:


    • inayuusuf says:

      “In badan baa caawa wadnuhu istaagay” Lol Gobaad, you really cracked me up. Way u qaadan la’yihiin in Somaliland president sat beside the world powers and demanded the world to recognize his nation. Waxay even yidhaaheen Silanyo looma ogolaan inuu ka hadlo shirka.
      I do remember me watching Somali Channel on the night of the conference where the Broadcaster questioned a TFG insider (who attended the conference) on the phone to name those allowed to speak. After mentioning Sheikh Sharif and Abdilweli he really abstained to mention our president until pressured by the Broadcaster where he reluctantly said “ iyo nin silanyo la lahaa”.
      Guess how painful this was to that poor TFG insider! I would really say to him and the like… ka naxow nafta waa.

  10. abdi mohamed says:

    The world is shocked and is trying hard to copy the true independent democracy Somaliland has. This is the only true African country that had elections that was monitored by the UN and they found no corruption. For those of you who think Somaliland will be part of Somalia need to get your head checked. The world can talk about Somalia but it will take another 10 years for the rest of Somalia to catch up with Somaliland today. By then we would be 10 years ahead. Why are people so hateful that Somaliland is so successful? Just remember where your next vacation destination will be either Somaliland or Kenya. Keep investing all of your money in Kenya or Tanzania and we will invest in our country Somaliland. Instead of wishing Somaliland destruction work on building your own back yard and copy what made Somaliland very successful.

  11. Ahmed says:

    I think its only fair to say we shall wait and see since Somalia is at war now, we don't need to argue and wish harm to one another, i fully understand why the people of Somaliland wanted to seperate to begin with, the country become ungovernable and so every region and tribe wanted to leave the union, we are tired of the bloodshed and thank god Hargiasa is a peaceful city just like Garawe' but people in Hargeisa should know that majority of the other Somalis appose seperation so at the end of the day we would have to come to a conclussion that we have to live together from the green lands of Jilib and Jamama to the borders of Kenya to the beaches of Hombooy and of course to the dry lands in the north.

  12. mohamed cheers says:

    The mastermind is garowe 2. Puntland is the biggest actor and director of all future Somalia
    Somaliland from London conference of 23 feb 2012 to the next level june 2012 Turkey Conference,
    and beyond. Puntland is accredited to be getting away with all the political shots of all somalia.
    back again to the old dirty politricals of 1960-1991. Let's see how the Kulmiye party government could escape the curses of Garowe 2 principles dominating future Somalia roadmaps!. Are you with me on this or correct me if am wrong?

    • Xarago says:

      Sland can take their part in Somalia, they don't need to be isolated. Be part of Somali and build our country.

    • Gobaad says:

      mohamed cheers, I think I know who you are! Instead of using other people, be a man enough to use your name, impostor!

    • inayuusuf says:

      @ mohamed cheers
      As much as we hate maj**rt**n Land and their malicious, hidden agenda for Somaliland. Viewing from another angle, I found them friends of Somaliland. That’s by being themselves (Malicious, controlling, and domination-monsters) they are really helping our cause.
      They are really bent on receiving all stakes of Dar**ds for themselves thus depriving Mar**han and most importantly Dhulos from any crucial role in Somalia.
      Also by being themselves (embezzlers and pirates) they are depriving their region and those under TFG to ever experience democracy and fare elections. They are unknowingly helping us. We should thank them for being themselves.

  13. nsu says:

    Where did things go wrong, what happened to the lawsuit speech by our president? did Britain tricked us all into the conference or did our president didn't tell us the whole trues?

  14. Yuusuf says:

    Garowe 2 was nothing more than a one way ticket to attend the London meeting. So don't make a big deal because the world knows these people of Somalia cannot agree on anything.

