Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2012

African Development Bank Delegation Arrives in Somaliland for Talks

HARGEISA(somalilandpress): A high level delegation from the African
Development Bank group headed by Dr. Abdirahman Beile and a nine
members delegation are in Somaliland to establish working relationship
with the government of Somaliland for the first time since 1991. The
delegation was received upon their arrival by the Minister of Energy,
Mineral and Water Resources Hon. Hussein Abdi Duale and the Minister
of Agriculture Mohammud Farah Elmi.

Speaking to the press in the VIP lounge at the Egal International
Airport Dr. Abdirahman Beile said that his team were in the country to
lay the ground work for future cooperation between the bank and
Somaliland. He added that after great consideration the bank has opted
to work with Somaliland on issues related development such as water,
agriculture and capacity building.

Dr. Beile said that the bank will hold a series of meetings and
consultation with the government so as to figure out how to procede in
future engagements he added that since somaliland is recognized
internationally it enjoys relatively peace compared to the rest
Somalia in this regard however Somaliland has a far better track
record of political stability and peaceful democrazy were development
can thrive .

African Development Bank manages a large portfolio of operations in
different sectors and countries in Africa and it ensures that its
operations yield results on the ground. The effective implementation
of these operations depend supervision but also on the capability of
those of manage them.

Therefore, to enhance development effectiveness and knowledge sharing
in African, the African Development Bank has recently approved a
capacity development strategy under when the African Development
Institute (ADI) is the focal point in addition, to better respond to
the country’s needs in capacity, the strategy provides the African
Development Bank Group with a platform to strengthen it international
capacities, particularly those related to the implementation of its

To achieve these objectives, the institute works in close
collaboration with all departments and develops active partnerships
with other institutions.
Somaliland Minister of Energy and Water Resources hailed the decision
by African Development Bank to engage with Somaliland as a move to
enhance effective development in somaliland .

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  1. abdi2 says:

    Important step forward…..Congradulation Somaliland

  2. amal says:

    "….since somaliland is recognized internationally it enjoys relatively peace compared to the rest
    Somalia…." Erm since when is SL recognised internationally? what is going on maybe Somaliland is recognised all behind our back lol. Even look at the map of Somaliland clearly shown in the world atlas (national geographic) :b

  3. HMObsiye says:

    I am glade African Development Bank has finally decided to help the people of Somaliland. After many years of hand off strategy, which was nothing but one of the political blander of African Union, it is a high time for this organization to help it's fellow African.What ever this organization does for Somaliland people, it will only improve it's images in the eyes of the people of Africa and Somaliland.

  4. osman5 says:

    I hope this initiative by ADB accelerates at a reasonable rate so the people of Somaliland see its benefits sooner rather than later. Unemployment in Somaliand is off the charts, a vast majority of its citizens rely on remittances from the diasporas.

    Any approach that creates opportunities for employments or financial institutions infrastructure for business loans and such would inject much needed energy in the economic.

    They don't need big organizations to visit and promised false dreams.

    Osman Qaal,
    Ottawa, Canada

    • Chirwa says:

      If the developed countries are broke and unable to facilitate the much needed business loans, in order to increase economic activity, how is it likely that a country without any form of monetory policy/institutions would win to attract financial institutions to invest or inject any funds in this uncharted environment.

      Unemployment and Africa go together, its not factor that will disappear in the coming decades, however, I believe we rather focus what would benefit our pple in the coming 10 years. Areas that we could improve include, Health, Education, Clean Water, Public Infrastructure, and Rule Of Law ( Good Governance). But before we peg more and more, lets get it right the small resources that we already have in our possession, than It will be very easy to convince others to give more help.

  5. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    There are quite a few typos in the "article". He did not say, "….since somaliland is recognized

  6. inayuusuf says:

    In my humble opinion, those firms intending to explore our resource-rich country would be preferable to such loan-giving banks, we are in need though.

  7. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I wonder what exactly this bank to offer. We have been clean from debts for quite a long time, but it looks though that this bank is somehow breaking the barrier by engaging Somaliland. Nobody gives anything free, but I believe the recent inaugurated office that deals and guarantees investors to invest Somaliland has encouraged them.

    The best way to start in Somaliland is to open shares for any project that they may wish to invest, otherwise, to pay back any debt will be difficult, since we do not have much to offer, at least for the time being.

