Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2012

An Elephant In The Room

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OPINION | April 10, 2012
By: Ismail Ahmed
The man, who was widely held in a high esteem throughout Somaliland Republic as Somaliland’s most successful businessman, has turned out to be a destructive elephant in the room. Abdulrashid Duale, the current Dhabshiil Company’s CEO, has revealed his true picture as a businessman who stands firmly for Somalia’s strong unity, by equating Somaliland with Puntland, as regions of Somalia. In an article, dubbed as “ a guest columns”, which he wrote in New African’s April edition, on page 60, under the title of `Somalia: The path to prosperity,` Abdulrashid Duale, unequivocally projected Somaliland as one of Somalia’s regions, and in his own words, to be directly quoted: “ Puntland and Somaliland, Somalia’s stable areas.”

Defending the role played by the Somalis in the Diaspora in boosting Somalia’s businesses, he figured out the annual $2bn remittance sent to Somalia, thus, incorporating Somaliland’s remittance-share with Somalia instead of breaking down the annual remittances between Somalia and Somaliland. It is no brain, that he projected to his readers that Somaliland is part and parcel of Somalia. In more than four times, he repeatedly incorporated Somaliland as one of Somalia’s relatively stable regions where small businesses were flourishing, with particular emphasis on his own company that he said started small business from the scratches in unfavourable environment of civil war, at the time when the situation was at stake, following the collapse of General Barre’s fascist rule.

The timing of such a controversial article has raised also serious questions about Abdulrashid Duale’s sincerity as a loyal Somaliland businessman. Those who read the article have developed a new notion by casting a serious suspicion on his trustworthiness as a Somaliland’s true businessman. Some said Abdulrashid Duale is a businessman, who is still weighing the situation, as which way the wind of Somalia is blowing, thus, straddling his legs on both sides of the border. Mr.Duale must make known his position to all and sundry. After all, nothing is wrong in establishing businesses in Somalia and vice versa. But what is wrong, and even utterly disgraceful is, calling Somaliland as a region a country that has its national code of arms, including its national constitution, its national army, its own flag and a vast territory which is the size of Great Britain, minus Wales, and with recognized borders that it inherited from the British colonial rule. And worse than that, Somaliland is being called as a region by one of its sons, whose businesses flourished on its soil.

Abdulrashid Duale’s article came on the heel of February’s London Conference on Somalia, in which representatives of 53 countries approved a final communiqué which, above everything else’s, authorized both Somalia and Somaliland to engage in a dialogue on equal footing not as a region and a government of Somalia.

It is a high time that the current highly respected Somaliland’s President, HE Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo should instruct his subordinate officers to rein in people like Abdullah Duale, who do not see behind their noses, without giving in to family pressure. President Siilaanyo is a hero and a statesman, who loomed large among foreign statesmen at the recent London Conference, during which he delivered a sensational speech that captured the attention of both friends and foes. HE Ahmed Mohammed Siilaanyo took part in the London’s Conference as a head of state representing Somaliland Republic and not as a governor representing a region. The establishment of a Ministerial Committee by President Ahmed M.Siilaanyo recently to represent Somaliland at the forthcoming Somaliland-Somalia talks in London is another fact that Somaliland is not a region of Somalia, indeed, in the true sense of the word.

By Ismail Ahmed
Dire-Dawa, Ethiopia

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  1. HMObsiye says:

    I totally disagree with this writer, Abdullahi Duale, is first and foremost is a businessman, a Somali and then Somaliland. His first priority is his business interest and his business interest is everywhere where Somali people live and he has to look for this interest first. He is not a politician who supposedly advocate for Somaliland causes, but his investment in Somaliland alone is very important to Somaliland people because, he company gives job opportunities to many Somaliland youth who otherwise will be without employment or be a security risks to the country. So please, give Mr. Duale a credit for his dedication in building Somaliland business environment.

    • Haraf says:

      You must have never Ever ever been too Somaliland, the man you praise is a business man, but a business man is a Parasite to me, feeding of the sick the hungry and the very poor so praise him. But if I had my way there would be a dark hole for man like that.

      • HMObsiye says:

        Give me one example of good deeds you have done for Somaliland, that improved the life of Somalilanders? I have a lot of examples of good deeds Dahab shil have done for Somaliland.

        People like you like to write negative things about others without bringing in any good deeds.
        Do things that is positive without criticising others.