  15. Ahmed says:

    Yes, Clinton said, we believe Unified Somalia . But what was she talking about..? Was Somaliland Somaliland the issue ? . No, She was addressing to people who are undermining the stability of TFG and. Somaliland wasn't the issue in that context.. The antagonist of Somaliland seek for every way and form to harm our ppl's ideals and inspiration..So Clinton's out context statement is another attempt to misrepresent the truth. The world needs somaliland more than any other" me too states" in Somalia.. It is vanguard against Alshabaab, pirates, and Ethiopian terrorist groups who are adamant to use Somaliland as spring board to attack Ethiopia. So Hillary would ignore all these and attack Somaliland for what ? .

  16. mohamed cheers says:

    South Somalia is back to the old futile bad politics of 1960-1991. Garowe 2 or else, the Somaliland's
    future is once again obsecured by the circumstances replacing the TFG after August 2012.
    The new circumstances are meant for all Somalia (Somaliland ) inclusive. That's for sure.

  17. Ahmed says:

    Khaatumo changed what was known as Somalidiid… Its okay we aint mad at ya… But stop kidding yourselves. Every dog has his day, Somali-land had more than 15 years to make something of it self and be came qabiil-land. So thanks for the effort but no thanks. it was good while it lasted… Now a new chapter, A new dawn and Unity will prevail. The Brits see it clearly I don't see Somalis (my bad Somalilanders is it?) don't see it. We need to think beyond today and bring viable option(s) to the table. How about starting with a genuine dialogue with Khaatumo if the proclaimed peace loving culture if infact true.

    I love North Somalia and there will be country called S-land. Have a good a dream!
    Buhodle brother….

  18. Xarago says:

    Somalia is one country and international community said it clear, Sland should take their roll in Somalia politics, you search recognition more then 2 decade you have achieved nothing the only solution you have is to take part and be bigger roll in Somalia take the presidency and ministerial.

    Sland have been isolated more then 2 decade that is enough you can't go more then that. The world spoke one voice which is North and South must come to the table and build good government, Sland now is your golden opportunity to lead Somalia to better place and be the leader.

    • AAmm says:

      Brother why don't you read what this people said instead of writing what your imaginary friend whispering to your half deaf ears. Stop wasting your time bro….and go build the good government or i might say corrupt one for ur country.

      • isqsomalilandunion says:

        what is this hate AAmm? I know this a late reply, but I strongly support Xarago's opinions. Somaliland is probably never going to see recognition. And when Somalia works on making an established this August, south central Somalia, Puntland, and the TFG will reunite under this established and the new Somalia's government will be internationally known as a FEDERAL government of Somaliland as well. Instead of arrogantly looking down at your own kin and selfishly being persistant over recognition, please use this wonderful opportunity to make a change by joining the parliament and ministerial. The whole world sees Somaliland as a unique case, and there are not convinced that it will ever function as a lone nation. Let's rebuild Somalia. Change the capital and the flag and make the move to reunite our people iA.

        Isaaq and a Realist

  19. mohamed cheers says:

    BTW President Silaanyo was sitting next to the Qatari diplomat what does that tell you fellows?

  20. Gambella Man says:

    I believe its about time Meles Zenawi makes history and Ethiopia becomes the first official state to recognize Somaliland. This has been a giant waste of time. Somaliland as another peace loving pro African anti terrorist state would be great. We can finally have the advantage.

    East Africa was full of terrorist havens in Sudan Eritrea and Somalia.

    Ethiopia and Kenya gained South Sudan. And wed be honored to have republic of Somaliland join the force of good in Eastern Africa. Come on primeminister Meles. If you make the first move, Djibouti South Sudan Kenya Uganda will follow. Then western Africa and Israel.

    We want the free independant recognized republic of Somaliland to shine on Africa.