    Furthermore, I would like to thank Mr. Abdi Biixi Younis, who is the vice chairman of this bank and convinced them to engage Somaliland. This is what all able Somalilanders should do for the good of our country.

  8. Gee says:

    Waa wax lagu farxo runtii,
    Dadka ku nool miyiga iyo tuulooyinka ee diyaar u ah in ay noloshooda horumarinyaan waa ay ku diirsan doonaan taageerada Bangiga.
    Hasa yeeshe waxaa sayaasiyiinta waxaa laga doonayaa in ay isbaarooyin u dhigan lacagta faraha badan ee bangigu soo shubi dooni si loo yareeyo sabolnimada dadka haysata dadka miyiga.
    Dowladdu waa in ay waajahdaa qaybaha muhimka ee tiirarka horumarinta ayada oo mudnaanta siinaysa:
    1. Beeraha siiba waraabka yaryar.
    2. Horumarinta xoolaha
    3. Horumarinta kaluumaysiga
    4. Biyaha, ceelasha, baraagaha

    Kolay wajiga hore waa iska tijaabo, sidaas daraadeed waxaan fiican in laga bilaabo gobboladda Gabilay iyo Awdal, maadaama oo dadka ku nool goballadani ay ka bixi karaan shuruudaha tijaabada si taageerada bangigu u sii socoto, loogana faaiideeyo gobollada kale.

  9. osman5 says:

    Abdi Biixi sounds like a somalilander name. I hope him and his colleagues are there for business not for pleasure.

    Osman Qaal

  10. burco says:

    The same Corrupted Africans leaders who cant relinquish political positions want to send delegations to somaliland?..This just baffels me..I think Silanyo's administration should be more hesitate on accepting delegations from corrupted African leaders unless there is big interest involved that would be beneficiary towards somaliland..It just bothers me how these African leaders are sitting so comfortable in our presidential palace as if they have accomplished big things..We should have meetings with these men at a Ethiopian bar to show them how unimportant they are to us..cheers!

  11. osman5 says:

    Let's hope we'd see follow up editorials by the Somalilandpress as to what was that comfortable setting discussions in the presidential palace entailed. Our media is notoriously known to feed us instant pop-up stories with no end results…

    Osman Qaal

  12. Haye says:

    ADB has already approve $3 million for water development in Somaliland. and this development fund was approved by TFG and I believe they are here to sort out details of the project and how it may be implented. they and not here to help Somaliland or its people they are blood suck bugs and they already use that loan to hire privet plan to come to Hargaysa

  13. osman5 says:

    fund was approved by TFG?… mm mm. I guess I'm missing something here.

    No collaboration in shape and form between Somaliland and TFG particularly in business development initiative areas that I'm aware of. One'd clean up hers/his backyard before she/he looks out over neighbors mess in their backyards.

    Osman Qaal
    Ottawa, Canada

  14. Gobaad says:

    osman5, don't give him a heed because he is one those envious waliers and whining hecklers who will always sing their "sour-grapes" song whenever they see something that benefits Somaliland's development.

  15. osman5 says:


    I sort of figured that his intentions were're a bit cloudy by implying there're business relationships between Somaliland & TFG. I have to admit it though, he sounds a heck of clever nosy..

    Thanks, Osman Qaal

  16. osman5 says:

    It looks like a new mountain in the making, very interesting new development indeed.
    Hope it’s only a short temporary eruption which doesn't impact on lives

    Osman Qaal,

  17. Mohamed Duale says:

    We have to welcome any Institution or organisation that has useful project which Somaliland can benifit.
    Mohamed Duale

  18. I Jama says:

    The funds from the ADB will be given to IGAD for which their representitives are in Djibouti and he represents Somaliland and Somalia. I wonder if this is good news or bad.

  19. osman5 says:

    I understand that they're scientists with a sound knowledge of earth science yanking about anything and everything on geology but they're not offering date/time of the event.

    I zoomed the Google Earth in the areas of interest but I did not notice any anything out of the ordinary.
    May be they're some geologists who lost their marbles.

    I wish I could hack into their conversation to ask some questions, even though the rate of typing and geological terms would be a disadvantage in my part. I'm sure I'd be able to compensate it in some other ways. Spelling check isn't one of their concerns though.