  2. I Jama says:

    "The term government-linked company (GLC) is sometimes used to refer to corporate entities that may be private or public (listed on a stock exchange) where an existing government owns a stake using a holding company. There are two main definitions of GLCs are dependent on the proportion of the corporate entity a government owns. One definition purports that a company is classified as a GLC if a government owns an effective controlling interest (>50%), while the second definition suggests that any corporate entity that has a government as a shareholder is a GLC."

  3. I Jama says:

    Therre is no denying Dahabshiil's core business is dependent on Somalis. Thus, Why are should we be confident it is a Somaliland business?

  4. mohamed cheers says:

    Dahabshiil is a Private Company doing busineses all over the World including Puntland and
    Somalia. I don;t know what the Company's CEO said, but It's quite possible that he could have been
    misquoted. At any rate, the CEO under attack is purely a successful business tycoon and in my
    view has nothing to do with politics undertakings between Somaliland proper,Somalia proper
    and secessionist/renegade(de facto Puntland of Majeertenia districts of Somalia Mudug Province.
    My advice: Articles of this nature which contain nothing more than inflamatory accusations are
    worthless and only serve to hurt the exceptionally outstanding reputation of Dahabshiil's CEO
    MR Abdulrashid Duale out of pure jealousy. Shame on you MR Ismail Ahmed for showing your
    true colours.

    • mohamed ali says:

      Allow me to correct you,Puntland is multicultural semi-autonomous state within somalia or previously called kingdom of Puntland,infact it’s other way around somaliland is lost state negotiating trying to get back on line.nothing wrong with dahabshiil or amal express most somalis use Them reliable,effecient,honesty,That’s why worth today fortune-rest of The xawala gone blink of an eye or declare bankrupcy,in This part of The world business & politics mix hand in hand big time.dhahabshill have more investment rest of somalia compare somaliland,Those who don’t know let me refresh your little math company’s shareholders 55% own by dhabshiil him self & 45% own by The public,what’s The fuss This Person work hard & deserves,companies usaully bottom line is $$$$$.

      • kaboon says:

        couple of things wrong with your statement there,first punland is not multcultral as it is inhappited by people who are all from the same caltural background. secondly, there was no such thing as a kindom of puntland as puntland now days consists of few drought ridden villages and 2 or 3 towns( not major cities such as hargaisa buro,mogadisho,berbera who are inhapited by millions of people). thirdly dahabshiil is a well established multi million doller somaliland company while amal express is more of a corner shop in COMPARISON to dahabshiil. then lastly the company is owned majority by the family(CEO and his family) the rest are owned by major somali businesmen and few forigners.

        so i hope next time when you are trying to compare your little village called garoowe to hargaisa, you stop to think, after all we are the most developed both humanly and economicly.

        • mohamed ali says:

          Look mate if we are taliking about rub@sh is one Thing put in reality what you wrote here is completely wrong in a big time.Puntland it’s one of The most multicultural state & cities in somalia more Than nine hundred Thousand move to bosaso from different parts of somalia current population 3.9 million compare small enclave s/l 2 million.second puntland had a history of kingdom it’s writen in encyclopedia,king Osman mahomuud controled much of north & central somalia in The 19th & early 20th centuries,The polity had all of The organs of an antegrated modem state & maintianed a robust trading network,it also entred into treaties with foreign powers & exerted strong centralized authority on domestic front,much of The former kingdom today coextensive with The autonomous Puntland state,while you guys were nomad runing around with camel’s.Third Amal express ltd it’s one of The strongest xawala if not The best,it employe’s 4300 staff worldwide have branch all over The world deals also real-state building shopping centres etc,it has customers more Than 4.2 people revenue per year hundreds of millions of dollars.most of dahabshill revenue come from rest of somalia Not s/l which has less population.

          Last put not least,comparing kingdom to nomad it’s insult & felony.

          • mohamed ali says:

            correction,4.2 million customers worldwide…

          • mohamed cheers says:

            I have not offended kings and queens. All I said was Puntland was integral part of Somalia South and only in 1998 became a secessionist renegade de facto. But Somaliland
            proper and Somalia proper are two major Sovereignty entities who integrated into
            partnership union of two entirely different systems in July 1960. The Somaliland that
            you folks are tarnishing its legitimate de jure sovereignty was born before Somalia and
            Djibouti. There's no need to go into history as far as Adam and Eve!. Simply, let's concentrate
            on the contemporary modern Colonial exras of WWI & WWII and stick to these Colonial Demarcation International borders..shall we?