    • jabur says:

      Mrrrr Gambella.
      Meles can not recognize anything. AU,EU,USA,ARAB LEAGUE, They do not want to see divided somalia.
      yes mr molester or meles can arm diffrent groups in somalia as long as no strong central goverment in somalia but those days are numbered.
      Even mr molester/meles he does not want to see independent recognine state in somalia becuase ethiopia It self will become five different countries,They are oromo/ogaden & other rebel fighters.
      The reason south sudan They got their independent is religion difference+appearance.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Your brilliant ideas are fantastic and about just the right stuff. The speech Meles Zenawi gave in the
      Somalia London Conference was in line with the key players self interest camp. He's in for the same
      political agenda. Really I can't understand how the Horn could be peaceful without rewarding the
      democracy and stability that Somaliland achieved over the years and believe it or not Ethiopia will
      be the biggest loser if the Govt. regime of Ethiopia do not show bold steps to recognize Somaliland
      to become a full member state in the UN. In the Horn of Africa Somaliland is a key issue and nothing
      good will come about the crisis of Somalia Puntland roadmaps without first addressing the Somaliland recognition issues. The whole ball game will backfire if Somaliland is not properly addressed as an indpendent issue of all inclusive Somalia crisis roadmap package.

      • nuux says:

        ethiopain They can’t recognise anything.
        To recognise a country first AU,UN They
        Have to approve.
        secondly ethiopia it’s not a powerfull Nation They can’t feed Their own people+
        They have no democracy.
        One nation under god not al shabab.
        North and south should share The power
        The world not accept ten different Countreis in somalia.

        • Jambazi says:

          IAre you are devoid wisdom? Your above comment shows the paucity or low-level of education on your part. Organisation like AU, Arab League, UN or European Union are composed of constitutive members who collectively makes the organisation. Without individual members an organization cannot exist.

          All those above organization cannot recognized any country, recognition issues are solely the mandate of nation-state. They individually recognized or they can do it collectively. As in the case of South Sudan Supra-national organization like the European Union did it collectively while majority of nation in Africa and almost nations in Latin America and Asia did recognize South Sudan Individually. In the case of Kosovo almost all nation which so far have recognized Kosovo did so individually. And by the way, Kosovo was a province of Serbia and has never been a republic like other republics of former Yugoslavia and sharif afgdud and his TFG cabal were the first recognized Kosovo. You see walaweyn and faqash in TFG have participated or are complicity in the BALKANISATION OF FORMER YUGOSLAVIA and they have participated in the dismemberment of Serbia. What a hypocrisy?

          Recognition are nothing other than other nation acknowledging another state having fulfilled all the requirements needed for a state. In order for state to fulfill these requirements, it must control a territory, must have the monopoly of using force, must have a permanent population and last but not least that state must have the capacity to reach and enforce agreements with other state and non-state entities ie trans-nation companies (TNC), or non-governmental organization.

          Somaliland has fulfilled all those requirements mentioned above. It is accepted as a DE-FACTO STATE, and the only recognition remaining is the DE-JURE recognition and this recognition which is confered other nations failed to materialize because of, 1. the sorry state of the former Somali republic which many countries felt it wasnt appropriate to recognize Somaliland without stabilizing Somalia first. Another reason why Somaliland recognition failed to materialize was Arab league nations especially Egypt, Sudan, and Libya which as a result of their selfish reason blocked Somaliland recognition in both the AU and Arab League.

          If we come back as to why Ethiopia is not recognizing Somaliland? Many times Ethiopia has openly said that "Ethiopia will not be the first one to recognized but at the same time it will not be third" meaning if any nation will be the first one to recognized Somaliland Ethiopia will be the second one. And this is the position held by many nation like UK, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden and many more other nations of the world.

          • mustafa says:

            There no need all This nonsense lecture.
            look Tawain They are still looking
            recognition for The last 40 years & still waiting,Tawain GBD per capital
            2011 is 37,200$, what do you have,you Only desert run by one clan,stop This
            Urealistic recognition,awdal,cyn,sanaag,
            Sool, They don’t want be part of This
            call soamliland.

