Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2012

Al-Shabab Emir has “Time” and famous gala on his side

Photo: Sheik Moktar Ali Zubeyr (Luke Wilson/Time Magazine)

MOGADISHU — The self styled Emir of the radical insurgent group Al-Shabab, Sheik Moktar Ali Zubeyr (also known as Ahmed Abdi Godane) has been named to TIME magazine’s annual list of 100 most influential people.

He appeared in the “rogues” section alongside embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as well as Taliban leader Mullah Omar who both share a common allegiance to Al- Qaeda.

Godane, a veteran of the Afghan jihad, succeeded Sheikh Mukhtar Robow who led the group after the previous Emir Sheikh Adan Hashi Farah “Eyrow” was killed by a US Airstrike in May 2008. He first made international headlines in 2009 when he released a video urging Somali’s to fight against the TFG and its newly elected leader President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed. In early 2010 he released another statement on behalf of Al-Shabab in which he voiced his support and allegiance to Al-Qaeda and that he and his fighters “agreed to join the international jihad of Al-Qaeda”. He is a designated terrorist by the United States.

Time Magazine has said he is driven by a “hypnotic appeal of establishing God’s kingdom on Earth”.

In recent news, he has been linked to unconfirmed reports that he ordered the execution by beheading of American Islamist radical Abu-Mansoor Al-Amriki (Omar Hammami); as well as the infighting between Al Shabab leaders, most notably the group’s military commander in the south Sheikh Hassan Dahir “Aweys”.

by Dalmar Gure

Hiiraan Online

April 25, 2012

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  1. Kayse says:

    How does Mr Wilson know how Ahmed Godane looks like? I have never seen a photo of him online. Maybe Mr Wilson assumed Ahmed Godane looks sort of like Sheikh Sharif… this image looks like less bantu version of Sheikh Sharif…all he needs is those famous red lipstick (red lips) that Sheikh Sharif has…

    No one really knows how ina Godane looks like and in my opinion ina Godane is a waste of talent, he could have been a peaceful man and still be in Hargeisa where he could have done more useful things with his life.

    Either way, he should be captured and returned to Hargeisa…where he will do time behind bars and once his sentence is complete free to live his life again.

    Time Magazine got it wrong, he is not that influential he only fooled southern criminals.

    • ali jama says:

      Mr dirac & cabaayad stop calling names speak like a gentlemen,may be one of your kin licked sharif his lips That is why it’s so red.

      Ahmed godane could not spread his bad way of Preaching islam in hargiesa or burco for simple reason not enough population in These cities Almost everyone knows everyone, also he could not move around as he central & southern somalia 8 milliion population massive land That’s why sheikh godane move to in These areas,put his days are becoming shorter his precessor sheikh cayrow was kill in US drone 2006.

      It’s very sad & unfortunate a lot of young somali people mix tribes age between 17 to 22 been killed or cut off prime of Their lives by bad way of teaching islam & western forces waiting in The corner using neighbouring countries & AU.They deserve better Than This.

  2. osman5 says:

    as it looks this was copied from Hiiran online. Somalis are trying to emphasize for their audience he's originally from somaliland.
    Well, Godane is a leader in his own right but for the wrong reasons. He requires a psychological assessment as well rehabilitation. I'ts only a matter of time before he gets killed by a missile from a U.S drone. I hope he gets his sense back and redeems himself before he gets wasted.
    No support for him or his actions in Somaliland.

    Osman Qaal

    • Gobaad says:

      osman5, Godane has a delusional mentality of Saxaaba want to be, calling himself Emir and Sheik Moktar Ali Zubeyr denying his birth right name given to him by his parents. Who in their right mind would deny his birth right name. Although he is from Hawd like me, I don't like what he is doing or the man he became … a cruel, blood thirsty, desensitized individual who has no regard for human life. And as Kayse mentioned, he could have been peacful man and part of the society and use, his good brain and talent for something positive. I believe that his fate in the end is going to be the fate of those before him.

      • osman5 says:

        You're absolutely right, Godane is an elusive individual. He lost his marbles in a very twisted way. I have no respect nor apathy in any shape or form but I don't appreciate where Somalis try to make a linkage between him and us because he's originally from Somaliland.

        Osman qaal

        • Guun says:

          We have had enough experience, Ina Godane is a true copy of Ina Abdulla Hassan of 21st century. Hence, I don't have sympathies for him and his likes at all, if they are killed or captured. Let them go to hell forever.

  3. Kayse says:

    Osman it clearly says Hiiraan Online and so what if he is from Somaliland? There are Americans, Brits and Swedes in Al Qaeda and Al Shabab.