          • mohamed ali says:

            Puntland never had queen in Thier kingdom monarchy history.Puntland decided 1998 to create Their own state They could declare Them self’s independent country,since They have enough population,massive land with oil,port,airport & above all history in This region leadership law & order behind Them,not dividers put connectores.going back 1960 when somali north jioned rest of somalia it was not one clan who decided to unite it was presentives of all clan’s Those day’s,today no one sees That picture anymore,british or in That matter italian never drew colonail demarcations it was all by mouth,it’s not in The archive inernational border recognition record,may be drunken british constable officer drew This lines That’s why it’s not in The record.

            let’s go back to The topic,dhabshiil is somali xawala serving his people all walk’s of life , stop bushing shaving in This matter or it will become bankrupt over night becuase most of it’s revenue 70% comes from rest of somalia.

          • amal says:

            “comparing kingdom to nomad it's insult & felony”

            Are you kidding me. I hope you know that you are comparing clan sultanate or the MJ sultanate and their rule with Somaliland an ancient country with rich history that can be compared with Somalia and not with clan sultanates or a tribal orientated rule in parts of Somalia. Somaliland’s history, foreign trade, sultaans is centuries old and many Somalis call their great noble sultaans and rulers boqors. We have separate ottoman, Egyptian, Persian connection that is different to Somallia and very ancient arts that show the first human thoughts, civilization or beliefs..

            Anways that is not the point, all M.Cheers is saying is that your region, or puntland has always been part and parcel of Somalia. I know you are denying the colonial borders but you are forgetting that colonial borders is what African borders are based and Somalia’s border itself is colonial. It is what also carved Djibouti out of what you call Somaliaweyn yet you have no problem with that. Stop the hypocrisy brother. Let me remind you this, Somaliland is an equal entity to Somalia and gained independence in 1960 and over 35 countries recognised it as a state before the union. Somaliland lost its sovereignty because we gave up for Somalia and to pursue the Somaliweyn dream and did not even ask for any condition but simply a brotherly trust. You said it was collective clans who decided to unite, I’m afraid if the isaxaqis would have refused to join Somalia there would NEVER have been any union at all and today we would have our country without a problem. And the dhulos would not even have a problem with it but it Is the union that divided the northern Somaliland clans because of said barre.

            But the Somaliland that joined Somalia was a complete separate entity and this is what we will hold on to it. It is simply a withdrawal and not a secessionist. You can keep denying it or treating Somaliland as insignificant small enclave but I’m afraid that will not change the reality and Somaliland will fight for its position in the UN seat. Union is good but I’m afraid Somalis are retarded and we learn our lesson, painful lesson in joining Italian influenced mafias. We don't have time for insincere people who are not honest to real Somali unity.

          • mohamed ali says:

            If we keep comparing,every one will bring out same magic staff from Their pocket’s,no one is denying Puntland is semi-autonomous state or region so The rest of somalia including s/land.what i said Puntland had kingdom monarchy history,ottoman,egyptain,persian They been every part of somalia not only north,The name “Puntland” is derived from The land of Punt mentioned by ancient egyptian,going back colonial borders two types one is officail registred other it’s not,so most african countreis They have officail one design by bl@@dy colonizers.

            Djouti is very very tiny country & different people live There afar,oromo 39% population The world knew They are not 100% somalis,put north somalia They are full blooded said 35 countries recognized s/land how come it’s not registred UN head office & where’s Their officail flag Those day’s not also registred,of course north joined rest of somalia at Their will no one forced Them put imagine dhulos+gadabirsi+warsngeli & others if did not approve joining somalia at That time it would not happen,The some people & good % is@@q clan want to remain in somalia with independent semi autonomous state Their wishes should be respected.if someone to stablish republic of is@@qland i will be The first person to my opinion i want to see strong north somalia with equal partnership rest of somalia economically,politically,every one will benefit

          • amal says:

            “Puntland is derived from The land of Punt mentioned by ancient Egyptian” but where is the real land of punt? if you know what I mean. It’s fine to be proud of your sultans and their clan orientated state they formed in Somalia but what I was only hinting is your arrogance in dismissing everyone else as nomads who run around after camels, well all Somalis were nomads. We all know Somalis referred to some of their prominent sultaans as boqor but as far as I know the only or first Somali sultaan that was recognised and called as ‘king’ by outsiders like the Persians is king Amaan of the HY sultaans in Somaliland. But like you said, this is off topic and not important to the core issue.

            Going back to the main important topic you mentioned.

            The isaxaqis are numerically more than the dhulos, warsangleis and gedabursis combined. And that’s not it the dhulos was not keen on joining Somalia. The leaders of Somaliland that that decided to join Somalia were majority isaxaqis including Egaal.