          • Jambazi says:

            What you are saying ineligiable inane gibberish babbling. I should have ignored you but I want to show $tupidity. If Somaliland is desert then why are you crying after. And yes Taiwan is not recognized officially but behind the curtains it is actually recognized state because it has representative offices in many countries of the world. And let us hypothetical say, today, if china decides to invade Taiwan it will have to deal USA. And the delusional dream of sool sanag and whatever will never work because the dulmahante tribe occupy part of sool and and not a single part sanaag. So keep on dreaming imbecile.

  21. Abdiwahab says:

    @Gambella Man
    Thank you my ethiopian brother big love to our lovely neighbours whom we have great affection and more respect than the terrorists in ZOOMAALIYA i understand that zenawi wants to recognise us but is looking for the right man since he isnt stupid to accept any nonsensical pan somali super state

  22. Abraham says:

    I saw Galaydh on one of the Somali channels yesterday. He looked miserable and is reeling from his massive failure. after being . The guy screwed up Buuhoodle and his people in order to get an invitation to London but was locked out of the conference. What a shame!! So now he is biting his lips with frustration.

  23. Deria says:

    @ Mohamed Abdillahi Omer

    We know you are not telling the truth and the whole truth regarding the president's speech in the London conference on Somalia. Please show some respect to our intelligence and stop telling us crap time and time again. Somaliland will do much better without you, please resign and do not waste our hard-earned resources on trivial things. RESIGN NOW you are waste of time and resources.

    To Silaanyo do not let Hersi and Atoore drag you legacy on the floor. Please save Somaliland and fire these two clowns.

  24. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    Somaliland is still waiting for a video clip that supports Mohamed Abdillahi Omar's claim.

  25. misslovely says:

    walaal you can say what ever you like about the faqash clan in somalia but don't disrespect somalia like that

  26. Mohammed Ismail says:

    I wonder how somalis want us to unite again while they all wishing bad for somaliland . If
    Somaliland people don't want unity with the rest of Somalia then be it; you cannot deny us of our own basic rights . Somaliland is the only hope of stability in Somalia and to recognise it as independent country is major component of any peace deal . For 21 years somaliland showed the whole world how can success persuied . I wish for Somalia all the best and may allah make it easy for them .

  27. Ahmed says:

    Yes, Somaliland President give a short speech at London Conference

  28. mkhayre says:

    somalis are not unlike the bandar-log of rudyard kipling's jungle stories,they are always fighting and teasing each other,they think everybody else is stupid ,they praise themselves as the best people in Africa
    and the world, they believe that is true because they all say so(anyone who read jungle stories by rudyard kipling would know what i mean) i would say it does'nt matter whether silanyo spoke at the conference or not somali are but one people so stop this monkeyness! there is nothing there to fight for.period

  29. ali says:

    i want to ask, what can your clan based state of "somaliland" accomplish? you have no resources, human resources, economic assets, absolutely nothing. soon somalia will soon be an oil rich nation and you will be begging to part of the somali state, but no matter somali republic will always be united and any secessionist movements will be crushed once we get back on our feet. inshallah.

    • Ahmed says:

      Stop dreaming Somaliland become separate nation after long hard fight. We are way ahea of you and when Somalia stand on its feet?

    • Jambazi says:

      You need your head to be checked, it seems you are suffering from incurable psychological problem. From the above babbling, you claimed "Somaliland does not have any resources and will beg somalia". Contrary to your claim, it is the walawyne and faqaash of somalia who are begging Somaliland not to leave. If Somaliland does not have any resources then why you people always cry after Somaliland. Your mental delirium convinced you that you can crush Somaliland, what a laughable statement. Somalia could not defeat Al-shabaab until they brought Ugandans, Burundians, Kenyans and Ethiopians to fight for you. Do you think somalia can muster a force stronger than the forces they had in the 1970s and 1980? No, I dont think so. So why dont you keep your delusional, empty, uterly inane and preposterous wishful daydreams for yourself.

  30. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    What is the fuss here? The President spoke and spoke well, and this is not our business. We trusted him and lets wait the outcome. I personally know that he spoke and I heard it. Why we always make fuss out of nothing. Are we born to be negative?