    Thanks, Osman Qaal

  20. I Jama says:

    I read about the Great African rift? I believe some geoligists estimate the movement to be 45m/yr. However, this does not take into account the world tactonic movements which suggest Eritrea and dijibouti moving NE whilst the Somaliland Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya along the Great African Rift may well be moving NE away from the rest of Africa. The rest of Africa seems to be parting. However, due to an accelaration in the horn of Africa the movement their will be more visible before the remainder of Africa. Interesting.

  21. I Jama says:

    Also some refer to the new pressure bringing about changes to the Shimbirp mountains indicates that the exploration in Puntland i.e fracking is causing pressure and accelartion which shown by the mountains recent erruptions. Fracking is a process by which pressure from water opens up the different layers under the ground to enable opening up of gase or oil layers depending on what is there?

  22. osman5 says:

    I looked at other sources in relation to the ADB members recent visitation in Hargeisa. The bottom line is the talks were at infancy stages, as such, no further details publicly known as of yet, everything else is a guessing game.

    Osman Qaal

  23. ALI says:

    The African Development Bank's delegation visiting Somaliland is led by a native Somalilander, Dr Abdirahman Beileh, who is a senior official at ADB, previously held senior positions i.e Southern Africa Regional Manager, Director of Africa Water, Division manager for various ADB divisions. He played crucial part convincing the Bank to engage Somaliland, and the bank honours him to lead a team of experts for a fact finding trip to Somaliland. Although it's true that there are yet no concrete offers from the ADB in terms of Aid or Investment its nevertheles a milestone that an institution such as ADB decided to engage with Somaliland.#

    Having said that the real challenges facing the Somaliland officials and Institutions will be how to present their case profesionally,….hope the experts from ADB will be linient if they detect any short comings during their brief….

  24. Chirwa says:

    If i argue that we already have experienced a nation (economy) based on foreign aid and its benefits(disadvantages) in the past. Today it seems we are again starting to borrow and peg for more aid, but the reality is this, * Foreign Aid rather hinders local development then it develops* supporters of foreign aid will dismiss my comment as baseless and lacks facts to support my claim, but here is my answer, this unrecognized country Somaliland recieved little or non foreign aid yet there was no hunger, famine, etc. Pple survived on what they have and what they could produce all they need is more help to enable them to improve their capacity to produce more and prioritise their resources.

    The promise that the ADB will work with the S/land government on the front of capacity building is indeed a very positive step, but I warn to all of you, getting a loan is not necessarily a progress, what really matters is the terms and conditions , and that is what most African politicians fail to grasp.

  25. ComeAgain says:

    I dont trust Africans if they were worth their salt the whole of Africa would be developed we need to be talking to people who have their sh yt together not folks living hand to mouth like us.

  26. Abraham says:

    Why was my comment about the volcanoes in Sanaag deleted? What is the reason for such an action? Care to explain it SomalilandPress? I am puzzled !!

  27. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    He is Mr. Abdi [Abdirahman] Biixi Younis, and not Beileh some call him, and he is Somalilander from Hargeisa. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Bank, and I believe he is the one who break the silence and convinced this bank to see things on the ground in Somaliland. God bless him.

    This is what we need from all those able Somalilanders to do, since we have many who hold positions in the International Organizations and Companies. The famous say of President Kennedy should work for all Somalilanders.

  28. dumar says:

    This is another symptoms of corruption anxiety when Dahabshil being seeking to be an agent and funnel all aid funds through Silanyo to most corrupted ministers like jambazi faced Duale. I think Mr. Biixi too figure out this businesses, so not viable for Somaliland interests whatsoever.

    So, let Dahabshil should pay the big tax amount due to the nation first.

  29. Kenyan somalilander says:

    What somaliland needs from ADB is infrastructure ie roads,bridges,factories e.t.c.Thereafter,it can carry itself all the way.cheers!!

  30. Ahmed Dhegaweyne says:

    I have not heard any tangible seccessful developmental project implemented by ADB. Can anyone point out to me any African region that benefited from ADB's funding and how?

  31. hebel says:

    This is no Biixi, This is abdirahman Ducaale Beileh. head of the depratment of Agriculture in ADB.He is Gabiley dood. Gadabursi, Mxamed case, bahabar abokor, Cabdale. that is who this man is.He is vey succesfull and I beleive he can help they listen.

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