            “you said 35 countries recognized s/land how come it's not registered UN head office & where's Their officail flag”

            It’s no secret and the 35 countries that recognised is well documented. You should know the history of the union better. Somaliland joined after 5 days before they declared as a country with a seat on the UN. Their official flag, you know the flag that we made was the blue flag with the 5 stars because our intention was greater Somalia and we the first independent Somali state marched through the streets of hargeisa with it whilst Somalia was still under trusteeship. We gave up everything to the south, what did we get rewarded and what are we still being rewarded.

            Now why do you think a constitution and act of union was required to be signed by both parties if Somaliland was not a separate state. Both states of Somaliland and Somalia were required by law to sign and agree upon the constitution. This was a clear indication that Somaliland was an independent state with a Government of its own. However, what is even more interesting is that this act of union was not complete and not ratified which actually makes the union incomplete and illegal. Somalia failed us and they failed the union and now they blame us.

          • amal says:

            "in my opinion i want to see strong north somalia with equal partnership rest of somalia economically,politically,every one will benefit"

            But I'm afraid Somalia denies everything for Somaliland. This is why they faked the constitution in 1961 and completely annexed and marginalized the north. Why do you think Somaliland don't trust Somalia.

          • mohamed ali says:

            Look i don’t like arguing with lady’s That does not mean i am disrespectful or putting down i have full respect on Them.if you want to know where’s The real land-punt it’s here save sound law & order with peace & harmony,of course Thoae days most somalis where nomad accept Those who live on The one knows if is@q clan have numerically higher number compare dhul+gadabirsi+warsan & others becuase not accurate headcount was done & even if is@q clan have higher number it would be more Than’s not nice going around in circles when people argue They need to have case proof one,no proof s/land recognized by 35 countries.

            The blue flag was created 1954 during The transitional period,it was personally designed by The somali scholar by The name mohamed awale liban after been selected by The somali labour trafe union to come up with a design in preparation independence,so The flag was design before joined north/south check the keep missing The point no one saying s/lad it was not separate state 1960 once They had independent from british few days or week’s joined rest of somalia without been recognise in The UN as a country,so technically not registered as a country,a lot of scholars argue This case & even took to court put did nog get That far,That’s why today s/land on T- junction.

            as you said it was illegal The union if you want to argue case it should be clear one how come The UN approved The unoin,all somalis fail Them self’s no one is blaming s/land,There’s no such Thing call fake or fakini constitution both north/soth sing it 1960 with The front of UN.well marginalization This is where The somali problem started Those days are over becuase every state standing up own feet & asking where is my slice of The cake,too much greiving it’s not good for The human soul.

          • amal says:

            Well Somaliland has every right to grieve after giving up their sovereignty just to get slap in the face.

            Somaliland's borders are real one and those five days that it was independent is still legal and valid. Somaliland was a separate recognised state that’s why a union signed by both in equal basis was required (like I said before) so what power does an equal state we join have over us. Anyways…

            It’s true that the days of marginalisation are over but looking at the Somali situation, how can Somaliland and Somalia coexist in one country. Somalilanders never wanted to dismember Somalia or disunite Somalia and it was for the love of unity they joined; in fact few years ago there were many Somalilanders who thought there is a chance of re-union. I remember It wasn’t very long time ago when my brother was an advocate for reunion (unfortunately) because he believed that a common ground can be reached between the two to resurrect a bigger and powerful Somalia, not anymore. I’m afraid no Somalilander wants to re-unite now after 21 years and witnessing the Somali situation. We have all came to know that simply a separation is best for us all, and we don’t want to take our children who haven’t seen violence to place of mafia.

            However, If Somaliland and Somalia reaches some sort of understanding, agreement and common ground to settle or unite fair enough; but there is one thing that is for sure Somaliland will not and cannot be forced into the union nor does Somalia have any jurisdiction over Somaliland what so ever unless they are asking for a long never ending conflict with the north in which Somaliland is more determined to do whatever possible in safeguarding its statehood and security.
            I’ll leave it there for now, have a good day brov.

          • mohamed ali says:

            You sound like someone who’s very upset,angry,bitter & sending mix masseges,you have right to be Tho sometimes s/land is over doing it.

            Here’s my prediction write it down.

            1.Somalia will re-unite in equal terms.

            2.No one is forcing other state to join put it’s fact & reality somalis either from south-north-central can not create their own countries for simple reason no nation will accept.

            3.Every state will be independent economically & politically.

            4.Central goverment will not be strong when it comes to domestic issues accept foreign policy.

