Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2012

Are the Somali Unionists’ Predictions on Somaliland’s Collapse Crumbling under their Feet?

OPINION | May 9, 2012

Dalmar Kahin

Dear Mohamed F Yabarag,

I quickly skimmed through your opinion entitled, “Is “Somaliland” Crumbling on Ahmed Silanyo’s Feet?” published on wardheernews website because hardly was a need for me to ponder on the content of any of your “articles” for the obvious reasons. That is, for you recycling the same paper repeatedly seems to be an unwinnable contest. As always after reading one of your emotional and subjective “papers”, I ask myself: “Haven’t I read it before? Or is this just another darn déjà vu?”

In any event, some of the following titles, which have all predicted the demise of Somaliland, were written by none other than yourself, Mohamed F Yabarag , Osman Hassan, and others. Yet Somaliland has made progress in every leap. Just revisit your previous “papers”:

“The Declaration Of Awdal State Rattled “Somaliland” Establishment”

“The last nail to the secessionists’ coffin”

“Death Knell for Secessionists in “Somaliland”

“Countdown to Somaliland’s collapse”

“Somaliland on the Brink of Imminent Collapse”

“18 May: A sad day in the History of Somalia”

What a shame! Wishing the downfall of a Somali society—while “advocating” for Somali unity is a classic example of clannish rants disguised as a campaign for Somali unity.

Indeed, the likes of Mr. Yabarag and Mr. Osman, the so-called pro-unity groups, have paradoxically butchered unity to death. That is, they shed more crocodile tears for Somali unity than thunderclouds could spill rains, yet they inadvertently jam daggers into its heart, repeatedly. Congratulations gentlemen!

Why anyone, from Somaliland, in his/her right mind would share a country with you folks? The only question that creeps into my mind is: how did we manage to share a country (former Somalia) with people like Mr. Yabarag and Mr. Osman for thirty years? Were we in deep coma for these three decades?

In recent years, remember at the height of the former SSC rebels’ violent campaign against Somaliland security forces, Mr. Hassan wrote an article entitled, “Countdown to Somaliland’s collapse”. Little Mr. Hassan knew that the countdown was ticking for the obliteration of his violent SSC militants, not for Somaliland’s collapse. Just few months later, the SSC disappeared faster than ice cubes vanish in a hot desert.

Similarly, I recall as soon as a Diaspora group from Awdal region, in Somaliland, announced the so-called Awdal State administration at a glamorous house party in Canada, Mr. Yabarag ecstatically performing spectacular back fillips to express the overwhelming joy of his long-awaited dream: the fall of Somaliland into feuding clans. Mr. Yabarag wrote an emotionally and strategically miscalculated piece entitled, “The Declaration Of Awdal State Rattled “Somaliland” Establishment”. I reminded him that he celebrated prematurely.

Evidently, as I have predicted, so far the “Awdal State” Diaspora group remains convinced that controlling Somaliland with a remote control from the heart of Canada is far more logical than venturing into Awdal region to face the reality on the ground.

As for the February 2012 Somali conferences in London, over fifty countries for the first time realized that Somaliland was no longer a region that exists hypothetically; but it was (is) a legitimate country, with its problems, like any other nation in Africa. Therefore, the world, unambiguously, echoed that Somaliland and Somalia must sit down to agree or disagree on the issue of Somali unity.

No one has ever mentioned any of the fly-by-night “administrations” namely SSC/Khatumo, Makhir, and Awdal State, attempted to parachute into Somaliland by selfish, power-hungry Diaspora groups.

Truth is: the international community cares less whether or not some clans in Somaliland disagree with its quest for independence. The only thing the world wants to know is: what the majority in Somaliland want? It doesn’t matter which clan they hail from or region they inhabit. Nor does it matter which clans signed an agreement with the British colonizers. Do you think every African clan signed an agreement with the colonizers? Of course not!

So, putting aside the usual fadhi kudirir (Somali political debates at the coffee shops) the indisputable truth is: Somaliland’s independence is unavoidable—just as death and taxes are inescapable.

Thank you,

Dalmar Kaahin

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  1. mohamed abdi says:

    The author mr dalmar or dulmi he’s misleading some of his fanatic readers,no one is interesting collapse of s/land it was not exist as a country first place put as a regional addministration,secondly somalis in general are not into unionist Agenda which interferece regional affairs.Third ssc/khaatumo & awdal,makhir states These are majority people in This part of somalia & getting stronger by The day also international community taking notice in This situation,to settle once for all This issue should be referendum with presence of international community.

    In may prediction,all These states will remain within somalia with a self rule,put There will be state called s/land & will be more isolated Than ever.

    • Gobaad says:

      mohamed abdi, don't try to cover the minority you are by affiliating yourself with other regions and stick to where you are from! You don't represent or speak for any region. No doubt, you a F*q*a*h remnant and a bitter individual with a mental of 'phantom-limb!

      • nuur direr says:

        @ Mr Gobaad.

        refrain your language pls This is public domain.