    I personally prefer capturing him alive than killing him. He is a brother brain-washed by al Qaeda and don't forget it was the U.S. that created them thus US planted the seeds for global terrorism.

  4. Abraham says:

    @Kayse and Osman

    I see you two are against the killings of this barbarian and his mindless gang. Where is the justice for all those innocent people they mercilessly massacred and continue to do so?

    • osman5 says:

      Don't even try twisting my wording. There's nowhere in my comment says I'm against the killing of what you called a gang . If you're referring to Alshabab, as a matter of fact I wanted them all to be killed before they cause more problems. They're misusing the Muslim religion principles for their own self-enrichment.

      Osman Qaal

  5. abdi ali says:

    abraham killin aint the answer to killin otherwise nobody will be left right.
    Anyway i hope he redeems

  6. Kayse says:

    Abraham our people (Somalilanders) do not believe in killing the few brain washed individuals. If we believe in killing how come Sifir, Osman Kalun, Omar Arteh Ghalib and all the other Fa9ash traitors move freely in Somaliland including Dahir Riyale Kahin?

    Ahmed Abdi Godane is no different. He is a brother brain washed by crazy fanatics from Soviet-Afghanistan.

    If he gives up his current twisted war, he will be forgiven because even if he commits the biggest sin, Allah will forgive him, why us humans cant do the same?

    Ahmed Abdi Godane should be back home. The war is over. Time for forgiveness my brother.

    • muxsin says:

      To me your level of understanding islam & Qur’an is very low,allah forgivess all sorts of crimes & sins etc,put The person who sheds innocent human blood delivertly let alone muslim one even going to haj That person will not get forgiveness from allah.

      Judgment day The person will face some people he/she committed crime agianest Them with a big tag on his neck saying murderer.

      Humans cannot forgive humand blood been shed delivertly,so keep your little tribel trick in your pocket.

    • Gobaad says:

      Kayse, you right. If we have forgiven the genocide committed by the South Somalia against Somalilanders, we can also forgive Alshabaab recruits or Mr. Godane for the matter. But they have to repent their sins and come clean so that a clean slate page could be given to them to redeem themselves and to be part of the society.

  7. Gelle Maalim says:

    In the present time he is in Buroa, Somaliland.

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    There's nothing to be proud of all the bad things happening in Somalia. The sooner Hargeisa
    and Mogadiscio workout their differences by recognizing each sides de jure rights, for this Godane
    and all the other Southern warlords hostilities would cease and real peace between two sisterly
    Sovereignty States sharing universal close bonds like the GCC would pave its blissful wings.

    • Gelle Maalim says:

      Godan belongs to Somaliland and receives support from the HJ government and Dahabshiil too. He was killing innocent people in south and he knows nothing about the religion. He is blood thirsty ignorant want to destroy Muslim and innocent people by pretending that he is puritan Islam. But he is devil worshipper and Lucifer servant.

      • hasan ali says:

        your right, This is where The terrorist originated in somalia it’s likely hood he controls more forces Than small enclave s/land,his forces it’s companition of young somali people from north-central & even as far as ethop not only southern,put They are on his tail,i hate to see when some people with twisted tribel mind all The way to The bone say he needs rehabilitation,people who realy need rehab are Those young guys who been caught hard & rock.

        • Guun says:

          @'Hasan Ali
          I believe you're one of descendants of the savages known as "darawishes" who used to worship the brutal Mad Mullah of Ina Abdullah Hassan. In this case, you'e supposed to join Godane and follow him all the way to the hell, simply because such creatures like you will never come up with clean minds and hearts.

          • hasan ali says:

            Nothing wrong been decendent of great darawishe warriors They stand tall & proud Those who had privilege to serve in This history are lucky ones,At least They are in world & african history encyclopedia,it’s first time british air force was use in part of africa while you guys wipping british asses,no comparison abdulah hassan & godane your british masters use to call abdulah hasan The mad mullah for one & only reason he opposed what They stand for,in The other hand godane no one knows what is he fighting for,i am not into xtream islamisim ,i am secular islam & That’s The way islam should be.

  9. osman5 says:

    Mohamed cheers,
    What was in that Coffee you drank this morning?
    I don’t know that much about you but the little I gathered from your thoughts through cyberspace you sounded a bit out of character today..


    • mohamed cheers says:

      What you mean out of character, please explain farther in simple non-technical terms?

      • osman5 says:

        Dear mohamed cheers,
        I meant basically You're usually very calm and cohesive with your comments but you sounded a bit different today. I thought someone else was impersonating you . I still have my doubts.