            5.Equal share of ministerial portfolio.

          • Hargeisawi-in-London says:

            The fact that you are of the opinion that Somaliland is a part of Somalia clearly shows the depth of your ignorance. Let's just, for the sake of argument, forget about your inane trash on Somaliland.

            Though with great difficulty, one may surmise from your incoherent verbiage that you are one of those pursuing and pushing for the delusional project called "Federal Somalia". I am afraid, Ha*w*yes are hell-bent, and rightly so, on thwarting the so-called "Provisional Federal Constitution" ; and all signs indicate that Ha*w*yes are going to achieve their object, which will certainly seal the fate of your fanciful and fake "state", Puntalnd. BTW, this is going to happen sometime next month. So this looming danger should be your main concern, not Somaliland.

          • Hargeisawi-in-London says:

            "achieve their object" = "achieve their objective"

          • Hargeisawi-in-London says:


            You: " from Hargiesa"; "Hirsi Aman"; "distance relative of Lixleh" ; " I remember it wasn’t very long time ago when my brother was an advocate for reunion……";

            I think I know your family (Ciyaalo Jameeco) :-)!

          • amal says:


            looool you take the p*ss! (you got a good memory)
            Lixle was a far relative, he was Faarax maxamed Musa Abdlle ismeil (like me lol)
            But the royal Amaan belongs to Hirsi ciismaan, the ones that produces most of the sultans for HY (also part of the Abdalle isameil branch of HY)

            Few years ago I and my siblings were Somalilanders just by name and didn't actually give a damn whether they unite or not and in the other hand my brov actually believed that there was a chance of resurrecting a bigger Somalia, pro-union. But sadly that was only pure ignorance and after all uniting with Somalia is hell on earth :( now I know what my uncle and the S.N.M died for. Thanks to SomalilandPress I managed to research the Somali history, geopolitics, current affairs etc
            But what i don't know is, are Somaliland leaders 100% fixed on separation only or will they actually find a common ground and understanding with Somalia? To be honest I don't know like you said before warba cakaru emaan but hopefully nothing to do with those mafias. Personally I only see pirate and walawayn mafias on the internet but not in real life so quite shock to see how much we are actually divided.

            Anways, I think I know your clan. Ogaden with Sacad Muse Mum and reer hargeisa :) also 1988's kool kid.

            p.s I'm originally not from hargeisa but shuuush! MusaAbdlles left burco and sheekh for hargeisa so welcome us there ;)

          • amal says:

            Oh I think now I know what you mean by ‘ciyaalo jameeco’ I don’t know why but I tend to struggle to decode your language, most of the time you use big Somali words on me. I thought you were making up funny clan name for me, to mock.

          • Hargeisawi-in-London says:


            Ciyaal = children; Jameecada = a neighborhood in Hargeisa.

            Don't worry! Trust me, in no time your Somali vocabulary will be fine — just ayaydaa haday nooshahay la sheekayso :-)

            BTW, I am not Og*den, but I like their sense of humor and the jokes on/about them.

          • amal says:

            Lol, but my ayeeyo is in hawd I should take some time off to spend time with her to learn some old, big Somali words like you :) and get some plenty of caano geel too. Oh and ‘jameeca’ never knew there was an area with that name before. I only know New hargeisa.

          • Hargeisawi-In-London says:

            Adeer/Abti, halkaa dadaalka ka hay.

          • mohamed ali says:

            Here we go again it’s not delusional it’s happening & happening before your eyes “somali federal”including part of Nothern somalia where The real somalis live.

            Puntland it’s been here since 1800 & will be here long long time to come,no one can shake This monarchy system let alone nakuna people.

            I was wondering all These people,hargeisawi-in london+kaboon+amal+ mohamed cheers,are They The some person or it’s my eyes,conclusion The some person.

          • mohamed ali says:

            ..Rest my case no more reply..

          • Hargeisawi-in-London says:

            Certainly, in defeat — hope to talk to you in a few week's time!

          • amal says:

            mohamed ali,
            I think I'm starting to remember your writing style now, I should have known better. Never mind, just don't get heart attack when Somaliland becomes officially separate and haawiyes rule your pirate enclave.

    • darood master says:

      Stop being a smartass you aint fooling nobody, puntland & somaliland are both led by one clans.
      One tribe in somaliland can not and will NOT become a separate State from Somalia ever

  5. osman5 says:

    If it's true that Dahabshil had made a statement in which questions about Somaliland's status, it's unfortunate. Dahabshil made his fortune in Somaliland not in Somalia. He can be seen a greedy businessman who looks at the bottom line of this own business.
    Clues can be traced though if he does indeed have a sense of give back, especially to the needy communities in Somaliland.