    We the people of Somaliland, are proud that our President has done good, and he saved us from the container that we have been for 21 years. He is statesman and good one and he has opened many doors for us in this conference. So, stop this B.S.

  31. Said Mohamoud says:

    You guys are sick.

  32. Said Mohamoud says:

    Why are you misleading your innocent poor people to this fake video of your president's speach. everybody was watching and fellowing the live London conference news in every where in the world. You guys are champion layers.

  33. somali says:

    I`m somalilander and speak somali. somalia and somalilad are brother and sister we are two muslim two country leave side by side.
    somaliland long live.
    wether you like or not somaliland when they united with somalia was the choice of people of somaliland not the southren somalis. now the pepole of somaliland don`t want the unity anymore.
    don`t waste ur time.

  34. Somalilander says:

    50 country was invited, all of them didn`t had the chance to talk, so weather somaliland had achance to talk or not is not big deal.

    • Mohamoud Hersi says:

      Somaliland has actually addressed the conference.Why that is a big deal and many Somalis are denying it, I can't understand.
      Many Somalis are wasting a lot energy and time on this matter.Silaanyo is just another Somalilander, Somali, Somalian etc.Somalis, no matter where from, are the same for the rest of the world.The others have much difficulty understanding why Somalis hate one another that much.
      It has become an obsession.Sit back and have a deep breath.

  35. amal says:

    I really don't understand what these so-called pro-somaliweyn are campaigning for. They are hiding behind fake unity, they don't care about Somali unity deep down but they are only drowning in their hate and envy. How can they bark after Somaliland day in and day out when the people of Somalia are suffering and the world is sick and tired of Somalia. Why cant they focus in bringing peace for Somalia, seriously. It's a big shame. Somaliland brought their country to the ill union and now they withdraw it, there is nothing Somalia can do about the withdrawal of Somaliland from Somalia.

  36. Kenyan somalilander says:

    Why does someone need a barren & dryland to unite with oil rich & greenland of southsomalia?NOT sincere cry,i observe.Somaliland will join somalia when djibuti,NE kenya & Ogaden of Ethiopia are ready to join the greater somalia u dream about but can not even can't clean ur own.

    • hassan abdi says:

      What is it with this whole somaliweyn obession….. i grewup in an era when guns were the norm unless u grew up in the 1960's and 70's then this whole notion of somaliweyn is actually dead.

  37. hassan abdi says:

    having heard Silanyo's speech at the conference, I must applaud him because the speech was elequent and on point. Somaliland ONLY came to the conference because Britain promised Silanyo an opportunity to present his case to world leaders and foreign ministers.For the duration given the speech was excellent. David Cameron did not want the issue of somalilands recognition overshadowing his master plan for somalia.

    will be interesting to see if he attends the next session in turkey??

  38. nsu says:

    You shamed us all bro, yes we declare and are independent state but we still are somali by ethnicity therefore we have no hatred towards our muslim/somali brothers in the south we also wouldnt have an issue with our neighbour 'Ethiopia' if they refrain from thir deep animosity toward us 'Somalis', and give us our land back and also stop mendling in our affairs once and for all.

    He must be laughing at ur profound stupidity becouse from his prospective u r zoomaali

  39. nsu says:

    Thats to Abdiwahab

  40. Taqwa says:

    Murqanland like Satan failed to accept the curse wrapped all around

  41. Patriot says:

    If you people don't want Somalia then we shall leave you alone but remember we the people of Cayn, Sanaag and Sool do not want you at all and don't want to share anything other than Somali with you. Now can you leave us alone?

  42. Mohamoud Hersi says:

    Somalis, talk sense.
    The rest of the world is laughing at you.

  43. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    So-called Patriot, check how much you is percentage of your peoplet,10% of Somaliland will not change our endeavor, so come on board and stay the devil you know.

    What it takes your people to be part of Somaliland? The President's seat? Well you can try to select the best person among you and compaign for the 2014 Presidential election. I am sure many Somalilanders will vote for your candidate.

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