        Osman Qaal

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Osman5, take it easy pal lol I respect your writings. I guess I said this b4. Am aware the
          SLDpress is unpredictably vulnerable in so many ways. We have to show tolerance
          to overcome and out pace many bad bloggers. The worst thing is to get emotionally
          motivated. I have my ways of getting along and at the end of the day in day out, am not
          a dead loser…at least that spirit keeps me going with the Sldpress in particular.
          Take care and see you around blogging as usual.

  10. Mohamd says:

    Al-Shabaab is full of people like him who left places as far as India to join them. The reason is because Muslim people stay in denial about mental issues, so they just send the kids back home for "re-education" after considering their bad behaviour as just delinquency than sickness.

    The ones who are even crazier than them are those who run to kuffar for money in order to kill these psychopaths. Only true Muslims can show these people the way, but our lands are full of ignorant and coward people who will not say the truth and just follow either side wether Al-Shabab or the confused.

  11. Gelle Maalim says:

    He is related to the president and receives support from him. He will feel the vacuum when you over throw the current leading party which is corrupted and has no public confidence.

    • Hawa says:

      "He's related to the president". In what way? By virtue of him being Isaaq? Spare yourself the embarrassment and quit writing ridiculous comments riddled with lies and exaggeration.

  12. Gobaad says:

    Waar kan nacaskahi miyaannu fidmo muuyee shaqo kale lahayn? Subxaan Allaah! Godane is not related to the President, so stop lying to lips, moron!

  13. Kayse says:

    Gobaad dont pay attention to Gelle he is one of the horse-man locked up in Buhoodle village…

  14. karash says:

    kayse misteen isnt buuhole the one and only city that taught a lesson to ur weak militias….

  15. Believer says:


    A lot of you guys have to watch what you saying because you can apostate for only word.
    You can`t be muslim and hate believer who want to be govern by the rule of ALLAH "SWT".
    Democracy is kufr , if any of you guys don´t know that double check your Faith. If anybody loves democracy, socialism etc and hates the rule of ALLAH SWT which is QURAN and the SUNNAH of Prophet MUHAMMAD "SWA"

    ALLAH "SWT" said

    "..Allah is wall (protector) of those who believe, He brings them out from the darkness into light.
    But as for those who disbelieve, their awliya are Taghut ( false deities), they bring them out from
    light into darkness. ( Al-Baqarah, 257)

    Another verse ALLAH "SWT" said

    " You will not find any people who believe in ALLAH and the last day, making friendship with those who
    oppose ALLAh and his messenger, even though they were their fathers..( Al- Mujadilah,22)

    ALLAH "SWT" said …

    .And if any amongst you takes them as awliya, then surely he is one of them..
    ( AL-Maidah,51)

    Be careful brothers. Know you deen. You either loves Sharia of ALLAH SWT or false deities( Democracy
    liberalism, socialism etc.)

    • Guun says:

      Why don't you tell that to Al-Shabab?

      • Believer says:

        Al- shabab rules by the book of Allah "SWT" .
        Southern somalia is one of few places ruled
        by QURAN. Before you
        attack me by the way I am from somaliland.
        But my love is for the deen to be implemented
        and to support any people who
        want to life by QURAN AND SUNNAH.
        Is somaliland , Puntaland and TFG ruled
        by Quran. The answer is no.
        They all conspire against the
        sharia of ALLAH by supporting kuffar
        to fight believer. Anybody who support kuffar
        against muslim You become a kafir..
        If you think Silanyo,Farole and Sharif
        are muslim. Read QURAN Brother.
        For me Godane is a believer but
        the others are not, according
        to QURAN
        The choose is yours Brother. ISLAM

  16. Jama says:

    Salamu Alykum Brothers & Sisters

    This is my first post here and it is just an advice to myself and all my brothers and sisters who are taking part in this discussion.

    Please please, be careful when you are discussing the Deen of Allah because it is a major sin to say lie or make up statements about this great religion.

    Also do not accuse any Muslim or label them as Kafirs, because it’s reported that prophet (saw) said:

    Narrated Abu Dhar:
    That he heard the Prophet saying, "If somebody accuses another of Fusuq (by calling him 'Fasiq' i.e. a wicked person) or accuses him of Kufr, such an accusation will revert to him (i.e. the accuser) if his companion (the accused) is innocent." ( Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 71:

    So unless you are 100% sure don't accuse anyone of Kufr.

    • Jama says:

      And know that Allah forgives all sins (on the condition that you repent) except Shirk as Allah says:

      Verily, Allāh forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allāh in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin. (An-Nisa 4:48)

      Verily! Allāh forgives not (the sin of) setting up partners in worship with Him, but He forgives whom he pleases sins other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allāh, has indeed strayed far away. (An-Nisa 4:116)

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