    A lot of people dislike Dahabshil among Somalilanders. I don't know why, there's no end to the stories should one try to speculate them.
    The other side of the story, Somalilandpress news contributors are notoriously known to make connections between Dahabshil and Sillanyo. I believe that's very unethical. The author suggested in the article the president of Somaliland should do something about Dahabshil's lack of loyalty to Somaliland which very laughable. Dahabshil did not committed a crime so he can't be alleged on treason charges.
    Either the author of this article is very inexperienced writer or he doesn't acquire a thinking through process. I'm very disappointed with Somaliandpress for not having an Editor-in-chief.

    Osman Qaal

    • Haraf says:

      Laugh, there is no connection between the president of Somaliland and the man who everyone knows put him there, I think you need to rethink that comment, mr dahabshil is the president of Somaliland, what he says goes that's the power of blood money.

      • inayuusuf says:

        You might opt to disapprove president's policies and overtly say so. But to say “Dahabshil is the president of Somlailand” and “what he says goes” is itself a punishable felony.

  6. ComeAgain says:

    I can hardly blame the guy, everytime he lifts a finger to do something someone jumps out of a camel ar $e and accuses him of clan monopoly! This site is one of the many you can read all that shi te that is flung his way. I dont think he supports the somaliwayne crap I think he just wants to get his point across, he loves this country, built his business in it and yet we treat him as if hes some sort of robber baron from teh 1800s, he gives people a decent wage and provides a service.

    Somalis get jealous its sad really. I just hope he remembers that to the walaway ne muppets we are all qa l d ans in the end we are the ones who will have his back! And we the Lander public need to wake up and not scare off our very successful businessmen into the arms of our enemies!

  7. Adam says:

    'Jealousy consumes good work like fire consumes wood' Sahih Hadith

  8. Dhugtame says:

    My advice to Abdirashi Mohamed Saeed; learn from your father, stay away from the media and occupy yourself with your family business. a big mouth will only attract flies into your mouth.

  9. inayuusuf says:

    First of all the author is biased and pessimistic as much as Dahabshil is concerned and he might belong to the infamous group opposing to his investment in the port city of Berbera. To serve his anti-Dahabshil agenda, the writer misquoted and more accurately manipulated Abdirahshid’s words.

    Mr. Abdirashid didn’t say “ Puntland and Somaliland, Somalia’s stable areas.” As quoted by the writer, but said “In less troubled areas such as Somaliland and Puntland, where trade is active and new industries are flourishing, the political climate is more stable and representative than in many other countries.”

    Reed yourself the article written by Abdirashid here:

    Clearly the writer holds Abdirashid responsible for campaigning for Somaliland recognition forgetting or may be ignoring that Mr. Abdirashid is not a politician and holds no formal post in the Somaliland Government nor he co-owns any business with the Government to date.In fact Mr. Abdirshid seemed to campaigning for Somaliland in his last paragraph and many other areas but covertly .


  10. inayuusuf says:

    That said, Mr. Abdirashid was very much cautious and selective in his words lest jeopardizing his business interest, which is normal considered his assets that found anywhere Somali ethnic is.
    One more thing; We are all aware of our government courting Somalia these days. from offering humanitarian aid to sending condolences over their deceased officials in a bid to normalize relations. I see no reason Dahabshil should not do so. After all, he is the only Somaliland businessman having huge interests in Somalia and thus the most beneficiary in normalized relations.

    Yet I am in the view of that any businessperson has got obligations (political, social, economical and ethical ones) toward his home country and cannot function absolutely free-of them. And Dahabshil is not an exception.

    Mr. Abdirashid is therefore expected to court not only Somalia citizens but Somalilanders too and should have said “Somali populations” instead of “Somali regions” or “Somali territories” to avoid jeopardizing his interests in Somaliland too.

  11. Abdi1234 says:

    The author should have used his precious time sharing something beneficial to the readers, instead of this useless gossip piece. This piece is akin to funny stories I heard years ago, when I was in Hargeisa . I overheard people in tea shops say that Dahabshiil and Indhdeero brought loads of their tribesmen from Burao to settle in Hargeisa in order to seize our city. I think this piece is related to those useless narrations and the ignorant unwinding Berbera cement factory.

    If the author is sincere and was doing this for the love of Somaliland, then he should have written about the Jirde Husseins and many anti Somaliland politicians in Mogadishu and Nairobi, who on daily bases condemn Somaliland sovereignty.