        • Gobaad says:

          nuur direr, are you serious, what language are you talking about? F*q*a*h is not an insult. It is just similar to your I*d**r! We don't take as an insult. If you don't know what it means, I*d**r is means exchange and F*q*a*h is just a sound of heavy boots or steps approaching! How is that a bad language. Besides, you guy use I*d**r more than we use F*q*a*h! So, live with it.

          • Gobaad says:

            By the way, I am not Mr. Gobaad, but Miss. Can't you tell the difference between Male and female names?

          • Gobaad says:

            nuur direr, I quest you are not familiar with Somali names. I have never seen a man call Gobaad! Which part of the Somali speaking regions you are from? Perhaps, in your area men are called 'Gobaad, not where I come from.

  2. Xog-Ogaal says:

    Thank you Mr. Dalmar Kaahin. You but last nail to their coffin along with their hate. Somaliland is here to stay and flourish by the will of Allah, the almighty, and no "Fadhi ku Dirir" will stop the progress our people are doing by the day. They will die for their sickness.

    The country Somaliland and its people is protected by God, the almighty, and has saved many hurdles during the course of its state building. Those hate mongers are forgetting that, because of their selfishness and ignorance of what our religion teaches us.

  3. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Sorry: I don't know where this Xog-Ogaal came from, but I am the one who put the above comments.

  4. H.M.Obsiye says:

    Mr. Kahin,
    As always, I have nothing but admiration for you personally and the articles you write. You are always articulate and to the point when writing articles.

    As you put it correctly, whenever I read some of the articles these guys you mentioned above wrote, it make me to move farther away from any country these thugs lives in let alone Somalia.

  5. Meigag says:

    Dear Mr. Kahin,
    It is a universal view that people may die becouse of "LOVE".If at all the opposite term of "HATRESS" can kill, It is certain people Like Yabarug, Osman and their type might just collapse and die, heart badly stained by hating Somaliland.
    The almighty will never stop bestowing His mercy blessings to His beings as Somaliland and her people,and each time Divine gifts arrive, people like Osman and Yabarug will never stop having seizures of HATE.Surely no known remedy for such kind.
    Your article of enlighting the prevailing facts is surely an eye opener for them,and if they are capable of steering themselves back to fairness and positive mental attitude- perhaps they will learn from it.
    Keep it up.

  6. FARAH GULED says:

    KUDOS to you Mr Dalmar, People like YABARIG are well known, I hope you know him personaly, he is full of poison and haterage, I know him personally. This guy in normal life he has nothing good to say about anybody, and he is not even very well accepted in our society, neither does he have any followers in Borame.

    Pls lets pry that Allah relieves him of the evil anger he has on all Humans except himself. He doesnt speak for anybody.

  7. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    Thanks Dalmar.

    They are very desperate indeed:

    • sabriye says:

      Interesting last few sentences,which says khaatumo state of somalia,and no less The other unionists,will never surrender to The seccession & ultimately it will be Them who will save somalia’s unity just as in 1960 it was Them. This’s very strong determination we are rallying behind you.

  8. Bashe says:

    Thank you Dalmar, well written per usual;

    Somaliland is a young representative democracy where disputes are resolved by rule of law and by one man one vote. Perhaps the only way we can defeat all our enemies foreign or domestic, is through an inclusive process in fair sharing of our merger resources and political involvement by all minorities. Similarly, if there are still those who are bound by hate and ignorance and are hell bent on violence, then, we have to engage them in kind. We stand by our brothers in Somalia in their quest for peace but if they interfere with our internal politics be it TFG, Shaabab, desperate Canadians, Puntland etc, we will hang them dry in the open, MAY ALLAH BLESS SOMALILAND AND IT'S PEOPLE.

  9. F.A. says:

    It is indeed well written. The funny thing is, we want that all Somalis succed eventually while Some Somalis in Somalia wants Somaliland to fail. Now let me understand please how that is normal? I really would love to go to Somalia and say yes they are Somalis and they build this beautifull country after a long war or go to Puntland and say the same thing. I feel good when I go to Djibouti because it is partially a Somali country. But Please dont ever wish for your somali brothers and sisters for something bad. Please stop hating, we dont hate Somalia. Eventhough you killed 50.000 and more Somalilanders. Inshallah Allah will punisch those disgusting people. But Somalia have also good people and they did nothing to Somaliland and they are also suffering from those people who killed us for no reason.

    Anyways, May Allah help all the Somalis and muslims everywhere. Amin brothers and sisters in Islaam

  10. MsSomaliland says:

    Dalmar Kaahin, who ever you are, know that you are my HERO :D I love your articles!

  11. Dhugtame says:

    Well done Dalmar, I admire your courage and eloquence.

  12. Gobaad says:

    Well said, Mr. Dalmar. Walaweyn can rant and rave as much as they want. But it will change the reality on the ground. We will keep on saying: geediga wadaay! Their venomous language and bitter deep-seated hate against Somaliland is tangible proof that envy is eating them alive and they cannot stand the progress we made despite the destruction of our country. As you said I don't how on earth we tolerated these kind of people for 30 years. Way to go, Dalmar!