    Clannish bigots have no place in Somaliland!!!!

  12. MsSomaliland says:

    Lol I promise I am not stalking you :D, but your link is not working, atleast from my end. If it's a different article from the one inajusuf posted can you provide us with another link…….muchas gracias amigo ;-)

  13. mohamed cheers says:

    After reading both the Authors Articles, there's absolutely no damaging prejudices of any form
    to Somalia,Somaliland,Puntland. Contrary to the misquoted and misconceptions, the reported
    interview given by Dahabshiil's CEO MR Abdulrashid Duale, is in my view, outstanding piece of
    information carefully and cautiously contributed to be helpful in both intent and content. Dahabshiil
    as a highly successful International business Company Corporate tycoon, is entitled and has the
    rights to get involved in both Business and Politics, I don't see anything wrong with that!.
    And the CEO's latest Interview shows nothing wrong doings.

  14. MsSomaliland says:

    Business has no qabil or borders!..The only thing as Somalilanders anu Dahabshiil wax ka waydinayna is wether lacagta Somaliland ka sa meeyo he is re-investing in Somaliland i.e providing jobs & contributing in the development of the country aswell as xaga samafalka…but i don't think it's fair of us to expect him to be a Somaliland mouth piece, taas it's a job for the goverment!

    • Adam says:

      I like your mix of somali and english. So you think Dahabshil can do no wrong? Whats your view on Dahabshiil vs Sahel Communties? ( See link on right hand of this page)

      • MsSomaliland says:

        Adam, the cement factory fiasco as far as I am concerned has been finalised. Let's stick to the topic which is according to the above author Dahabshiil wa Somalilandiid. According to Sado Calina wa Qabiliste Dhiigyo cab ah and according to wagaacub wa Al shababist terrorist ah…lol

        ..Dahabshiil like any other big business can do plenty of wrong but can equally do alot of good ;)

  15. abdirahman barre says:

    what i learnt is never jump to conclusions , i was angry and furious until i read ina usuf link ,
    we need to stop putting down dahabshiil , after all he is somalilander and no he is not a mouth piece for somaliland quest for recognition

  16. Abraham says:

    Dahabshiil is a private business NOT a public company.

  17. Burao_Tech_Institute says:

    This article amounts to NOTHING. The author wasted news/opinion space with confusing and objective-less accusation of a prominent and respected businessman. This author’s beef with Mr. Duale is anti-thesis to basic rights of a human being: the right to express one’s opinion. Mr Duale understands what binds Somalis together is much MUCH stronger than what divides us! It is weird that this author wants to police people’s opinions. The undeniable reality is that the whole Horn of Africa is better off of having an open borders and greater trade relations. This will lift its people from poverty and misery that befallen to them. With development, populations prosper and conflicts and needless fights fade away. This is the vision, I believe, that Mr. Duale foresees.

  18. Gobaad says:

    As somebody else mentioned above, business is universal and without borders and not limted to Somliland or Somalia. Besides, all business people whether they are corporations, partnerships, or sole business owner, singers, and song writers are on neutral ground and belonging to neither side in a controversy when it comes to their business's bottom line and Mr. Daule is not an exception. So, I don't understand what the fuss is all about whether it is the author or those who have an issue with Dabahshiil owner. The man inherited the Company from father and worked hard to be where is today. A word of adivce people, try to emluate him instead of trying to drag him down. Rabnaa Yirsuq min yishaa!

  19. Aisha says:

    Hmmm, is Ismail Ahmed not the CEO of World Remit, another remittance company. Do I smell "dressed-up" competition here. Anyhow, and going beyond this emotionally written article I think there are some critical issues that need further scrutiny. Those of us who are well informed know that Abdirashid Duale is not among the best of speakers and arguably lacks the professional skills to run the position (CEO) that he entertains. I think he struggles with his identity and finds it difficult to choose between their business and people. I have some advice for the brother. Get rid of your advisers whomever they are. They are not looking after your interest and they do not understand the Somali dynamics. Follow your heart and not your money. Money will come when the heart is at the right place. If you are really sincere about one Somalia then be it, but you should make that clear. However, if you believe in the Independence of Somaliland like the rest of us you should come out of your shell brother. It is often the unclear messages that spoils the game. Do not think Dahabshiil is untouchable, it is just another company and you will see many Dahashiils coming to the fore just to make a point and they will probably succeed. Somali people are very good at that, you know that don't you.

    I probably said to much already but let me stop there.

  20. amal says:

    god bless Abdulrashid Duale a true warrior & not a total asslicker, he realized the enemies true intentions to rid mother somalia of the map.
    Long live Somali Republi.

  21. the great Puntland says:

    somalilandpress is so desperate to get rid of me, but keep tryin tho.
    Ps ur mini-tribal state is doomed, dnt cry now.
    im going to make myself a cup of tea now!!!

  22. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    >Is Ismail Ahmed not the CEO of World Remit?

    Hmm! I don't know the answer to that question; but what I do know is that this article first appeared on, which of late has become, like Wardheernews, a den for anti-Somaliland folks.

    At any rate, as far as the true identity of the author is concerned, I would exercise caution.

  23. Nabadoon says:

    I agree with the author and he rightly pointed out intriguing things about the CEO of Dahabshiil. First , we always welcome his success in business whether it's in Somaliland or the globe, but we will never allow allow him to discredit our country -Somaliland and plays word of politics in order to gain business. He is in a finance sector , not political secor , thus must not come into political field or make unwanted comments about Somalialnd political activities.

    I remember one time that , This CEO gave an interview to BBC and he was very reticent to say , the word " the country of Somalialnd. The GOOD word to describe this CEO — HE IS NOT HONEST and SOmaliland people must aware that and if he continues denying Somalialnd — We will take our business to somewhere …………….period

  24. osman5 says:

    Thank you very much for providing the link. Dualeh's intentions are clear, he's indeed touched on his business innovation and how it came to light, and so. I don't have issues with that, any business minded individual would do the same, it's mere business promotions.
    I did not see any where in the speech that Mr. Dualeh stipulated in Somaliand's current status.

    I'm failing to understand though why Mr. I. Ahmed has suddenly decided to portrait Mr. Dualeh, the CEO
    of Dahabshil anti Somaliand Sovereignty.

    If it's true that Mr. I. Ahmed is in competition with Dahabshil. This is not the way he should conducting himself by misinterpreting a story that's readily available to the public. It's so unSomaliander and primitive. unless, of course, he's referring to a different story that we don't know about it.

    Osman Qaal

  25. osman5 says:

    I'm wondering why Puntlnad warrior is absent from the forum. Ah, could he be out for interrogations resulted by his terrorism acts?
    I'm so impressed with authorities how quick they jumped on him. I felt sorry for the lad but I've tried my best to warm him a few times, unfortunately he continued with comments contained with threats towards the audience such as planting bombs up their behinds..

    • Anonymous. says:

      the state of Puntlnad aka The Land of Punt iz historical the base of the true somalis warriors who defended somalia with iron fist, no enemy has ever gone past the great puntland.
      Puntland warrior iz the child of puntland, he will do anything to protect Somali Republi sovereignty, & hes
      able to conquer the enemy base (hargeisa) & round up all the traitors.
      so enemies beware!

      • osman5 says:

        I can sense an anger in your comment. what's the matter?

        Osman Qaal

      • osman5 says:

        you aren't communicating with me. there's a delay in your comments. are you angry at me?
        A guy called me somewhere from Washington, DC twice and asked if knew you, but I said no.
        Have they come for you yet? I'm delivering a message to you. Don't get upset at me, pal.
        Don't blame on the messenger…blame on yourself..

        Osman Qaal

  26. ComeAgain says:

    Ahhh the things fa q@ sh tell themselves to make it easier to look in the mirror. Its like when Afro Americans claim they came from Moors its laughable then its just plain sad.

    We Landers dont need long dead myths to feel equal or draw forth strength, we have our conscience and our innate human capacity for growth and understanding!

    Keep your puntaland we have already built something that no other Somalis have a decent republic that is only going to get better! All you can do is copy us! To quote fergie "I am so 3008 your so to 2000 and late"!

  27. Dumar says:

    It's not worth to comment!…..

    As they jeopardized their lives, synergy works in this website every time they dived from the fake believes.The gospel of salvation by faith in God does not jeopardize right living.

    LOOOOOOk here for few samples of their bad habits…..
    Kayse – Abdi2
    M>cheers – has 4 spaming fakes such puntlandwarrior, m.Ali, Kaboon
    HMObsiye – haraf

    In the natural world, synergistic phenomena are ubiquitous, ranging from physics (for example, the different combinations of quarks that produce protons and neutrons) to chemistry (a popular example is water, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen).

    So, if they 're Somalilanders (only) the cooperative interactions among us must be prevailed regardless of our wide difference of ideas, affiliations and views on certain topics related to the clan person.

  28. mohamed ali says:

    Rest my case no more reply…………..

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