  13. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    @Gobaad iyo Dhugtame,

    Big congratulations – Dhugtame, you beat me to it :-)!

  14. Gobaad says:

    Hargeisawi, you cracked me up, Walaahi! Don't take it too far, it was only Kaftan.

  15. amal says:

    I give Dugtame double thumps up, your shot gun is very sharp indeed and you are well expert in the field. Very lucky man, well done. Ulululu ;)

    • Hargeisawi-In-London says:


      You're next in the firing line!

      • amal says:


        Hahaha I don’t think so. Not many has a sharp fiery gun like Dugtame.

        • Gobaad says:

          Hey guys, keep down we are in a public domain website. Kaftanka ha sii buunbuuninina. People might say: waar kuwan desperate ahi maxay ahaayeen?

          • amal says:

            ya carusa, am I invited to the party ;)
            Just kidding, I love your sense of humour kaftan cala kaftan

          • Gobaad says:

            amaleey, miyeynu isdacaayadaynaa?

          • Dhugtame says:

            Amal & Hargeisawi,

            You guys must be from Burao, else what are you doing listening to people's conversation from Aqalka dabadiisa. Look now, you have spoiled everything, iminka waa taase hadaba na soo shiidda.

          • amal says:

            Gobaad +dhugtame

            Wale kaftan miran bad tihiin lol

            "iminka waa taase hadaba na soo shiidda" loooool
            maha wan ku galbinayna

          • Kayse says:

            Sorry for my late arrival I was busy putting the camels in the West Coast customized shed. I can always be the sheikh…I know fataha and how to flip the tusbaax….I'm sure my dirac seller friend in Hargeisa can also find me a matching cimamaad.

            Amaleey bal reerka so diyari then call me on my Geel telecom.

          • Gobaad says:

            Late arrival Kayse, sheeka ku dhaaftay. Just kidding! Waa sidee, arooska ma dirac baa lagu gelbiyaa?

            I am going home this summer and I am intending to drink calo geel. Geelaaga marti ma u noqdaa? I am from hawd and our geel may not be far from our geel.

          • Hargeisawi-In-London says:

            SMILE! Amal is, I am not :-)!

            Folks, intaasi kaftan iyo qosol inoogu filane, let us go back to business.

          • Dhugtame says:

            I agree! let us move on, before Keyse takes his shirt off .

          • Gobaad says:

            Dhugtame, it is true, Kayse cidi aamusiin kari mayso haddii uu shadhka la baxo! hahahahaha!

          • amal says:

            wale wa ka Kaysena ushi geela la so ka la baxay , very dangerous stick lol damn, was away all day and missed the kaftanki o si baladhy, too late now, like hargeisawi said intaas kaftan inoku filan. It’s all about adding some milix to SomalilandPress :)

          • Dhugtame says:

            Stay tune for the next episode, Hargeisawi and Amal will have a serious discussions.

          • Gobaad says:

            Dhugtame, give it a rest. Kaftanka aan jooginno, we are on a public domain. It is not only us visiting here, other people are on the website too. So, let not get off-topic and off-track here.

          • Dhugtame says:


            Hey Gobaad, I gave it a rest and end of Kaftan.

          • Gobaad says:

            Dhugtame, Thanks Ina Adeer.

  16. amal says:

    Just read and it’s excellent. Short and to the point. Those fake unionists are the ones who actually buried the unity and they have the audacity to call us haters. Now there is nothing they can do about Somaliland and it has sailed on, best thing is they should stop further embarrassing themselves. Thanks for this piece of writing.

  17. Bashe says:

    Puntaland warrior = puntaland pirates + envy + dharod ambition = corrupted brain cells… btw, I live in Cayn and have three wives all are Dharod Warsangeli and Dhulo….My kids won't be confused since they are loyal Somalilanders…..enough of hating, put food on the table for your family and then worry about us Somalilanders or some geography lessons.

  18. khaatumo citizen says:

    whats up with all calalcal we all know khaatumo took up a few months ago plus ssc was a wake call for people of sool sanag and cayn regions of somalia not all people of thos regions were united back then…

    Sland is also weakening their own positions tremendously by being aggressive and trying by force to claim that Sool, Sanaag and Eyn is their territory and there will be no recognision it would have happened 20 years ago nor do I think this will happen simply because the Is@q clan is a small ethnic group in broader Somali picture.

    and the writer said is all about what the majortiy want well if u see north somalia there are 6 regions… sool Sanag and Awdel are unionists what have u got lest Sahil, waqooyi-galbeed and togdheer, buuhodle district and its ten neighboring cities are part of togdheer region and will never eccepted this madness secessionist propaganda, also rest of somalis want united somalia so u do the Maths who are the minorities…

  19. Allemagan says:


    The answer for your question is resounding NO!

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